Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd – Japanese DLC Roster Coming to the West

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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd – Japanese DLC Roster Coming to the West

Hello there, everyone. Sam Mullen here, North American Localization Producer for the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series, and I’m here to talk to you today about some of the things we have coming up for the international launch of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd on PS3 and PS Vita.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

We released the first Project DIVA F title last year, and now we’re back with the release of its sequel, coming to stores on November 18th in packaged and digital formats in North America and Latin America, and on November 21st in Europe and the rest of the world. We released the first title last year to a strong fan response — we can’t thank you enough for being so supportive of this franchise here in the West.

For those of you who don’t know Hatsune Miku yet, she is the world’s most popular virtual singer and our Project DIVA rhythm game series lets you play along with her most iconic music on your PS3 and PS Vita. The game also offers a variety of game modes and customization options, because with Hatsune Miku it’s all about creativity, user-created content and great music.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

If any of you out there are keeping tabs on Japan, you may be aware that they are having regular releases of post-launch downloadable content for the Japanese version of the game. I am happy to announce that we are going to be offering the same downloadable content to our Western fans. Yes, all the content that Japan has been getting, such as new costume modules like Rin and Len’s Alparkas and new rhythm game songs like Look This Way, Baby?, Aikotoba, and Sekiranum Graffiti – you’re all going to get that, too! We will be releasing content every two weeks or so for nearly six months straight!

There will be three types of downloadable content after launch for Project DIVA F 2nd:

  • UI Skins: $0.99, but free for the first 39 days after release
  • Costume Modules: $1.99 each
  • Rhythm Game Songs: $2.99 each
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

Now I know there are a lot of Project DIVA mega-fans out there. I’ve met many of you on our tours around the US this year. So we’ve put together some special sales initiatives for those of you who just want it all. And there’s not even a line to stand in!

Song Club ($29.99)

  • Will give you access to the entire lineup of post-launch Rhythm Game Songs.

Costume Club ($69.99)

  • Will give you access to our full roster of post-launch Costume Modules.

You’ll save more than 25% compared to individual purchases!

It all starts rolling out on PlayStation Store December 9th, 2014, with the first Costume Modules. This is the biggest DLC rollout SEGA has ever released; the amount of content here is staggering.

All the downloadable content is cross-buy enabled, so grabbing it on one platform gives you access to the same content on the other. So the choice is yours: Join the club and go all-in, or hand pick your favorite individual content.

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  • Finally…… btw what happened to the ps plus blog post??

  • Cool to see these games coming to the west and getting support. Now if Sega could do the same for Yakuza 5 and PSO2, we’d all be happy.

  • (copy of post from EU Blog)

    So… Mr.Mullen sorry to bother you… but it’s been quite some time since the last SEGA news… do you mind me using given chance to ask question?

    Do we have any chances (even small ones) for Valkyria Chronicles 3 for Vita? Last week we heard about VC 1 coming to PC… so I was kinda wondering if we also have any chances.

    Uh sorry, I know that you probably are not responsible for VC… but still…

    • You are correct; I’m here to talk about Project DIVA F 2nd today. But as someone who loves Japanese content in all it’s forms, I appreciate your question. No news on those games right now, but I’ll be sure to pass your feelings along!

  • So the day has finally come…

    The first Project diva f game was my first exposure to Hatsune Miku and I can’t tell you how quickly I got hooked. The music is just too catchy and I did not expect to love all the different characters as much as I did. Thank you guys and gals at Sega for bringing this one over too(and again for vita no less!). I can assure you have a day 1 purchase right here.

    Also is there any way we could possibly get a soundtrack for the first game, or this one, (or both!)?

    • Yes, the games are so oddly addicting! That experience of discovering something new for the first time is really part of the core Project DIVA experience!

      Soundtracks are outside the hands of SEGA, so no plans for that at the time being. However, a lot of the music can be obtained from various online digital music marketplaces!

  • Hello, will we be able to import our progress from the Japanese version? The way I see it, all you would need to do is make sure the cross-save data works across regions, so it seems like it could be possible this time around??

