Grand Theft Auto V Out Now on PS4

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Grand Theft Auto V Out Now on PS4
Grand Theft Auto V on PS4

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for an entire new generation of players on PlayStation 4. Players visiting Los Santos and Blaine County on PS4 will experience the all-new First Person Mode, support for up to 30-players in GTA Online, as well as a vast range of major visual and technical upgrades including new weapons, vehicles and activities, wildlife, denser traffic, enhanced damage and weather effects, a tremendous soundtrack update with over 100 additional new songs and much more.

In addition to the increased player count, Grand Theft Auto Online also includes all the existing gameplay upgrades and Rockstar-created content released since its launch on PS3. Existing players can transfer their GTA Online characters and progression to PlayStation 4, and also get access to exclusive new content in both GTAV and GTA Online.

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  • Now to wait for a price drop or a sale ! sorry but paid for this game in full a year ago and no deal for returning customers.

  • not interested in this….plus the link to order doesn’t work from this page

  • How do we access the pre-order bonus?

  • The funny thing is that you could have offered a $30- $40 upgrade option for those of us who already paid in full and guess what!? We actually might have paid that ammount. But NO Mr. Rockstar wanted to be the greedy bastard guy that is critized on its own games…The Nerve!!

  • How do we access the pre-order bonuses ? Did the procedure received “From Playstation” on Notifications but the money didn’t appear on regular game or GTA Online… What should I do now ?

  • Rockstar are scammers. They use fake trailers and false advertising to sell their games that do not include promised features. They should be shut down by the FCC. This is consumer fraud. Where is online heists and first person mode on PS3? Where is our free upgrade to ps4 version?

  • Can PS4 memeber play with PS3 players online together.?

  • Not buying till i find a used cheap version. After paying 150$ for ps3 collector, no way i will pay full price for this old game…… and with a reaaaalllyy disapointing online, its really better waiting. But i just want to precise, if Rockstar worries just a little bit about their consummers they will offer at least 50% discount for who already buy it.

  • To those who aren’t aware, Target is doing a deal where you can trade-in your PS3 copy for $30 credit towards the PS4 version.

  • I’ve received the notification for the pre-order bonus for gta v to claim the $1,000,000, but when I clicked on it nothing was there. What can I do?

  • #6, you’re delusional, plain and simple. Tired of hearing people complaining about Heists. Yes, they were delayed (aren’t many things?) but Rockstar is known to deliver QUALITY, which is why they chose to delay them. Wait until the heists are finally out, I think all the whiners will be praising Rockstar.


    1) Promised features? First person mode was NEVER “promised” for PS3.

    2) A “free” upgrade was NEVER promised from ps3 to ps4.


  • (continued)

    Finally, if you’re blind to how much RockStar puts into this HUGE game, let me show you why this game is EASILY worth $60:

    They’ve added an amazing 1st person view to the game, they’ve added ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO NEW SONGS to the game, they’ve made it 30 players online on the PS4 as well as graphically uphauling this already great game and making it look even more detailed. Not to mention Rockstar HAS been and will continue to give tons of FREE DLC almost monthly to GTA online…..

    If this isn’t a remaster worth buying, I don’t know what is. At first I too wanted a trade-in or discount.. but if you can’t find one, why not just wait a few months and get the game when it’s cheap. Or, trade in your ps3 game and get $ back that way like I did (I sold my PS3 GTA V on craigslist for $25 two weeks ago…). Both of those options are better than sitting here complaining about stuff that makes NO sense and making up stuff about “promises”.

  • Definately a game lesser minds would enjoy.
    Glad this isn’t the only genre you guys have made, cause these stink.

  • I would much rather see your other titles grace the Vita.

  • oo7PorscheMGS you’re still trying to defend them for postponing Heists for so long?…Rockstar does make solid games, I’m not arguing that. Hell, I even double-dipped on this one…but trying to justify them postponing Heists for over a year is simply pathetic. FULL GAMES usually won’t get postponed that long…Yet a SECTION of a game needed to be postponed that long and they didn’t know until after launch? Right…

    The fact of the matter is that any issue with Heists that would require it to be post-poned for an entire year would have been easily noticed prior to launch. They could have left that out of their advertisements as it clearly wasn’t ready.

    More realistically, Rockstar simply did not have Heists even built up at all. As in no coding regarding it whatsoever until maybe a month or two ago.

  • Downloading… I would transfer my ps3 save, but frozen synapse finished my ps3 or HDD yesterday =(

    Man, november gave a fatality on my wallet: advanced warfare, bf4 premium, freedom wars, gta 5, some promos….

    Now is just the wait to bloodborne *.*

    Hey, give us bloodborne!

  • Delta get this thing called a job and quit crying about no price drop. It’s an excellent game and even better now than it was


    – Call of Duty: AW
    – Assasins Creed Unity
    – FarCry 4
    – PES 2015
    – GTA V
    – Dragon Age: Inquisition
    – Little Big Planet 3
    – WWE 2K15

  • When did the Sony fanbase get so rude and disrespectful? Well whatever, I feel like all the content Rockstar tossed into this already great game is amazing and definitely worth a repurchase. First person alone was totally a surprise and has been awesome to experience. They didn’t just on their thumbs the whole time, slipping into each vehicle and noticing the detailed interiors for EACH ONE with working speedometers and radios is truly immersive, not to mention all the new decals on weapons.

