Details on Exclusive Content for Returning GTAV Players

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Details on Exclusive Content for Returning GTAV Players

Ever since we announced Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4, some of you have been asking if there will be anything extra for those PS3 and Xbox 360 players who are planning on picking up the new versions. To reward loyal GTAV fans for coming back to the newer, more detailed version of Los Santos and Blaine County, we’ve created an array of exclusive items specifically for these players – with each of them connected to activities designed for you to experience the game’s massive world in new and exciting ways. Here are some of the new items and activities that will be available for returning players:

Grand Theft Auto V
The Dodo seaplane: It may take a little firepower to get your hands on this highly versatile GTA classic.

New Events & Rewards

Encounter new events happening all across the world, and complete the challenges they present to unlock exclusive new vehicles like the menacing Imponte Duke O’Death and that veritable GTA classic bird of flight, the Dodo seaplane.

Grand Theft Auto V
The Imponte Duke O’Death: As you might expect, when you first stumble upon this near-indestructible mayhem machine, trouble will follow. Deal with it judiciously and this beauty’s all yours.

Murder Mystery

As Michael, follow a trail of cryptic clues to unravel a grisly murder mystery. Put the clues together and you’ll unlock two Noir Style Filters, which will give your Story Mode gameplay and Snapmatic photos the feel of a gritty old school crime classic.

Grand Theft Auto V
Get to the bottom of a murder mystery that strikes right at the heart of Los Santos’ most cherished industry.

Weapons: The Rail Gun & Hatchet

Obliterate your adversaries with the high-powered, high-velocity Rail Gun. This piece of experimental military technology also has its own set of Shooting Range Challenges at your local Ammu-Nation shooting range. Or hack and slash foes up close and personal with the brutal Hatchet melee weapon.

Grand Theft Auto V
The futuristic new Rail Gun unloads powerful rounds of explosive ammunition upon foes.

Wildlife Photography Challenge

There are new species of animals across Los Santos and Blaine County, and the LS Tourist Board needs someone to document them. As Franklin, catalog unique animal species scattered across the map to unlock the special Kraken Sub.

Grand Theft Auto V
Completing the Wildlife Photography Challenge will unlock the Kraken Sub.

Stock Car Races

Win a series of new Stock Car Races to earn unique custom Muscle Cars adorned with logos from some of the companies that made this country great.

Grand Theft Auto V
Finish first in the new Stock Car Races to earn new Muscle Cars.

Monkey Mosaics

A mysterious street artist is tagging walls all across town with his simian-inspired silhouettes. Track down and photograph them all to earn new monkey outfits (available to all players) and a special Go Go Monkey Blista exclusively for returning players.

Grand Theft Auto V
Take to the skies in the faster and more maneuverable Xero Blimp.

New Vehicles and More

Grind up the Los Santos freeways (and over anybody in your path) with the Cheval Marshall monster truck and take to the skies in a faster and more maneuverable Blimp, compliments of Xero Gas.

There will also be a bounty of content for all players, new and returning, to discover – including a fleet of classic GTA vehicles and a few more surprises we’ve got planned that you’ll have to discover for yourself come game day. And as previously announced, current GTA Online players on PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to pick up where they left off, transferring their characters and progression seamlessly to PlayStation 4 (Social Club membership required).

Grand Theft Auto V
Few objects are an obstacle for the intimidating Cheval Marshall.

In addition, anyone who pre-orders the game will receive a bonus of GTA$1M ($500k for Story Mode and $500k for use in Grand Theft Auto Online).

Visit the Rockstar Games Newswire for more info.

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  • In fact, I fully anticipate a separate PS4 trophy list!

  • After reading this, I just put in my pre-order for the day 1 digital version. Gonna be great paring it with my Vita for some on-the-go GTA action via remote play.

  • Balla’ country!

    GTA San Andreas HD on PS3, PS4 and Vita? I hear thunder but see no lightning..:p

  • will i still get the returning benefits if i had it only on xbox 360, but i only pre-ordered/getting it on ps4?

  • Ahh waiting for PSN to come back up.

  • San Andreas classic has been removed the EU store, so hopefully that’s a good sign the remaster is imminent!

  • @ FlyGuy – But who does that. Honestly

  • @KaneTheGoth – thanks for the potential good news. i’ll drink to that.

  • *scrolls down, doesn’t see anything about a discount* :(

  • Lots of cool stuff. But it’s not going to get me to shell out full price for the game twice. If you really valued Sony loyalty you would subsidize a decent discount to migrate to the newer platform. Not even for PS+ members? For shame! Frankly I’m disappointed in the games offered for PS4. Second Son was awesome. But otherwise all I see is you relaunching the stellar games from 2013 (ie. The Last Of Us) and next edition of franchises like NBA2k to fill the gap. I probably won’t buy another game until the next Uncharted comes out. And I tell people that when they ask my opinion vs. Xbox. Penny wise, pound foolish Sony…

  • No digital discount for people that bought the clearly faulty digital version. I an not buying anymore rockstar games unless they are used and I hate buying used games.

  • Its nice that you’re giving us free stuff. But $60 for a re release is crazy. I’ll wait for a Black Friday deal so that its a reasonable price. No way I’d give you another $60 after spending $60 the first time

  • 60 bux seems too high.

