Street Fighter V: Console Exclusive to PS4, First Gameplay Video

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Street Fighter V: Console Exclusive to PS4, First Gameplay Video

Hey guys, big news: STREET FIGHTER V is coming and will be console exclusive to the PS4. What’s even bigger news is that our partnership with Sony will result in SFV having cross-platform play, which will in turn unite our Street Fighter fans into one grand player base. That’s right; PS4 owners will now be able to lay the smack down against PC owners and vice-versa, a first for the Street Fighter series!

As I’m sure a lot of you out there are eager to see how the game looks, we’ve provided some screens below. Please take note that SFV is still early in development.

Here’s the logo and the packaging. We felt the bold design really speaks to the bold game play of SFV!

Street Fighter V LogoStreet Fighter V Box Art

Ryu preparing for the next battle.

Street Fighter V 1

Chun-Li getting ready to show off her Kung-Fu. Look at the reflection in her bangles.

Street Fighter V 2

So beautiful…it’s like moving art.

Street Fighter V 3


Street Fighter V 4


Street Fighter V 5

But the hype doesn’t stop there as Sony is also bringing USFIV to the PlayStation 4 brought to you by their Third Party Production Group! As you guys can see, the partnership has only just begun and it’s already a huge win for the community.

Currently the release dates for USFIV and SFV have not been announced yet, so I’ll definitely be back with that information and more in the future. GET HYPE EVERYONE!

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  • Microsoft…..take this L….lol!!!

  • what about vita

  • THANK YOU!!! So happy there’s new Street Fighter!

  • Please bring all past SF games to PSN also. Such as but not limited to SFA, SFA2, SFA3, SFEX, SFEX3, SFEX3, SF2, SF2CE, SF2HF, SSF2, HSF2, SF3NW, SF3DI, CvS, and ask SNK to bring SvC. Thanks.

  • Also, can you ask Namco what is taken TxSF so long? Thanks.

  • Having a united online community for this game via PC/PS4 cross play is the absolute best news!

    Please take your time with development so online is perfected at release time. Everyone will be happy to wait for a great followup to SF4.

  • Capcom please add Vita to the list later,be sure we all buy it on our Vita,fighting games are so cool on Vita as usual cause you can play it everywhere portable online or offline .

  • When it comes to Tomb Raider, people freak out over a timed exclusive but with this? Wow hypocrisy at it’;s finest.

  • Yoshinori Ono check my avatar. Street Fighter > all other fighting games. I stay ready.

  • PS4. The home for Fighting games. Will I need new fight sticks? Thinking about getting the PS4 TE2, but my friends will likely want to play on one of my PS3 sticks until they get their own.

  • I’m with #10/@KazeEternal, when will we hear about fight stick support? We all just received Injustice this month, and we still don’t have working fight sticks.

  • I also wonder about fight/arcade sticks. Will current ones become compatible at some point or will we need to buy new ones?

  • Hi:
    Excellent news. Cross-platform Play Games are excellent idea. Well done, Capcom. Now, PLEASE, stop that DLC nonsense…
    I’m starting to believe in you again…

  • Cross platform? I love you Capcom.

  • In all honesty, the only reason I’m debating on holding off on buying it is the fear of them releasing another extension of the game.

  • All I ask is that the netcode be awesome

  • Commenting again to show my support for a Vita release as well as PS3 fight stick support:


  • These are the kind of exclusives to be excited for. Wasn’t expecting this kind of news but it’s definitly welcome. Good going Sony. I only hope that the ps4’s power and technical capabilities are fully taken advantage of (I’m looking at you share play) if that means no PS3 version… Then so be it, not to be elitist… I just want to see the power of the console finally. And yes, agreed… Stop nickel and diming us Capcom. Treat us right.

  • So happy Resident Evil is finally gonna be on a Sony handheld.

    Its gonna freakin rock on the Vita

  • This is SO GREAT!!!!!

  • Awesome news! I’m a huge fan of Street Fighter, and I look forward to playing both Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V on PS4!

  • It looks really great. My only observation is that I wish the “ink effects” had more transparency: they look too “solid” (and they kind of screen a little bit the amazing graphics).

  • A Vita version with a completely diferent art style (so they could fit the game in…, and, yeah, i don’t like this teaser art style), would be awesome.

