Freedom Wars Out Tuesday, Characters & Panopticons Detailed

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Freedom Wars Out Tuesday, Characters & Panopticons Detailed

Hello again Freedom Wars fans! With less than a week to go until Freedom Wars finally hits North America, I wanted to deliver a few more details regarding our awesome cast of characters and Western Panopticons to our English-speaking “Sinners” out there.

As you’ve seen through our various trailers, even throughout the multitude of cooperative and competitive modes, the story of Freedom Wars takes center stage. While contributing to society and steadily decreasing that million-year sentence, you’ll encounter a myriad of interesting, (and might I add stylish) characters, starting with:

Freedom Wars, Aries
A mysterious girl who appears in front of our main character from time to time. Her prophetic-sounding words seem to be leading you down a certain path, but her true motives remain a mystery…
Freedom Wars, Natalia
Natalia “9” Woo
The tough-as-nails Commander of The Office of Peace and Stability, 35th division. Natalia is tasked with protecting the peace in her Panopticon and keeping the Sinners in line. She might seem cold at first glance, but Natalia’s rigid demeanor masks her deep-seated wish to protect her teammates.
Freedom Wars, Uwe
Uwe “Sakamoto” Cabrera
A veteran prisoner and brave warrior who’s earned the respect of society through his efforts on the battlefield. He’s taught countless prisoners that the only freedom they have left is “to choose how you fight and live with that decision.”
Freedom Wars, Matias
Mattias “Leo” Bruno
An inexperienced prisoner, Mattias considers himself to be your rival. Although he can be a bit competitive, he’s known to have an honest personality and won’t shy away from lending a hand.
Freedom Wars, Abel
Abel “Strafe” Balt
One of the strongest prisoners in the world, Abel is in control of one of the “Three Prototype” Abductors – “Red Rage.” He is by all means considered to be extremely dangerous.
Freedom Wars, Beatrice
Beatrice “Lilium” Anastasi
The heroine of our story, held deep within the main character’s Panopticon, under constant surveillance. Her positive attitude and warm personality make her an instant friend and ally, ready to fight by your side as she bravely confronts her destiny.
Freedom Wars, Percy Propa

And last but not least, your official Panopticon mascot: Percy Propa! Percy is the voice of the Panopticon – his job is to relay messages and issue orders to you, although in a very kind, gentle way. You’ll often see him appearing on the various screens throughout your home Panopticon, shouting his favorite phrase: “For the Greater Good!”

Suffice to say, the characters you’ll encounter in Freedom Wars will help make your experience a very memorable one – they’ll join you both on and off the battlefield throughout the story as you uncover the truth about the world and discover what “freedom” truly is.

I also wanted to take a moment and respond to one of the most frequent questions I’ve received from fans across the world: Which Panopticons are included in the Western release of the game? I’m happy to announce that the Panopticons populating the Western release represent a very international audience – we have over 50 locations from around the world that you’re free to swear allegiance to at the start of the game:

New York City, NY, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Honolulu, HI, USA
Anchorage, AK, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Houston, TX, USA
Mexico City, Mexico
Edmonton, Canada
Lima, Peru
Toronto, Canada
Helsinki, Finland
Reykjavik, Iceland
London, United Kingdom
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Athens, Greece
Bucharest, Romania
Lisbon, Portugal
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Oslo, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Madrid, Spain
Vienna, Austria
Manaus, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santiago, Chile
Galapagos, Ecuador
Caracas, Venezuela
Dakar, Senegal
Nairobi, Kenya
Cape Town, South Africa
Sydney, Australia
Perth, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand
Mumbai, India
Bangkok, Thailand
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Hanoi, Vietnam
Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong, China
Seoul, South Korea
Singapore, Singapore
Tokyo, Japan

Pretty great list, huh? I look forward to seeing all of you online next week, battling for the safety and glory of your home Panopticons. For the greater good!

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119 Author Replies

  • Pre-ordered a long time ago. When can North America expect the latest update in Japan that introduced new modes?

    • Hey mtk93!

      The plan is to have the patch up by Day 1 – if not it’ll be really close to it!

      I’ll keep you posted!

      Thanks for your support!

  • Is this going to be the latest version that JP region has?

    • We’ll be releasing the patch that recently hit Japan by Day 1 over here, so short answer: Yes!

      Hope you enjoy!

  • WHOOP! I’m hyped.

  • If only Atlanta, Georgia were on this list……T.T guess I will be going with new york, tokyo, or london

  • Preordered and counting down the days. Can’t wait!

  • Can’t Wait!

  • Honolulu, HI. WOOT finally getting some Hawaii love here!

  • To clarify: Does the Panopticon we pick affect how many players are available to play with or is matchmaking independent of the PT we pick?

