Grand Theft Auto V Out Now on PS4

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Grand Theft Auto V Out Now on PS4
Grand Theft Auto V on PS4

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for an entire new generation of players on PlayStation 4. Players visiting Los Santos and Blaine County on PS4 will experience the all-new First Person Mode, support for up to 30-players in GTA Online, as well as a vast range of major visual and technical upgrades including new weapons, vehicles and activities, wildlife, denser traffic, enhanced damage and weather effects, a tremendous soundtrack update with over 100 additional new songs and much more.

In addition to the increased player count, Grand Theft Auto Online also includes all the existing gameplay upgrades and Rockstar-created content released since its launch on PS3. Existing players can transfer their GTA Online characters and progression to PlayStation 4, and also get access to exclusive new content in both GTAV and GTA Online.

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  • PLEASE HELP! How can i upgrader my gta v digital copy from PS3 to PS4?

  • @7,@50 i am interested too, please answer the question

  • QUESTION HERE !!! … how many systems can you have in your playstation account ?? .. I have 1 ps3, 1 ps4 and 2 psVita and I’m looking to buy a new ps3 bundle this week …

  • im still waiting for a response from rockstar for my money and bonus’s… for being a ps3 online player … they try to tell me i had no character.. but yet when i logged into my account i clearly see that my account exist’s and that i have my crew that i created.. they never replied to that .. besides telling me to wait for news on updates…. … is it me or is almost every new gen game having online problems all the f’n time… and o yea wwe 2k15 love it but missing way to many options and the career mode is so pathetic they should be ashamed that they bragged about this stupid feature that has hardly anything going on ..

  • Wow Rockstar u are simply amazing!!! I am speechless. I never knew Gta but 2 weeks ago I bought gta 5. And I literally played 2 weeks straight and it didn’t get boring and it still isn’t boring. All the activities are AMAZING!!!!!! This is a game that I’ll play till I die!!

  • Why is it telling me code to pay to play gta 5 online ps4 u never had to pay on ps3

  • Me and my friend can’t join each other even though we were previously in a game together and then it kicked us both. We transferred our accounts from the PS3 version but now every time we go to join each other or invite it says we need to do the GTA online tutorial? It doesn’t make sense because there is no tutorial for us being transfers

  • If anyone wants to play sometime Im on alot and like this game quite a bit.
    I play PS4, just add me ill play sometime.
    PSN: haydnhoelke

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