  • If It truly is console exclusive to Playstation 4 why does the box art NOT say Only on Playstation?

  • And I will now buy a PS4. Lack of exclusive games on PS4 at launch vs Xbox One didn’t make the purchase worth it, but now with today’s announcement of Street Fighter, it’s time to get on board with PS4. Hope that removing the game from Xbox doesn’t hurt the fighting game community.

  • @15. Now that I think about it, a year from release Super Street Fighter V will release on all platforms but still great news nonetheless!

  • Looking forward to SFV!!

  • ONLY ON PS4. Thnak you Capcom! HERE TAKE ALL MY MONIES!

  • Nice, but probably going to wait for the “Super” version. It’s been done before in the past, so it’s bound to happen.

    @Sharingan_itachi Learn to read, trolltachi: EXCLUSIVELY ON “PS4 AND PC.” Not happening.

  • Yet another piece of my wallet disappearing lol

  • I can’t help but chuckle at the news..not in a bad way, but I find it odd that out of all fighters, it’s SF. There was a time where a PS exclusive fighter typically came from Namco and that only changed in 2009.

    But hey, as long as the game is happening, it’s all good.

  • So hyped! Love Playstation, Love Street Fighter and really can’t wait to finally play a new iteration of Street Fighter!

  • Wow this is amazing news! :D

  • Cross platform is awesome.

  • Would’ve been swell if you guys ported USFIV to Vita …

  • Can’t wait for SFV. Took Capcom long enough to move on to the next one. The only thing that I see wrong with this is allowing cross-platform play with PC. Can’t trust PC users not to modify the game to make it not fun. Probably a bad example since it isn’t a cross-platform play, but Valve’s Team Fortress 2 for PS3/Xbox360/PC?


  • Ultra up are Vita too, please. And don’t say Remote Play because that’s not really on the go without Wifi or Playstation Now because I ‘m not willing to pay a rental price in which I can own it by paying that much for a week to a month.

  • About damn time Capcom SF5 awesome

  • Woah an entire new number, and not one of those re-releases. The announcement trailer wasn’t that exciting, it was just a montage and a slow reveal of the logo. Even though I don’t usually play fighters an announcement trailer for ANY game gets me excited, but this one was lame.

  • Dear Capcom

    As you know,most of fighting titles are available on Vita cause Vita is such a great console to play them.

    I know SF5 is an exclusive title for PS4 so it means it is an exclusive title for PlayStation and you can port it to Vita whenever you would like to do.

    And remember,SFXT was a great port on Vita,good quality and good we will wait for you to announce it soon or later on Vita.specially with cool features like cross-play.

  • Question-

    if i dont want to play with PC users can i play only with PS4 users?
    because all i learnt from SF4 PC lobbies full of hacking
    this wont be different either.

  • Sony gets the great Street fighter while Microsoft gets… killer instinct lol

  • I like exclusiveness … :D KEEP IT THAT WAY


  • Definitely going to buy at some point (currently don’t have a PS4) But if they want an instant buy, bring it to the Vita I need a new fighting game.

  • I’m a huge SF fan and i’m glad I got me a PS4 at launch, i’m sure you can guess my favorite fighting character for the SF series but this is great news to hear that SF5 is on its way and that USF4 will be ported to PS4 to keep us busy until SF5 gets here (it’ll be great to play USF4 on PS4 without having to use the playstation now streaming service, just need to find out if I can still play with my TE arcade stick).

    I love the direction SF5 is going in judging from the vibrant and life like character models in the trailer, the animation is more fluid smoother and faster, the background stage has better lighting and has breakable areas within the stage itself leading to possibly other fighting areas.

    HADOUKEN !!!!!!!!!

  • street fighter 5 exclusive to ps4? Oh dear.

    Sony please show The Last Guardian.

  • Ono San please make a new devil may cry, onimusha, dino crisis, or Megaman x game next.for ps4 :)

  • Console exclusive…so it’s never ever coming to the Xbone? Wow. Good get for Sony. Day one for me.

    But seriously, please also bring the old games to ps4 as well. That package you guys are bringing to nesica arcades in Japan with SF2/ Vampire Savior/ 3rd Strike/ Alpha 3. I would kill for that on ps4.

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