Freedom Wars Out Today on PS Vita

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Freedom Wars Out Today on PS Vita

PlayStation fans, Vita aficionados, and “sinners” around the world — the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here! I’m extremely proud to welcome you to the world of Freedom Wars, which launches today exclusively on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

Over the past few months it’s been my pleasure to share Freedom Wars trailers, screenshots, character art, and information with you. Whether it’s been here on the PlayStation blog, or on IGN’s Podcast Beyond, you’ve responded with nothing but pure excitement. That’s why I’m so thrilled to share one final trailer with you — one that’s never been seen before, and that I think sets the mood perfectly for what you’re about to experience.

Are you ready to fight for your freedom?

For those that have been waiting to purchase the digital version of Freedom Wars from the PlayStation Store and want to take advantage of the Pre-Order items, we’re happy to inform you that the same DLC items will be automatically added to your Cart . Offer ends 11/11 so don’t wait!

But before you jump into the game, let me announce a few things here and now that you might not be aware of:

Firstly, patch 1.20 will be available today, so please make sure to update! This patch does several things, including:

  1. The addition of the online 8-player PvP mode, known in the game as “Vs. Operations.”
  2. The Elimination of the online-pass that was required in the Eastern territories.
  3. General difficulty tweaks and balancing.

I’m also happy to announce that we have several weeks of DLC planned for all of you, including free DLC every week until the end of November! Everything from weapon packs and hairstyle additions to battle music and sticker packs is on the way, so please keep checking back to download the latest content and keep your Sinner stylish!

Freedom Wars

But before I let you go to start working off that 1 million year sentence, I wanted to leave you with one final message from Junichi Yoshizawa, Producer of Freedom Wars from Japan Studio.

Hello everyone,

This is Junichi Yoshizawa, producer on Freedom Wars.

We’ve finally reached the launch of Freedom Wars for North America and Europe — thank you very much for all of your patience! I’m so happy that we’re finally able to get Freedom Wars into your hands!

Freedom Wars isn’t a game that’s just about defeating your enemies, it’s a game about “Reclamation” — saving your friends and civilians from the clutches of the enemies you face.

While you’re playing through the game, don’t forget the various cooperative and competitive modes that you can enjoy in Freedom Wars! The co-op mode will let you take on any Operation, whether it’s story-based or a specially timed “Redemption” Operation, with teammates via Ad-hoc or Online connections.

Freedom Wars

The latter half of the game can become a bit difficult, so please play with others in order to complete these Operations and finish the story!

I’d also like to share a little advice to those that are about to start the game. As you play, you’ll be able to gradually level-up the equipment of NPC characters you encounter throughout the story. From the “Window on Liberty” located within your cell, make sure to claim the “Comrade Loadout” entitlements for your fellow teammates — taking a well-leveled team with you into combat will drastically increase your chances of success!

There’s also ways to strengthen your Sinner by equipping “Augmentations.” As you proceed throughout the story, you’ll receive the ability to create these Augmentations — make sure to create and equip those that will be most helpful given the Operation you’re trying to complete!

I’ve already said a lot here, but I’m thrilled that we’re finally able to have our North American and European fans experience Freedom Wars.

Freedom Wars

We created Freedom Wars with the hope that every PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV owner will be able to enjoy it.

So please, enjoy the million year sentence-enforcing world, the reclamation-focused multiplayer, the League of Panopticons, and the engaging storyline that make up Freedom Wars.

For the Greater Good!


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49 Author Replies

  • Thank you for all your hard work on this piece of art Nick! I can’t wait to join the fight later this afternoon!!

  • Got the call last night, from the local retailer I shop at, saying to come pick it up today.

    Now to get through a long day at work before I can go pick up my copy.

    • You can do it!

      We’ll be online waiting for you when you start!

      Good luck, and of course…

      For the Greater Good!

  • I think i will be the only one fighting for Caracas-Venezuela LOL, Nevermind i will do it anyway. This game will be awesome!!!

    • I’m sure you won’t be – but support it proudly! (Have your friends support Caracas too!)

      Thanks for your support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • I really want a Vita TV but no one sell that here in Brazil :(

  • Soundtrack and Art direction is on-point, but the gameplay really looks unappealing.

    • Well I hope you give it a shot anyway, Hinata-san!

      Four players (8 characters) taking down one giant Abductor is a thing of beauty!

      For the Greater Good!

  • My DLC code isn’t working, Wanna know, do I have to wait till the store updates, I got work in 2 hours and didn’t wanna start till the DLC is working

    • Yup – just wait until the store updates and you should be good to go!

