DmC: Definitive Edition Coming to PS4 on March 17th, 2015

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DmC: Definitive Edition Coming to PS4 on March 17th, 2015

Hello PlayStation community, Dominic Matthews here from Ninja Theory. Today we’re proud to announce that we’re teaming up with Capcom again to bring DmC: Definitive Edition to PS4 on March 17th, 2015.

DmC: Definitive Edition

DmC: Definitive Edition does what it says in its name: it delivers the definitive DmC experience. We’ve revisited DmC: Devil May Cry and improved, optimized, and added to the game. When creating the original DmC, there were improvements that we wanted to make, but never got the chance to. In DmC Definitive Edition, we’ve made those improvements.

We’ve taken on-board player feedback and implemented many of the most requested features. In addition, we’ve given DmC a full, next-gen makeover, with uprezzed graphics and a silky smooth running speed of 60 fps at 1080p. DmC Definitive Edition also comes bundled with all released DLC and a host of new modes.

DmC: Definitive EditionDmC: Definitive Edition

Here are just some of the awesome new features of DmC: Definitive Edition:

  • 60 fps and 1080p resolution — It looks and feels super smooth to play.
  • Uprezzed Graphics — Including textures, characters, and cinematics.
  • Big Bundle of Content — The game includes DmC: Devil May Cry, plus all released DLC: Vergil’s Downfall campaign, 3 Dante skins, 3 Dante weapon skins, and the item finder.
  • New Skins — 2 new character skins. Devil May Cry 1 Dante and Classic Vergil.
  • Turbo Mode — Turbo Mode returns to the Devil May Cry series, with the game running 20% faster in this mode.
  • Hardcore Mode — Hardcore mode retains the experience of DmC, but with a throwback to the classic Devil May Cry games in terms of balance. In this mode, which can be toggled on all difficulty levels, the style system has been rebalanced to make ranking up much harder and ranks deteriorate much quicker. In addition, Devil Trigger doesn’t launch enemies into the air, parrying takes more skill, and all enemies hand out more damage.
  • Manual Target Lock — We’ve seen more requests for this than any other feature! The manual target lock works as closely to the classic Devil May Cry lock on as possible and has fully configurable controls.
  • Vergil Bloody Palace — Only second to Manual Target Lock in terms of the number of fan requests! This is a new Bloody Palace mode featuring 60 levels and Vergil as the playable character.
  • Must Style Mode — This is a hardcore modifier on an epic scale that can be played over any difficulty level. Players must be at an S rank or higher to deal any damage to enemies.
  • Gods Must Die Difficulty Mode — This is DmC Definitive Edition’s hardest difficulty mode. It takes DmC’s ridiculously hard Dante Must Die mode and adds a touch more punishment: All enemies spawn with Devil Trigger active and no items or health drops can be used.
  • Rebalanced and Retuned — We’ve studied fan feedback and made a whole host of tweaks and balance changes. The style system has been rebalanced, as have bosses. Exploits have been fixed in combat and some of Dante’s moves rebalanced, such as the Demon Evade. Gameplay tweaks have been made following hardcore player testing; frames have been removed from Kablooey shots, Parry/Evade windows adjusted, and collectibles, keys and doors redistributed.
  • Integration of Popular Community Mods — DmC Definitive Edition includes community mods such as an optional timer disable for Bloody Palace Mode, a triple dash for Angel Evade, and the ability to hit red and blue enemies with any weapon.
  • New Cutscene — an added cinematic scene that never made it into the original.

It’s not often that a developer gets the opportunity to revisit their game and improve it. We’ve grasped this chance and taken great care to bring DmC: Devil May Cry onto PS4 in the style that it truly deserves.

Until next time!

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  • Soooo this is basically the PC version then with the community mods that were done on PC as well? Uh, ok… seems like a lot of these remakes are becoming more like PC ports to new gen consoles b/c they can now handle what PC has been playing for a few years.

