Freedom Wars Out Tuesday, Characters & Panopticons Detailed

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Freedom Wars Out Tuesday, Characters & Panopticons Detailed

Hello again Freedom Wars fans! With less than a week to go until Freedom Wars finally hits North America, I wanted to deliver a few more details regarding our awesome cast of characters and Western Panopticons to our English-speaking “Sinners” out there.

As you’ve seen through our various trailers, even throughout the multitude of cooperative and competitive modes, the story of Freedom Wars takes center stage. While contributing to society and steadily decreasing that million-year sentence, you’ll encounter a myriad of interesting, (and might I add stylish) characters, starting with:

Freedom Wars, Aries
A mysterious girl who appears in front of our main character from time to time. Her prophetic-sounding words seem to be leading you down a certain path, but her true motives remain a mystery…
Freedom Wars, Natalia
Natalia “9” Woo
The tough-as-nails Commander of The Office of Peace and Stability, 35th division. Natalia is tasked with protecting the peace in her Panopticon and keeping the Sinners in line. She might seem cold at first glance, but Natalia’s rigid demeanor masks her deep-seated wish to protect her teammates.
Freedom Wars, Uwe
Uwe “Sakamoto” Cabrera
A veteran prisoner and brave warrior who’s earned the respect of society through his efforts on the battlefield. He’s taught countless prisoners that the only freedom they have left is “to choose how you fight and live with that decision.”
Freedom Wars, Matias
Mattias “Leo” Bruno
An inexperienced prisoner, Mattias considers himself to be your rival. Although he can be a bit competitive, he’s known to have an honest personality and won’t shy away from lending a hand.
Freedom Wars, Abel
Abel “Strafe” Balt
One of the strongest prisoners in the world, Abel is in control of one of the “Three Prototype” Abductors – “Red Rage.” He is by all means considered to be extremely dangerous.
Freedom Wars, Beatrice
Beatrice “Lilium” Anastasi
The heroine of our story, held deep within the main character’s Panopticon, under constant surveillance. Her positive attitude and warm personality make her an instant friend and ally, ready to fight by your side as she bravely confronts her destiny.
Freedom Wars, Percy Propa

And last but not least, your official Panopticon mascot: Percy Propa! Percy is the voice of the Panopticon – his job is to relay messages and issue orders to you, although in a very kind, gentle way. You’ll often see him appearing on the various screens throughout your home Panopticon, shouting his favorite phrase: “For the Greater Good!”

Suffice to say, the characters you’ll encounter in Freedom Wars will help make your experience a very memorable one – they’ll join you both on and off the battlefield throughout the story as you uncover the truth about the world and discover what “freedom” truly is.

I also wanted to take a moment and respond to one of the most frequent questions I’ve received from fans across the world: Which Panopticons are included in the Western release of the game? I’m happy to announce that the Panopticons populating the Western release represent a very international audience – we have over 50 locations from around the world that you’re free to swear allegiance to at the start of the game:

New York City, NY, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Honolulu, HI, USA
Anchorage, AK, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Houston, TX, USA
Mexico City, Mexico
Edmonton, Canada
Lima, Peru
Toronto, Canada
Helsinki, Finland
Reykjavik, Iceland
London, United Kingdom
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Athens, Greece
Bucharest, Romania
Lisbon, Portugal
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Oslo, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Madrid, Spain
Vienna, Austria
Manaus, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santiago, Chile
Galapagos, Ecuador
Caracas, Venezuela
Dakar, Senegal
Nairobi, Kenya
Cape Town, South Africa
Sydney, Australia
Perth, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand
Mumbai, India
Bangkok, Thailand
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Hanoi, Vietnam
Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong, China
Seoul, South Korea
Singapore, Singapore
Tokyo, Japan

Pretty great list, huh? I look forward to seeing all of you online next week, battling for the safety and glory of your home Panopticons. For the greater good!