    Good job Rockstar, you guys deserve my money again. :)

  • @15: …while they postponed those heists, they’ve delivered FREE dlc almost every month since the original game came out (11 DLC packs). So to me at least, I’ve had tons of fun playing GTA online without any heists. I can wait, because I’m pretty damn sure that when the heists do come out, they’ll be epic (kind of like everything else that rockstar releases). And nope, I don’t work for Rockstar, or SONY, lol (as some of my friends think since I always “advertise” my fav. games to them), I just respect great developers who deliver tons of content, even if it has to be delayed. I’d RATHER have delayed than a half-finished rushed product by companies rushing those games out just to get a quick buck off of people during the holiday season (umm, Battlefield 4 / Assassin’s Creed Unity anyone?). A good company/designer/artist isn’t afraid of delays, because they know their product will truly deliver when it’s done.

  • Personally I don’t think the game got that much of an upgrade. Besides a few new gimmicky features it’s really not much better than the PS3 version imo. I’d only get it if you didn’t already buy it on PS3. The $60 price tag isn’t worth it.

  • oo7PorscheMGS as I said yesterday…DLC takes a few hours tops, for ALL of it. People doing Mods on the PC do far more work in a day than a company does making DLC (which most of the time already exists beforehand) over the time span of a year. Quit exaggerating their efforts.

    Rushed games? Like Grand Theft Auto which malfunctioned non-stop for the first month it was out? Quit being a hypocritical fanboy chief…it is embarrassing.

  • How do i get the pre order money in the story mode??

  • Absolutely love the game, but after a year of some false promise I can wait. Now if there was a deal for previous owners, then we would have some extra cash for shark cards.

  • I will wait for a sale or drop in price. Not paying $60 again for the same game with better graphics.

  • As a first time visitor of Los Santos i have to say I LOVE THIS GAME! i cant believe i didn’t get this on PS3 silly me. this is all im gonna be playing for the foreseeable future. Thanks you rock* for the first-person.
    Also the people that are having trouble with the pre-order bonus did you guys get it on disk or off PSN? because the physical copy comes with the 1,000,000 code inside the box i dont know about the digital version though

  • To add onto what Crazymanwalking1 said, the digital versions should come with a Notification explaining what to do. You load up the game and access the store (in-game), you should be able to find the money in the store apparently.

  • Still waiting for Vita to get some GTA love (not just remote play). I would even love an updated San Andreas. Having said that, I can’t wait to play GTA5 on my PS4.

  • I may have upgraded as per some “original owners deal” but I’m not giving Rockstar” another cent for a game I already paid for, a game wich has failed to deliver on what was promised at launch. I could care less for those people who are tired of people complaining about the lack of hests. The fact remains that that gameplay element was the deciding factor for a large number of us and its a valid gripe. Was the game good without it? Sure. Regardless I’m sick and tired of companies flat out lying about what their games are gonna deliver on while accepting your money. I called it months ago when I said they were gonna wait for the ps4 release, and lo and behold that’s exactly what they did. Most PS3 owners who bought GTA5 the first time around don’t want to buy it again now that you got it right. Not for 60 bucks.

  • @22: hypocritical fanboy chief? lol..ok…

    All I know is I enjoyed GTA V for the past year, and I know a lot of my friends did as well. The DLC kept us busy, new cars and stuff to do..not to mention the great creator mode they released with the game that allowed us to make endless amounts of races, stunts, and other stuff (destruction derby’s on top of rooftops, etc…).

    And I didn’t play GTA online until about a week after it came out… but if I remember correctly it worked pretty well. Not perfectly, but it worked most of the time. Again, most online games these days have problems at launch… but good companies fix those problems…

    And we’re not talking about PC. Mods are awesome, but GTA on PS3 + PS4 / free DLC is awesome too.

  • Yes, “hypocritical fanboy”. You deny everything Rockstar messes up on, while using the same problems Rockstar has to create issues with other games. Grand Theft Auto 5 had tons of issues upon release, most of which were not fixed in the first month. Yet you target Assassin’s Creed Unity that has issues and has only been out for a week now. That is what you would call a hypocrite chief…and your devout loyalty to Rockstar indicates a clear sign of fanboyism. Don’t get how you required an explanation, but I’m going to blame the low standards of education in the school systems.

    If you’re seriously not a Rockstar employee, you should become one. Tossing away your dignity shouldn’t be something you do for free.

  • Some Target stores are having a $30 upgrade to ps4 version if you bring your ps3 version in.

  • Having missed the ps3 version, I knew I had to pick this version up. Can’t wait to jump into San Andreas when I get home! (Also looking forward to trying some remote play!)

  • Why would someone buy this game again for the same price???

    I will buy when there is a BIG price drop!

  • Pre ordered the game on Oct 30 and haven’t seen any codes yet for the 1mill or the 300,000. Hope they come in soon.


