Freedom Wars Out Today on PS Vita

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Freedom Wars Out Today on PS Vita

PlayStation fans, Vita aficionados, and “sinners” around the world — the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here! I’m extremely proud to welcome you to the world of Freedom Wars, which launches today exclusively on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

Over the past few months it’s been my pleasure to share Freedom Wars trailers, screenshots, character art, and information with you. Whether it’s been here on the PlayStation blog, or on IGN’s Podcast Beyond, you’ve responded with nothing but pure excitement. That’s why I’m so thrilled to share one final trailer with you — one that’s never been seen before, and that I think sets the mood perfectly for what you’re about to experience.

Are you ready to fight for your freedom?

For those that have been waiting to purchase the digital version of Freedom Wars from the PlayStation Store and want to take advantage of the Pre-Order items, we’re happy to inform you that the same DLC items will be automatically added to your Cart . Offer ends 11/11 so don’t wait!

But before you jump into the game, let me announce a few things here and now that you might not be aware of:

Firstly, patch 1.20 will be available today, so please make sure to update! This patch does several things, including:

  1. The addition of the online 8-player PvP mode, known in the game as “Vs. Operations.”
  2. The Elimination of the online-pass that was required in the Eastern territories.
  3. General difficulty tweaks and balancing.

I’m also happy to announce that we have several weeks of DLC planned for all of you, including free DLC every week until the end of November! Everything from weapon packs and hairstyle additions to battle music and sticker packs is on the way, so please keep checking back to download the latest content and keep your Sinner stylish!

Freedom Wars

But before I let you go to start working off that 1 million year sentence, I wanted to leave you with one final message from Junichi Yoshizawa, Producer of Freedom Wars from Japan Studio.

Hello everyone,

This is Junichi Yoshizawa, producer on Freedom Wars.

We’ve finally reached the launch of Freedom Wars for North America and Europe — thank you very much for all of your patience! I’m so happy that we’re finally able to get Freedom Wars into your hands!

Freedom Wars isn’t a game that’s just about defeating your enemies, it’s a game about “Reclamation” — saving your friends and civilians from the clutches of the enemies you face.

While you’re playing through the game, don’t forget the various cooperative and competitive modes that you can enjoy in Freedom Wars! The co-op mode will let you take on any Operation, whether it’s story-based or a specially timed “Redemption” Operation, with teammates via Ad-hoc or Online connections.

Freedom Wars

The latter half of the game can become a bit difficult, so please play with others in order to complete these Operations and finish the story!

I’d also like to share a little advice to those that are about to start the game. As you play, you’ll be able to gradually level-up the equipment of NPC characters you encounter throughout the story. From the “Window on Liberty” located within your cell, make sure to claim the “Comrade Loadout” entitlements for your fellow teammates — taking a well-leveled team with you into combat will drastically increase your chances of success!

There’s also ways to strengthen your Sinner by equipping “Augmentations.” As you proceed throughout the story, you’ll receive the ability to create these Augmentations — make sure to create and equip those that will be most helpful given the Operation you’re trying to complete!

I’ve already said a lot here, but I’m thrilled that we’re finally able to have our North American and European fans experience Freedom Wars.

Freedom Wars

We created Freedom Wars with the hope that every PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV owner will be able to enjoy it.

So please, enjoy the million year sentence-enforcing world, the reclamation-focused multiplayer, the League of Panopticons, and the engaging storyline that make up Freedom Wars.

For the Greater Good!


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49 Author Replies

  • Vitas at the ready, Sinners – it’s Freedom Wars time. :)

  • I’m ready! Gonna go pick up my copy at GameStop after work!!! Let’s go defend our Panopticons! Thanks for this wonderful gem!

    • Thanks for the wonderful support – I sincerely appreciate it!

      Hope you love the game!

      For the Greater Good!


    “Lastly, for those that want the same pre-order items for the digital version, simply purchase Freedom Wars between Tuesday, October 28th to Tuesday, November 11th. After that, the pre-order items will no longer be available.”

    So will it be available for everyone that bought a digital version of the game? I bought a digital version, but didn’t get any special code. And if so, how do we get these items?

  • I woke up early today to buy the digital version but it’s not on the PS Store :(

  • When is it gonna be available for Digital Download? :O

    • It’ll go live as soon as the store updates this afternoon. Promise I’ll let you know when that happens! :)

      Thanks for your support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Heck Yeah!!!!! Been waiting for this for so long now, cant believe its here, time to boot up that digital download!!!!!

