LittleBigPlanet 3 Out Now on PS4 and PS3!

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LittleBigPlanet 3 Out Now on PS4 and PS3!

It’s finally time to begin your brand new LittleBigPlanet adventure! Sackboy, OddSock, Toggle and Swoop are all here and it’s time to expand LittleBigPlanet in brand new and more exciting ways than ever before… including our official launch trailer crafted with the help of our awesome community!

Launch Week DLC

LittleBigPlanet 3 Rare T-Shirt

Anyone familiar with previous LittleBigPlanet titles will know that we like to celebrate the launch of a new title with the release of a new Rare T-Shirt for your Sackboy or Sackgirl to wear to show that they were there for the launch of the new title.

This time though, we have some new characters and it just would not be fair to leave them out…
So whatever are we supposed to do with our tradition of releasing a new Rare T-Shirt? Hmm…

LittleBigPlanet 3: One Size Fits All

What do you think? Does our LittleBigPlanet 3 Rare T-Shirt make for a good fit for our band of heroes?

FREE Launch Spacesuit Costume Pack

Oh yes! Not only do we have our new Rare T-Shirt for our heroes to collect, we’ve also given our classic Launch Spacesuit a proper LittleBigPlanet 3 twist and added a set of special spacesuits designed specifically for OddSock, Toggle and Swoop!

LittleBigPlanet 3: Astronauts

Both the LittleBigPlanet 3 “1 Size Fits All” Rare T-Shirt and the free Launch Spacesuit Costume Pack will be available on the PlayStation Store for One Week Only. So if you want to add these very rare items to your collection, make sure you don’t miss out on picking them up this week!

Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC

Our Dragon Age: Inquisition Costume Pack will give Sackboy and his Friends some truly adventurous costumes to wear during their quest in Bunkum to stop the dastardly Newton!

If you’re a big fan of Dragon Age though, we also have an additional Dragon Age Mini Pack available now containing a couple of costumes based on Blackwall and Morrigan.

LittleBigPlanet 3: Dragon Age InquisitionLittleBigPlanet 3: Dragon Age Inquisition

All of these costumes are now available to purchase on the PlayStation Store for LittleBigPlanet 3 on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Things to Try in Week One!

LittleBigPlanet 3: Best of the Beta

After you have reached your Pod, you are able to begin browsing all of the wonderful creations that the community has created so far. This includes over 9 million levels that the community created previously in LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2!

If you’re looking for some community levels featuring the latest bells and whistles from LittleBigPlanet 3, head on over to the Team Picks to sample these very special levels created in the LittleBigPlanet 3 Beta:

  • [LBP3SC] Burn Box by rialrees
  • Tower of Swoop! By Breezy-The-Pro
  • Sackboy in love (Full Beta movie) by kaiju_kid
  • [LBP3SC] Cursory Coppice by deadmn
  • Steamed 2 [MINIGAME] by cyclist67

Don’t forget to check out the Team Picks regularly, this is where we feature some of our absolute favourite creations created by the community, so you’re sure to have a blast playing them! Who knows? If you have a talent for creation, you may even be featured there yourself someday!

Create Your Own In-Game Trailer

After checking out our first batch of Team Picks, you may be asking yourself how to add one of those awesome video trailers to your own level!

This is all thanks to PlayStation 4’s awesome Share functionality that you can activate at any time by double-tapping the Share button on your DualShock controller. Try having a run-around in your level for up to 30 seconds and then tapping the Share button again.

Just click on Upload Video Clip on the next screen and you will have added your very first LittleBigPlanet 3 Share video to your library. To add this video to your level as a trailer, you can head on over to your Moon and just click the box under “Trailer” to upload your video.

If you’re feeling really creative, you can even head in to Sharefactory and splice together your own unique trailer of up to 30 seconds using multiple video clips to really highlight the action of your level!

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7 Author Replies

  • I’m enjoying the game but I’m running into a lot of bugs/glitches. can I expect a patch to fix these problems soon?

  • Is the LBP3 DLC cross-buy? If I purchase the Week-1 shirt for the LBP3 PS3 version, do I also get the PS4 version of the Week-1 shirt?

  • In one of your older blogs, it says that if you pre-order, you get a sackboy plushie. When I got to gamestop, a half hour before the release, I found out that PS3 users don’t get one, but PS4 users do. Not only is that incredibly insulting to loyal fans, but it seems like a pretty clear case of false advertising.

