Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, More Coming To PS Now

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Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, More Coming To PS Now

I’m pleased to announce a partnership with EA to bring their games to PlayStation Now, including some of their biggest hits like Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, and Dead Space 3.

Mass Effect 3 for PS3

Starting December 2nd, you’ll be able to stream the following games from EA through PS Now. Each of these games can be rented for a week for about $1 / day, though you’ll be able to select from a variety of options depending on how long you’d like to rent the game.

  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Dead Space 3
  • NBA Jam On Fire Edition
  • Bejeweled 3

If you’ve missed out on playing these great games, or just want to revisit favorites, PS Now gives you an easy way to access them. With our streaming technology you can quickly jump into the game right after you rent it — no need to wait for downloads, installs, or patches. And with automatic cloud game saves, you can start playing on one device and continue playing on another.

Since we entered the Open Beta for PS Now back in July, the service has grown quite a bit, as we now support five platforms — PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS TV, and select Sony TV’s. Gamers have also collectively accrued over 100 years of streamed game time on PS Now.

I’m excited to have EA join the great content library shaping up for PS Now, joining other major game publishers including Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, and Sega, and we’ll continue to add more.

PlayStation Now is in Beta and we are still early on in the life of the service. We continue to listen to your feedback, and don’t forget — we’re also working on a subscription service for PS Now and hope to share details soon.

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  • How about letting us play content we already own for a simple subscription. I mean it can’t be that hard to look in my digital library see what I purchased and let me play it. You could even check the disk I have in my ps4 see what ps3 game it is and let me play that game. You did it with COD Ghosts and the whole upgrade program. Slo why deny me backwards compatibility or do you just want me to keep my ps3 plugged up as well.

    You could smply address the issue I mean you have to be reaing these comments right.

  • I can get the entire ME series now fo $20 and own them for life how much will it cost me to rent series for 90 days

  • Love PS Now, waiting for a sub system so i can start playing the old games

  • FINALLY!! some games I really wanted to play in next gen that I missed last gen. Dead Space and Mass Effect were great series I heard. Also really want Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 for Ps Now before I play 3 next year (Never played them but would love to play them all in order). Since they don’t plan on releasing 1.5 and 2.5 for ps4 :/

  • Well, despite the complaining, this announcement means that Now is becoming successful. Else EA wouldn’t be partnering. So apparently some people do care, a lot of people, and are paying, paying a lot. If Now loses a lot of money, Sony will simply stop the service.

    PS Now beta was free for testers originally. I know because I was one of the invitees of the closed beta on PS3. It worked great. The only reason it lagged was because my wi-fi sometimes drops quite a bit. But that beta was for PS3 games on the PS3, which didn’t make much sense for me since I still have my PS3s.

    Current beta is to play PS3 games on your PS4. No amount of buying the game, renting from Gamefly, borrowing from a friend, whatever, will let you play a PS3 game on your PS4, and eventually maybe on the Vita, except Now.

    I do agree it would be helpful to everyone if they had a flat fee subscription based on number of hours streaming. People who play faster would be able to play more games, and slow people like me would have to pay more for streaming costs.

  • Lets see a subscription model instead of this rental crap and we’ll talk, since you seem deadset against outright buying a game (I’m guessing due to not being about to assure that a game will stay up on the service indefinitely)

  • You guys need to listen to your customers. Hardly anyone is even bothering with your PS Now service cause it’s overpriced and Really laggy at times. The amount your asking for the amount of time you can play is ridiculous. Besides I already pay for a rental service with you guys… It’s called PS Plus. But seriously, If and when you get an affordable subscription model up… And more current games… I’ll be on board. Until that time… Adding a few old games from EAs catalogue isn’t really eye popping.

  • I don’t care because I’ll never rent anything from that service. Pricing is horrible. I can buy that game for same as I can rent it for.Just let use buy the game or month service.

  • When are you going to start putting PS1 and PS2 games on the service. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

    • We are focusing on the amazing PS3 library at the moment, but do have plans to go back even further in time and offer PS2 and PS1 games longer term.

  • PS Now is too expensive. I can’t bring PS Now (and Remote Play) on the road on Vita due to connection issues. I would rather that EA bring Peggle 2 , NBA Jam, and Plants vs Zombies 2 to Vita directly. And we need a need another standalone Madden for Vita. And finally no NHL on a handheld since NHL 07 on PSP. This is the biggest travesty. You can’t even play NHL 07 on Vita, as it is not available in the PSN Store. EA: please bring NHL, another Madden and all those other games to Vita.