  • Copy/pasting myself from the EU blog in the hopes I’ll be seen/heard:

    Perhaps SEGA can be so kind with the Persona 4 Ultimax DLC in Europe? We’re the only region that won’t be getting Adachi and Marie for free and we don’t have any word about even receiving the rest of the DLC. I know it’s kind of off-topic, but I’d love a little clarification since I’ve been looking forward to the game all year and don’t want to be given an incomplete version just because of where I happened to be born. =/

    More on topic whilst Hatsune Miku isn’t really my thing (I tried the demo of the first one on Vita) I know that a lot of people are looking forward to it and I am personally looking forward to Persona 4 Dancing All Night, a similar game for Vita that I hope we mere Europeans are worthy of. =)

    • We are all fans of Japanese content here! Everyone has preferences so buy what you like, you know? Thanks for at least giving Project DIVA a shot!

      As for P4AU, sorry I have no info for you, but I’ll pass along your concerns!

  • Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to get Project Diva F 2nd on PS3.

    I have a question though. Can you provide us a list of all the DLC so I can see everything we’ll be getting with the Song Club and Costume Club?

    Thanks. ^_^

    • I wish I could provide a list, but much of the content hasn’t been announced yet,unfortunately (even in Japan). But everything that’s been released/announced in Japan today is on the list. We will have an English webpage up in the near future that will outline all that information and also be a place where we update with new content announcements. Rest assured, the Clubs are a great deal compared to buying everything individually!

  • Nice.
    Hoping for the best for Project Diva

    I already double plat for PRoject Diva f, and REALLLYYY like how the upgrade is really better than expectation on Project Diva f2nd (from Japanese version which I own). Looking forward for double plating it again

    • Actually, for Project DIVA F 2nd, it’s single worldwide universal trophies this time around. But there’s a reason that we’ll touch on at a later date. Stay tuned!

  • I just bought the first project diva f for my vita yesterday and it is awesome! looking foward for this one

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of Project DIVA! I’m excited to hear you’re enjoying it. Remember that all the module and customization items you’ve unlocked in Project DIVA f can be imported into Project DIVA F 2nd, so get unlocking!

  • Wowzers, I just recently got platinum on Project Diva F while getting all extra content, it was a fun experience. Very eager to get F2nd. yay!

  • That’s amazing, could’ve been faster, but I won’t need to grab a JP copy. SEGA also could really bring Yakuza Zero and 5

  • I’m really happy about this, I’ve enjoyds so much Project Diva on my PS3 and Vita and I always wanted more songs and modules.

    Thank you for this SEGA and keep supporting Miku in the West :D

    • Project DIVA F 2nd will certainly have more songs and modules than you can shake a stick at. And thank YOU for supporting SEGA and Miku!

  • Also, can you confirm that if I bought the Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, and Kasane Teto modules for Project Diva F on PS3, then I get those modules automatically unlocked for Project Diva F 2nd on PS3? Thanks again! ^_^

    • If you purchased the Extra Character Modules Pack for Project DIVA F/f, you will be able to download the Project DIVA F 2nd versions for free off PSN. They won’t unlock automatically though, so be sure to download the new versions!

  • I’ll admit I completely forgot that the game was coming so soon and holy… that`s a lot of costume modules.

    • Yes, less than 3 weeks away! The game already has all the modules from Project DIVA F/f, plus the new ones in the box, and even more on the way. The customization options are practically limitless.

  • Just did research and apparently Song/Module DLC is still coming out in Japan. Upcoming song DLC includes Yellow and Change Me. Song Pass absolute no-brainer confirmed. ^_^

    I’ll probably pick-and-choose the module DLC though.

    I’m excited for this game if you can’t tell. <_<


    • We wanted to make sure we gave everyone the options to get at the content they wanted, whether it’s al a carte or combo meal! Thanks for being a fan!

  • I’m not interested particularly in Project Diva F 2nd but the fans were asking for it and SEGA actually listened! Glad the fans are getting what they want.

    But now here’s my REAL concern: When are you guys EVER gonna localize Valkyria Chronicles 3? You had the audacity to put VC1 on PC when no one was even asking for it but won’t even localize the game fans have been asking for ever since its JP release? That’s some screwed up thinking here? Hell UDON even “localized” the VC3 artbook when we don’t even have the game! (I know it’s not the same process as localizing a game but still…)

    I just don’t see what’s taking so long to bring this game out when there are people here waiting to throw money at you.

  • Nice to see that it’s out the same day as littlebigplanet 3. ;)

  • By that count, that means there’s still a ton of Song DLC to come. Color me super excited. I’m pretty sure Japan doesn’t have that preorder deal, unless it’s happened more recently.

    Also, I can’t wait for the game to hit the states. As someone who’s earned the Platinum on the Japanese release and has his preorder fully paid off, the 18th can’t come soon enough. :)

  • I did read the post but please tell me/confirm that this time you guys will release a retail version for Vita….it was a shame that you didn’t with the 1st one.

