Costume Quest 2 Out 10/28 on PS4, PS3

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Costume Quest 2 Out 10/28 on PS4, PS3

Hey guys, Casey Lynch from Midnight City here. I gotta tell you, I’m really excited for October. It’s that time of year when the wind chills, the scary movies start playing on TV, and tombstones start appearing in front yards. Halloween is almost here! And this year, that means something truly special on PlayStation: Costume Quest 2!

Yes friends, the Midnight City team and the folks at Double Fine have worked tirelessly in the candy mill preparing the game for PS4 and PS3, and we’re happy to announce that Costume Quest 2 will be available on both PlayStation platforms just in time for Halloween on Tuesday, October 28th.

Even better, PlayStation players will receive a special treat with it: Sackboy!

We worked with the super cool people at Media Molecule to create a special Sackboy costume that PlayStation fans can wear around town and take into battle.

Getting a character as well-known as Sackboy into our game was no small feat, we’re really glad it worked out and appreciate all the help from the always-awesome PlayStation and Media Molecule teams. You guys are the best!

Anyways, that’s it for now. We have a ton of new trailers showing off gameplay and new costumes, you owe it to yourself to check them out. We’ll be hanging around the comments to answer any questions.

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  • Oh, I am so glad that I’m the zillionth person to suggest Vita!

  • Loved the first one. Any sort of coop to this one? Would love to play it with my wife.

  • I look forward to this game, but I wish it was Cross-Buy between the PS3 & PS4. I own both systems and currently have only the PS3 connected while I catch up on some backlog games/wait for more AAA PS4 games.

    I’d like it for the PS3 to go along with the first Costume Quest. It seems fitting to have them both together, but I also know I’ll be switching to the PS4 soon and it would be convenient to be able to play it on that when I switch..

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind not having Cross-Buy on digital download games like this.Do they really think people are going to double dip on them? I think the added value of getting two for a single price would be the deciding factor for people who feel $15 is a little high. (I’ll buy either way, but I’d be happier with Cross-Buy).

    Also, seeing how this is being released on the 28th will it still quality towards the “Spend $100, get $15” deal?

  • YAY! I actually can’t believe this awesome game finally got a sequel :) I can’t wait to unlock everything in this game too. Day one buy and I’ll make sure to spread the word!

  • Hoping a Vita version can come out! I’m really excited for this game!

  • When will it be available today? I keep checking the store but do not see it.

  • I was looking forward to this game today but it appears to not be available yet. Do they still plan on releasing this today?

  • Ummm when will the door glitch get fixed? It’s not terrible but it ruins the fun when I knock on a door if it’s gunna be human or not.. If human the door opens as it should. But if it’s a crony the door creeps open slowly before..

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