  • The Store Update can’t come soon enough. Hopefully it’s not a late update like Gravity Rush was way back when — I am seriously excited.

    • Thanks, Chronosv2! I think you’re going to love it.

      I really appreciate the support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Not on PSN yet……why??!!!!!

    • I promise you’ll know as soon as the store updates today!

      Make sure you grab it so that you get the Pre-order bonus!

      For the Greater Good!

  • I might consider it, but having no English dub is really putting me off from buying this. Other than that, it looks decent.

  • I don’t want to forfeit the DLC bonus again, but I’m very tempted to run to the store and grab a physical copy right now >_< .. it's literally across the street!

  • Actually, is there any word on the price for the planned DLC?

    • We’ll be updating the blog with DLC information across the next few weeks – there’s a looooot of DLC, so I hope you’re ready!

      Thanks for your patience!

      For the Greater Good!

  • PSN Store updates around 2pm Pacific time.

  • I was going to wait until more reviews came out for the game before deciding to purchase it, but that new trailer has completely swayed me! I want to be in on the ground floor for this experience with my PSN friends on my Vita.

    A side note: I know there are some people that they aren’t going to buy this game due to the lack of localization. I would implore you to change your minds if this is the only reason you’re not picking up Freedom Wars (if you don’t like these types of games or just aren’t impressed generally, I totally understand). At some point, Vita owners and evangelists have to take responsibility for the general sales performance of this wonderful handheld. I believe Freedom Wars is a game that we can rally around, purchase in droves upon release, and show Sony that they can feel comfortable supporting AAA development for the Vita.

    Now excuse me while I head to the Amazon website to buy my copy of Freedom Wars (For The Greater Good, of course!).

    • I love hearing that!

      Thanks for your support, GStylez1980 – I think you’re going to love it!

      (And especially regarding the kind words re: localization – I’m extra proud of Freedom Wars, so that means a lot to me.)

      For the Greater Good!

  • I need it like YESTERDAY!! The Online Store will be updated today?
    I hope you can give me a “Yes :) it’s already in the store”
    Thanks for all the good work! I’ll purchase this game and the AC Unity preorder to get the October promo!

    • You’re extremely welcome Oto57, and thank you very much for all of the support and enthusiasm!

      Store updates today in the afternoon – I’ll keep you posted when it’s live!

      For the Greater Good!

  • From another blog:

    “Lastly, for those that want the same pre-order items for the digital version, simply purchase Freedom Wars between Tuesday, October 28th to Tuesday, November 11th. After that, the pre-order items will no longer be available.”

    So will it be available for everyone that bought a digital version of the game? I bought a digital version, but didn’t get any special code. And if so, how do we get these items? Will I get them eventually or am I not going to get them if I didn’t get them with the purchase of the game?

    • How/when did you purchase it, ariaankia? If you pick it up today when the store updates, you’ll absolutely get the bonus DLC.
      Otherwise, the retailer where you pre-ordered the game should be providing you with a code for the Pre-order DLC.

      Either way, you should be covered!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Thank you for a retail release.

    Can’t wait to finally play this game. Easily one of the most visually lovely games on the systems, just going off gameplay and trailers. (along with Digimon Cyber Sleuth, ugh that game is so gorgeous)

    • You’re extremely welcome, Elvick.

      That was really important to me, so I’m glad to give you that option!

      Can’t wait for you to play – thank you very much for the support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Got my digital copy at midnight! (THANK YOU AMAZON!)

    It was well worth the wait! Thanks for all the info about the game Nick! Its been a pleasure reading over all your posts, and then finally getting the game in my hands. :3

    • My pleasure, nekokyonshi – thank you for all the wonderful support!

      I do this because I love the game and I love our wonderful fans – it’s a complete win-win situation for me.

      Hope you love the game, can’t wait to play with you online!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Can it be played on the PsTV?

    • Absolutely it can! (And it looks GREAT on there!)

      I hope you check it out! Thanks for the support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • My vita is ready .

    Listo para representar a Santiago de Chile !!

    PS: My english is decent enough but does the game includes more text languages like spanish ?

    • Of course it does! Make sure your system is set to Spanish and the text will all display en Español.

      Thanks for your support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • I’ll be picking this software title after work today also I’m very much looking forward to playing! Never underestimate the power of Playstation!