    Another way to phrase it: will Panopticons work like a server selection in an MMORPG where once you pick you’re only in that ecosystem?

    • Hey Vilens!

      No, we’re not gating off anyone from playing with each other based on Panopticon.

      Your individual result (how well you do, the amount of enemies you take down, civilians rescued, etc) will all count toward your own Panopticon, so even when you’re teaming up with others, you’re still supporting your home PT!

      Enjoy the game, and thanks for your support!

  • oh , god… my wallet

    Anyway, thanks for some vita love

    will try to get this game as soon as possible

  • Wow, thanks for the info. on some of the characters, Nick A. It’s great to have even a little bit of a back story on these unique looking individuals. Btw, I have two questions:

    1) does this mean that we’ll be able to compete against any of the 50 “Panopticons” listed above?

    2) Will there be any chance of us getting the same patch update that’s available in Japan on release day? (example: the 8 Vs. 8 Online Multiplayer mode)

    • Hey JamalVita!

      Happy to answer your questions!

      1.) Everything you do will contribute back to your home Panopticon, and they’ll constantly be ranked against each other. You can check the rankings via the “League of Panopticons” from The Window on Liberty (the screen within your cell.)

      2.) We’re working really hard to get the very latest patch out to you by Day 1, and so far we’re on track! Stay tuned for more info!

  • Wow, this game snuck up on us so quickly. Still haven’t decided if I wanna pick this up digital or retail…Any idea on the download size for the digital version?
    Also, can someone inform me as to what Panopticons are? I’ve been trying to avoid info on this game, but this sounds like something I’d like to know before I pick one.

    • Hi BlueBl1zzard!

      Sorry to sneak up on you!

      Glad to give you a choice with regard to how you want to purchase the game – either way, I hope you enjoy it!

      The digital download clocks in at about 1.45 GB – not too bad if you ask me!

      Panopticons are your home locations – you’ll be completing operations and supporting your own Panopticon all throughout the single and multiplayer modes in Freedom Wars!

  • Part I
    Hello Mr. Nick! As probably we won’t get any replies in Europe I hope you don’t mind me writing here :) ?

    Can you tell whether there will be more articles about Freedom Wars before release date? Game DESERVE to be advertised at least on PS blog as much as Driveclub! Please! Some time ago I even proposed to make something like “freedom wars week” like writing each day new article like

    Day-1 – plot
    Day-2 – characters/character making
    Day-3 – Panopticons
    Day-4 – weapons
    Day-5 – enemies
    Day-6 – crafting
    Day-7 – online modes
    (yeah I know that it is no longer possbile :( )

    And I must say that I am kinda dissapointed by lack of new trailer :(

  • Part II
    BUT! I love design of “9″ and “Lilium”, looking great! ANd I love your new avatar :P

    About list of panopticons kinda dissapointing :( I don’t understand why Australia and Canada gets 2 panopticons and Poland gets 0 even when it is more populated. Likewise why Portugal instead of dunno Hungary or Czech. And… well representation of Eastern Europe is kinda VERY bad… only Romania (and it is kinda more of a Balkan country)? Really? It is one of the poorest countries in EU, with only like 20kk population. That’s really not fair :(

    Ow well… I was prepared that I won’t be able to pick Warsaw… but I hoped for at least SOME Eastern Europe country :( I don’t really have any choice at all, only Berlin :(

    • Ever the ardent supporter, Archacus!

      Thanks for all the questions, and yes, there will be more information on Freedom Wars leading into launch. Stay tuned!

      (You say you want a new trailer, huh? Hmmmm….)

      As for the list of Panopticons, I hope you find something that’s suitable! We needed to keep the list to about 50, and with such a big area to cover, I hope you can understand!

      You’re always welcome to join me in Los Angeles, btw. :)

      Thanks for all of your support!

  • SINGAPORE YES :D thank you – can’t wait to play this

  • I am very excited for this release. I paid off my pre-order a long time ago and can’t wait to jump in.

    Do you have any information about whether the Freedom Wars Vita Theme will be available in the US?

    • Hey UCBooties!

      No info on the theme yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

      Thanks for your enthusiasm – really appreciate all the support!

      For the Greater Good!

  • So does this means that there will be cross region online play? region 1 + 2 EU + 3 asia?

  • Only Edmonton or Toronto in Canada. As a Nova Scotian I guess I will have to join Edmonton. Toronto is closer, but no thanks.

  • Also, If anyone is up for some online multiplayer when this comes out, hit me up & let me know. =)

  • Can anyone explain to me how these Panopticons work? And what is a panopticon?

  • @1 @2 @10
    The game is supposed to launch with Online MP in North America and Europe, so yes, that would mean the patch is “in”.

