PlayStation Network Update

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PlayStation Network Update

UPDATE: PlayStation Network is back online. As you probably know, PlayStation Network and some other gaming services were attacked over the holidays with artificially high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. This may have prevented your access to the network and its services over the last few days.

Thanks again for your support and patience. We’ll provide any further updates here.


The video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. Multiple networks, including PSN, have been affected over the last 48 hours. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible.

From time to time there may be disruptions in service due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly as possible.

If you received a PlayStation console over the holidays and have been unable to log onto the network, know that this problem is temporary and is not caused by your game console. We’ll continue to keep you posted on Twitter at @AskPlayStation and we’ll update this post once the problems subside.

Thanks again for your patience.

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  • I don’t even know what to say. If these kids, and yes they are kids, who did this are not prosecuted; I just can’t put into print what I want to say., but they all deserve a savage beating. Please Sony, track these little bastards down and make them pay for everyone’s inconvenience.

    Then slap yourselves in the face, wake up and get your **** together. This was akin to terrorism. I feel sorry for everyone who got screwed over these past three days, but I mostly feel sorry for you; slapped by a bunch of little pukes.

    Anyways, thank you everyone responsible for getting PSN back up. Cheers.

  • You need new engineers! My new copy of Destiny is waiting for me since Christmas morning! You failed and its back to getting up at 5am on mon. 4 work. I had this one last night to stay up late turning beer into water and having the as you called it the better Destiny experience on PS4! I thought it now being a paid service you could aford the best nerds money can buy to keep that network afloat.

  • Im loyal to PlayStation but u guys arent showing it. Well can’t wait to get online on my ps4 so hurry up lol.

  • 4 days psn is down, i lost 4 days of my psn plus that i paid to play online, i experct some free games for apology (that is not request that is fact)

  • What do you need from us sony??? Help us help you!!! Seriously, if I have to pay more for better service then I totally would, and I think most people would agree because this is ridiculous and unacceptable buissness practice. Also, giving us more information than “thanks for your patience” wouldnt hurt… Shame on you sony. We are your loyal customers and we deserve better than this…

  • Got a brand spanking new PS4 for Christmas and still can’t finish setting it up. Also been looking at the sales and want to pick up a few things. Hopefully they extend it. Xbox Live is already back up and running. Thankfully I have both.

  • Oh and out of respect for your gamers, please change the status page, it’s not online to everyone, please correct the page.

  • Long story short. I pay for a premium online gaming service. I cannot use this said gaming service, therefore I lose out on my games including the weekly Xur items in destiny. I want compensation. ASAP

  • I fully expect at least a free 1 month extension for all PSN+ members or many of us are done with PSN+ …especially after that DriveClub PSN+ Edition never coming out!!!!

    I am so pissed off about this, of all days, Christmas and Christmas weekend is totally inexcusable!!

  • Kon’nichiwa watashi wa Ian desu, yoroshikuonegaishimasu! Anyway they are orking on in although it is getting annyoying DEAL WITH IT, Play other games or just play online on your PC/Mac/Whatever other OS you have, or….go back into the corner and cry cause there is nothing else you cand do besides ***** at them but that’s just making the problem worse cause they have to deal with our ****, got it? got it, good no

  • yo moegames im mad too but come on its christmas do you think psn workers wanted to be stuck fixing a problem for us or be home with family

  • @104 xur’s items were crappy this week anyways.. whoever thought of making a sniper rifle a primary weapon should be shot lol

  • i wanted the upgraded gilhorn

  • I am very upset. I have been so excited to sit back and relax on my Christmas break and play the new games I got for Christmas
    My brother returned his ps4 that he just opened on Christmas he wasn’t so happy
    I’ve been a happy playstation player for years now .. What happened? And of coarse now my playstation plus just expired yesterday :)

  • Back and in full effect. Thanks to all the techs. I know that’s a difficult job. I hope there were some lessons learned to help the community member enjoy better service in the future.