    • NEVER underestimate the power of PlayStation!

      Thanks for your support, KIDIZNYCE – it’s a pleasure to have you onboard!

      Hope you love the game!

      For the Greater Good!

  • YES!! Reviews are trickling in and they are positive (I needed some reassurance). I’m getting this puppy on my way home after work. FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!

    • What, you don’t trust the cute face of your old pal Percy Propa?

      I love hearing that – thank you very much for the support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Wish it was dubbed. But I preordered and I am literally getting ready, about to leave to pick my game up. I remember hearing about some secret game called Freedom Wars for quite a while, glad it finally made it to market, and so happy pvp is day one :)
    In PvP will you be equipped with your story stuff where players further have an advantage or separate to keep it balanced? Either way is fine for me, but curious

    • I appreciate the kind words, Teflon!

      And of course you’ll be taking your weapons with you into battle – just don’t expect support from you Accessory!

      Can’t wait to have you online – thanks for your support!

  • Hey Nick, is there any other content planned for the game? Like additional missions/bosses/story dlc to keep the game fresh?

    Keep up with the good work and thanks for Freedom Wars!

    • Hi diodio!

      Nothing that I’d be able to announce here!

      There are going to be very regular (and special) Retribution battles, so keep on the lookout for those! (You’ll get an in-game notification!)

      Thanks for your support – hope you love the game!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Part I
    Long live Yoshizawa-san!
    Long live whole Shift, Dimps and SCE Japan Studio!
    Long live Mr. Nick Accordino!
    Long live all who translated game!

    Thank you for new trailer! I love it!

    Bit sad that I will have to wait another week to get my copies :P (had to order from Amazon UK) but I’m coming!

    Now now I will need to think about choosing right equipment…. hmm… as far as I remember there isn’t anything like sniper rifle, right :( ? But I saw some neat long muramasa like sword…

    Any chances for more videos after release? Like presenting character making menu, all types of weapons… ya know stuff like that? That would be helpful! I know JP versions… but still….

    • Answer, Part I:

      You’re very welcome!

      And yes, there totally is a Sniper Rifle – I’m sure you’ll love it!

      Video-wise, I can’t really say – we just finished the launch trailer, so I’m glad you like it!

  • Part II
    Also I need to think about my accessory. Stoic male “butler” type? Or maybe tsun-tsun older female assistant? As for MC sinner… more or less I know what to do :P (being male dunn like playing female :P manly man :P kidding)

    And Panopticon :/ Huh :/ Vienna or Berlin :/

    Mr. Nick can you also tell, if you are working also on Oreshika? That’s another game I am waiting for! Ow boy I hope SCEE won’t make stealth announcment that next week it is releasing as digital only :( WANT RETAIL OF ORESHIKA SOOOOOO MUCH :P

    ANYWAY! CHEERS! Let us all meet inside :)
    I wish you and us good luck! I hope that FW will sell at least as good as in JP, that way maybe we will reach 1kk? That would be cool.

    Guh…. now back to work (writing from work :/)

    • Part II:

      I’m partial to the female Accessory, myself!

      I’m not working on Oreshika, but thanks for asking, and thanks for your support!

      Hope you love the game!

      For the Greater Good!

  • The day has finally come, Nick! Please tell me I can buy “For the Greater Good” t-shirts somewhere (waving money at you).

  • Atlanta, Georgia would have worked so well……especially seeing as Georgia has the Rank 1 most dangerous suburb in america…East Point


  • Been waiting for this come out today. So excited to finally get to play it. I hope it gets great reviews so we can see more games of this caliber on the Vita!

    • That’s the spirit – reviews are already looking mighty positive!

      Really appreciate your support, hope to see you online!

  • Uh oh…

    What about Freedom Wars theme?

    And are there any chance for some assistant application just like all MMO games have :P? That would be kinda cool :) I mean… man… I want to take my accessory to real word with me :P even if it would be simple software for mobile phones or Vita :)
    (ya I know naive, and probably won’t happen :P)

  • 1. Thanks for supporting the vita.

    2. More importantly, when is the GTA San Andreas Remaster coming out?

    • 1.) You’re very welcome!

      2.) Not sure, but there’s a GTA related article on the blog this morning!

      For the Greater Good!

  • My copy will be delivered this afternoon. Pre-ordered this last June. Can’t believe it is finally here. So Excited.
    Thanks Nick for all the updates you’ve provided.

