PlayStation Network Update

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PlayStation Network Update

UPDATE: PlayStation Network is back online. As you probably know, PlayStation Network and some other gaming services were attacked over the holidays with artificially high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. This may have prevented your access to the network and its services over the last few days.

Thanks again for your support and patience. We’ll provide any further updates here.


The video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. Multiple networks, including PSN, have been affected over the last 48 hours. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible.

From time to time there may be disruptions in service due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly as possible.

If you received a PlayStation console over the holidays and have been unable to log onto the network, know that this problem is temporary and is not caused by your game console. We’ll continue to keep you posted on Twitter at @AskPlayStation and we’ll update this post once the problems subside.

Thanks again for your patience.

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  • What i want to see or rather not see is all my games all over the place… This is an OCD nightmare!
    Why not just move Library after Whats New, then with in library have Games at the top of the list, with in the Games list allow us to filter by Genre/A-Z/Z-A/Recent/Most Played. As well we should be able to shift from Installed to Uninstalled pages. Then under Games have Apps, then All. Then make it so if we push square it shows the dtails/info screen of the game while pushing X will instead play it immediately. After Library should come TV&Video which should have most used on the top row rather then bloatware, for exampla move the stuff we dont use to the bottom for me that would be Amazon the sports apps and hulu netfix etc. I mainly use Youtube & Crackle… In fact i dont think it should show us the apps we dond have installed, thats what PS Store and Library are for. After TV&Video should be Capture Galler which should also contain Share Factory. Then Browser, then Music & Video Unlimited should have their own spot, then USB Media should be last. As well when popping in a disc that spot should pop up right next to whats new.

  • That is it, I’ve had enough! The PS4 is going back to Harvey Norman tomorrow.
    Already spoke to them about how bad the PSN, the PS4 & Sony have been since Christmas eve & they agreed to give me a refund.. So from tomorrow I will be an XBOX 1 Fan boy. I think they only agreed to the refund because I have spent some Big bucks there lately.

    Seems to me that Sony’s company saver (The PS4) has actually tuned into the Titanic.
    Sony’s after sales service is bad & their warranty isn’t worth the paper its written on.
    There Australian service center had my Brand New shake5 audio system for 7 weeks to fix a fault with the amp dying when the system gets hot. I had to deliver & pick up the unit too.
    They made me pay them $50.00 to get the unit back & the same fault occurred again within10 minutes of turning it on.
    Then they wanted me to send it to Sydney which is over 1000 km by road courier to another service center, but they would not be responsible for any transit damage.
    Then I was told it would cost me another $50.00 dollars to get it back. So I just cut my losses & gave it away.
    Yes, Sony is officially PATHETIC

  • This sucks I can log into psn But none of my games can connect to the servers like destiny and dragon age.. Been waiting for a week now …wassup SONY??… I guessing when my premium is done is when everything will work right???…c’mon mann ya gotta do something bout this..

  • @ShadowGodd ,@DeathPlague84 ,@Itchy_Brother

    FOUND A FIX IF YOUR STILL UNABLE TO CONNECT!!!!!!! * * * * * * * * * *
    Try this.
    Here are the steps, in case you want to:
    1. Go to settings.
    2. Go to Network.
    3. Set up Internet Connection.
    4. Choose wifi or LAN, whatever you use.
    5. Choose CUSTOM.
    6. IP Address – Automatic
    7. DCHP – Do Not Specify
    8. DNS – Automatic
    9. MTU Settings – MANUAL
    10. It will be set to 1500 BY DEFAULT. Click that, change it to,1477,1450 1473. Press R2.
    11. Click Next.
    12. Proxy – Do Not Use

  • Not happy with the compensation…or better yet no compensation a discount for 3 days no psn. I want something better than this Microsoft gave me a better compensation. Im expecting more from sony….

  • I want to know if are a count s are going to be credited for the enconvince of the down time we all couldn’t play while the system was down?

  • If the sight goes down we should always be comped we have to pay for our membership it’s not our fault your security isn’t strong enough we shouldn’t have to pay for your problems I mean on the 90th day of a 3 month membership you cut us off you aren’t like let me give them a few day Grace period to renew so we should get each and every one of our 90 days no excuses

  • We have been trying to log on to PSN for 3 days and still can’t get connected. Are there still problems with service! Very frustrating!

  • I’ve owned a Playstation ever since the PS one first came out. I’ve always defended PlayStation because of their free online policy as opposed to having to pay for xbox live. I almost bought the Xbox one when I saw you had to have a PlayStation Plus membership to play online but I remain loyal and I bought a ps4 2 days ago and I still haven’t been able to get online even though I still can on my ps3….I’m starting to think I may have made the wrong decision.

  • Truthfully, I’d have preferred to have seen Sony take all the money for this 10% discount and offer it up as a public bounty to be rewarded for those who help bring the person(s) behind the DDoS attack to justice. Especially in the wake of Kim Dotcom’s bribery attempt. I think that kind of behaviour we saw over Christmas needs to be punished, not rewarded.

