PS4 on Black Friday: GTA V Bundle and LEGO Batman 3 Bundle

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PS4 on Black Friday: GTA V Bundle and LEGO Batman 3 Bundle

GTA V Black Friday Bundle

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it comes the excitement of impending Black Friday deals on the hottest gifts of the holiday season. Ever since its launch one year ago, PlayStation 4 has been the number one console, and today I’m pleased to officially announce two Black Friday PS4 bundles featuring some of the biggest games of the year for gamers in the United States and Canada.

The first bundle is the Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Black Friday Bundle featuring a 500GB PS4 and a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, as well as a digital download voucher for The Last of Us Remastered — all for just $399.99 USD/$449.99 CAD. Get a brand new PS4 just in time for the holidays with this epic bundle!

The critically acclaimed open world, Grand Theft Auto V, comes to PlayStation 4 with a host of technical upgrades and enhancements including enhanced resolution, greater draw distances, new wildlife, vehicles and weapons, and a brand new seamlessly integrated first-person mode.

Good news for all those who have already spent countless hours exploring everything Grand Theft Auto Online has to offer on PS3 or Xbox 360 — with Grand Theft Auto V on PS4, you can transfer your existing GTA Online characters and progress to your PS4 so you don’t have to start over. And if you are making your return to Los Santos and Blaine County on PS4, you’ll also get access to exclusive vehicles, weapons, collectibles and more.

This bundle also provides the perfect opportunity to play The Last of Us Remastered — the definitive version of the game that won over 200 game of the year awards — featuring enhanced visuals and loads of additional content.

LEGO Batman Black Friday Bundle

Our second Black Friday bundle features a 500GB PS4, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and LittleBigPlanet 3 — all for just $399.99 USD/$449.99 CAD. Pack your space suit and join LEGO Batman on an out-of-this-world adventure as the Caped Crusader joins forces with the super heroes of the DC Comics Universe and blasts off to outer space to stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth. And in LittleBigPlanet 3, you can explore a world filled with limitless imagination as Sackboy and his new cast of friends — OddSock, Swoop and Toggle.

Make sure you mark your calendars for Black Friday, because these bundles won’t last long. Check your local retailer and pick them up while supplies last to get the ultimate deal on PS4!

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  • PS4 + GTA V + The Last Of Us = The Dream Team

  • Been waiting for a good PS4 Bundle….I would rather have an year of PS+ than TLOU….

  • Was hoping to see a Glacier white PS4 stand alone or one with GTA 5. Honestly I just want to switch off from my PS3 to a PS4, the PS4 is amazing console then Xbone but the only con I see is paying for internet services and what not, got alot to pay for school and other expenses. Playstation you should bring that back. I know there been hacks through online services but you should tighten security. Also there plenty of Xbone bundles and they have a price drop already, time to step up your game and be bold and big! Nothing negative but just some ways on to be better and bigger! :D Well mostly back to the black friday bundles, yes we all want a price drop but it be nice to include at least a Playstation Plus voucher or 30 days, 3 months, or 1 entire whole year since one of these bundles contain a game which is most online play.

  • I’d be more tempted to buy another PS3.

    Keep the games, offer a discount, or “heck” even backwards compatibility and you might talk me into it.
    But chances are Vita will be my last Playstation Experience.

  • Work on your Customer Service, and give proper funding to your PSBlog website, and update your digital library.
    And try listening to thousands of suggestions, when they are nunerous.

  • This is a big slap in the face for us GTA5 fans… Your giving it away practically for free but the ones who bought it last gen still has to pay $60 for the same game with upgrades, Regardless of CrapFriday?

    Seriously, there needs to be a price-drop real soon!!!

  • How about FailClub PS+ edition for free to all PS+ subscribers as promised a year ago?

  • Looks good but I still love my P3

  • These are phenomenal bundles, actually. Some of you guys are REALLY reaching with your criticism.

    A bundle for the older gamers, and one for the younger gamers. Something for everyone. That some savvy business decision-making right there.

    Hope I can snag one the GTA 5/TLoU bundles before they fly off the shelves!

  • Do you guys plan on releasing some new PS3 bundles as well ? I want to buy one again but I already have The Last Of Us (on both PS3 & PS4) and the other bundles with Lego games don’t interest me :/

  • would I be able to buy this online?

  • I wish TLOU was a hard copy of the game instead of digital

  • Nice! I might get the GTA one, even if i already own Last of Us for PS3…i only wish the main game in the other bundle wasnt LEGO Batman, i mean, i really love LBP but i dislike LEGO games

  • I know this is not the place to complain but this is complete bull****. I have been waiting over a month to get my PS4 fixed but Sony’s Tech Support still hasn’t sent me an RMA box. If you guys aren’t gonna fix my console, I want a refund.

  • How about creating a 2TB hybrid hard drive kit? Other places are offering kits now with 2TB hdd’s with 5400rpm. This 500GB PS4 is getting very limited to space with games like TLoU, GTA5, Killzone, CoD…all 40+ GB’s each. Give us more options to upgrade our PS4’s hdd!!!

  • Anything on PS Vita deals or discounts?

