PS4 System Software 2.00 Preview: USB Music, Home Screen Colors

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PS4 System Software 2.00 Preview: USB Music, Home Screen Colors

You may already know that PS4’s upcoming system software 2.00, codenamed Masamune, adds some big features including Share Play, YouTube support, and Themes – but the updates don’t end there. I have personally stated in past blog posts that we listen to our fans. PlayStation has heard gamers when they say they want more ways to find friends to play with, and more ways to personalize their PS4. With this update, we’ve added a Players You May Know tile, the ability to listen to your music while gaming, the option to change the look of your PS4 experience, and easier ways to sort and filter your library of content on PS4.

PS4 Theme: Paper Scalpture (Top)
PS4 Theme: Paper Scalpture (Bottom)

PS4 Theme: Rectangle (Top)PS4 Theme: Spiral (Top)

PS4 Theme: Rectangle (Bottom)PS4 Theme: Spiral (Bottom)

PS4 has been on sale for almost a year and we’re committed to improving the player experience in entirely new ways. As always, we welcome feedback as part of our ongoing effort to make PS4 the best place to play.

  • USB Music Player: PS4 owners can play their own music in the background while playing a game using USB Music Player*. After inserting a USB stick loaded with music into the PS4, a new option for USB Music Player will appear. Supported filename extensions include MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP.
  • Change colors: In addition to the ability to add a theme, PS4 owners can also change the background of the home screen from light blue to one of seven new colors: gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and gray.
  • Players You May Know: PS4 will now suggest players you may know as potential friends in the ‘What’s New’ section.
  • Enhancements to Live Broadcasting: Masamune brings a variety of improvements to live broadcasting on PS4. In the Live From PlayStation app, PS4 owners can now select a Featured channel, which includes official broadcasts from PlayStation, broadcasts from people on a players friend list, and any game channel that the player has followed. Additionally, Live From PlayStation now has filters for searching broadcasts on a specific game, as well as support for archived broadcasts.
  • Content Area and Library: PS4’s Content Area, which shows the latest games and apps a PS4 owner has used, has been redesigned to help make it easier to quickly find and access content. It now shows 15 of a player’s most used apps or games, and additional items will be added to a player’s Library. The Library on PS4 has improved filter and sort functions to help organize contented by type (game / app / TV & video), name (a – z or z – a), recently used, or install date.
  • Enhanced Voice Commands: The ability to control PS4 using voice has been improved. Players can now say ‘PlayStation’ to begin commands, and ‘All Commands,’ to see a list of all voice command options available. New voice commands were added for live broadcasting, including “Start broadcast,” “End broadcast,” and “Find face.”
  • Add To Library: The monthly free PlayStation Plus games will have an ‘Add to Library’ button in the PlayStation Store. This button will add a game to a PS4 owner’s library without downloading it – saving space on their hard drive.

Correction: Back Up Data, a feature listed in an earlier version of this post, is not part of PS4 system software 2.00.

PS4 Background: RedPS4 Background: Green

PS4 Background: GrayPS4 Background: Gold

PS4 Background: Light BluePS4 Background: Purple

PS4 Background: PinkPS4 Background: Blue

PS Vita and PS TV – 3.35 update, Live From PlayStation

The PS Vita and PS TV systems will also receive a system software update to version 3.35 with the same timing as Masamune, adding four-player Remote Play support to PS TV. In addition, the Live from PlayStation app, which allows users to watch live gameplay streams from PS4 systems, will be available on both PS Vita and PS TV alongside this update.

PlayStation App 2.0 update

The PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets, available free on the App Store and Google Play, is also set to receive an update to version 2.0 within the same launch window as both the PS4 and PS Vita system software updates. This update provides a new layout for tablets, and the app’s home screen has been redesigned.

Stay tuned for more information on Masamune. We can’t wait for everyone to try it!

* User can play music files stored inside USB storage but cannot copy music files to PS4 HDD. This application cannot be used at the same time with Music Unlimited. USB Music Player will appear once USB storage is inserted, and will disappear once USB storage is removed.

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  • Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You guys are awesome! I’m so glad i’m in team PlayStation =)

  • Would ps4 players be able to share play with ps3 users for certain games like lego batman 3? And would it ever be possible to create a party with a ps3 user as long as the ps4 is host?

