PS4 on Black Friday: GTA V Bundle and LEGO Batman 3 Bundle

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PS4 on Black Friday: GTA V Bundle and LEGO Batman 3 Bundle

GTA V Black Friday Bundle

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it comes the excitement of impending Black Friday deals on the hottest gifts of the holiday season. Ever since its launch one year ago, PlayStation 4 has been the number one console, and today I’m pleased to officially announce two Black Friday PS4 bundles featuring some of the biggest games of the year for gamers in the United States and Canada.

The first bundle is the Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Black Friday Bundle featuring a 500GB PS4 and a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, as well as a digital download voucher for The Last of Us Remastered — all for just $399.99 USD/$449.99 CAD. Get a brand new PS4 just in time for the holidays with this epic bundle!

The critically acclaimed open world, Grand Theft Auto V, comes to PlayStation 4 with a host of technical upgrades and enhancements including enhanced resolution, greater draw distances, new wildlife, vehicles and weapons, and a brand new seamlessly integrated first-person mode.

Good news for all those who have already spent countless hours exploring everything Grand Theft Auto Online has to offer on PS3 or Xbox 360 — with Grand Theft Auto V on PS4, you can transfer your existing GTA Online characters and progress to your PS4 so you don’t have to start over. And if you are making your return to Los Santos and Blaine County on PS4, you’ll also get access to exclusive vehicles, weapons, collectibles and more.

This bundle also provides the perfect opportunity to play The Last of Us Remastered — the definitive version of the game that won over 200 game of the year awards — featuring enhanced visuals and loads of additional content.

LEGO Batman Black Friday Bundle

Our second Black Friday bundle features a 500GB PS4, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and LittleBigPlanet 3 — all for just $399.99 USD/$449.99 CAD. Pack your space suit and join LEGO Batman on an out-of-this-world adventure as the Caped Crusader joins forces with the super heroes of the DC Comics Universe and blasts off to outer space to stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth. And in LittleBigPlanet 3, you can explore a world filled with limitless imagination as Sackboy and his new cast of friends — OddSock, Swoop and Toggle.

Make sure you mark your calendars for Black Friday, because these bundles won’t last long. Check your local retailer and pick them up while supplies last to get the ultimate deal on PS4!

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  • impressive stacks. if i didnt have a ps4, that gta/tlou bundle would be mine

  • would love a deal on ps+ cards :)

  • i have a ps4 already, nothing for me? sales? discounts? :(

  • 「Oh… I just wanted a PS4 by itself (I mean I PLAN on buying TLoU at some point, but right now I just want to focus on getting the PS4). Looks like I am saving money this holiday season.」

  • Will there be more bundles announced or are these it?

  • Any chance for some digital deals around Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

  • I think that Lego/LBP3 box should have LBP3’s art all over it(like the GTAV box) + SONY should of had a few more bundles out at the beginning of this month to, to stop ‘you know who’ :D having all the fun these last 2 weeks in the US. I hope SONY can beat ‘You know who’ :D this month & not left it to late. Cool bundles tho ;)

  • All it would need is a map of Japan to be the new Brack Friday Bunduru!

    (Would it be ironic if the first thing you did with it when you got it home was watch those episodes on it?)

  • LBP + Lego batman is awesome value. Hopefully they will have enough in supply. I only saw it on toysrus ad so far. Great bundle

  • Nice bundles. Makes me kind of wish I wouldn’t have bought the PS4 on launch day.

    Hey, but at the time I pre-ordered the PS4, I was supposed to get Driveclub on launch day. Glad us day-one supporters got the love on that one!

  • Wow, that comment of mine sounded bitter. It wasn’t supposed to come out that way…

  • Nice, a bundle for the “Hardcore” gamer + another for the “Casual” family gamer = a very Sony Holidays!

  • Hah, I love how that PS4 bundle mentions the best game of the forever as a side note ;)

  • yeah, EU STORE got some discounts… we dont !!! why :(((((

  • Already got my PS4, but I do look forward to any surprise PSN Black Friday Deals that might happen ;P

  • Would love to buy the GTA5/TLoUR bundle, but not buying a PS4 until I can play/stream MP4 files on it. I’ve got 2 PS3s working as media players/gaming systems. I want to replace one with a PS4, not have both consoles at the same TV. Maybe next year…

  • I hope we either see some digital sales here or Amazon.

    A person sure can tell a difference between retail vs digital on events like these. All of the stores show ads with Black Friday prices (for physical discs) if you embrace going digital then you hope and pray for the same Digitaly.

    Digital pricing parity must not be #ForThePlayers

  • Nice. I wish they had these bundles when I got mine. All I had was Infamous SS for my first PS4 game :/

  • give us the discounts that are now on eu store pls pls pls

  • It’s really a bummer that Sony doesn’t suppor the Vita more. I’d love to see Black Friday deals on a nice Vita bundle set with something like Freedom Wars or Sound Shapes and Little Big Planet or something like that. It would also be nice to see the expensive memory cards come down in price. I bought my Vita day 1, it’s an amazing device I play every day and it gets no love or advertising at all.

  • Not really impressed with the bundles. GTAV and TLOU are previous gen titles so most people making the transition this year likely already have one ore both of those titles. The other bundle is better for Kids. Would have liked to see a Far cry bundle or something with a newer release.

  • Awww… Any deals on 1yr or 3 month PS plus card?

  • I hope they make a nice PS Vita bundle too.

