Freedom Wars: Special Operations Start Today

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Freedom Wars: Special Operations Start Today

My fellow sinners,

Let me be the first to say that I’ve been completely overwhelmed by all of the love we’ve seen for Freedom Wars since we launched last Tuesday – I can’t say thank you enough. Reviews have been great, the online battles have been intense, and I’ve had the pleasure of fighting alongside some of the most amazing Sinners I’d ever imagined. It’s hard to believe how many of you are already at CODE 7 and 8.

Freedom Wars

But what’s left to challenge you after you’ve reached CODE 8? What kind of extra-tough challenges are there to keep you busy once your Panopticon is at the top of the charts? Allow me to introduce the downloadable “Special Operations” – extra difficult missions meant only for the highest-level teams out there, rotating in and out on a daily basis.

“But what’s in it for me?” you might ask. What if I told you that certain rare resources will only be available to those who complete these Special Operations? That the key to completing that weapon you’ve dreamed of lies within one of these extra difficult missions? Tempted? I hope so, because that’s exactly what’s at stake here. Co-op is highly recommended due to the extremely difficult nature of these missions, so get your friends ready to help you out, because trust me, you’ll need them.

Freedom Wars on PS VitaFreedom Wars on PS Vita

Without further ado, here are the mission types that you can expect to encounter, starting on November 7th:

Special Operations (Starting November 7th)

  • XX300: Liquidation
  • XX301: Liquidation
  • DS306: Liquidation
  • DS309: Citizen Reclamation
  • FT303: Liquidation
  • CT308: Citizen Reclamation
  • DS304: Liquidation
  • GO310: Citizen Reclamation
  • DS306: Liquidation
  • DS309: Citizen Reclamation
  • FT303: Liquidation
  • CT308: Citizen Reclamation
  • XX305: Liquidation
  • FT307: Liquidation
  • DS304: Liquidation
  • GO310: Citizen Reclamation
  • XX305: Liquidation
  • FT307: Liquidation

A few things to note about the Operations:

  • Distribution time for each day’s Special Operation(s) is scheduled between 7:00AM ~ 6:59AM PST. So every morning, get ready for a new challenge!
  • Which operation, and the amount of operations that are available will differ depending on the day and week. The above chart lists all of the potential operations for a particular day, but you’ll need to keep checking back each week to see exactly what’s available!
  • Retribution Operations will also become available at irregular times during the week, so look out for them!
  • Whether you succeed or fail, you can challenge the Special Operations as many times as you like during the distribution period each day. Give it your all!

So how do you access the Special Operations?

  1. Start by updating the Citizen’s Voice by hitting the Select button from inside your Cell.
  2. Once you connect online and update the Citizen’s Voice, you can obtain operations by selecting “Request Special Operations” from the Window on Liberty.
  3. You can then participate in the operations by selecting “Special Operations” from the Contributions Directory on the Personal Responsibility Portal (Start Menu).

Please also keep in mind that it is necessary to connect to an online environment in order to obtain the operations, and after you’re completed or failed the operation, you can follow the above steps once more to access the operation again if you wish.

That’s it for now! Check PlayStation Store each week for new DLC, and good luck reducing that sentence! For the Greater Good!

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  • Hey Nick just want to show my love for Freedom wars cant stop playing since release day code 7 sinner here.

    I have a feature request can we PLEASE get a Invite system it takes way to long for friends to find the lobby recently i just been playing with randoms because theres no way to invite friends.

  • For The Greater Good

  • for the good of the greater good!

  • For the greater good of the greater good.

  • You know what would be awesome for the Vita/PSP?
    That you bring White Knight Chronicles PSP on the American PSN Store.
    There is already an English version in Europe, so why not?

  • i’ve enjoyed freedom wars and have already reached code 8 within the weeks. although sadly i still would like god eater 2 to be localised as i’ve loved god eater burst but freedom wars have been able to substitute it in its place. i would like to see newer costumes and maybe be able to stylize your cell to keep it looking fresh instead of white, regardless it’s a great game and hope for another series, cause i would like to beat carlos’ ass for stabbing my character (y)

  • hey nick coukd we get some info on the voice change feature for the accesories will we ever get it on a patch or as dlc or will it just get ignored btw i love the game thank you for bringing it to the states

  • amazing game, great price, nuff said. code 8 is really fun and i like my caliburn upgraded with peltatum parts, it just cripples enemys and wreacks their health.

  • Freedom Wars is cool, and it feels like it would make a cool anime series too.

  • Great game , but can i ask if you guys make different indicators for human players as it is hard to tell us apart from the AI in co-op or online when we need to revive each other

  • I love freedom wars is there anymore additional all content and I just got code level 8

  • I really love the game, but I think some of the resources need to be a bit less scarce in the main game and JUST MAYBE Peltatum’s chain drones need nerfing. Also why no fist weapons for us player sinners, huh? D:

  • I love this game. It has been one of the best vita games I have ever played, but there are times when the game is down right annoying and outrageously difficult. It is very difficult to upgrade weapons and find the correct materials. The game doesn’t really explain or guide you in how to upgrade and modify weapons and don’t get me started on fighting the smaller enemies who can lock onto you and kill you in seconds. I just hope that if this game gets a sequel, they lower the difficulty or change some things in the game to allow casual gamers like myself to enjoy the game without getting frustrated for not being “hardcore” enough for the game. Just had to vent after trying to beat the final boss for the last 2 hours and failing once again.

  • I finished the game it was really fun now i just have to work on lowering my sentence but whats realky weird is it me or are they going to put out the freedom wars theme yet i havent seen it in the psn store yet will it come to the US

  • I love Freedom Wars, but PLEASE fix the net code. Even with three bars I know of many people that are experiencing lags and disconnects.

  • I have been playing this game for a while now and wanted to know WHEN we were getting the Accessory Voice Customization option? Not different pitches but the ACTUAL customization menu that has been broadcast in the game and everywhere online. I was looking forward to setting lines for my Accessory to say and play with the pitch of his/her voice. I am very disappointed that I can’t use this feature. I really think we should get the same thing that the rest of the world got. There are people out here who were looking forward to such an amazing feature. I for one would like to have it brought back.

  • How come in the us version there not selling the legionnaires drifter? Or the beach wear costume as well ? Will they be bringing Pack A ? and for the asseory voice do you have the option of costimizing it to say something else?

  • I think it is kinda crappy that we dont actually get the same dlc that japan gets i looked on there site and other sites and there geting things that when will we get them just like the freedom wars theme we never got it in US but other places have em.

  • Have to say that I’m impressed with the huge fandom behind games like this one. Because of how much I enjoy it, it’s hard to go away from it very long. I’m really hoping that we can get more costume, faces, and even hair for femalesfor this game. Almost Code 8 and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the games surface. Way too much fun thanks to things like this. Keep up the great work. So glad I bought this for my friends and I at Best Buy!


    Any news on God Eater 2 Burst for. NA or Oreshika?

  • Awesome game, still working on gifts from “Simeon” [so difficult]. I keep looking for the hoverboards everyone was talking about that came in japan, when/ if we are getting this dlc in Canada……If so people [including me] think that the dlc should come for free add-on content and $3 for permanent boards. Would love this thank you! <3

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