    Eh, since I already own it on PC I’ll pass on this, but its good for DmC fans though who want to play a more polished version with 60 fps since the consoles can handle it now.

  • I can’t express how happy I am to get to play this on the PS4! I loved this game when it came out last year and now to be able to experience it again in 1080P and 60FPS is just amazing. Best Christmas present ever! So…when can I pre-order :-)

  • @Staufway

    Check Capcom Unity’s site and click the DMC Definitive Edition link you’ll set the logo on the bottom for DMC4 Special Edition

  • No more definitive edition, please. Or maybe one more: RE 0, 1, 2 and 3 in one bundle for 19.99$:)

  • Enough with the ports and remasters. I’m not buying a PS4 for this, you either regret dumping backwards compatibility or don’t have any new games to showcase on PS4.

  • More relevant news

    Vergil playable in DMC4 Special Edition.

  • I’ll get it for Liliths Club alone. The level design was top notch and one of my favorite levels in a video game in a long time!

  • DMC4 to PS4..? I would never have expected that. My thoughts. Nero sounding even more like a baby in HD. You could HEAR the tears hitting the ground as he cries. Kyrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


  • This was a super fun game to play on the PS3. I’m interested in playing through it again….well for 15-20 bucks.

  • @27 Heck yeah the trilogy on the Vita would be awesome. I’d buy that the day it was released!

  • Way to make it sound like an exclusive to PlayStation 4 when it’s not. :/

  • Funny. NT does all these changes to DmC and gets a meh (two years too late, in my book.)

    Meanwhile, Capcom quietly sneaks out DMC4:SE is also coming to PS4 and teases Vergil and I’m already wanting to slap down money for it. What a difference a well-built game can do.

  • I haven’t played dmc, but I would much prefer to try it in my PS Vita and be able to play it anywhere.

  • Devil May Cry will never be on PSVita. It would be way too cool and make way too much sense.
    Never, never gonna happen

  • Cool! Never played this on PS3, but heard a lot of good things about it.

  • Give us Devil May Cry 4: DE instead.
    Devil May Cry 4 didn’t have trophies support because it was at the earlier stage of the PS3.

  • I just read that DMC 4 will be released summer 2015

  • Looks super hype! I’m a huge fan of the original and the entire Devil May Cry series, so the announcement of both DmC Definitive and DMC4 Special Edition with Vergil in it is just too awesome! Looks like Definitive Edition fixes all my issues with the original and then adds in tons of new things and changes, so I’m totally down with dropping $40 on the game

  • I will definitely buy this. Never finished this on PS3

  • Unbelievable! I’m So Stoke For This! Thank You!

  • Hmm great cuz more PS3 games is what we need for PS4…how ironic.
    Anyway most people got this game for free on Plus,one would have to be insane to buy a recycled version for PS4…non Plus members even more since they paid for the game…but Plus members too since they have it for free.

    Thanks for nothing…got the game for free and didn’t played yet,but I liked the demo even though I had to play with “that” Dante.Ha LMAO at those saying Dante doesn’t look bad in this new version or that game’s better than the old ones.

    @ 33 marc2henri – I hope that was sarcasm.

  • Initially wrote this game off in ps3 as a series fan, however turned out to be one of my top 5 games ever. This is fantastic news. Day one purchase.

  • “It’s not often that a developer gets the opportunity to revisit their game and improve it.”

    Sooo…why have developers been doing that a lot over the past year, then?

  • I’m a fan of both the original DMC as well as this DmC reboot and I’m happy to see this finally coming to PS4. This was a great game and I loved the humor that was in it.

  • @5 Because they want too.It will sell so,I don;t blame them, for releasing this.

  • I don’t see why they don’t just implement backwards compatibility instead of doing all these friggin remakes of old games. The only reason I can think of is they want to milk everybody for as much $ as they can. This crap needs to stop. Seriously.

  • And the HD COLLECTION of 1,2 and 3 for VITA?

  • Well that’s cool for those who haven’t played it… I guess. But in all honesty, I’d rather see some new games for our shiny new console than remaster after remaster after remaster.