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  • @44
    Lad you for real? Let’s not argue, it is grand holiday for Vita players so let’s keep it calm.

    There isn’t one geographical classification, there are various schools and usually UK/USA =/= continental Europe

    For some there isn’t even something like “eastern Europe” but only “central europe”. From rational point of view the most important thing should be number of population.

    Because Panopticons will have rankings and they are supposed to fight with each other, the winners from what I heard will gets some kind of bonuses. Cities like Reykjavik are without any sense at all, because without gamers those Panopticons have 0 chance to get as much score as bigger cities. So most of those panopticons will end up being dead, there is no bigger reason for Scandinavia to have 3 panopticons. Eastern Europe + Baltic Countries have 0 panopticons. That’s big area like 1/3 of Europe

    Big part of those panopticons were chosen without any sense, those will end up half-dead because of small number of gamers. So wouldn’t it be more sense to create panopticons for regions where there are players?

  • @49

    Same. Im hoping if the game does well they wont be cheap and release an actual dub patch. Its been done for other games so theres no excuse here.

  • Aw man! But it would be sweet! Any plans for some? I’m a but for avatars. Also persona 4 avatars!!;

  • Already pre-ordered the game. Cannot wait!

    • Thanks Sons-of-Helghan – I think you’re going to love it!

      Let me know what you think when you get online next week!

      For the Greater Good!

  • #Tokyo since Panama isn’t listed since we such a small country(3mill habitats) Ill go for my 2nd nat. Japan, so if anyone joining the Tokyo Panopticon, hope to see you guys around!

  • No Quebec/Montréal panopticon? Bummer.

    I guess I’m from Bangkok now, cuz I’ll be damned if I throw in with Toronto! :-P

    • Sorry reo_danwagon – I’m sure the Bangkok Panopticon will appreciate your support!

      Thanks for checking out Freedom Wars!

  • Is this game going to work on the PlayStation TV? I have it payed off already at gamestop just want to know so if it isn’t I can cancel my pre-order or just keep it until they add compatible support for it on the PlayStation TV.

    • 1000% compatible from Day 1. And yes, that’s a thousand, because it works that well.

      Thanks for checking out the game – we’ll see you online next week!

  • @Mr_TuxedoPants, I agree about avatars. Every game should have avatars. I know game development is hard and costly but come on, avatars should be easy. Why no Persona 4G avatars? I would pay ten bucks for a Yu or Chie or Teddy avatar. Ten bucks each!! The EU store has Tales of Xillia 2 avatars. I want!

    And really, if you want all great and exclusive avatars you have to have a JP account. I play with many Japanese gamers in Dark Souls 2 and they have a lot of avatars we will never see here (in US).

  • WOOHOO Houston, TX alliance day 1, so happy to see my city represented in game…cannot wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered copy.

  • Sorry Archacus but PORTUGAL its a important country! We have C.Ronaldo loool! Jokes apart, im really hyped about this game pre-ordered already!! Im realy happy about Portugal Panopticon thank you!!

  • Why i cant edit my comment T_T loot of errors there…

  • @ SoulEdge94 — So you’re going to miss out on a game because there’s no english dub? I agree that they probably should’ve offered the option of english voices, but for me personally (and maybe a select few others), it seems like a minor thing to base your decision on whether or not to buy the game.

    Hopefully for your sake they do release a patch with english voices. It would be more fun if everyone could enjoy this game (and the experience) when it releases, regardless of their sub or dub preferences are.

    To each his own on their preference of choice. =)

  • can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait >O</

  • @Dracir7
    Ohhhhh…. right…. we don’t have Ronaldo :) You know… that might be the case ;) After all… he is kinda godly :P

  • Thanks you Nick for the post! I’ve already preordered the game, but I have a question, the language is in japanese with english subs?

    • That’s right, nagids!

      We’re extremely proud of our Japanese audio, (we have an amazing team of voice actors), so we’re running with it! The game is subtitled though, so you’ll be sure to understand everything!