  • how about an option to change our PSN IDs

  • In the new update 2.0 – Will there be a option for recording/livestreaming that you can record players/partychat and ingame voices?

  • In the new update 2.0 – Will there be a option for recording/livestreaming that you can record players/partychat and ingame voices?


  • I think it’s rediculous that our ps3 consoles are better for multi media than our next gen consoles. Dlna please!

  • Hey, if someone could answer this question:
    At TGS they revealed the ps4 theme feature, im excited. But they showed the feature with a doko demo issho (Toro) theme. I really love Toro and friends, will it be available in the English PS4 store some time after 2.0? If not I will be sad. Thanks.

  • with this usb music player with the new update will I be able to save music on my ps4 like I do with my ps3

  • themes!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
    my video game music collection play in background?!?!? O.o GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

    PS. is this going to better organize the “video streaming” app??? is a pain to try to go to my Netflix, ign or Hulu app and have to see all the others app that have available to DL.
    If not coming in this update… could it be consider for the future? Could we have one top section for apps already on the system and everything available just below??? thx.

    and again, cudos!!! :)


    FIX THE CE -34878-0





    (Dont get me wrong i like the ps4 but there are so many bugs in the UI its hard to really like it)

  • …meh. Honestly. I’ve never seen a next generation platform that went backwards in functionality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the hell out of my games. But take the games away and the PS4 actually does less than the PS3. In my opinion. I still can’t use my playstation media remote or my old PS3 controllers, I can’t do any DNLA streaming and I can’t even play my physical copy of MGS. I have to rent it for whatever dollars a week.

    Maybe the technology doesn’t exist yet

    I still love my PS4 games but system experience has been pretty disappointing. Unfortunately for me I’ll never invest into another platform. I’ll keep waiting for the day my PS4 can actually do what my PS3 did and more.

    Sorry for the *****ing. But seriously. There should be a more direct channel to deliver feedback than a public forum.

  • finnalyy…. thanks sony so much !

  • You guys expect Sony to fix everything with one update? Stop being so ungrateful and impatient. Gamers are so entitled these days.

  • First of all yes it will be a big and efficeny update but sony ps4 have big problem PSN.You can solve the PSN connection friend lists and game connection.

  • any date as of yet for a time we can expect to update? also what else is planned for 2.0?
    is the game share thing going to be with 2.0 too? what about folder vreation feature, anyword there yet?

  • i guess im a lucky 1 i dont have any UI bugs nor connectivity bugs… often lag is due to network issues try resetting your router or better yet going straight wired much faster then wifi anyways… also how far back are u when in chat? i have no issues there either… r u using a bluetooth headset? make sure theres not a bunch of other electronic clutter around the console and u… if ur plugged into the controller make sure ur battery is at least at 2 bars, 1 is fine but none will screw with the mic, lag and such… if your USB then ur headset sucks i use my Turtle beavhes both ways they work great thru the contriller and they work fine thru USB… also for UI issues if its lag while scrolling the XMB how much space do u have in the system storage low memory can cuase graphical lag and to remedy u can always clear out what u dont play anymore, movies u dont watch anymore etc etc… dont worry if its on ur download list u can always redownload it if u ever feel the need to replay or rewatch what ever it is u put on the chopping block…

  • ok so my 3 big Needs to keep me from trading my PS4 for a XB1

    1. Folder creation
    (why not just go back to the PS3s XMB, you know stick with what works)

    2. ability to save said USB music to PS4
    (some people dont like having a flash drive sticking out of their console, some idiot walks by and “snap!” the things broken)

    3. better PS+ free games
    (its hard to tell friends why they should get a PS4 with PS+ when the free games are crappy indie titles they dont care for)

  • I think we need all the features that were available on the PS3 before we start congratulating sony on a ‘massive’ firmware udate. Would really like to see DLNA support (Sony were it’s founders after all) and abitliy to save MP3 and Image files on PS4.

  • Do we get youtube as an app? Not big thing, but it would still be nice.
    Can we play videos from USB yet?
    What about letting us use media players like plex?
    Can we change our usernames yet?

  • i hope i can use my vita as a usb while plugged in because i dont have any usbs

  • Is there going to be any external hard drive support?