    @8 @10 @11
    Panopticons have no real bearing on who you play online, they’re basically your guild, so to speak. You choose one of these cities to represent (being that these are the only remaining cities on the ground in-universe) and fight for them against the other cities. The cities get ranked every week and there are rewards based on city performance, as far as I remember reading. I’ve heard that it’s balanced very well and cities with less players have lower requirements to do well, while cities with more players require players to contribute more. That said, this is only what I read, so maybe Nick could step in and correct this.

    Can’t wait for this game, it’s been my most anticipated game since last May, when it was announced. Hope to see you all online!

    Oh, also, quick question for Nick: Do the idols frm the Japanese promo material ( appear in the game? I’m really fond of them.

    • Thanks for the support Iiammill!

      Let me clarify a few little things:

      1.) The base game (the version at retail and originally downloaded from the store) will be equivalent to the JP 1.11 release – meaning that online co-op and ranking will most definitely be there. Patch 1.20 (the current JP version) is on the way – we’re hoping to have it released by Day 1. 1.20 contains the online PVP and a few other tweaks, so we hope you’re looking forward to it!

      2.) This is exactly right – support your Panopticon well and you’ll receive rewards on a weekly basis. Can’t quite go into balancing here, but I’d say you’re on the right track. :)

      And about those Idols… stay tuned! :)

  • Wh… What? Jakarta, Indonesia is there? I am pleasantly surprised at this.

  • Been playing it for a week now, already released in Latin America, game is awesome, already at 967,992 years of sentence. Already using lvl 7 rarity 5 weapons, which pack a punch and the Abductors type Ramosa can’t withstand the spears and heavy swords. Heavy Machine guns are the stuff honestly. Snipers aren’t much of a good deal thought.

    Hope you guys enjoy it.

  • I’m going to repeat myself… but it really is not fair that Eastern Europe was left out
    Portugal -> 10kk
    Finland -> 5kk
    Norway -> 5kk
    Sweden -> 10kk (why not 1 panopticon per Scandinavia?)
    Denmark ->5kk
    Iceland -> 0.3kk

    On the other hand
    Poland -> 40kk (as big as Spain)
    Czech -> 10kk
    Hungary -> 10kk

    It really is weird that Eastern Europe didn’t get ANY panopticon. It’s really not fair.

  • YES MANILA, PHILIPPINES~~~ i actually thought the Panopticons were only going to be for the western territories so this was a great surprise. my hype levels just increased aaaarrghh

  • What the total size of this game, and does that include all the updates? I would hate to buy this, and find out i need another 4GB of space for updates lol.

    • The size of the base game is about 1.45GB, and the 1.20 patch will be about 150MB.

      So as long as you have that free, you should be good to go!

      Hope you enjoy!

  • Ecuador yes

  • Japan, Tokyo-des

  • There are so many diverse “Panopticons” (Sorry that some of you guys didn’t get your area added). I’m so excited to compete with/against so many! the 28th needs to hurry up and get here already, because I can’t wait! ;-)

  • @12/13

    Australia and Canada likely got two due to geographical size. Both are many times bigger than Poland. Like you can fit 31 Polands in Canada.

    Likely has something to do with city density as well. Europe as a whole has a LOT of cities that are comparatively really, really close together. For perspective, the distance between the two chosen Canadian cities (Toronto and Edmonton) is 3473 kilometres. That’s equivalent to driving across the width of your country, from eastern border to western border, more than five times.

    For comparison, Bucharest is only 988km from Warsaw. Berlin is 566km.

    You’ve got much closer city options than people in many other countries, including this one.

  • @disaiyan
    The most important should be number of population, not the size of country. Sure EU has more cities but than again it is more populated.

    Or do you think that Antartica should have at least 3 Panopticons as it is bigger than Canada? I’m not saying that Poland should have one… I’m just saying that there should be at least one for Eastern Europe. Right now we don’t have that kind of option.

    Don’t expect that people from Eastern Europe will go for Moscow Panopticon… 25 years ago Eastern Europe was occupied by Russia… so don’t expect people to go there.

    Romania? It is closer to Balkans than Easter Europe.

    That’s the problem… there is only one Slavic country…. Russia :/ and from historical reasons most people will be reluctant to join it.

  • My question is how’s the gameplay? Similar to Ragnarok Odyssey? Soul Sacrifice? Monster Hunter? FF:XIV? The game looks sooo amazingly interesting, I just want to know what I’m getting into, so I can rant about how awesome it is. XD

    • I’d say it’s kind of it’s own beast – the ability to dash, the cover mechanics and the thorn’s grappling-hook-like abilities really set it apart from other games.