  • I’m another person uninterested in PS Now. I own a huge backlog of PS1, 2, and 3 games and am not interested in buying them over again. Please reconsider this method of selling.

  • This is somewhat great. I want a way to kick back with Mass Effect but it’s hard: the pc version doesn’t have controller support, and the PS3 version doesn’t do remote play to the Vita. It’s cheap to buy this series but renting just to play on the vita sounds expensive. Surely there’s a better way?

    While we’re at it, EA, how about controller support for SWTOR?

  • Thanks for responding to my earlier comment. I appreciate that you guys are listening. Although I haven’t tried PS Now yet, I have tried Share Play on PS4 and was impressed how well that worked. So if PS Now runs as well as that, then I think once you have your pricing and subscription service sorted out, it will have promise and fill a good role for people to access the back catalog of games.

    Hope it works out!

  • I’d use PS Now if PSN store purchases that are available through PS Now could be played at no additional costs (no rental fee necessary). If this was the case, I’d be more likely to buy other Sony hardware, like a Sony PS Now compatible TV, and be more likely to buy games through the PS Network. I hope Sony makes this part of the future of PS Now.

  • I have a suggestion for PSNow !

    I was playing Way of the Samurai and got disconnected and when i re-entered, it was like my ps3 rebooted.

    Is it possible for you guys to keep somebody place in the game for atleast 5mins, in case they’re trying to reconnect and pickup where they left off…

    This was back during the closed beta, so for all I know you guys have already added this features lol

  • “+ Peter Jamshidi on November 12th, 2014 at 4:45 pm said:

    We are focusing on the amazing PS3 library at the moment, but do have plans to go back even further in time and offer PS2 and PS1 games longer term.”

    But those games have been too recent. Seems like PS2 and PS1 games would be such a great idea. It would be excellent to play Dragon Quest 8, Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud on my Vita…

  • Yes, the ps Now feature need a subscription feature of some sort. Never have time off work to rent at the current prices.

    Maybe.. 3 Games at a time for 9.99 for a monthly fee? Not sure, but the current system just wouldn’t allow enough gameplay with some peoples work hours. When you are done with one, pick another type deal? 5 Games for 14.99? Then I can play them streaming instead of purchase.
    Also the whole “I purchased it digital” should be allowed to stream. But atleast make a subscription system, then I will be in. Keep up the awesomeness Sony.

  • I definitely believe in the service. The three big things it needs are quality games, availability on other hardware devices and a subscription model.

    It’s great you have EA on board, but what about other publishers and 3rd party games?
    Ex. The Orange Box, Valkyria Chronicles, Bioshock, Borderlands, GTA, Rayman, Deadspace, South Park, The Walking Dead, Dark Souls, Far Cry, Batman, Ni No Kuni, Portal 2, Fallout, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, CoD, BF, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

    1) As others have stated, more/all 1st and 2nd party games need to appear on the service.

    2) PS1. PS2 and PS4 games should go on the service.

    3) PS Now-enabled instant demos through the PS Store?

    4) Giving PS Plus members one free PS Now game a month would be a good idea to promote the service.

    5) When can we expect PS Now on non-Sony devices (iOS and Android)?

  • There really needs to me like a 30 minute free trail for games. I’m holding out on buying anything on PS Now because I’m not sure how these games will translate to the Vita and I don’t want to pay to try them all out. Hope you guys figure out the pricing system I really want to play these old games on the go, but at this point its much cheaper just to go and buy the physical copy at a store.

  • I really hope they do a mass effect remastered bundle like they did with the last of us. I loved the mass effect games and would love to see a remastered version of them on the PS4. I have all 3 on my xbox 360, but I’d gladly buy the trilogy set on PS4 in a heartbeat.

  • Hi Peter, any word on when we will see PlayStation Now in the UK or any other regions in the future? Thanks.

  • In a perfect world, every game, even imports, from PSOne, PS2, PSP, PSMoblie, PSIndie and PSNetwork should already be available. PS3 games are the only games that should be slowly popping up.

  • well I will definitely be playing ME2 again I had it on 360 so I need that on PS4

  • I guess that y’all made up with EA after shunning their EA Access? I wasn’t going to buy it anyways, but making the choice for consumers instead of giving it to them just won’t please anyone.