  • I am ready…never was a GTAV fan, but TLOU and Dragon Age means I’ll be getting an early Christmas present! :D

  • If it was April I’d be impressed, but during holiday shopping the cheapest stuff always wins out, and that’s why the 70 dollar price difference between these and the Xbox bundles will allow Microsoft to outsell us by probably 300 thousand units in both November and December

  • Kinda jealous, wish I would have waited… of course Sony could reward us loyal fans that too… hint hint

  • How bout one with a bigger hard drive? 500gb is pathetic when you start looking at the file sizes of installs, let alone if you buy digital copies of games.

  • PS4 itselft it’s 399€ just here….and you get GTA V + TLOU for 399,99$=


  • Any chance of the white ps4 being sold in a standalone version or a potential future bundle before Christmas?

  • Everything’s on sale except the ps4? I’ll rather spend my $400 on the iPad air 2 this Black Friday instead of throwing it away for a ps4 with ps3 games ?

  • Will this Bundle be available in Europe (Germany)?

  • I find it funny how one bundle is nothing but re-releases (nothing against GTAV and TLoU, both are amazing), and the other is nothing but brand new games. That aside both sound like awesome deals.

  • Any bundle with call of duty

  • I have question, would the games for the gta bundle be disc-base or digital codes?

  • Looking for a deal on a Vita. Any insider info?

  • darn man. that’s cheaper than the price I bought the PS4 alone! and I’m really diggin GTA V and TLOU!
    kinda unfair.

  • don’t really care about GTA, can I swap that for another game? Seriously … just was never a fan …

  • Happy Birthday

  • Here in Brazil will be $ 1,000.00

  • I hope a lot of people jump on this. It really doesn´t get any better than this, in particular the GTA V combo. They´re both ported games from ps3, but still, they were probably 2 of the best games of last gen. I bought TLOU Remastered even when I finished the game loads of times on my ps3, and I have GTA V on preorder and I also played the hell out of that game on ps3. And the other more kid friendly bundle is also cool. I´m not particularly interested in those games but I know there´s lot of lego and LBP fans out there, so this is a great chance for them.
    Awesome Job, SOny!

  • oh yeah, Happy first Birthday, Ps4!!!! I´ve been thoroughly enjoying my first year with you.

  • How do you get this? does it become available Friday or something, and where?

  • Where do i go and buy this beautiful bundle at?

  • By the way the ilustration shows the LBP3 (without a disc case), I presume the LBP3 will be a digital voucher, like TLOU. Am I right?

  • Please Vita memory card deals! I’m excited to finally purchase my PS4 this holiday season. I unfortunately already own GTA 5 and TLOU on PS3 and I’m on the fence about Lego Batman (never played the other ones) and another Little Big Planet (I think I’m done with the series after the Vita edition). Hopefully one more bundle is announced.

  • Impressive. If I didn’t have a ps4 already, I would’ve jumped on this deal. Not only are you getting ps4, but also they are throwing in 2 of the top 5 games to come out in 2013. Nice.

  • No matter how much I want a PS4, I am not shelling out 400$ for the console alone. I do not want GTA5 (Which I played for hours of already, nor do I want a 20-30$ game at this point, TLOU). Honestly I wany a price drop of the PS4 of at least 100$ or im staying on my PS3. Or give an actual bundle worth the value.

  • I thought this would be the right time to get a ps4. These deals leave something to be desired. Here’s to hoping there are better deals next year.

  • Hahaha. And this is why my gaming dollars went towards MS this month. Sony and the PS4 has nothing until 2015 and for all we know, those new exclusives could be trouble ridden like FailClub.

  • Gta V on ps4 looks amazing… Please Sony!!! Or rock star!!!;!!! LOOK HERE,,’!!!,!,!,,,!!!!,, please make a game like gta V but make it a zombie story telling game!!!!!!!!! That would be just omg!!! LOOK HERE SONY, ROCKSTAR, CALL OF DUTY PPL! 1st person gaming like gta V story telling like gta V with different point of views! But with zombies… But not just zombies, show how it is changing the environment.. And like make a goddamn story about them. Story that simple yet witty, you know, that type of stuff… I will buy this bundle but please make a game like that… Don’t waste time on games like dead island… Don’t be like Microsoft with dead rising WHICH EFFING KILLED zombie games… Dying light …. Ehh… Looks weak sauce… If I’m wrong the it would’ve been released already let’s face it okay sony buh bye im getting this bundle okay bye

  • Someone made this reference before, but I will do so as well. Will the Brack Friday Bunduru also come with a map of Japan?

  • is there a way to buy this?? im from asia and i really want this bundle :( is there a way to get it??

  • Personally I would have rather a price drop then the bundles that are out, great for those that are interested, I’ll personally be waiting another year for a ps4 by the looks of it.

    Again, nothing wrong with the titles, I just already have GTA 5 and Last of Us (not interested in playing the remakes again) and Lego Batman / LBP 3 aren’t really my types of games.

  • So is this bundle coming to Puerto Rico or not?

  • You guys better be bringing A LOT OF LOVE to everyone who already owns a PS4, otherwise fugettaboutit.

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