Freedom Wars: Special Operations Start Today

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Freedom Wars: Special Operations Start Today

My fellow sinners,

Let me be the first to say that I’ve been completely overwhelmed by all of the love we’ve seen for Freedom Wars since we launched last Tuesday – I can’t say thank you enough. Reviews have been great, the online battles have been intense, and I’ve had the pleasure of fighting alongside some of the most amazing Sinners I’d ever imagined. It’s hard to believe how many of you are already at CODE 7 and 8.

Freedom Wars

But what’s left to challenge you after you’ve reached CODE 8? What kind of extra-tough challenges are there to keep you busy once your Panopticon is at the top of the charts? Allow me to introduce the downloadable “Special Operations” – extra difficult missions meant only for the highest-level teams out there, rotating in and out on a daily basis.

“But what’s in it for me?” you might ask. What if I told you that certain rare resources will only be available to those who complete these Special Operations? That the key to completing that weapon you’ve dreamed of lies within one of these extra difficult missions? Tempted? I hope so, because that’s exactly what’s at stake here. Co-op is highly recommended due to the extremely difficult nature of these missions, so get your friends ready to help you out, because trust me, you’ll need them.

Freedom Wars on PS VitaFreedom Wars on PS Vita

Without further ado, here are the mission types that you can expect to encounter, starting on November 7th:

Special Operations (Starting November 7th)

  • XX300: Liquidation
  • XX301: Liquidation
  • DS306: Liquidation
  • DS309: Citizen Reclamation
  • FT303: Liquidation
  • CT308: Citizen Reclamation
  • DS304: Liquidation
  • GO310: Citizen Reclamation
  • DS306: Liquidation
  • DS309: Citizen Reclamation
  • FT303: Liquidation
  • CT308: Citizen Reclamation
  • XX305: Liquidation
  • FT307: Liquidation
  • DS304: Liquidation
  • GO310: Citizen Reclamation
  • XX305: Liquidation
  • FT307: Liquidation

A few things to note about the Operations:

  • Distribution time for each day’s Special Operation(s) is scheduled between 7:00AM ~ 6:59AM PST. So every morning, get ready for a new challenge!
  • Which operation, and the amount of operations that are available will differ depending on the day and week. The above chart lists all of the potential operations for a particular day, but you’ll need to keep checking back each week to see exactly what’s available!
  • Retribution Operations will also become available at irregular times during the week, so look out for them!
  • Whether you succeed or fail, you can challenge the Special Operations as many times as you like during the distribution period each day. Give it your all!

So how do you access the Special Operations?

  1. Start by updating the Citizen’s Voice by hitting the Select button from inside your Cell.
  2. Once you connect online and update the Citizen’s Voice, you can obtain operations by selecting “Request Special Operations” from the Window on Liberty.
  3. You can then participate in the operations by selecting “Special Operations” from the Contributions Directory on the Personal Responsibility Portal (Start Menu).

Please also keep in mind that it is necessary to connect to an online environment in order to obtain the operations, and after you’re completed or failed the operation, you can follow the above steps once more to access the operation again if you wish.

That’s it for now! Check PlayStation Store each week for new DLC, and good luck reducing that sentence! For the Greater Good!

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7 Author Replies

  • Freedom Wars is awesome! Thanks for bringing this excellent game to retail!

    I also really appreciate the additional content–thank you very much!

  • Hi Guys taking a break from my college research paper to say this is the best game I’ve played in a while and has genuinely made me a big believer in what can be done on the Playstation Vita. I hope the support of this game is continued for a long time.

    • I really appreciate that, akiratech! Thank you for the very kind words!

      Make sure you take on these operations with friends – they’re extremely difficult!

      Thanks for your support, and good luck with your paper!

  • Oh, and I would love Freedom Wars avatars and perhaps a theme for my Vita!

  • Maybe i can get involved with this someday… when i get a LOT better at the game. XD I’m only CODE 2q, but i’m supercute.

    Love the game!

    For the Greater Good!

  • Cool, thanks for this. I just got to code 6 right before I fell asleep last night. I’m really enjoying this game, but it’s getting ridiculously hard to solo now. I might have to try out that multiplayer, and I never play multiplayer.Also I need people to join the Amsterdam panopticon, we’re 26th.

    • Hey rabidninjamonky,

      Yeah, code 6 is where things start to get really tough. I highly suggest giving the multiplayer a shot – if you clear an Operation that you haven’t finished in the single-player, you’ll receive an item that lets you skip right over it!

      Make sure to give it a try, and I hope you like the Special Operations!

      Thanks for your support!

  • I hope you guys also consider bringing back Voice and Line Customization! Even if brought back as paid DLC.

  • For the greater good!

  • Regardless, more missions more fun! Thanks for bringing over such a great game Nick!

  • So does anyone want to help me with these missions? I’m currently CODE 7 and I’m on the last CODE exam.