    If it was those children DDoSing I hope they grow up. But I’d like to think that PSN will be more able to deal with these kind of simple attacks done for the lulz. I’m grateful I’m able to use my shiny new PS4 now, so I can’t be too mad. I already extended my PS+ and am downloading games as I type this.

    WE’RE OUT OF THE DARK AGES FINALLY! I didn’t even have to head out Californee way.

  • So what you guys are telling me is 110 Million users times the 50 dollars a year for this service and you can get service to us when we need it? When we want it? Its understandable that a DDoS attack went down 3/days ago but why is it that the service is spot and my friend down the street can log in and I can even look at who’s online. This is sad and we as a community should be reimbursed for the poor service.

  • Its inexcusable period, my kids were looking forward to playing online with family out of state along with other things like downloading games…..ITS INEXCUSABLE BECAUSE THIS IS BEEN ON-GOING AND MICROSOFT HAS FIXED THEIR SERVERS ALREADY.

    We are done if we are not compensated in some way, period. We will get rid of the PS4 and just go with Xbox One…simple as that.

    No one signed up with all this crap and keep in mind im adding in the DriveClub PSN+ edition that never came out that was promised. This is just a bunch of BS

  • We are not renewing no PSN+ if they don’t make things right – This totally messed up our family gathering for this weekend, That is why i am mad, we did not sign up and pay a preimium for PSN+ for all these headaches.

  • @ 106, Im in the medical field and i worked christmas and if i was unable to provide my services to my patients (on Christmas or otherwise) then I think a little back lash would be SHOULD be anticipated…and subsiquently resolved!!!

  • Could you please try to hurry and fix my psn, I just bought COD AW and I can’t play online, and my mine craft is not working now either and It was a download so I can’t fix the problem without psn. Microsoft has there networks working, why can’t you have yours working? I’m about to go to Microsoft because it’s ridicules that psn has now been shut down multiple times now. I’m about to move to the X-Box they seem to have there stuff straight. You can at least give the ps4


  • 96 hours already!!!
    psn servers status says they are online
    but that a lie
    like the customer support guy who assured me that till the end of the day the servers will be back online….yesturday!
    im ****ing sick of you sony and the way you handle this!!!

    spend some money on servers and security servers you cheap bastards!!!

  • will the holiday sale be extended by at least a day, since the store was down on the start of the holiday? Thank you for fixing the problem Sony/

  • I don’t see why people are attacking Sony over this. It’s impossible to stop hackers. Over time you can block them from attacking but they just pop up somewhere else and start over. The real question is why are hackers allowed to have accounts on Twitter? These Lizard Squad guys should be banned by Twitter. Criminals shouldn’t be allowed to tweet about their crimes. Or is the FBI letting them do it so they can build a case against them? It’s time for all countries to get tough on hackers. They should face at least five years in prison. One hack can cost companies millions. They’re no different than bank robbers but actually cost the economy a lot more.

  • IM LOG IN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY

  • This is Bs i brought my kids a ps4 for Christmas & downloaded 4 games $60 each & 2 of $80 bundle games thier Christmas was ruined couldnt log in & couldnt play any of the downloaded games not even offline single player mode because all the games were lock saying couldn’t connect to server to verify game i had download the games a couple days before psn went down thats Bs that psn locks games that are digitally download last time i spend money on the Playstation store last time i buy anything from sony switching to xbox one

  • 3 days almost 4 and service is still down. Being a playstation plus member and paying for service I’m not getting is the most upsetting part. I pay for you to provide me with a service I can understand a day down for maintenance, but 3 going on 4 is quickly becoming a hard pill to swallow. After spending over $500 on a PS4 system and games combined with a $50 playstation plus membership this is becoming a terrible waste of money! Do Something Please!

  • This is just frustrating most ppl are off work for holidays and this is probably the most free time they have and not being able to game it just sucks!!