  • I was really hoping for a PS4/Vita bundle.
    Or a PS4 with a bigger HD.
    But instead we get a PS4 with 2 “remastered” PS3 games….
    Thanks. -_-

  • If I didn’t already but Batman 3, I’d be all over that bundle for a second PS4. Yea, it is free so why not.

  • Sounds like good value and both bundles should have a lot of mainstream appeal.

    I agree though, the LBP3 box-art is very eye-catching, so I think that should have been over the whole PS4 box.

  • Thanks to the unmitigated disaster that is AC Unity, PS4 might come out on top this holiday season. I was seriously leaning toward an X1 bundle, but now that the reviews are out on Unity, I would want to wait months until that game is thoroughly patched before getting it.

    I was hoping for a LBP3 bundle, but if the only way I can get it is in-store at Toys R Us on Black Friday (according to Polygon), I’ll pass. I won’t leave my house to shop on Thursday or Friday. Just won’t do it, even if the store was giving consoles away for free. I’m unfortunately one of the few people on this planet (undoubtedly) who has no interest in a GTA game….though that does look like a sweet bundle, as I haven’t played TLOU yet.

  • I have so many PS3 games that I haven’t gotten to yet that I was planning on holding off the PS4 but that Grand Theft Auto and Last of Us bundle is really tempting . . .

  • Darn.
    If only I had money…but then again, the only game I’m interested in playing is LBP so it would/is not the best way to spend $400.

  • No Vita bundle… Vita needs the sales >__<

  • I refuse to buy a ps4 until they drop the arbitrary and absurd price difference for canadians.

  • I love how they have a “haardcore” bundle and a “casual” bundle. But what would really tip me over into getting a PS4 would be a little of both. I’d love to play TLOU but I don’t want GTAV. I already played that game. At this point I’m not sure who hasn’t played it yet. But I guess I could say the same for TLOU. And I’d really would like LB3. #firstworldproblems

  • Seriously Sony no love for the Vita. it’s like you really have abandoned it. i was so looking foward to get one this black friday

  • but i won’t lose all hope just yet im counting on you Sony.!

  • Lego Batman, REALLY?!

    Sometimes I really cannot understand Sony decisions. A GTA V Bundle + LitteBIGPlanet 3 Bundle would had been infinitely better than this, by gamer side, and by business side.

    Sony, give me a Adviser job, ’cause you executives sometimes seems to understand nothing.

  • I love seeing the PS4 love, hopefully these bring lots of people to next gen. Any PS3 bundles planned? Mine is on it’s last legs!

  • Those are some great bundles and will drive the PlayStation loyal to finally pick up a PS4 if they haven’t for the GTA/LoU bundle, if by some chance they haven’t already played those games.. The XBone will be $329 on Black Friday with ACIV and AC:Unity (An actual new game) so an $80 difference is definitely going to show. If these bundles were priced at $350 or atleast came with a 1TB HDD, it probably wouldn’t be as bad . Looking back, all the PS Black Friday bundles that you had on sale actually had 2 games AND a price cut on them. Looking at all this, unfortunately it’s becoming very very apparent that the PS4 will not come out on top THIS month.

    Being the big PlayStation fan that i am, i already have both GTA and TLoU on PS3 but have no real reason to buy them again. Only games i’ve ever bought twice were Folklore (Bring that back!) and Valkyria Chronicles. My GF just got Lego Batman 3 today and she and most people i know are franchise fatigued on LittleBigPlanet, no matter how cute it may be she she’s still postponing her PS4 purchase till probably next year when Batman comes out.

    But yeah, Okay Black Friday deals for people who will be completely new to PlayStation.

  • I’m looking to buy a new ps3 … it’s any bundle for PS3 ..?.. EU have far cry 4 and Little big planet 3 bundles for PS3 ..!!

  • VITA MEMORY CARD DEALS PLEASE.(all caps because they are too expensive and there are lots of digital only games coming)

  • Hmm, interesting bundles, but considering that:
    1) I played enough TLOU on ps3 and
    2) TLOU is just a voucher (digital version of the game)
    I’ll prefer you switch that TLOU for a year of PS+, thank you. :)

  • Where’s the black Friday glacier white bundle?

  • @ LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    I disagree, it makes much more sense this way. One bundle with family-friendly E-rated games and the other with M-rated games.
    GTA V + LBP 3 would be a weird combination.

  • I don’t understand how Xbone one gets the new assassin creeds games in a bundle for $350 and Sony PS4 gets 2 games 1 year old remastered for $400 .

  • Yeah bundles are a good idea, like the xbox one assassins creed bundle i bought this week. Is awesome to get lots of bang for the buck

  • Where is GTA for Vita??? I want a stand alone GTA (not remote play) for Vita. Having said that, I will be getting GTA5 for my PS4.

  • Hopefully there will be some more bundles offered. These are ok but it just doesn’t get me that excited. Last spring I bought new console from a different gaming company that offered a kart racing bundle and a choice of free downloadable game from 5 different titles and also came with a few accessaries. How about an inFamous bundle with a download code for Drive club. Something that has Sony exclusives, that would get my attention for sure.

  • Great deals to be sure, but I think offering a SKU that matches the Xbox One’s $350 price point would have been helpful too. Just being honest.

  • BTW the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed bundle only has ONE new game – AC Unity, the other game is Black Flag.

  • Will Vita have extra discount or bundles?

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