  • I’m so frickin’ excited for this! I was dreaming of this but never did I think it would actually happen.
    DmC was a blast and I played it through several times. Dante Must Die was really kicking me around though… so hopefully I’ll get through it this time.

    Day one buy for me. DmC is so great… the visual effects are spectacular. Limbo City is genius. The gameplay was so exhilarating.
    The music was top-notch; I played through DmC with headphones 100% of the time just for the excellent music and even bought the OST.
    The aesthetics. The level design. The awesome world. The cool lore.

    SO pumped.

    P.S. It’s funny because my avatar has been of Dante for quite a while now ;)

  • Yes! Thank you! The thoughts of building a gaming PC are slowly dimming. PS4 power is good enough

  • FinallllllllllYYYYYYYYYY….. I am big fan dmc series and dmc devil may cry i bought on pc and xbox360 platform and now…. I am so happy to know that REMASTERED dmc is coming. I wish there will be some more new things that you didn’t write. Like bringing Vergil in Dante missions, new effect colors and much more… But anyway i am going to buy it!
    P.S: Don’t forget to reveal new devil may cry 2015

  • Another damn remake. I loves DMC but ps4 needs new games people this is PlayStation 3.5 not 4.

  • Remake the PS2 games….you know, the ones people give a crap about. Not this couple of years old crap.

  • Re-Releases May Cry.

  • Re-Releases I Cry…

  • Capcom is only promoting this, because for some reason they dont want the “old” Devil may cry back.


  • Can you please stop with the “remasters” and “definitive editions”, having all dlc doesn’t make up for the fact that you are releasing
    the same game. I want some fresh new games on the PS4.

  • I understand the definitive editions are for the people that didn’t have PS3’s. The other half of it is profit. Now what i am personally waiting for is Mass effect trilogy definitive edition because i have been a fan of the series since the first one. It’s going to be a blessing to be able to play the mass effect’s on ps4, including ME 4! Shepard lives!!

  • @75

    I’m not so sure about sells, since the original release sold like s****.

  • YES!!! I was hoping this would happen. Thanks to NT for bringing this to PS4. I can’t wait!

  • And am just here waiting for Sony to release PS3 quality games for the vita….

  • Dammit, I thought this was going to be the PS2 games. Would have rather had those, not a fan of this Dante.

  • Wow, one of the worst games ever made is getting rehashed. Why? Not a fan of mediocre developer Ninja Theory since they have never made a good game. Not a fan of Hipster Douche Donte either.

    This is just about as terrible as Lightning Fantasy getting ported to PC. Why do devs keep trying to shove their horrendous games down our throats?


  • Wow, one of the worst games ever made is getting rehashed. Why? Not a fan of mediocre developer Ninja Theory since they have never made a good game. Not a fan of Hipster Doosh Donte either.

    This is just about as terrible as Lightning Fantasy getting ported to PC. Why do devs keep trying to shove their horrendous games down our throats?


  • holy guacamole ninja theory- TAKE ALL MY MONEY

  • I loved this version more than the original after I played it. Very unique and original. Kudos to Ninja Theory for making great games like Heavenly Sword. The only thing I didn’t like was that the combat felt repetitive. Hey Capcom, Vergil needs his own game, his abilities and move set are too fluid and perfect to let it become forgotten.

  • @ JETTSTORM-08 – Ninja Theory have never made a great, good, ok, or even decent game ever. All their games have been poopoo.

  • @19 TimeSkipLuffy
    I kind of would prefer that Sony would throw some money at this to bring us DmC2 and a new classic Dante DMC for PS4. Really looking forward to HellBlade, but I feel like I invested in this game hoping it would continue and instead it seems like Capcom, Ninja Theory, and everyone else has just jumped ship.

  • DmC was my GOTY of last year. It was amazing. Gameplay, soundtrack, everything about it rocked. So excited to play it again on my PS4 with all these awesome features. For sure hyped about this!

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