    Instead of playing it all night like I had planned on – and rearranged my sleep schedule for – I didn’t even open it, since I’m probably going to return it, because I don’t want you to have my money when I get screwed over just because of the console I play on. It’s a cheap little toy that probably costs a dollar to make – but denying that to loyal fans is somehow a good decision? After looking forward to the game for weeks, I don’t even want to see it now, because I feel so betrayed.

  • The exact post:
    “We also wanted to let you know about our fantastic range of LittleBigPlanet 3 pre-order bonuses. There is something for everyone, so check out all the great options and extra goodies.
    Secure Your Sackboy Plush Today
    To lead off, we’re happy to announce that if you pre-order at participating retailers you will receive a Sackboy plush at no extra charge. Pre-Order at Target and your Sackboy Plush will come with an exclusive Target hat! Quantities are limited, so pre-order today!”

    Doesn’t say anything about having to get it for PS4 in order to get it…

  • Does anyone know why my dlc won’t transfer over and why some things from lbp1and 2 didn’t transfer over with the rest of my items from the previous games?

  • Digital download LBP3 on PS3, 2nd player can not join 1st player at all. It deverges game, says failed to load game, or failure to load players profile, and it loads back to pod. It doesn’t matter if the 2 nd remote is already on before the game loads or if you turn a 2nd remote on while a player had already begun. Can’t join, so for now this is a 1 player game….. Also couldn’t load profile BEFORE the game began as prompted, it would freeze the system, tried 7 times and chose to then say NO and continued as new without previous profile load from Lbp1 or 2. I was able to unlock lbp 1 & 2 items in pod AFTER I froze some few more times, but it eventually did it ^^, THEN while in pod I was able to IMPORT all lbp1 & lbp2 stuff. So far there’s ways around things but it takes bloody forever “/ ONLY A guest can join the player btw. 2 users on the same PS3 cant play together. BTW NEW USERS on ALL PS3s CANT BEGIN the LBP2 game right now. It causes blackout freezing and a reboot is needed. Tried over an hour as a new user and gave up. Have had others try as well on their systems and the SAME thing happened to them. PLEASE HELP :(

  • My GameStop preorder didn’t include the Mystical creatures DLC as promised either. It’s not on receipt and they said it was in box. Only DLC in game was 9 outfit stuff I already have “/ Will be in contacts with Game Stop as well. BEST OF LUCKY TO EVERYONE !! You’re not alone havn these technical issues. I LOVE THIS LBP3 game so far though! It’s bloody brilliant! :D

  • Ok I have a big problem. I have a bunch of DLC from LBP2 that have been used in my costumes, I’m playing LBP3 on my PS4 and I go to get all the old DLC back so I can wear my costumes again. However, it seems that none of the items that I “own” are downloaded, nor can I figure out how to download them, when I click on the item all I get is a screen that says “no content was found” I also can’t find ANY of the DLC in the PS4’s playstation store, only in the LBP store. I check the add-ons section of the LBP3 app in my home menu and none of the items I supposedly got for free are there, there is no download list on the PS4 where I can just find all the DLC that I have, I looked in the Library and nothing. I look in my download list on this website and, while the DLC IS there, I can only download the items to my PS3, and I need it on my PS4. So how do I go about recovering all of my old DLC to use in LBP3 on PS4? Is it something I’m not doing right or is it a bug on your guys and Sony’s end?

  • I pre-order lbp3 at GameStop on ps3 I got the game but no bonus DLC like Mystical Creature at all. Gota have to talk with them cuz they said it in game and it not… Well I know Steven not gotta help bad with comment. Can anyone help me?

  • @Die-Rises-Hunter

    For some stupid and unfair reason, you were actually NOT supposed to receive the Mythical Creatures pack or the Dragon Age DLC for pre-ordering the PS3 version of LBP3. They were only supposed to come with the PS4 version pre-orders.

  • Exactly how long will this stay out steve? I’m making the 5 right now thinking its first week but don’t tell me it stays out for launch day D:

    and also, because this game is on ps3 are the ps3 players able to play online without paying for PS+?


  • Steven, we need your help with this broken dlc issue, my comment on this post was deleted for an unknown reason! All I want is my dlc I rightfully paid for and the data from lbp1 and 2. Is that to much to ask?

  • Where is the launch spacesuit in the store?
    And why does my code not work?