  • oh also forgot.

    For the greater good!

  • Sounds cool. Will these challenges rotate on a monthly basis?

    Loving the game btw. Code 6 atm ^_^

  • I’m at Code 6, love the game and love the support/DLC that it’s getting post-launch. Just a great job all around.

  • Any chance of Freedom Wars Theme this week?

    I must admit, my thumb hurts from all the playing.

  • Is there a way to invite specific friends to help you with specific missions or does it always have to be random?

  • Already installed on my vita i will start playing after i Platinum Senran Kagura.

  • One of the best games of the year :)

  • Still working my way up the Code chain. I’m level 6 right now. Love this game! Please tell me if you’ll release Avatars and Themes (PSV and PS4) because i’d like to purchase some. Also, is that wallpaper up there the only official wallpaper for the game? i like it.

  • Im in love with this game.
    The story is just ok ,but god! the missions are SO GOOD

  • Only now just reached Code 2 but glad to see events like these happening. Wanted to drop in just to say I absolutely love the game. You can really feel all the love poured into creating the game and universe in every facet of the game. I really appreciate what you accomplished here. Looking forward to seeing what comes next from the team’s involved. Thanks for all the hard work and the great times.

    For The Greater Good!

  • Dear Nick:

    Are there any news regarding the missing custom voice messages feature for Accessory? (even they’re announced and spelled several times in game and manual)

    It will be available someday in us version? Korean and Chinese version have it with no problem.

  • The game is freakin awesome…. not regreting having pre ordered

    Thanks for the vita love, and make more of these

  • I’m certainly glad I purchased Freedom Wars & +Nick Accordino thank you for your work and you were great on the IGN Beyond podcast! Also you tweeted me too which was awesome! For The Great Good! Remember Do Not Underestimate The Power of Playstation!

  • *For The Greater Good!

  • i cant stop playing this game, its phenominal!

  • I’ve been really enjoying this game, please, please keep up the great work!

  • Since I first played my pre-order copy, I became an instant Percy Propa fan! Such a memorable game. Thanks for bringing it to the west!

  • One for my wish list. Maybe the first sale, if I can refrain.
    Definately glad I chose Sword Art Online instead though you almost got me.

    Quick question, though possibly the wrong post.

    Why was Unit 13 created as the last game by Zipper ?
    It still has to be one of my favorite games for Vita.

    I can’t say that many more titles have been made available since I first bought a Vita.
    But a game like this, just does not seem to do it for me.

    Killzone Mercenary made me really want to buy it, instead of filling the time with alternatives.
    One year wait time was hard enough, but you can’t tell me this is the last real effort.

  • Nick, are u Percy Poppa?

  • Loving the game, but i have to ask. When will the leader boards be reset?
    Because Hong Kong is literally out of everyone’s league and it’s really not fair.

  • Would really like to see better games.

    You know like the kind, that you can lose yourself in for months?

    The kind of game you can sit and level peacefully, and yet be offered a battleground arena?
    Hunting various research items for crafts.

    Yes I know theres limits on Vita hardware, but after playing SAO, and seeing the multiplayer experience on KZ and FW,
    I know it could be done.

    I hate to say it again, but a game like Dark Age of Camelot, Aika, or Iris.
    Maybe the online would be limited, but wasn’t EQ on PS2?

    If we can’t get that, how about a FPS with mission objectives like Counter Strike, Socom, SplinterCell, Ghost Recon, Syphon Filter.

    There are a ton of PS games that would be great for a real remake for Vita.

    If we still get a fully facilitated Vita title (fingers crossed), how about making sure it’s one to talk about ALL year, and one worth keeping.

  • I’m on Code 6 and going to Code 7 and there’s one BIG problem with the game balance! I was just trying the mission 6-7 sooner but I failed it A LOT OF TIMES because the F!@$% sinners don’t miss a single shot when they start shooting! This is incredibly cheap! You guys should work on a patch to fix this! I mean, I know I’m already on higher level, but this is a Hunting game and these enemies are small fryes that goes with the boss ! Making them not miss a single shot once they started shooting you is incredibly frustating because you have no way to escape! It doesn’t help that the combat is not designed to battle small enemies.

    I still love the game though! I’m looking forward to these missions!

  • Hi Nick,

    It’s good to see your continued support for FW on the PS Blog.

    Have you considered lining up an appearance on an upcoming Blogcast episode? I have been hoping to hear the guys talk about their own experiences (if any) with the game, and it would be good to hear your thoughts on how things have been going “in the wild” so far.



    I’m hoping that the success of games like this and SAO:HF may help encourage Bandai Namco to bring the likes of God Eater 2: Rage Burst (developed by Shift, one of FW’s trio of devs) and Sword Art Online: Lost Song (which is already pencilled in for an English release in Asian territories) over to the West next year.