      Thanks for your support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • (sorry for separate posts, accident;y hit the post button lol)
    Was hoping to play on my way to work today too :(

  • gonna pick this up tmr! thank you for the hard work!

    btw can i play with my friends who have the asian copies of the game?

    • If you’re playing with the Asian-version that’s based on the US code (with US English), then I *believe* so!

      I’ll look into this for you!

      For the Greater Good!

  • defiantly getting this game for both myself and my girlfriend! been waiting MONTHS for this game to come out! now just to wait for the ps store to update T.T

    • I think you’ll love playing it co-op with her!

      Let me know how it goes, and thanks for your support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Just waiting on that Amazon copy.

    Havent finished Senran Kagura yet, but I’ll play this once Im done!

    This is already painful xD
    Btw… Thank you Nick… You’re awesome. You take all the time to keep us well informed and also have the patience to respond our dumb questions 1 by 1 over and over again haha you really make the ps comunity better and really make me feel proud of being part of it :) You have my gratitude bro :)
    And now… I have a long and boring bus trip tomorrow and my vita is ready, I have the 30USD on my SEN wallet, I bought a new 16GB memory card and a 20000 mAh sony usb portable charger muahahaha
    (And probably some painkillers for my hands and arms because I’m not going to stop playing it this weeks xD)
    Santiago panopticom here is your future best fighter! >:C
    For the Greater Lord or whatever habaha
    Cya! :)

  • I’ll be getting mine tomorrow. Super excited, can’t wait to join the rest of you sinners in serving our prison time.

  • Waiting for it to appear on ps store. A must own game on vita. Especially for those who’s longing for an AAA title.

  • I’m So Excited for this Game. Can’t wait for the store update so I can download it.

  • Serious question: will the playstation store be able to support everyone who’s trying to buy a digital copy at once?

    I can’t wait for it to be out T.T DX

  • Getting error code (C0-12157-6) when I try to save my game. My first save was fine but since that time, I’m getting errors. What’s wrong?

  • Looking for a CODE 6 Player to do CODE 7 Missions? anyone at that point already??

    PSN : Kimesato

  • Hey~ I was wondering if I’d be able to get the pre-order goodies if I digitally downloaded it today. I wanted to get a retail copy, but digital’s fine and I want that lil bit of initial content.

  • Yeah, you get the dlc goodies if you download the copy from the psn store by 11/11/14

  • @67
    Yea, you can still get the pre-order goodies. You have until November 11th before the digital limited edition goes away.

    Waiting on Amazon to deliver my copy, been so ready to get my hands on this! I’ll be looking for teammates guys!

  • Ready to download!

  • Awesome trailer! Awesome game! Does anybody here know where I can possibly trade PSN bonus codes for Freedom wars? With like-mind individuals, of course. Problem is, I have a US PSN account, and I bought a Region 3 physical copy, and the bonus codes that came with it only work for accounts in that region. Yeah, I know, my fault, but my local game shop wasn’t in the know on what region they would be getting… anyhoo, if anybody can help me or at least point me in the right direction, that would be a blast!

  • Today im suppose to recieve the game so lol still waiting but howcome its not in the psn store? When will it be avaible and will they have a demo? As well

  • Looking forward to this and for the Theme/s that will be coming out hopefully soon!

  • “How/when did you purchase it, ariaankia? If you pick it up today when the store updates, you’ll absolutely get the bonus DLC.
    Otherwise, the retailer where you pre-ordered the game should be providing you with a code for the Pre-order DLC.
    Either way, you should be covered!
    For the Greater Good!”

    I purchased it from amazon on the 28th (because of the post saying that digital edition bought on the 28th would get it).

    But I didn’t get the DLC.

  • And It’s out!! To the download Hub!

    For the Greater Good!

  • If theres a english dub patch in the future I will support. Though as the game is now I wont support it.

  • Afaik no english dub. Ugh of course the game would launch right after I left for lunch. Oh well. Joining in the fun soon. For the greater good.

  • Is there a way to check to see how many people are in each panoptican?

  • I think what @13, GStylez says needs to be repeated till Vita owners understand:

    “… At some point, Vita owners and evangelists have to take responsibility for the general sales performance of this wonderful handheld. I believe Freedom Wars is a game that we can rally around, purchase in droves upon release, and show Sony that they can feel comfortable supporting AAA development for the Vita.”

    GStylez gets it. The many Vita owners who complains there aren’t big/enough games are often the same ones who come on here to declare they won’t buy a Vita game because it doesn’t fit their exact specifications. Just know you are the reason the Vita isn’t getting big/enough games. If you buy games, more will come. If you don’t, then look in the mirror when no more new Vita games are released. And buying the old classics are not enough to keep the Vita going. You have to buy all the new games, like I have done since Feb. 2012. My Vita backlog rivals my PS3 backlog because I support the Vita.