      Hope you enjoy the game!

  • Oh sweet, my city is there! ~Houston, TX
    Already pre-ordered this last month but this + that podcast on IGN talking about it makes me even more excited.

    • Awesome to hear that, and thank you so much for the support!

      Sorry my voice was so quiet on the Podcast btw – I feel really bad about that!


  • Honolulu and Anchorage seem like odd picks for the US…I mean I guess they are off on their own but not exactly representational cities I don’t think…

  • Wow, I have to admit, I am really surprised San Francisco doesn’t get a Panopticon.

  • Ahh nice.

    My home country is in there! Awesome!

    I already Pre-ordered a long time ago.

    Too many games that I havent finished yet, not enough time :/

    Senran Kagura :SV just came in 2 days ago.
    Still havent finished Conception and Deception IV
    Still havent completed One Piece Red


    • I’m loving all the Dangan avatars on here! Awesome!

      Thanks for all of the support mangoes – I hope you really enjoy the game!

      For the Greater Good!

  • @Archacus
    Hahahah xD I was just kidding a bit :P i’m really sad for not having your country in the game… Thats not fair :S

  • @62
    First off thanks for being civil. Second yea I dont want to hear japanese voice acting. Iv never been a fan. It use to be common for a game to dub now some small companies dont have the cash to do it all the time(like xseed) or sometimes just want to be cheap and not bother with it(SCEA). Like I said if they get a dub patch I will glady pay for it and the game. Since I was really looking forward to this since people from god eater (another awesome game that had a dub) helped make it.

    Its english sub and japanese voice overs.

  • Nick, thanks for the heads out!

    I have a last question.

    How are going to panopticons being selected by players?
    Are they selectable in the game (forever) or are those enforced to my psn id region?

    Me and many friends have PSN ID since before 2011 and before Chilean PSN region creation, it would be really sad to not being able to support my country


    • Hey DJ_Tomato!

      Panopticons are selected at the beginning of the game – it’s actually one of the first things you’ll choose!

      Panopticons vary by game region – so the SCEA and SCEE versions will vary from the original Japanese release.

      So no worries about having a Chilean PSN account – you can select Santiago as long as you’re playing the SCEA version of the game!

      Hope that answers your question!

      For the Greater Good!

  • @Makoto-Hikami Hit me up with friends if you wana play it won release, I am from the Tokyo Panopticon, but will definitely be Code 7 by the time you guys start playing. So I will have clearance to join other Panopticons teams :)

  • Natalia! Voiced by Yuu Asakawa! Asakawa-san is the best. Can’t wait to hear her in the game next week.

    • She does an amazing job too! (Natalia’s one of my favorite characters, so I hope you enjoy it!)

      Thanks for all of the support!

  • Probably the first Vita game I’ll buy on day 1. This game looks super awesome! Exactly what I wanted for my Vita. Haven’t been this excited for a Vita game in a loooong time! EXCITED!

    • I love hearing that – thank you for all of the support, kdiep!

      Really look forward to hearing your impressions once you get your hands on it!

  • Are there plans to add more Panopticons in the future? I’d pay to be in a Panopticon of my native Boston. Don’t tell me to get on the New York one

    • Hey cwmd – no plans for adding any more as of this writing, but that could always change!

      Hopefully there’s a Panopticon that suits you in there!

      Thanks for your support!

  • Where’s Vancouver, BC in the select-able locations? It’s like us western Canadians are being left out.

  • Thank you for the great info Nick! Simply can not wait to play this piece of art!! Great to hear you on podcast Beyond yesterday as well!! Keep up the magnificent work!

    • You’re so welcome ZoSam32 – I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast as well!

      Really appreciate all of the support – fans like you make this all incredibly worth it!

      Enjoy the game!

  • I am Super hyped for this game it may not be an MMO but it sure comes close to it I cant wait to play I am counting down the days. will this be ported to the PS4 someday?