    This may be too much to ask…but please try to release the 1st one for Vita in retail….I mean this is the perfect time.

    • Project DIVA F 2nd is being released in North America and Europe in retail and digital formats for both PlayStation 3 and PS VITA. We’ve got you covered!

  • Already have this game pre order and payed off. Love Hatsune Miku! Didn’t know the franchise very well until I played the first game you guys released. Love all the characters as well as all the catchy tuns. It’s also nice that you guys are providing all of the DLC content. Keep releasing Miku games please. I will keep buying them and all the DLCs you guys come out with.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the first game. Project DIVA F 2nd has both new tunes to the Project DIVA series, and older tunes from the past Japan-only PSP titles, so hopefully you’ll discover some new favorites. Remember you can import and unlocked modules from Project DIVA F/f , so unlock as much as you can before November 18th!

  • Thanks so much!

    I hope you guys will be bringing Shining Resonance over too. It looks amazing!

  • With the “song club” and “costume club”, you are saying that there will be more dlc songs and costumes later?

  • How do the higher ups allow something like THIS to be localized and NOT Yakuza 5?

    I can guarantee you this will not sell…

  • @Mr.Mullen
    Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate it!

  • Just wanna say thanks for supporting this title. I bought the first project diva F four times and will be doing so for this title too!

  • I’ll probably going to buy the SongClub season pass, but $70 just for costumes?! What is this a capcom game?

    • It’s a lot of costumes, to be sure. Or you can also purchase the ones you like a la carte for $1.99 a pop, if you’d like. The choice is yours!

  • I hope they aren’t doing this dlc in place of making a new game, as the amount of content compared to the money you spent is significantly worse. You can get the song club for 30 dollars, and save at least 25%, which means it’s most likely around 13-15 songs in total, compared to the 40 the game came with. And that is without any modules, if you add modules on top you’re looking at a significantly higher price than the base game, for less than half the content.

    Even worse for those of us who already bought the japanese version, as much as i like the game, I’m not sure im up for spending 150 dollars for another 15 or so songs.

  • Not interested in this. Bring back the Yakuza series!

  • Preordered it a while back. Excited that it’s coming soon.

    YAY, LUKA! Can’t wait to hear more of her.

  • I’ll be buying both PS3 and Vita versions along with both the Song Club and Costume Club. I will do my best to support Miku in the west, getting a 3ds for Project Mirai DX as well. Miku is life, Miku is love.

  • Any idea if the playstation store will have a pre-order or pre-load available for the digital version or if it will have it’s own pre-order bonus for digital? I would like to get this digitally on the ps store but the bonuses for pre-ordering at stores is rather tempting.

  • Any idea if the playstation store will have a pre-order or pre-load available for the digital version or if it will have it’s own pre-order bonus for digital? I would like to get this digitally on the ps store but the bonuses for pre-ordering at stores is rather tempting.

  • Any idea if the playstation store will have a pre-order or pre-load available for the digital version or if it will have it’s own pre-order bonus for digital? I would like to get this digitally on the ps store but the bonuses for pre-ordering at stores is rather tempting.

  • Any idea if the playstation store will have a pre-order or pre-load available for the digital version or if it will have it’s own pre-order bonus for digital? I would like to get this digitally on the ps store but the bonuses for pre-ordering at stores is rather tempting.

  • Any idea if the playstation store will have a pre-order or pre-load available for the digital version or if it will have it’s own pre-order bonus for digital? I would like to get this digitally on the ps store but the bonuses for pre-ordering at stores is rather tempting.

  • Sorry, computer lagged out on me, please disregard (or delete if possible) 4/5 of my posts >.<

  • Thanks for bringing diva over again! I own the jp vita/ps3 versions and will own bolth in english too :) Any word on how piapro and edit list will be handled? Hopefully we can access the jp edit list this time.

    • There have been a couple changes to Edit Mode for the overseas version to make the mode as user friendly and accessible to our English speaking audience as possible. For example, we have extended the lyrical text limits from 22 characters to 44 characters, so you can actually write out full lyrics now! The side effect though is incompatibility with Japanese Edit Data.

      In addition to these improvements, Edit Mode rankings in Project DIVA F 2nd have seen a major overhaul, and it’s easier than ever to find quality content since content is ranked on a weekly and lifetime basis. I’m really looking forward to seeing the creativity of our Western audience explode with the new and improved Edit Mode features!