  • This is day one for me, but I do have a question. What does the filesize look like? I have a 64gb card in my vita and ps tv, both are kinda full and I want to make room before the store updates

  • oh please just take my money!!, i been waiting to play this game ever since it was announced.

  • @32

    The game itself is about 1.5GB and the 1.2 patch is around 150mb, so it doesn’t take up too much space!

  • Pre-ordered it a while ago, this is my first attempt at action JRPGs, so hopefully it will go well :)
    Thanks for making such a game!

    • Thanks should go to the fine teams over at Japan Studio, Dimps and Shift!

      I’m just here to make sure it gets into your hands in the best way possible!

      Thank you very much for all of the support – I hope you love it!

      For the Greater Good!

  • And if anyone wants to add me to their PSN Friends list to take down some big baddies together in Freedom Wars, my PSN name is GStylez1980. Let’s get it!

  • Uh oh numero duo

    I feel restless! Tell me what I can do more to support Freedom Wars? Other than ordering my copies and being all crazy about Freedom Wars. This needs to be BIG! It needs to sell to make better future for Vita! So… what do I do now?

    Should I bribe someone? Kill someone? Sleep with someone? Just tell me what I need to do :P

  • I tried to download freedom wars today but it wouldn’t come out on the psn

  • Just got of work and heading to the store to pick up my retail copy.

  • @nekokyonshi thanks! My ps tv has that, just need to make some room on the vita :)

  • Just to confirm, it will be $30 when bought digitally right? Haha because I only have $32 on my account right now :( . I hope it goes online very soon. :D

    • You will definitely be able to grab it. :)

      Sorry about the wait, and thank you very much!

      For the Greater Good!

  • I have redeemed by download code from Amazon, and I don’t seem to have the pre-order DLC. Will this be up later today when the store updates?

    • Yes, the Preorder DLC will be hitting the store later today.

      All you early birds out there! :)

      Thanks for the support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Why is the biggest game on Vita not available to preload before launch and download at midnight on the day of launch? Freaking ridiculous Sony! Why was this option available for the Play 2014 offerings but not available for anything else? Vita fans are stalwart supporters of Sony and we deserve better than this. Obviously I’ll pick it up when it’s available but you really know how to put a damper on my mood.

    • I feel your pain Rainwater, and I’m sorry it wasn’t available even earlier!

      I’m sure you’ll love the game when you get your hands on it, so please still check it out!

      Thank you for your support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • I updated my PS4 and now any online feature (PS Store, What’s New, Time, Updates, Trophies) don’t work any more. Trophies are displayed, but don’t sync. Can’t access PS Store. Games in Library are displayed though, but What’s New doesn’t work and I can’t press down on any game to see the What’s New section of each game.

    It is as if I was offline. I made a connection test and it was fine. What is going on?

  • @rwlove. I’m in the same boat you are. I wish they had a New Orleans panopticon. Oh well. I guess I’ll support Houston. If I have too XD. What panopticon are you choosing?

    @Nick, thanks for all of the updates and posts on Freedom Wars. I shouldn’t have watched that new trailer because waiting for the psn store to update is that much more painful. D’:

    P.S. My panopticon will beat your panopticon ;p

    • You’re very welcome, Clab2021!

      Glad you liked the trailer – I’ll let you know as soon as the store updates!

      For the Greater Good!

  • Will be picking this up when the store updates. Thanks Nick and everyone else who made this game (and its localization) possible.

    Heads up to people looking to buy digitally, the PS store doesn’t usually update until around 2pm PST (5pm EST).

  • Really excited! Still, I feel I have to express my disappointment that after this and Oreshika, Sony won’t be producing any more in-house Vita games.

    Still, like I said, hyped to play Freedom Wars! If only Amazon was shipping my copy sooner.

  • @42

    Since I also got it from Amazon, I’ll explain how the do it.

    There are two separate codes; The first one they emailed to you. That is the code for the Freedom Wars DLC bundle. (The second one being the game code which you can access from you amazon account, which you probably know!)

    Also note, to actually get the items, you have to progress a little bit into the game, and then speak to your Accessory in your cell and launch the Accessory Services. There is a spot there to claim rewards, and the DLC items are waiting! (Note, the costume isn’t there because it’s automatically added to your inventory.)

  • Picking up my copy in an hour, been talking about this game for months I have faith in this game, really excited to dive into it!

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