    As much as I should be angry at Sony’s poor performance, that their system can be easily taken down by outsiders with a limited skill set, it would be nice to see Sony basically saying “you can take our network down but our legal team will take out who attack us and our customers.”

  • My playstation store is not updating, I still have de december pack.

  • The hackers bought a 37 pound game and downloaded it to another playstation. Playstation have traced the console the game was put on to yet refused to give me my money back. So i’ve paid 37 pounds for thieves to download a game to another console, playstation have intercepted that console so no one has a game and Sony wiped their hands of my money and refused to give it to me back even tho they have taken it off the thieves. They just couldn’t give a monkeys about their customers. Now i’m locked out of my account for some reason and i am not waiting another 45 mins minimum to get through to their call centre. I’ve had enough of them, i’ve been loyal for many years but am going to purchase an x-box now

  • PLEASE READ PS4 PLAYERS AND PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ANWSERS TO MY PROBLEM IV LOST SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY TRYING TO CONTACT PLAYSTATION SONY AND THEY STILL HAVENT HELPED ME JUST CUT ME OFF AFTER 50 MINUETES PLEASE READ AND TELL ME ANYTHING YOU CANhello there i need some help i renewed my ps plus years subscription so on boxing day after my old one run out i entered my voucher in to the receem code box when i done this it said code redeemed i then looked to see if my years ps plus was on there and it wasent it just says purches ps plus 9.99 or 39.99 and i had no yellow cross in the top left hand corner.i have tryed ringing sony on many different nu WANT AN AWNSER MY HOLIDAYS WERE RUIND THE ONLY BIT OF TIME I CAN TAKE 6 DAYS OFF AND PLAY ONLINE IN THE WHOLE YEAR I HAVE JUST BEEN STARING AT DESTINY AND BATTLEFIELD AND NW IM BACK AT WORK STILL WITHOUT ONLINE AND STILL UNABLE TO CONTACT YOU FOR AN ANSER 40 QUID DOWN AND SCARED STIFF TO TELL MY WIFE IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE TO SPEND ANOTHER 40 QUID BABE I WANT AT LEST SOME HELP

  • PLEASE GUYS HELP ME !!!!! i have been without ps plus since xmas day i bought a ps plus voucher my years subsciption ran out on xmas day so i went to redeem codes entered my voucher number it then said voucher is redeemedi went to the main screen still no ps plus or little yellow cross iv been all over in my libury ect ect ect.i then tryed all day then the day after boxing day tryed to contact about 15 sony helpline numbers all were compleatly tone dead which is weird because they were all back on 2 days later sony must of just turned them off because they couldent be bothered to help 4 days into it stil no online 2 days left my holidays over it needs to work so i gmy holiday really happy so i thought so i checked still e e from work at 6 and the lines were shut have i lost my money has this happened to anyone else will i get my money back how do i get itt back please take 2 mins to give me some info what do i have to do my code has been entered to my ps4 and i still am not reciving the service ps plus i have paid for its so not fair sony i have been faithful for so many years please contact me via this site send me a link

  • since christmas holidays i still can’t play online unable to play fifa 15 call of duty destiny
    can’t play anything online, so i don’t think that the sony has resolve the problem yet.

  • since the holidays I still cant sign into psn and ive tried everything from creating a static ip to changing my mtu’s to all the listed numbers and still cant. whats going on sony ps3 works fine why is ps4 down still!??

  • I need to spend some time this week checking my account. I’m sure it is fine. I haven’t bothered with PSN all Holiday, it’s been like this every year. I took an actual vacation, but I did manage to finish Danganranpa 1.

    They will get it sorted eventually. I know it might not be fast enough for some.

  • Will sony compensate for the incident because the network was offline,

  • can someone help i bought a used psvita sli.. when i try and use remote play on my ps4 it connects to someones else ps4 how can i remove itfrom that ps4

  • I own a ps3 and for the past few days I’ve read that the ps3 one is working yet, it still says that theres a problem with sony entertainment. :(

  • I just got the PS4 four games one pick bundle on Friday. I downloaded NBA 2K15. Upon downloading, when I start the game it says in the lower left corner that an Update is Required and only lets me play the Heat vs Spurs demo. I have tried deleting and redownloading the game and that has not worked. I have tried waiting a few hours for the download to finish and that didn’t work either. It says the download is complete. How do I go about fixing this?

  • When are they going to get home back online for all of us getting the 5207 error code. While you enjoyed your holiday break many of us have not been able to get on home.