      Plus there’s an amazing variety of weapons – everything from automatic rifles to buster swords and rocket launchers. Something for everyone!

      I really hope you enjoy it! Thanks for all of your support!

  • @29 Archacus


    No, and that’s stupid, because Antarctica doesn’t have a population. There are no cities. There are no towns. There are a few research stations and a LOT of penguins.

    According to the United Nations Statistics Division, Romania is part of Eastern Europe. You can’t really get a more concrete definition than that. So yes, Eastern Europe has one.

    And ain’t nobody said nothin’ about Russia, man. That’s all you.

  • @31 disaiyan

    But you just said that what counts is size of country :)

    Romania -> southeastern not eastern -> Balkan Penisula

  • @Kiro_Uraya Game play is similar to Toukiden and Soul Sacrifice and all those games, only thing is that the whole environment including boss / mobs / enemy’s / allies, are terrain movable like you can spider web pull towards them.

    Also weapons are easy to use, the only ones hard to use are Maces/Web Shooters. Very hard to use.

  • @31 disaiyan

    But you just said that what counts is size of country :)

    Romania -> southeastern not eastern -> Balkan Peninsula

  • Hey guys, I didn’t know what a Panopticon was either, so here is a link to an earlier PS Blog post about it:

    They’re basically city-facilities that all the humans have to live in because of rampant pollution. You know, typical dystopian future stuff :)

    Sounds cool though.

  • @Nick
    Yeah… but still bit sad that there is no really place for Slavs :( Scandinavia gets 3 when it’s not even that populated. (finland is not scandinavian but than again… not populated that much). Canada and Australia are big, but in terms of population are rather small/average :/

    There is 0 for Eastern Europe :( Seems not fair :(

    Ow well either way, like I promised I ordered 2 copies (need only 1) just ot support you guys. But still kinda sad :(

  • Thank you nick! Is yours bought from psn? :)

  • Santiago de Chile !

  • Interesting Panopticon list. Surprising that there are no cities from mainland China, such as Beijing or Shanghai.

    Still, I wonder if there will be any jokes about Toronto not being able to make the playoffs…

    To clarify, will the “Tokyo” listing here be kept apart from the Tokyo prefectural listing in the Japanese version of the game?

    • Hey Nerroth,

      I’ll need to check on that to be 1000% sure, but I believe the answer is yes – it wouldn’t really be fair to rank prefectures against other global cities, so we’ll be keeping them separate.

      Thanks for your support!

  • Also to those who wana have a head up strong ally in early game, add me up I can boost your range and melee dmg high enough to kill Abductors quick .

  • @Nerroth The Japan server will be different than ours, since theirs is 47 Prefectures, its a complete different resources war.

    International server is pretty much worldwide war. Lots of fun. Code 6 is damm hard……

  • Hello there! I wanna preorder this game but I cannot find it on PSN. When it will be available?

    • Hi rimolaus!

      Thank you so much for your support!

      Unfortunately we aren’t taking digital pre-orders for Freedom Wars via the PSN store, but fear not!

      If you purchase the game on launch day (next Tuesday, October 28th), you’ll still get access to the pre-order DLC: “The Reclamation Pack” which features costumes, weapons and items!

      I really hope you enjoy it, and thank you very much for all of your support!

  • @35

    Actually what I said was geographical area (I said nothing of country), and city density.

    And if you’d like to go argue with the UN about whether or not Romania is part of Eastern Europe, you go right ahead. See how far you get.

  • Was so hyped for this game.To bad none of this is english dubbed. I hope you guys release some sort of english patch down the road so I can enjoy it. As you can see im not a fan of japanese voice acting. I dont get why sony cant afford english voice acting theres really no excuse.

  • can i pre order it from the PSN store on my vita? i want the pre order bounses

    • Hi Jay_Pe85!

      As I told rimolaus above, there’s no digital pre-order, but as long as you purchase the game when it goes live next week, you’ll still receive the pre-order bonuses.

      Thanks for all of your support!

  • This is hilarious.

    @djsaiyan, no point. You tried, dude, but no point.

    I think it’s amazing that any game included such nontraditional game locations like Hanoi, Jakarta and well, anything that isn’t Los Angeles (my hometown), NYC or Tokyo.

    But that’s all IRRELEVANT. No game can or should try to cater to every possible preference or characteristics of all gamers. It’s all about gameplay, and if that’s good, that’s all that matters.

    I really hope this game is the huge success the Vita really needs.

  • **** YEAH!!! PSVITA GOTY!! I waited so long for this… I’m so poor right now but I’m gonna get the money now and buy it day 1!! Omg Thank you for giving me a good reason to be happy now :)

  • No dub = no buy

  • Hey Yo! Nick Accordino that is a cool avatar.

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