    And of course, if Sony Japan Studio are minded to make more high-tier Vita games on the back of Freedom Wars’ success, that would be great too.

  • Boy, I haven’t reach that Code yet, and you’ve announced a difficult teamwork mission.

    Looks like I have to speed up for the operations, and for the Greater Good! :o

  • And also you guys should look into fixing some bosses AoE attacks when on different heights. Some times you’re on waaaay higher ground than a boss and it hits you, even if you’re like 5 meters away on vertical from said boss. A classic example is the Paradoxa-class abductor. His spin will hit you no matter if you are waaaaaayyyyy above or below him as long as you are within the cirlce of his spin. This is incredibly infurianting, especially when you’re soloing missions. Still great game, but these little things just interfere with the experience and not in a good way. Also, sorry for the bad english, it’s not my native language.

  • Are there any plans to bring back the accessory voice customization? NPCs in the game even mention it and it was advertised as being a big part of the game. The Eastern Asian copies of the game have it in without any problem whatsoever but its still strangely missing, yet advertised in-game, for the US version.

  • I’d also like icons/themes!

    The main game change I’d like to see is a “random” option when doing operations. I dunno if that’s possible, but it’d be great.

    For the missions, can we only do them that day? Or as long as we have claimed them they’ll remain?
    I know Special Missions are supposed to disappear, but I don’t know when or why.

  • So how the %$^$% do you beat this chain boss it impossible can’t move cant heal just got to sit there and die who ever made this boss fight can go to hell at lest make it a op mission instead of making us go all the way back and do the other ones every ****ING TIME !!!
    I no why this game is 30$ so they can have you brake your vita out of ****ing anger on this boss fight and buy another one

  • Was it really needed to make that chain fight so insanely stupid ?
    you just get swarmed never been so frustrated with a game in my life would not even call it a game now since games are
    FUN this is not get hit once and it’s all over chain stunned knocked down can’t even heal or any thing

    And no i don’t want to do SP mission ONLINE SINCE I CANT ! MY UPLOAD SUCKS and not every one can be online 24/7
    please nerf this fight to the ground then burn it

  • Too bad i’m sucked at playing this

  • @35

    Now that you mentioned it, I do hope for that feature to return. I’d like to hear my Accessory speak in a different way.

  • Hello, thanks for this update… Unfortunately, the citizens voice wouldn’t update for me till now. I’m here in Germany…
    To be honest, I didn’t have that much interest in freedom wars, till a friend showed me about it and I got so hyped i bought it still on the same day. Now code 8 and happily looking forward to extra missions and maybe story DLCs? I would love to get to know Abel’s or Uwen’s background a little better ;)

  • OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I was like “Why isn’t Sony America advertising any of this?! -_-;; But ah good, you guys are. One thing though pleeeeease if there is a content add-on update or something. Pleeease advertise trailers/ads for this game. It deserves it! I hope the future of this franchise continues to expand. It has already recruited new fans into the hunting genre of gaming, even though some previously disliked the genre.

  • hello, my English is not so good but I defend … if I buy the physical version comes with Spanish uses this included?

  • I love this game! Thanks for bringing it over. Bought a Vita for it lol. Please continue it’s support with more DLC!

    Really need a FW theme. For the greater good!

  • When are you guys going to fix accessory voice customization? It says in the game I can do it, but for some reason it just doesn’t work.

  • So… will we ever get to enjoy the REMOVED feature? You know, that feature where you can CUSTOMIZE ACCESSORY Response and Voices =/
    It really sucks you guys removed that awesome feature though. Is that one of the reasons why we didn’t get a demo because the removed feature was available in the Japanese version demo?

  • Whining is not virtue, Sinners!

  • @37 Hi Earthiness,

    I don’t know if you will read this, but I can sympathize with your frustration in dealing with chains during single player mode. Here are some things that might help you.

    Equip your Accessory with an assault weapon and set them to prioritize revives. Use the augmentation Attack:Attached and bring along a ranged weapon. Bring a light melee to sever, as the NPCs aren’t great at that. Sever until the chains spawn, then attach to them and shoot. You will auto target them and do more damage that way.

    Another way to deal with the chains is to bring a Barbara along and hide in the alcove to the south when they spawn. The only problem with that is that you won’t always fight Peltatum or Oltatum on the top floor of the Panopticon, so it would behoove you to practice managing the chains, I think.

  • pre-ordered this game the day i saw it pop up on amazon, maybe almost a year ago!

    really happy with the game. thanks!
    just got to code 8 last night and i’m still craving more so these operations are perfect.

    add some cosmetic outfit dlcs or something :]
    i’d support ya!

    keep up the great work, and check this game out if you haven’t.

  • they really need to bring the voice & dialogue customization for our accessories. they either add it as update or make it as a dlc, paid or not i will get it. if jpn/asian game have it, we should have it too. we paid the same price, we should get all features

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