  • Downloaded the Mythical Creatures DLC, but it’s not working in game. It says it installed, but it’s not showing up! Help!!?

  • Omg I have a question cuz I’m scared: Will the Launch Tshirt still be available by Monday? It turns out that my game will possibly come on Monday since I preordered it online and I really would want the launch tshirt :( Will the tshirt be gone ON Tuesday or is Monday the LAST day to get the shirt?

  • When will the t-shirt and spacesuit be available? When I check the store on my PS4 it’s not there and when I try to check it from the little “buy dlc” option in the recent items of the game I get “under maintenance”. My first foray into LBP and I don’t want to miss out.

  • The t-shirt is already out you just have to buy all them and they are not free its $4.99. you can’t add 1 to your cart, in the game on the store you have to press triangle on the name to add it to cart. 1 more thing the the space costumes aren’t in stores yet but they will be available soon

  • if you need any help add me or message me, ill try my bets to help you. i don’t have PS4 but i do have a PS3.

  • DLC NOT WORKING! Cannot find any information on this at all, an official response would be nice.

    DLCs Such as the Pirates of the Caribbean, Metal Gear Solid, and Nightmare Before Christmas packs do not work. Just gives me a “No content found” message. Hope this get’s fixed soon. A LOT of my purchases are unavailable. Albeit it did just release… but I’d still like to know whether or not I’m screwed out of my past purchases.

  • Can someone tell me why I pre ordered the. Game for 69.99$ and now it’s 59.99$ .
    Customer support tell me its a different version and it’s because I got extra stuff.
    Isn’t that stuff suppose to be pre order bonuses that I get for free because I pre order.
    I don’t get it .
    It’s the last time I pre order on the playstation store.

  • +Higman753

    If you purchased the Plush edition, that is why. It is in fact more expensive then the regular edition.

  • The plush edition is a physical copy with a sackboy plush . I bought digital copy on the playstation store.

  • hello mr.steven i got a problem so last night i got the game and when i was doing something my sackboy got gliched an he can’t move i thought it was gonna happen just tonight then today i got on and hes still gliched so how can i ungliched him or how can i do that?

  • I can’t find the Spacesuit dlc anywhere in the store. (I’m in U.S.) I did find the Week 1 T-Shirt though.

  • I just picked up my pre-order of LBP3 but don’t plan on giving the game to my kids until the holidays. Can I still download the free spacesuit and T-shirt. I can’t find the either of them anywhere on the store.

    First LBP game – looking forward to joining the community.

  • Steven isbell there are huge problems in know LBP3 first off I can’t even place stickers in create mode. Why doesn’t LBP3 doesn’t have a dive in feature? Can you please help this get fixed for ps3.

  • I just completed the story. I loved it. It was a tad bit short but the game is awesome. Haven’t run into these bugs some people are talking about although i have run into one big problem (which is my only real complaint about the game). I am on a ps4 and I purchased a few costumes through the in game dlc store on lbp3. For some reason i cannot download them to the ps4. When i check my recent purchases on my vita and computer (can’t find it on ps4) it says that the costumes are available for download on my ps3 (lbp 2 and Karting ) and for the vita version. But it does not show that i can download them for lbp3. Any idea why that might be? And i was charged for the costumes by the way.

  • @Steven Isbell

    Up until now i cant find the Launch week DLC event in the store.. is it already over? This is really frustrating :( feedback are much appreciated.

  • @Tomba25
    Hi, here is a URL below to get either the “Rare T-Shirt” for PS3 or PS4 from the PC.



  • @Tomba25

    They have it set in a way so that it is hard to find the “Rare T-Shirt,” it has to be searched for; it cannot be found with the other add-ons from what I understand unless I am mistaken. I was never able to find the “Spacesuit Costume Pack” and I have wanted it since Tuesday. Because Sumo Digital is working with the people in charge of the PlayStation Store to get add-ons to work and fix any other problems I assume; I doubt they will only have the two “Launch Week DLC,” for this week only. Especially since many probably cannot even find the “Rare T-Shirt” and the “Spacesuit Costume Pack” is no where to be found.