    • No idea about PS4, BlackNIndian, but it sure is an amazing VITA exclusive.

      If you’re hoping for a great big-screen experience, please check it out on PlayStation TV – it works extremely well!

      Thanks for all of your support!

  • @Nick Accordino

    Come on dude dont give us that excuse. Just be honest like xseed and give the real reason why you wont dub it. Its not cause you want to run with it its cause you dont want to put any money into a dub as of now.

    • My dear Souledge94.

      If it wasn’t for amazing Japanese audio in my favorite shows and games growing up, I’d have never learned the amazing language in the first place.

      So no excuses here – I absolutely adore the wonderful voice overs that went into Freedom Wars, and extremely proud that the game is coming out in the exact shape that it’s in.

      I’m sure you’ll love the game if you give it a try, so I really hope you do.

      Thanks for all of your support!

  • Its sad that San Francisco didn’t make the list, no way in hell I am joining Los Angeles. Bummer Raleigh, NC didn’t make it either, but that was a much longer of a shot haha. Guess I will have to go with Chicago because they have the best pizza.

  • Is there no choice for Vancouver, Canada in the list of the Panopticons and i was hoping you could patch that in because i definitely don’t want to pick Edmonton, or Toronto; or Is it possible to add Vancouver instead of Edmonton?

    • Sorry HeadRusH604 – this list isn’t going to change in the near future!

      I’m sure there’s a Panopticon out there for you though, so please choose wisely!

      Thanks for your support!

  • Nick:

    Thanks for the reply.

    On a side note, are there any plans to do additional crrossover promotions between Freedom Wars and other Vita-based titles?

    I recall a prior blogpost where I mentioned how cool it would be if a “Freedom Wars Online” VRMMO existed in the Sword Art Online universe. Failing that, perhaps some sort of cross-promotion could be worked out with Bandai Namco for either the current SAO: Hollow Fragment, or next year’s SAO: Lost Song?

    Also, I didn’t realise the tau were supposed to be in this game, what with all of these “for the greater good” taglines being tossed around…

    • Hey Nerroth,

      It’s always a possibility, the future’s wide-open for great content!

      Really hope you enjoy the game – thanks for all of your support!

  • Hey Nerroth,

    It’s always a possibility, the future’s wide-open for great content!

    Really hope you enjoy the game – thanks for all of your support!

  • @playstation EU/NA, Advertise this game properly please!
    I believe this game has potential but just not introduced properly since not many people know about it.
    just like what SCEJA did, they heavily advertised Freedom Wars in many game stores in Japan.

    This is a new IP, so advertising in the West is important. レッツ貢献!

    –Fan from the Pacific,

    PS. I have played the game for over 300 hours, online mode is great! PvP is even better!

    • Hi fruitsamuraiF2!

      Thanks for all of your support – I completely agree that the game has a ton of potential, and I’m so glad you’ve poured so much time into it already!

      Thanks for spreading the good word! レッツ貢献!

  • Thank you very uch for bring us this awesome game, Im pretty sure its gonna be the best hunting game in market besides Soul Sacrifice =)

  • @Nick Accordino

    Not saying its wrong for you to prefer it. However its makes sense to bring it over as is with no english voice overs.Unless its cause you dont have the money or just dont want to be bother putting money into it. Thats the cold business truth of the matter no matter how to try to slice it. Thats why I would like for SCEA to be honest about the matter and give the real reason why its lacking in a feature. Xseed did it why cant you?

  • No love for the Caribbean :(
    I wasn’t expecting Puerto Rico to appear, but at least Cuba or Republica Dominicana.

  • 6 more days !!
    Yes, just Yes.

  • Nick:

    We’ll see what happens, then.

    On another side note, do you know how much, if any, influence SCEA has on the kind of localization standards upheld for third-party firms localizing Japanese PlayStation games in North America?

    For example, SAO:HF has been doing quite well over the past two months or so as a digital download. Yet it has to be said that the quality of the English text in the game leaves something to be desired.