    Anyway, I can’t say that I’m very interested in PS Now currently. The 4 hour rental choice is ridiculous (At least increase it to a day), I prefer to play games for more than a week, and the longer periods are the price of the full game in many cases. Even without my PS3 handy, I still can’t bring myself to rent anything.

    And the selection certainly isn’t helping. Give us full series in chronological order, please. No more missing Infamous 1s or Final Fantasy XIII-1s… Please. If I’m going to get into a series that I missed, I’m going to get in at the start, not the most recent game.

  • I love PS Now, I was in the early beta and was extremely impressed with the service. However, as someone who owns a PS3 and PS4, I can’t justify renting a game for the price it would cost to buy it, I also wouldn’t be able to justify renting a game I already own via PS network purchase.

    Small suggestion, offer the ability to “buy” the game through Now. An even better suggestion, for PS+ members maybe you can offer a free game a month or allow people to play the games they’ve already bought through PSN for free. This only makes sense for Playstation because it basically allows people to try the service without spending money. People who only own a PS4 now can play their old games, realize how great the service works and it will make them more willing to rent a game they’ve never tried before.

    Also small request, ability to transfer saves from the PS3 would be amazing!

  • PS Now needs to have a purchase option ( for much less of course, since its streaming )

  • You really have to get some sub system for this. Something akin to psplus, perhaps a smaller amount of titles, and every month X number of games added that have been already on PSNow for a few months, so that new games are premium and paid accordingly, but for a small fee you get several games to play with the sub.

    Also really annoyed that DLC isn’t working with PSNow games, that needs to be fixed, half the fun of these games are their DLC, perhaps in some form of extra charge for having access to all the game’s DLC,

    Also it’s about time this service arrives to Europe!

  • Can you please remove the ping limitation? I wasn’t able to try any of the games during the Beta because my latency was high and games wouldn’t start.

  • Does NBA Jam On Fire Edition have updated rosters? Or is Dwight still on the Magic…

  • Holy crap, I will def play some ME2 on my Vita, just to test it. I own it already but if you guys adjust your payment model then I will def join in on the game steaming revolution.

  • You want to know how to get the average playstation user to buy PSNow? I’ll tell you because I just happen to be the average playstation user.
    1 – get a netflix like subscprition plan. Why in the world would I pay for a digital game that will run out in a certain time frame, when I could just to down to gamestop and get the same game, for probably cheaper, and keep it forever? For example, say for $10 a month, you can pick 4 games (one per week) to play at you leisure (and they do not expire).
    2 – allow PSNow games that are in the instant game collection to be streamed for free by PS+ members. I know my self and probably A LOT of other people sold their PS3’s for PS4’s and so we are missing out on a lot of great PS3 games. We pay good money for a great service and we would like to take full advantage of it.
    3 – allow dualshock 3 and 4 controllers to be paired with the PSVita so that we can play PS3 games easier. (side note: allow PSVitas to have TV out capabilities)
    Do these things and you will see PSNow take off.
    TL;DR – Subscription, games that don’t expire, allow IGC games to stream to PS+ users at no cost, pair DS3/4’s to pair with Vita

  • Is there any possible way sony you can make PlayStation plus apart of the subscription plan that would be a great idea instead of wasting money trying to make PlayStation now its own plan

  • Yeeeaah… about those prices??

    Needs work!!! please Fix.

  • How will DLC be handled? There’s a ton in Mass Effect 2.

  • Do you think there will ever come a time where PS Now will allow people to purchase titles?

    I’m sure lots of gamers including myself would agree that being able to purchase a game like Uncharted 2 or Heavy Rain on PS4 would be a lot better than just renting them.

  • Looking at the comments, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks PS Now is a terrible idea. Why would anyone want to rent a game (many that we already have) when we’d by happy to buy it and stream it? “Renting” a game like Mass Effect 2 for the dozens of hours it takes to complete would literally cost 10 x more than just buying the game! It’s a bad idea that I can’t imagine many people getting excited about.

  • Does PSNow not have a purchase system do the fact that the games are going to be changed out regularly?

    Also it would be awesome if the games could be linked to the PS Store so you do not have to rent games you already own. Though Sony seems to have a similar setup with this as Sega did with Sega TV. Biggest difference was how Sega TV service fee worked and the rate they changed titles.

    Playstation Now is a cool idea and decent concept. Especially if you could adjust the prices properly. For those who already own a PS3, in the future if new games came out faster it could be used as a try before you buy on titles you are curious about.

