Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd – Japanese DLC Roster Coming to the West

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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd – Japanese DLC Roster Coming to the West

Hello there, everyone. Sam Mullen here, North American Localization Producer for the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series, and I’m here to talk to you today about some of the things we have coming up for the international launch of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd on PS3 and PS Vita.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

We released the first Project DIVA F title last year, and now we’re back with the release of its sequel, coming to stores on November 18th in packaged and digital formats in North America and Latin America, and on November 21st in Europe and the rest of the world. We released the first title last year to a strong fan response — we can’t thank you enough for being so supportive of this franchise here in the West.

For those of you who don’t know Hatsune Miku yet, she is the world’s most popular virtual singer and our Project DIVA rhythm game series lets you play along with her most iconic music on your PS3 and PS Vita. The game also offers a variety of game modes and customization options, because with Hatsune Miku it’s all about creativity, user-created content and great music.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

If any of you out there are keeping tabs on Japan, you may be aware that they are having regular releases of post-launch downloadable content for the Japanese version of the game. I am happy to announce that we are going to be offering the same downloadable content to our Western fans. Yes, all the content that Japan has been getting, such as new costume modules like Rin and Len’s Alparkas and new rhythm game songs like Look This Way, Baby?, Aikotoba, and Sekiranum Graffiti – you’re all going to get that, too! We will be releasing content every two weeks or so for nearly six months straight!

There will be three types of downloadable content after launch for Project DIVA F 2nd:

  • UI Skins: $0.99, but free for the first 39 days after release
  • Costume Modules: $1.99 each
  • Rhythm Game Songs: $2.99 each
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

Now I know there are a lot of Project DIVA mega-fans out there. I’ve met many of you on our tours around the US this year. So we’ve put together some special sales initiatives for those of you who just want it all. And there’s not even a line to stand in!

Song Club ($29.99)

  • Will give you access to the entire lineup of post-launch Rhythm Game Songs.

Costume Club ($69.99)

  • Will give you access to our full roster of post-launch Costume Modules.

You’ll save more than 25% compared to individual purchases!

It all starts rolling out on PlayStation Store December 9th, 2014, with the first Costume Modules. This is the biggest DLC rollout SEGA has ever released; the amount of content here is staggering.

All the downloadable content is cross-buy enabled, so grabbing it on one platform gives you access to the same content on the other. So the choice is yours: Join the club and go all-in, or hand pick your favorite individual content.

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32 Author Replies

  • Love the originality of your older games.
    Had a Genesis and remember some long hours on it.

    Unfortunately Project Diva isn’t quite my thing, although thank you for the sale on the first.

    I found it became insanely difficult, and fast.
    I thought the beat didn’t go together alot with the timing of the buttons.
    I became obsessive with it, that is, untill I put it down, and realized I wasn’t having fun.

    What happened to games like Valkyrie Chronicles, Phantasy Star, Shadowrun, and Shining Force?

  • Buying a PS Vita for this game (and hopefully the other Miku games as well)!

    Was wondering if there were different pre-order bonuses depending on where you pre-order the game from (GameStop, Amazon, etc.)?

  • OMG… First freedom wars now this! I’m loving my vita more than ever!! :D And I loved this news… I’m so buying the songs pack :) thank you guys :D

  • As incredibly anxious as I am for this next Project Diva, $160 for a complete game is completely insane. And quite frankly, one *enormous* insult to the fans.

    Especially the $70 just for a bunch of character costumes. Why not offer some virtual horse armor, too?

    What is this, Sega or Zynga? Absolutely ridiculous.

  • boo, bring yakuza instead

  • Hopefully they’ll make the outfits easier to get. It’s sad that some of the outfits are required on difficulties like hard and normal. My little sister isn’t that good at the game and she misses out on some of the better outfits cus of that feature…

  • @SimplyBrina: She could try using the “Help Items” under “Rhythm Game Items” just before starting a song. Some of them will force you to get a “Lousy” instead of “Standard/Great/Excellent”, but I *think* you’ll still get the Diva Points. I don’t know if it’ll let you unlock things that way, but it’s worth a shot. Or just be a nice big sis/bro and help her out ;)

  • SWEEEEEEEEET. On vacation right now but when i get back on November 22, I’m definitely getting this and probably the DLC if i still got money. :)

    Still trying to get Excellent on all the song on Hard on the 1st game.