    Say, if Bamco were to go ahead next year and bring Lost Song ( over to this continent after the game is published in Japan next year. Would SCEA have a say in terms of what kind of translation standards they might hold the localization to? Or is it essentially up to Bamco in North America to decide how rigorous they want that process to be?

    Of course, one would hope that SAO:LS will be brought over to the West in the first place, for both Vita and PS3. But if the sales of SAO:HF are enough of an encouragement for that to happen, I would hope that a more thorough run-through of the game’s script might be in order when it comes to translating it into English.

    • Hey Nerroth,

      In terms of localization standards, it’s really up to the localization team on the project and the company putting out said project – we can’t tell anyone that their localization needs to be “this good”, nor can they say the same thing to us.

      You just have to trust that the teams involved are doing their best to create a good experience for you – and in my experience, that usually involves a great localization.

      Thanks for the great question though, and I hope you love Freedom Wars when it hits next week!

  • I cannot wait!!! Preordered on GameStop! Come on 28th!!! Thanks guys! I’ve been waiting for this since it released in Japan.

  • Does anyone know if buying this Day 1 (on 10/28) will count toward the $100 in October promotion? It says it ends on the 10/28 (not sure what time)

  • So close i can taste it.

  • So excited, this is the first game I will ever pre-order!!! Hope, it’s worth it!

  • Pre-ordered this game. Great update Mr. Nick. I see stylish outfits. Fashion Wars? :P
    I have a few questions:
    1. I read that we can’t PvP against Japanese players at launch, but what about co-op? Can we play co-op with Japanese players?
    2. Is there adhoc PvP? Or is PvP online only?
    Thank you.

    • Hi EternalMelody,

      1.) I need to personally confirm this – but I do know that you will be good to go with anyone with the SCEA and the SCEE versions!

      2.) There is no adhoc PVP – it’s online only! (This will be added via the Day 1 patch!)

      Thanks for all of your support!

  • @ Nick Accordino
    Thanks for your quick response!
    Another question: Can I expect the PSN price be the same as the retail price?
    I just saw it for R$29.99. Is that correct?
    Thanks again!

  • hay what if i live in another country and i chose newywork usa will i be able to play online what will happen then?please answer i will be grateful if any do.

    • You’ll be fine to play online regardless of the Panopticon you choose – it has nothing to do with your PSN account. :)

  • Panopticons in Europe are ridiculous. You picked cities which are no more than big villages and ignored massive ones like Warsaw and Budapest? C’mon!
    Helsinki-0.5 mil
    Reykjavik-115k (SERIOUSLY!?)
    Copenhagen-0.5 mil
    Athens-0.8 mil
    Amsterdam-0.8 mil
    Oslo-0.6 mil
    Lisbon-0.475 mil
    Stockholm-0.8 mil

    On the other hand:
    Warsaw-1.8 mil
    Budapest-1.8 mil
    Agglomerations are almost 5 mil large. Not only are you ignoring 2 of the largest cities (both in top 10 in Europe), you’re ignoring biggest nations, but even a whole ethnic group! Central Europe has nothing, European Slavs haven’t got any city to pick (Romanians aren’t Slavic) while tiny countries and ethnic groups are represented in bulk. Sad and unfair.
    Scandinavia has 5 cities, when Poland alone has almost double the population of the 5 countries together (26 vs 40 mil). Scandinavia could do with 1-2 cities and you could add Warsaw, Budapest and Prague to allow Central Europe and Slavic world to be represented. This is really a bummer and letdown. There’s no way in hell I’m playing Berlin or murderers from Moscow.
    Seriously, you should do some research and correct this list. It makes no sense, is unfair, excludes big groups of people and is a big disappointment.

  • hay what if i live in another country and i chose newywork usa will i be able to play online what will happen then?please answer i will be grateful if any do. and iam hypedd

  • Can someone confirm if this game will be eligible for the 15$ back promotion.

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