    Ah. So if people do not have a PS3, making it rental only might get some people to buy one if it is exclusively PS3 titles at the moment. Especially since it comes on some TVs now.

  • Unfortunately for the majority of people who have to live with level caps on their internet usage this kind of service is nowhere close to feasible. I have a hard enough time staying within mine with a few game downloads and regular internet use. and don’t get me started on fluctuating download speeds.

    Maybe one day when everybody has unlimited usage and 100mbps down with no variance it might work but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

  • @34 I would pay for an emulator app, although I refuse to pay for PSNow.

  • What pisses me off is that They’re reading these comments but Ignoring anything to do with Pricing or any Solutions to this “OverPriced” yeah i said it. Overpriced medium known as PSNow. not even a Nod or a RED Post that can indicate that something is indeed coming to appease this ever growing list of complaints. Show us you are listening and Respond to the masses about the Subscription based PSNow. and stop playing this Ignore Game. It is US who are lining your pockets I’m sure you can do something soon.

  • As many have stated, PS NOW needs to integrate with subscriber’s PS PLUS membership. If they have that game in their INSTANT GAME COLLECTION or have purchased it via PS PLUS, it’s ridiculous and haughty of SCEA to expect members to pay TWICE for the game.

  • How long is it going to be before people realize. PS NOW is an additional optional service being provided for people who owns Sony products such as Ps4, Vita, bravia tvs, etc. It is NOT meant as a vehicle for backward compatibility. If you bought a game on the PS3 great play the game on the system you bought it on. The service cost money to maintain and it cost hundreds of millions just to purchase the company so please complaining. Also not all of these games are owned by Sony so there are licensing issues and royalties that needs to be agreed to and paid. This is a streaming services. And it works great. Streaming Rachet and Clank Into the nexus on the vita is pretty much downsampling the game and it works surprisingly well and looks awesom. Those who complain about lag either have really bad connections or never tried it. I love free stuff as much as the next persona and I own plenty of digital games but I don’t expect everything to be free. Come on people

  • Rudetoy

    No one is asking you to pay twice. If you already paid for and have the game why the heck would you need to stream it on PS NOW. Play the version you paid for. The service is for people who don’t have the games and own Sony devices such as TV, PS4, Vita and PS3. Hopefully it comes to tablets and computers and phones in the future.

  • I want all first, second and third party games of warner bros. konami, sega, tecmo, capcom added to playstation now with dlc support. metal gear solid 4 and metal gear solid hd collection needs to be on ps now. all games needs to have dlc support on playstation now. i want the purchase option for games on playstation now to keep forever and unlimited.

  • I’d love to see a game from the Skate series on psnow! Thankyou PlayStation now works great on my psvita!

  • Since Sony is already working with FromSoft on Bloodborne, how about we get some Demon’s and Dark Souls action on PSNow? I moved from 360->PS4 and I’d love to scratch that Souls itch without having to go back a generation. I’d be perfectly content with DeS or DkS even with the multiplayer component disabled, but more importantly I’d like a chance to play Demon Souls for the first time!

  • They are reading these comments. Just make sure they make sense.

    People want subscription like system and they would be all over PS now.

    GameFly is a perfect example. Choose either 1 game a month for 9.99 unlimited streaming for 1 title at a time. Trade that title for another, ect. 2-3 games for 14.99? You guys can make this happen.

    It will take time and thought, but that’s why you guys make the big bucks, figure it out already. Music Unlimited is a perfect example. My Family love Music Unlimited. PSnow can be like Gamefly somehow.

    I (and many others) work way too many hours to be limited to a time limit per title.
    P.S Youy rally need to advertise M.U. more, awesome service.. 4,000 songs in offline mode for up to 3 devices. Epicness. Do this with your games some how.

    We all know the cloud is the future and this is just the start, but don’t let another company beat you to the punch. Sony can make this happen.

  • please add SSX thats my favorite game of all time

  • Love PS Now on my Vita, playing Killzone 3 in bed is epic! But, I do wish there were more modern games on PS Now, and is there any chance that either GTA 4 or GTA 5 will come to PS Now, the only other open world sandbox is Saints Row……

  • Do you guys ever plan to put the last of us on PS now? Or the uncharted series? I know the last of us is available on the ps4 remastered but I’m a vita user and I love those games but don’t own a ps3 or ps4. Also, have you guys put in thought about ps4 games for vita users? Seeing as it can handle remote play. Just curious.

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