  • Got my new PS4 for Christmas….and gift cards for ps+ ……. ANY GUESS WHEN I MAY BE ABLE TO GET ON!!!!!!!

  • Is the 4 games pick 1 bundle site down too. I can get on PSN, but when I try to redeem my code for one of the games it says the page cannot be displayed?

  • Wow at the sense of entitlement from a lot of these whiners on this blog post. You’re blaming Sony for something Lizard Squad is doing? Really?

    Instead of blaming Sony for having terrible security how about you actually look up what DDoS attack is and why you CAN’T stop it. It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Sony are working hard to make sure our servers going back up. They don’t need you screaming at them saying what they’re doing wrong when they ALREADY know what’s wrong. How about you play single player games, because you know they DON’T require online?

  • Let’s me sign in but don’t let me play online then signs me out and don’t let me sign back again this needs to be fixed ASAP didn’t pay for no reason

  • This sucks PSN has been down for 3 Days that’s just crazy. Even Xbox Live is already up an running, it also sucks that PSN isent working eveywhere yet.r


  • PSN seems to be back online in Auckland, NZ! hope all you other gamers get access soon!!!

  • I’m really worried that Sony cannot defend a attack. I’m seriously concerned about my personal and financial information. Video games are not worth going broke over. This last attack and easier this year’s attack is proving just that.

  • Can anybody estimate how long till we can get on ps4

  • I think there should be some retribution for the inconvenience of us loyal customers.

  • Some of y’all need to calm down. I am a PlayStation Plus member as well but complaining and whining is not going to help the situation. If you guys were true loyal fans, then you would be a little bit more supportive of this unfortunate event. Yes, it stinks that the service has been down but have you guys maybe thought that the problem might have been fixed day one and Sony is just beefing up their security the other days? Those that want to switch to Xbox One and say screw it to Sony, that just shows how bright you really are: If it can happen to Sony, it can happen to Microsoft, which we have seen it done before. Yes they were up and running way quicker than Sony, but what if the hackers didn’t hit Microsoft as bad as Sony? The fact that Xbox IS part of Microsoft and Microsoft IS a major computer brand, should tell you that they were probably more prepared for cyber attacks than Sony might’ve been.

  • A lot of what ifs, a lot of things we may not know but guess what: The problem is there and it is being worked on. Your complaints about how your Christmas was ruined and how Xbox is better is not helping at all; just annoying. Sony will probably do something for the customers that have to deal with this, so people demanding one extra month or whatever they demand: have patience and wait. Too many rants and complaints from kids on here and not enough thoughtful insight from adults. By the way: a lot of y’all need to learn how to spell.

  • Illinois just got psn back on PS4

  • Why is everyone attacking Sony, saying they don’t care about customers? Anybody saying that need to realize that Microsoft was hacked as well….they may be up and running but it doesn’t mean that Sony is not trying their best. So stop bashing and just play if you can play. If not go get some work around the house done.

  • Eeyup they do, Sly496 we need to get through to these people that complaining and whining is just getting on peoples nerves and the problem will be here until they fix it SO SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH IT, just like you said sly no one will be sure what will happen when it comes back up so we will have to have some patients and wait

  • So when is it going to be back on cause am getting tired of waiting

  • not here it ain’t but im still waiting go PlayStation Im staying with you guys so as soon as you can get it up guys you go for it! cause you are awesome hard workers and I fully support you

  • I have to apologize for my fellow psn plus members that think that this is happening to just them and they are entitled to compensation for something from you. We are up in my area and I am greatfull thank you for putting in the time to make things right after the lizard mafia screwed up my Holliday and of course yours and the worlds. Again thank you

  • +unclejerr what area are you in?

  • To anyone saying they’re switching to Microsoft, they got hacked too. They weren’t down as long this time but in the past they have been down for days. I guess the hackers went after Sony more than they went after Microsoft. But don’t think switching to Microsoft will keep you from having this problem.

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