Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, More Coming To PS Now

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Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, More Coming To PS Now

I’m pleased to announce a partnership with EA to bring their games to PlayStation Now, including some of their biggest hits like Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, and Dead Space 3.

Mass Effect 3 for PS3

Starting December 2nd, you’ll be able to stream the following games from EA through PS Now. Each of these games can be rented for a week for about $1 / day, though you’ll be able to select from a variety of options depending on how long you’d like to rent the game.

  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Dead Space 3
  • NBA Jam On Fire Edition
  • Bejeweled 3

If you’ve missed out on playing these great games, or just want to revisit favorites, PS Now gives you an easy way to access them. With our streaming technology you can quickly jump into the game right after you rent it — no need to wait for downloads, installs, or patches. And with automatic cloud game saves, you can start playing on one device and continue playing on another.

Since we entered the Open Beta for PS Now back in July, the service has grown quite a bit, as we now support five platforms — PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS TV, and select Sony TV’s. Gamers have also collectively accrued over 100 years of streamed game time on PS Now.

I’m excited to have EA join the great content library shaping up for PS Now, joining other major game publishers including Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, and Sega, and we’ll continue to add more.

PlayStation Now is in Beta and we are still early on in the life of the service. We continue to listen to your feedback, and don’t forget — we’re also working on a subscription service for PS Now and hope to share details soon.

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  • And for my last comment I mean if you would put ps4 games to stream for vita users.

  • Been waiting for one title… South Park: The Stick of Truth. Great game! Any word on that? Thanks.

  • First off, I am interested in this service as I would love to be able to play my games years after the original console is dead i.e. Suikoden 2, for example. My information might be outdated, but I read that Playstation Now would allow purchase of games to stream. My question is this affected by games we purchase on PSN? I mean I would love to stream FF VIII or IX to a PS4 or the dragon age series since the new game inquisition is coming out this week, but I own several games via PSN that your rental fees vastly differ from their PSN prices. Any information is much appreciated. Thanks for any clarification

  • I participated in the private beta and the service was excellent, but the lack of interesting games is a big downside, im pretty sure, like trust me, im pretty sure alot, i mean ALOT of gamers will play the Fallout games if they are available in the store. Can you guys request this game from Bethesda please.

  • Put mortal kombat on complete edition for ps4 now

  • Hello Sony,
    I think the Playstation Now is a great way to get older titles on the PS4. Although you should implement a way of buying games as well as renting them. For some people who own a digital copy from the store should get a unlimited amount of time on Playstation Now. That way your fans don’t feel that they have to pay for a title that they own already. Also I own a Sony Xperia Z3v phone which is awesome in streaming PS4 games to it. Is there any type of way to put the Now service on your mobile devices? You have it on select Sony televisions but with the synchronization of the PS4 controller with the Z3 family this could very well be a market takeover in mobile as well as gaming. Keep up the good work. Been a Sony Playstation fan since December 3, 1994! Happy 20th Anniversary Playstation!

  • It is one good thing,,,,,

    Mass Effect is what gaming is about.

  • I love the idea of PS NOW ever sence it was announced. Unfortunately I havent been able to test it cause of the bad rental prices. I was wondering why not make the 4 hour game rental free for PS PLUS users? I mean I think it sounds fair cause having to pay just play for 4 hours doesnt motivate especially when you just want to try it out before throwing in the money. Not trying to sound negative cause I really want this to go foward and become something big. I really think the 4hr should be made for free atleaste for PS PLUS users. What do you think? and when the time comes and the subscription account goes through I think it be cool if SONY makes like a Package deal of a year of PLUS and PS NOW for a few mere bucks as another option.

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