  • @wvnative
    Considering that they released the Vita version digitally only this year and was one of the top sellers that month in both NA and Europe, and considering that we are getting the Vita version physically for F 2nd, i think its safe to say it will sell well. I mean if the Vita version had bombed, we wouldn’t have gotten the sequel in physical format. Also, Miku fans are very passionate, most of us have double dipped and tripled dipped on these games.

  • “Actually, for Project DIVA F 2nd, it’s single worldwide universal trophies this time around. But there’s a reason that we’ll touch on at a later date. Stay tuned!”

    So if I platinum’d Project Diva F 2nd Vita version already (via import), there’s no incentive for me to play through all the content again? I hope the reason is a good one. Because that’s why I wanted to play it again. Another platinum trophy but this time on PS3.

  • I can’t wait to play this game. Thank you for bringing this to the west.

  • Hello Sam,

    Good to see the level of support you have in store for F 2nd.

    Also, at the risk of piling in with more questions on Sega-published Japanese titles, I was wondering if your colleagues had been considering what, if anything, to do with upcoming titles like Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax or Phantasy Star Nova – be it in terms of localising one (or more) such games internally, or perhaps opening the door for your new stablemates at Atlus USA to consider them?

    Of course, I appreciate that you probably won’t be able to answer any questions about such games at this point in time. But if you were in a position to pass on any requests/notes/concerns/etc, well and good.

    (Actually, I kind of wish someone could ask the producers of the SeHa Girls series to do blue and red colour variants of Dreamcast-tan, to represent the DC colours as they appeared in Europe and North America respectively. They do have a separate Genesis-tan who stands apart from the Mega Drive character/s, so why not offer a nod to the DC’s legacy in other parts of the world? But anyway…)

    • Unfortunately, I’m only here today to talk about Project DIVA F 2nd, but I appreciate your interest in SEGA’s other Japan originating content. I’ll most certainly pass the sentiment along :)

      Interesting comment about a Euro version of Dreamcast. I’ll pass it along. I actually use the Genesis SEGA Hardware Girl as my avatar sometimes :D Big SeHaGa fan!

  • I’m glad that you guys over in the west get to enjoy Hatsune Miku once again. These songs will be a change fof pace from the first F but the challenge remains. Hope you all enjoy Miku and SEGA for bringing it over there.

  • I’m so happy to hear Japan’s DLC is coming hear. Thank you, SEGA. I play my Japanese version of PDF2nd on my Vita almost daily, so I can’t wait to pick this up again.

    Any chance of getting Project Diva themes/avatars? I’d so rock a Miku avatar.

    • Though I don’t have any info on avatars at the moment, we did recently release a Project DIVA F 1 PlayStation 3 theme. Look for it on the PSN Store.

  • *here

  • Bought the first one on sale and pre ordered the 2nd one.

    Pre Order Bonus for 2nd F are live songs? Are they DLC songs or some sort CD that comes with the purchase.

    • The preorder bonus for Amazon.com is two AR Live songs: Tell Your World by livetune, and Odd & Ends by ryo. These are used in the AR Live (VITA) / Live Studio (PS3) modes and are faithful recreations of the Magical Mirai 2013 performances at the Yokohama Arena.

  • Sam:


    I wonder if any of the other SeHa Girls, such as Genesis-tan, might show up in the current anime series.

    By the way, just so I’m not mistaken, did the Dreamcast over here have a red swirl, or the same orange swirl as in Japan? (In other words, is DC-tan good to go in terms of representing both sides of the Pacific already – or would she need some red trim instead?)

  • So… what about Phantasy Star Online 2 coming here yet?

    It was one of the few reasons I got myself a PS Vita.

  • Yay Project Diva!! Do you have any news if there will be a bundle with both PS3 & Vita games bundled together at a discount? And will there be anything for playing the previous game (either the Japanese or English versions)?

    Also, could you please, PLEASE bring over the Project Diva “Mini Controller” that they sold in Japan? The one that looks like the arcade one, but miniaturized. They are are really hard to get here as they are sold out nearly everywhere even in Japan :(

    • Sorry, no info on any bundles at this time or mini controllers at this time, but you can import your module and customization unlocks from English version of Project DIVA F/f into Project DIVA F 2nd!

  • I just got the first game a little over a week ago and I freaking love it!! Not sure when exactly I’ll be able to get this one but hopefully it will be soon after it releases.

  • Alright everyone, I’ve got to get going. It’s been great talking with you all and we will see you soon in a few weeks for the launch. Take care!

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