  • Hi everyone, I’ve been wondering since I heard gta v was being remastered can I transfer my stats crossplatorm? Since I played a lot of gta online on my Xbox 360 and have over $20 million worth of cars houses etc, will I be able to go from 360 to ps4. I have a rock star account aswell that links my xbox account. Please respond and thank you

  • and what about who don’t have ps3 and a loyal fan of gta not only v but all the series since the childhood any extras ??

  • Yes $60 is way too much… Who on this earth would buy both games for $120???

    Thinking the smart thing to do is give a PS+ Discount atleast $40 would be an excellent price as I would buy for sure! If not I will wait for big sales this holiday season.

    Another important feature I want to see is able to delete games in the trophy screen… I have games on there that I do not play and have no trophies for them so why would I want to keep them there?


  • must nice trophy DLC GTA V ;) ? PLEAS

  • I honestly think that it is unfair to release the same game but with new items that only people on a different console. It is not a loyalty reward, it is discrimination those who can’t afford to upgrade to a new console. ROCKSTAR HATES THE POOR!!!!!

  • Would be great If you can transfer single player progression over to PS4. And if not, then all this content should come over to PS3 as DLC. Especially considering how we have been supporting and playing this game since September 2013. It seems unfair to exclude PS3 and even X360 users from all this content.

  • to the people who demand or want a discount on GTA V please shut up if you don’t like what rock star did don’t buy the game and stop crying about it no one is gunna cater to you

  • @doitright12 – the consumers/shareholders have the right to applaud/complain as much as they like. this is an outlet for rockstar to listen to any feedback. who are YOU saying that the consumer can’t have any input?

  • So a few vehicles and a handful of new activities are too much for the PS3 to handle? Are you freaking kidding us Rockstar?

    I couldn’t care less for the PS4. I want new content for my system, the one that allowed you to rack up 1 billion bucks in 24 hours.

  • I’m so excited for this, been waiting for it to come to PS4 since it was released on PS3 and I’ve played every day since the servers for GTAO opened. That said here’s my rant!
    I’m sorry but WTF is wrong with half the people that play GTAO, either they can’t read or are just really, really stupid(probably a bit of both)((or allot of both)), but as soon as Rock* put this announcement up on the SocialClub every other comment was asking if the updates were going to be for PS3 and 360’s too….just let that sink in a bit…….. I mean really, first off the title of the article should of gave just a hint for some careful thought to answer that question without needing to ask it. Furthermore the article itself if you read it, clearly stated a number of times that these exclusive bonuses are for players returning from PS3 or 360 as a thank you for being a customer already and buying the game a second time for new gen consoles and PC.

  • part 2

    I mean I could understand one or two comments maybe from some gamers who’s 1st language isn’t english, but it was literally every other comment. On top of those comments were also a multitude of even more asinine comments from more phonically challenged haters that don’t understand why they couldn’t have the game for free, for 10 dollars, 30 players online for last gen consoles, free ice cream, a new house, Rockstar to pay for their internet, and on and on ect. ect. I mean how do these people get out of bed without killing themselves on a day to day basis?! Anyway, I really hope that the PS4 servers will for at least the near future be free of these (air quotes) “gamers”, and I can have some genuine mayhem and chaotic good fun on GTAO, and PSN please keep GTA Online only for active PS+ members forever and maybe we ‘ll continue to enjoy the PS4 version for a long long time!

  • They’re crazy if they want $60 for that game $40 is more like it,a few good games coming out later this ain nobody got time for that

  • if you don’t care for PS4 and could care less then why waste your time commenting here? because you do care, and your a big baby who has nothing better to do? I and I’m sure I can speak for most of all the other gamers who plan on buying this game again are abso-f*&(ing-lutely delighted you won’t be ingame for me to blow away with my combat mg and blow up your beat-up ride with a sticky bomb, as for all of us who will be playing, with better graphics, draw distance, 30 players, more of everything, well we will all miss you oh so not at all, you are probably one of the whiners who sends in reports on anyone who has a quicker trigger finger than you and accuses them of glitching. So enjoy staying in the past while we sail into the future while you grumble about it’s not fair that your 8 year old technology is just as good as today’s and it’s all an evil plot by the publishers to steal our money…..

  • I have 2 questions that someone might be able to answer.

    1.Is this offer limited time only? I was going to wait until December to buy the game for my PS4.
    2. I bought the Collector’s Edition for my PS3 and the news wire said that in order to receive my content once again, I would have to “upgrade” to the next- gen console. Does this mean I have to trade in my PS3 Copy?

  • Man So many exciting games are coming! i cant wait!! Add me or message me LePewds
    -SxUb Member

  • I Have problem I did buy yesterday Psn cards 50€ and 20 € For GTA V Pre-Order but I cant preorder it says
    E-82000113. If I cant get the Pre-Order before 3/11/14 I will be mad . So can anyone help me with the probmel ? Please

  • #79 Try to purchase from your computer through the Playstation Store website. Most likely PSN is having issues, so try that!

  • 80# If i try Download it PSN sotore with my pc it says ” You Are not eligible to pruchase this content ” . I just know what is wrong with my ps4 now. On PS 3 I did get Preorded GTA V last time …

  • i played ga on my xbox 360 i have a ps4 now can i sill start back from where i left from?

  • meh kool stuff, but I want a DISCOUNT like The Last of Us & DC Injustice Gods Among Us, Final Fantasy 14 ARR gave out for already having their PS3 versions

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