    P.S. hope you guys didnt put nyan in the game again cause that is 1 annoying song to keep on listening to while trying to get a good score. :)

  • I was wondering are you guys ever going to release some avatars? I would kill for a meiko one.

  • THANK YOU sooo much Sega. I have to admit i was a little grumpy towards you all because of giving up on Yakuza in the West but after bringing these Project Diva games over and putting Valkyria Chronicles on Steam.. I think love you guys again! :) Thank you soo much!! Pre-ordered both Project Diva games. Cannot wait!!!!

  • Awesome, glad to see Sega (or any developer really) supporting their game regardless of region. I’m also very interested in the “Song Club” DLC pass but I wish we knew how many songs it included beforehand. Regardless, I’m looking forward to Nov. 18!

    I also want to thank whoever was responsible for putting Project Diva F/f on the flash sale recently. I was iffy about jumping into the series beforehand but that price point was just too perfect. If it wasn’t on sale I probably wouldn’t of ever gotten it, so Sega may of had to sell their game cheap, but it’ll pay off as now I’m hooked!

  • Bring Puyo Puyo Tetris!!!

  • Yay, can’t wait!

  • Thank you sega

  • how about malaysia??

  • Awesome bonus!

  • If Sega is still reading this: can you confirm if we’re getting the Mikudayo module DLC?

  • For clarification please! On the Japanese version there were 10 DLC songs, so does that mean the Song Club is not organized as a deal? No matter, I need those songs whatever the case!

  • It’d be nice to have Black Gold from Arcade as an additional track – looking forward to F2nd’s release, already preordered!

  • I think that the Song Club is buying the full package of the DLC songs, but have to wait for the DLCs to be released first.

  • The mini controller is a great feature to use with the Project DIVA F 2nd rhythm games for all five of my Project DIVA games on PS3.

  • +antibolo Want the Mikudayo module? Never thought anyone would want.

  • @SimplyBrina In the newest edition of Project DIVA, unlocking items and outfits is a bit easier. There are based on overall points per song, hit notes at MAX, and playing certain songs on all difficculties, including EXTREME. However, you don’t have to pass the song to meet the requirements. Simply playing and failing the song will still count towards the requirements.

    Plus, all the modules you unlocked in Project DIVA F are available in F 2nd and you can unlock them for F 2nd if you haven’t yet on the first game.

  • Been very excited for this since the release announcement last spring, I was very angry that F 2nd didn’t get world wide release, hopefully Sega and Crypton will learn a lesson from this when Project Diva F Extend is announced, those who don’t know what i’m talking about the project diva games seem to follow a pattern, 1st, 2nd and extend then they leap apparently. Anyway to the gentlemen kindly posting on behalf of Sega I know you are the project representative for this Game’s Localization specifically please forgive me if I neglect the proper title It is nearly 4am here at this time. However I would like to ask would it be ever possible to see the first 3 games Project diva, 2nd and extend ported to the ps3/4 as digital versions? I ask because the system that would support those games on ps3 is already in existence, as well as translated menu versions of the actual games. Is there any chance Sega may release the original 3 as a digital version download on psn? If you don’t know that’s cool I’d like the suggestion floated up the ladder if at all possible. Thank you.

  • +Tapcargin
    I doubt that the western audience would want to play for two separate copies of the game, and need a PSP to import data for the Dreamy Theater series (PS3 HD ver. of Project DIVA, for those who don’t know).

    I have all five Project DIVA games and there’s a lot that one could scrutinize; graphics, songs, DLCs, pricing for both games, and importing trying to use the VITA.

  • Sorry guys having already played the Japan version having a single trophy list has just made me cancel my pre order.

  • …i hope this song is going to be dlc…Hastune Miku-Puzzle from project diva extand

  • Hi,

    I have the japanese version of PDF 2nd, and I play on my NA account. Are all the DLCs and new contents will be compatible with the japanese version, or must I buy the NA version?

    Thank you!

  • I’m kinda confused when I saw the sale. Is this like a Bundle that provides the game too or just an add-on? Just in case so I don’t have to worry about emptying my bank account.

  • Is this game English menu and english sub ?
    and if i buy the dlcs package after you released 1st set of modules and i bought the dlc package at the 3rd week do i sill get the 1st module

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