  • Thanks for the update Sony, but does this update include the ability to change premium avatars?

  • Will we ever be able to use the touchpad on the home screen? This is something I thought would have been supported on initial release and it looks like it still hasn’t been thought about…

  • I just uploaded to 2.0 but now the it won’t let me connect to PSN, therefore all my games are down. Need this to be fixed ASAP

  • you guys are ridiculous. Ur “amazing” update has cause an insane amount of people to not be able to use pan, nice

  • Still no music player for me when I plug in usb

  • Not a SINGLE lossless audio format supported? Why??? Why not FLAC ? It’s opensource and common!

  • Hi Everyone,

    If you guys are struggling to figure out how the USB Music works here is how to get it to work:

    – Create a folder called “MUSIC” in the root of the USB device
    – Add your MP3 files into that folder
    – Insert into PS4 and wait a few seconds

    It works with USB devices formatted to exFAT as well FAT32

  • I can’t sync my PSN account to my YouTube account. I also get messages that I can’t upload to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

  • I can’t sync my PSN account to my YouTube account. I also get messages that I can’t upload to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Thanks for finally allowing music support. Most of the problem is solved. I would have still rather have the option to put it on the hard drive, but it’s better than music unlimited. I would have never purchased that on principle alone.

  • Finally I get to listen to my own music while playing a game! I’m loving this update so far, Share Play is definitely the best thing feature out of all of them; I got to play NBA Live 15 with my brother online before I bought my digital copy.

  • The “green” isn’t really that green at all :/

  • Since the new usb music is out what songs should i get to play while playing games? -dance songs, hype songs-

  • I really need a ‘appear offline’ option. It would make life easier to have a quite game. Gamer girls get bombarded with invites and I’m not a rude person to simply ignore them. Please look into it.

  • Damn, just installed the new update and it’s really not that impressive. Organization still sucks still locked into that damn randomized activity thing at the bottom that shifts around with ever automatic update a game has and Apps that are for some reason featured while others i actually use aren’t even near the top.
    and I can’t use my own images for the background. As much as I like supporting crap games like the new call of duty I’d rather support games I like, like Octodad.

  • And when will come the PlayStation App to Windows Phone??? :c
    And the “USB Music” feature could will be added to the PS3 too??? I’m bored with the GTA’s music. And I want to kill people in MoH listening ROCK hehe

  • Dear Sony,

    As other players have mentioned before, the PS4 still lacks some of the feature’s of the PS3.
    Also i have some inputs:

    – Even after the Update, is the UI really the best you could come up with? It’s still more or less the same as in PS3 just with less functionallity… and the new libary function is a hussle not an upgrade in my opinon…. if you wanna organise, folder would have been an idea…
    – NO DNLA, how could you? In my Opinion a absolute NO-GO, but shure you want to push your payservices… so i’ll still be using my notebook for another few years…
    – I don’t like the fact, that Games on CD, have diffrent restrictions than the one’s i buy online. (Disk needs to be in console to play, on the other hand, i can’t resell my downloads… just lame… but i have to say, i love the possibility to install my games at a friends! Thats just awesome…

    – why exactly can’t i choose my own pic/screenshot as a background?

    at least i can listen to music now… should have been in 1.0….

  • Sleep mode bug aside, great update guys!

    One question/request. How difficult/feasible would it be to include a volume leveler with the media player? I’ve been using custom soundtracks on Driveclub but the problem is that I so many songs with so many varying volume levels I’m having to constantly exit out to my media player and adjust the volume setting. One song will be so quiet I can barely hear it. I adjust the volume and then the very next song will be blaringly loud. Guys, any chance at all a leveling feature could be added?

    Thanks again for the great update!! The PS4 is an awesome console!

  • I still cannot use any of my premium avatars. How hard is that? Also, I have to transfer my music to a pendrive to listen to it… seriously? And no FLAC support?! No DLNA, no way to remove useless app download shortcuts, like Amazon videos, and no folders to group my games in a way that makes sense to me.

  • I hope one day in the future allps3 games will be playable on the ps4….thats my only wish lols

  • All ps3 games become playable on the ps4, my wish

  • Alright! New features! I cannot wait to play my own music during gameplay! I can’t wait to return!

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