  • WTF can someone get this

    Juan: Hello, My name is Juan how may I assist you today?
    Juan: Are you still there?
    You: yes hi
    You: i pre ordered little big planet 3 for 69.99$ and now since launch day its 59.99$ with the same bonus minus the 4 t-shirt did i paid 10$ more for 4 t-shirt
    Juan: Thank you for waiting Michel. I was checking if there was something we could do but unfortunately since the price changed due to the pre order bonus we cannot provide any accomodation or exception.
    Juan: According to the PlayStation User Agreement all sales are final
    Juan: I’m really sorry. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    You: ok then unfortunately its the last time i pre order from the store because i didn’t get anything more then someone who buys the games today.
    Juan: I understand your point and let me apologies for that. I’m sorry Michel
    Juan: If nothing else, I will be disconnecting the chat. Have a great night

  • Does anybody know if players on the PS3 version can play with players on the PS4 version?

  • My downloadable copy is unplayable. I held off on buying any major titles because we all know how lazy these early titles can be. I even held off on buying Destiny because i knew it wasn’t gonna’ live up to the hype. I did not expect this to be the case for LBP3, but it is. It’s Broken. And i feel bad for giving these folks my money for a game that i feel is rushed.


  • @skincrow

    All we can do is wait for them to patch it, you can give them any specific problems you have in this thread:

    Quote from thread: “If you encounter any other issues not mentioned above, feel free to post them in this thread or email them to us at

  • A couple of things I want to point out, the rare tshirts are still not available, and I preordered when it was announced,and there isn’t a clear explanation on how to bring forth the data and things from lbp 1 and 2

  • So i also have the problem where 1st player can’t join 2nd player. My girls are disappointed. It started off fine and they earned all the extra characters like odds ok ect. But then a weird glitch happen and my daughter can’t access swoop anymore but can access the others and it now sayssecond players profile didn’t load. I’ve also had it completely stop and a blue screen that said this aplication has in countered an error pop up. This sucks and I’m pissed.

  • Was excited to play but am now stuck in “installation” for the last 8 hours and can’t do anything but replay the intro levels, which have prize bubbles I can see but can’t capture. they just float there, specifically on walls that you climb, have tried the level multiple times to see if it was just a glitch and still can’t get the prize bubble.

  • Help! Someone, please tell me of how to transfer all DLC from your account to the PS4. I’m so frustrated. After finishing story and almost having all the objects, I was planning to download all my DLC from the store and I did. However, when I tried to put all my data onto a level and then tried to open it, some of the DLC I had said that I didn’t even have it. Help? I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me before I have to buy a PS3 version and restart story again… :'(

  • When I get the lbp3 week 1 t shirt, will it be able, wearable, and stuff like that on PS3? All over the web it says PS4 only.

  • I got the game, love it, bought the rare shirt, but for the love of God it won’t let me buy the astronaut costume

  • Hi! I live en Europe, and i’m getting Lbp3 for the Ps3, will i still be able to download the rare shirt, on the realese? Or is it gone? :D

  • Hello. I have been having a lot of trouble downloading DLC for Little Big Planet 3. (Playstation 4) When attempting to download my DLC items from LBP2 from the Playstation store, it shows up as “Unavailable” or “No content was found.” this also happened when i tried to download the spacesuit costume. Also, when i tried to download the special Toggle costume from Run Sackboy, Run, it said that the code was either used or unavailable at this time. If you can try to help me in any way, i would appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Hello. I am having trouble downloading DLC for LBP3. (PS4) When trying to download my DLC from LBP2, it either says “Unavailable” or “No content was found.” Because of this, i also was not able to download the rare week-1 spacesuit costume. also, i wasn’t able to use the code for the Toggle costume from Run Sackboy, Run. when i entered in the code, it said “The code has either been used or unavailable at this time.” If you could try to help me in any way, i would appreciate it. Thank you.

  • AW DANG. I was busy last week and never got to put LBP3 in my ps4 so i missed the space suit for launch. That should come with the preordered copies. :(
    I got the day one plush edition and have the launch space suit on LBP1 and 2 (and the beta vest) but now i don’t have the space suit for LBP3, I’m sad. I forgot it was only available for a week.

  • It is possible to change the language of the game in PS4?
    I have it in english and I want it in Spanish.

  • I have a problem, SPACESUIT IS UNAVALIBE TO MY PS3 heeeeeeeelp!

  • *unavailable

  • sorry *unavailable:)

  • When is the next ps store update? It’s not added to the NZ PS Store and whenever I click the advertisement in-game, the window pops up with This Content Isn’t Available. I just want kiwi players to get the chance to get the spacesuit

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