  • It would be nice if they added some NEW MISSIONS. Cause I PRE-ORDERED my copy and dont want to buy the same game over!!!! Very COCKY AND GREEDY ROCKSTAR

  • @32…. Just because you don’t understand my arguments doesn’t mean you should resort to childish name-calling…. you’re only showing YOUR lack of education by doing so.

    I’m not “denying” problems, I clearly said I just don’t have a problem with them DELAYING heists, because they’ve given GTA Online 11 FREE dlc packs in the meantime, not to mention the creator mode etc. and a GREAT 1 player game. They delayed it for a reason, to make it better!

    And there is a difference between a game that had minimal online problems at launch (GTA V on ps3), and a game like Battlefield 4 (which had problems and still has problems / bugs / game breaking bugs more than a year later). I “pick” on Assassin’s Creed Unity too because it’s problems were CLEARLY things that Ubisoft MUST have seen before launch (the appalling framerate issues and countless bugs).

  • (continued)

    Again, there is a difference between some online bugs at launch and a game that was clearly rushed out to make a quick buck in time for the holidays (Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield 4 last year).

    Rockstar is in fact the exact OPPOSITE of how Ubisoft / EA / Activision run their business. I’m no fanboy, but yes I am a FAN of great artists / developers. I just respect companies that go for quality over releasing something early+unfinished just to make $. Again, that’s why RockStar delayed the COMPLETE them and make them AMAZING just like the rest of GTAV…… instead of releasing them rushed and unfinished.

    But you can keep going on talking about dignity and education and “hypocritical fanboy chief” but you’re only making a fool of YOURSELF, and I think anyone here can see that. Done talking with you.

  • I know how to get the digital pre order bonus but when I try to go to the play store in the pause menu it says that PlayStation store is not available right now,try it later. Are you going to fix this or what

  • Pre ordered the game from the PSN store. Just want to say, Day 1 Digital is a bit like false advertising. I pay for decent internet speeds and, while the game has “installed”, I’m literally on day two without access to the game because it’s still downloading. Shouldn’t the game have automatically pre-loaded by now or something?

  • i like ps4 for gta 5 i think it will be a great experience for people to play

  • Funny that you comment that I don’t understand you, yet you completely misinterpreted what I said…and clearly lack the common sense to put two and two together…

    I said you insult other companies for having the same problems your company has. You attributed that to me referring to postponing Heists? Which other game has Heists that have been delayed for any sort of time? In fact, which of the games we were discussing have anything postponed? I wasn’t talking about the postponing of Heists when I referred to what you ignore.

    Graphical glitches, systems not working at all, game crashes, etc…ALL of these happened for a month when Grand Theft Auto 5 was released on the PS3. You can’t get on Ubisoft’s back about their game not functioning perfectly within the first week of release when your own game took a month to work properly.

  • “A few online bugs”. Yeah…tell your boss you deserve a raise there chief. This is getting pathetic and degrading. The online didn’t work at ALL for 90% of people for a week after it was actually released. Not to mention the numerous game-breaking faults that persisted even in the single player campaign.

    “Chief” might I add, is a name I use in place of words like “dude” or “homie”. I don’t get why you keep quoting “hypocritical fanboy chief” like it was supposed to be one insult or something…I can’t even insult someone like you properly because you can’t stay focused….Deplorable.

    Just do yourself a favor chief…Stop acting like the game was perfect. All three of the games we’ve discussed were butchered and shoddy when they were released. The makers have no excuse, despite you offering plenty of them for Rockstar. Have some decency and support companies that genuinely put their all into EVERY release, not just a handful. Naughty Dog for example deserves that kind of support…

  • So Rockstar is pretty much tellings us that we lose all the story mode progress on ps3 but keep online stuff from ps3?? How does that work??

  • the amount of people complaining is too damn high! c’mon seriously how many of you guys even tried the next gen version of the game? there are thousands of minor changes like of example in fps view of Michale’s car there is a little screen on the dashboard that shows the song and radio station that you are listening to, just like in real life, now how cool is that, all the dlc cars from the old console version of the game are now driving on the road, they added neons under cars, remodeled wheels so the look better, remodeled and improved some cars, you car rarely find tuned cars around the city, new songs in the game, the firkin’ FPS mode witch is just insane new texture and special effects, more detailed guns and the list goes on

    i had no problem transferring my online character from my old xbox

    oh and i got lucky as i forgot to preorder the game, went to a local gamestop and someone changed their mind and gave the game back i got a 30 euro discount on it because it was ”used” (the protective foil was still on the case so it was brand new :)) ) totally worth it

  • oh i forgot to mention that when the police is after you the controller is starting to flash red and blue, and changes color for each character, and you can use the integrated speaker witch i had no idea that existed, and the motion senor …. so yeah the game is hugely improved!

  • Has anyone received the DLC? I reserved and nothing! -_-

  • i second tag smiley”s question because i want to play with my fiancee …but i only have a ps4 and one ps3 are the online lobbies cross gen can we play together her on ps3 and me on ps4 vice versa? because id really prefer not having to buy a 2nd ps4?

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