Street Fighter V: Console Exclusive to PS4, First Gameplay Video

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Street Fighter V: Console Exclusive to PS4, First Gameplay Video

Hey guys, big news: STREET FIGHTER V is coming and will be console exclusive to the PS4. What’s even bigger news is that our partnership with Sony will result in SFV having cross-platform play, which will in turn unite our Street Fighter fans into one grand player base. That’s right; PS4 owners will now be able to lay the smack down against PC owners and vice-versa, a first for the Street Fighter series!

As I’m sure a lot of you out there are eager to see how the game looks, we’ve provided some screens below. Please take note that SFV is still early in development.

Here’s the logo and the packaging. We felt the bold design really speaks to the bold game play of SFV!

Street Fighter V LogoStreet Fighter V Box Art

Ryu preparing for the next battle.

Street Fighter V 1

Chun-Li getting ready to show off her Kung-Fu. Look at the reflection in her bangles.

Street Fighter V 2

So beautiful…it’s like moving art.

Street Fighter V 3


Street Fighter V 4


Street Fighter V 5

But the hype doesn’t stop there as Sony is also bringing USFIV to the PlayStation 4 brought to you by their Third Party Production Group! As you guys can see, the partnership has only just begun and it’s already a huge win for the community.

Currently the release dates for USFIV and SFV have not been announced yet, so I’ll definitely be back with that information and more in the future. GET HYPE EVERYONE!

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Street Fighter V: Console Exclusive to PS4, First Gameplay Video

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  • Genei Jin

  • Awesome exclusive!

  • Well, like all the Xbox fans in the World, I’m going to wait out for AT LEAST the first revision. SUPER Street Fighter V is going to look slightly better, be balanced better and have more fighters and content in general. It’s going to be great until SUPER Street Fighter V Arcade Edition comes out… then 3D… then mobile… then ULTRA… then Championship Ediiton…. and Turbo… *sigh*

    I’m sorry y’all. But this doesn’t feel like much of an event since Street Fighter IV kept going and going and going and Street Fighter x Tekken also happened and we’ve had Street Fighter going continuously up to this moment. And SFV looks like the exact same models and animations from SFIV, just with a new lighting engine. It’s hard to get excited at this point.

  • Its very nice to see SF5 confirmed especially for being exclusive on PS4 and PC….but please Capcom dont give me that crap of timed exclusive.I mean for real make SF5 exclusive on PS4 and PC forever and I might not wait for the full game to be released and then finally buy it…yeah you know what I mean.

    So good news followed by an awful one.Ultra SF4 for PS4?…what kinda of bulls*** is that?…..SF5 is probably releasing by the end of the next year…why recycle another PS3 game for PS4?…jeez quit that greed a lil bit will ya?

  • BTW that Chun-li model looks sweet.Gotta say good job on that.

  • Also…forgot to say…great boxart,it looks very cool.

  • Xbox fanboy must be crying!!!!!!

  • Not Really that all surprised but I am excited for Street fighter V. Plus the feature to play with are gaming bud over at pc really nice to hear.

  • as Long as Cammy and Juri is in it I am Sold. How long until Super Street Fighter V?
    God i hope they don’t do that again. but I know better :)

  • It looks awesome. I’m excited for both USFIV and SFV. Just don’t kill us with costume and color DLC!

  • Damn Sony, how about spending less money on ****** exclusives like this and more on your network security. Oh and its not a ps4 exclusive I can play it on my ps4 or my PC. Last I checked that wasn’t EXCLUSIVE lol

  • Looks just like SFIV?

  • Street Fighter V looks amazing! Can’t believe there are a few people that think it looks the same as IV, clearly they haven’t played it recently or need glasses.

    I’m quite interested in some of the new gameplay mechanics we’re seeing here, like that power-up that both of them do… Ryu appears to get beefier attacks and chun-li’s moves seem to double-up, wonder if this is the same mechanic that just works differently for different fighters, or whether this is two different things within the game.

    Anyway, two requests:
    1) Cammy, do not forget to add her to the roster or you’re going to get a lot of unhappy gamers. Myself included.
    2) Release this soon, don’t wait till 2016, get it out. Fact is, you can always add more characters when you release Super Street Fighter V. Which we already know will happen.

  • I like what im seeing hear just hope its not a recycled roster from IV give us some characters we haven’t played with in a while like D.Dark and Scullomania and new characters please .

  • Street Fighter V demonstration As Christmas Gift.

    How about SONY and Capcom give us the same demo of Street Fighter V presented at Capcom Cup as a Christmas gift for your fans and PS4/PS Plus members? Could be in the next update of the Playstation Store, 12/23/2014 .

  • while this news of a new street fighter is cool, im not happy with system exclusives. it just makes enemies.

    im still waiting for monster hunter on a new console. i have been bummed ever since you guys pulled its release on the ps3. ITS THE REASON I BOUGHT A LAUNCH CONSOLE BACK THEN!!!
    the Wii U version is nice, but lets update those graphics and gameplay and get a real game going here guys! stop being afraid.

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