  • this really sucks its been 14 days for me and i still cant connect to the fk PSN wtf SONY do something……

  • it upset me because i got a PS Vita for christmas

  • Hey PSN I know that lately there have been a lot of problems but I would like to point out that most where caused by outside influences (annonamous, lizard) to name a few but your responces to these where good (sometimes a triffle slow) I would also like the thank those that worked on the latest problem for working threw their Christmas. Now on to those whiners STOP YOUR B##&%ING you lost gameplay for a total of 5 days THEY LOST CHRISTMAS WITH THERE FAMILIES. WANNA B#*&# THEN FIND THE LOSERS THAT THOUGHT THEY WOULD DECIDE EVERYBODYS WAY OF CELEBRATEING AND BEAT THE CRAP OUTA THEM
    TY and enjoy 2015 (<–that is not for the losers that hack things)

  • So after contacting sony to see if they are doing any sort of compensation for the servers being down for so long I get told to check out the blog. I do and it seems nothing is being done at all. I love playstation but after all of the complaints from thousands of people if not more you think something would be done for there customers.
    Lets see if I get a reply to this

  • It’s back up and running thank God I was so mad when I couldn’t log in Christmas

  • I still can’t log on to PlayStation Network, many people keep posting saying that they can log on now ….. this is starting to make me think that there’s something wrong on my end. I’d like to know how many other people are still experiencing issues.

  • Is there anyway i can bring my advanced warfare game to ps4 from my ps3? (Its on a disk)

  • i believe there’s not such thing than mess up with us (gamer people) we are so creative, we know so much killing ways…. lol…. if this happens again…. we have to take action…. i wanna play online and this people **** my holidays XD

  • Anyword on the next FW update? I hope it brings us more of what we need rather than sony giving us what they thunk we want.
    We need audio disc support, external HDD media support, ability to download OUR old PS1, 2 & 3 games to OUR PS4s, need better UI our games & apps all over the place is messy & unappealing.
    Their should only be 7 tiles on content bar

    [whats new] [library] [gallery] [tv video] [browser] [external media] [unlimited]

    Whats new can stay the same but library needs an overhaul. Its Game category needs be on top & contain only games you have installed, no apps, no uninstalled demos etc, just the games on HDD, it need genre tabs & ability to move & save the game tiles where we want them.
    Under Games category should be uninstalled items including apps etc. Library should also have categories for the movies too.
    Gallery should house sharefactory.
    TV Video should only show installed apps, as well as house Live from PS
    Browser should pull down to show bookmarks.
    External media should be both flash & extHDDs
    Unlimited houses all unlimited apps.

  • Ive been repeating this since before 2.0 on the suggestion page, PlayStations FB page, their youtube channel, and here… Its now 2.03 and ive yet to see or hear of any of these implementation being discussed… Im at the point were im more likely to move my preorders to PC and just build a console that actually has the simple ability to be organized cuz PS4 is quite pathetic at that.

  • @3171
    Have you tried a PC? Jk

    On the game tile hit options then check for update… If it says latest version installed, turn game on and let it sit for awhile, injustice did that to me too.

  • Why all the comotion !! is in ( SONY ) AWARE of this kind of problems or monotor the ONLINE trafficing ….. THEY HAVE the power to do SO…… why dont you PUT it to the TEST?? IF ( MICROSOFT ) is ADVANSE ( SONY ) is always one step ahead and always coming UP with the next best thing in TECHNOLOGIE …

  • ALL OF these people who are ABOVE me they yast DONT HAVE A LIFE OR NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO !!!!

  • Hello, I dont mean to be mean but my year subscription for playstation plus that I got 2-3 months ago when I bought my ps4 is gone. I would like to know why did I loose my subscription? I payed a good amount of money for the subscription and after new years I checked and I couldnt get any of the monthly games because for some reason I dont have it anymore.

  • To All,
    So why is it only Hollywood are the victims, What about the millions more affected then the 1% of entertainment. All becuase of a tasteless movie that should of never made it to the Big Screen!!!!

  • What go on home

  • Home not work

  • Still can’t login to PSN very frustrating!!

  • how come my playstation won’t update minecraft ps4 edition when there is a new update

  • I am still having problems with the server’s

  • I still can’t access the servers! My friend’s account is liked in but mine still isn’t. What am I supposed to do?

  • Hi today is Sunday January 11, 2015..My PS4 will not allow me access to online services..This as of 10am CT…I am hoping to hear how I can remedy this situation with a simple fix…Can you please help me..This latest episode of me not being able to get online services has all the earmarks of the so called Lizard Squad HACK that took place over the 2014 Christmas holidays…I sincerely hope this is not the issue again..I am awaiting your replies..Thank you.

  • I still can’t sign up for PSN on my ps4 I have no idea what to do please help

  • My ps3 is still not working it keeps giving me error codes for. My internet and I have fine internet but won’t connect I also can’t sing into my psn it kicks me out

  • Bought ps4 today. Connects to wifi, downloaded system update, but can’t sign in to psn. Help please?

  • I know this is off topic here!! But I was wondering when Skyrim will be available for PS4 console!! #LoveToThatSoonThanks

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