    Thanks for all the support, Nick. I’ll be buying when the store updates in about 4 hours.

  • I wish PSN would update faster. Slammed a large card into the ol’ vita to fit this one. Can’t wait to widdle down that sentence.

    Really impressed with everything I’ve seen. No doubt that expectations will be met.

  • Did I miss the herd of sheep?
    Oh well, had to put money in the bank to add to my wallet for Sword Art Online instead.

    Yes I know, I didn’t get it at release.
    But good things come to those that wait, much like the $15 credit I will receive to ensure that if it goes on sale soon, I won’t be too upset.

    Hope you all enjoy, it at the very least.
    I’ll see you all when it goes on sale, if your still playing it by then.

    For the Greater Good.

  • Mine is on a truck on its way to me. Hurry,m tuck, hurry! I want to play NOW!

  • @81 I had to log into the playstation store on my computer to find it. I purchased it and it’s now downloading to my vita. I don’t know why it doesn’t show up in the pan store for vita.

  • also, from last post: it still has all of the goodies :)

  • Nick, since you seem to be around answering questions, I hope it isn’t too bothersome for you to answer mine.

    I have a Japanese PSN account, and I already own JP Freedom Wars. I would like to play the game with my US friends.

    1. If I buy a physical copy of US Freedom Wars, can I still play online? I heard that patch 1.20 removed the need for online pass.
    2. Will it ever be possible for JP players to play with US players somehow? Perhaps a roaming feature for JP players or something? Many of us have American friends as well.
    3. Any chance of being able to import JP version savedata into US Freedom Wars? It’s been a long grind to my current weapon set, after all.

  • @80 Bought Killzone at full price last year.
    Maybe if they didn’t sell it for $9 bucks six months later, you could stop the B.S. about lack of support.

    They can’t even make this one in English.
    So I fail to see how all the digital purchases, have improved this last year long wait.

    Its 1.5-1.7gb, not much to do but big boss battles and multiplayer.
    It may be a nice addition, but its not great.

    Maybe a few reviews will change my mind, but with limited time DLC (its hard to say).

  • @80

    Well if the game lacks something im not going to blindly support it just so the vita can do well. If you want me to support your game give me a reason to support it.

  • @77 I HATE people like you who don’t support a wonderful like this one game just because they’re too lazy to read the subtitles (or don’t know how to read maybe)

  • @88 non dubbed games really aren’t that bad. I thought like you until i played the new one piece game which also wasn’t dubbed. it was easy to get used to it

  • i pre-ordered ithe game from ebgames here in vancouver, and my pre-order redeem code isn’t working. Any help would be great, Thanks

  • @89 Why hate?
    If I wanted a book to read there are plenty of other games to play, or actual books to read.
    Some of us are not enjoying hearing japanese while we try to read / play.

    Is that too hard to understand, or do I need to speak japanese while you read my blog post?

  • Awsomeee I BUY IT FROM MY PC AND DOWNLOADED INTO MY VITA!… I don’t know why it doesn’t appear in my vita psn

  • “How/when did you purchase it, ariaankia? If you pick it up today when the store updates, you’ll absolutely get the bonus DLC.
    Otherwise, the retailer where you pre-ordered the game should be providing you with a code for the Pre-order DLC.
    Either way, you should be covered!
    For the Greater Good!”

    I purchased it from amazon on the 28th (because of the post saying that digital edition bought on the 28th would get it).
    But I didn’t get the DLC.

    Amazon says they can’t do anything about it because it was Sony’s claim.

    Sony says that they can’t do anything about it because it was the retailer’s responsibility to include the codes.

    Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this?

  • @89
    I have no problem reading and I can read very fast. I just want the game in english. Im interested in the story and would like to hear it in my language. Theres been zero reason given on why it lacks a dub. They have failed to be upfront about it which is very odd. Its even more sad since the game is coming from sony themselves.

  • @90
    Its fine occasionally, but they are becoming common at regular prices.

    SAO, Tales, One Piece, Feedom Wars

    Even DBZ had English, and its not that great.

  • @90
    I dont like japan voice overs. I have nothing against those who put in the work to voice the game in japanese but I just dont want to hear them.

  • I see alot of ppl with problems with there codes i purchased mine through amazon i had received my code 12 am but i did hard copy when they say digital copies i dont really like that because sometimes you do have problems i would just call amazon if u dont see your code they will resend

  • How do i get my free limited edition dlc with the digital download? I haven’t seen anywhere to download it ,,, not looking happy

  • playing this when i get home cant wait :)

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