PlayStation Now Open Beta Launches Today on PS Vita, PS TV

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PlayStation Now Open Beta Launches Today on PS Vita, PS TV

Starting today, the PlayStation Now Open Beta will be available on both the PS Vita and PlayStation TV systems in much of the mainland U.S. and Canada, in addition to already being available on PS4 and PS3*.

PS Now on PS Vita

Our vision for PS Now is to make it possible for more people than ever to have quick and easy access to PS3 games, making it as easy to stream these games as it is to stream TV, movies, and music.

PS Vita is an important part of that vision, as you’ll be able to rent a game on one device, like PS4, then continue playing on your PS Vita or vice versa. That’s possible because of our cloud technology, which lets you play select PS3 games from our library of over 150 PS Now titles including God of War: Ascension on both a home console and a handheld device without the need for game downloads, installs, or patches.

PS Now makes the value of PS TV even better. The system, which launches today and starts as low as $99.99 MSRP, also provides one of the most affordable ways to get access to our library of PS3 games available on PS Now.

In order to get access to the PS Now Open Beta, you’ll need to download the PS Now app from PlayStation Store.

We’ll continue to collect feedback from PS Vita and PS TV users – keep it coming, and we hope you enjoy!

*Service not available in all areas. A steady broadband connection greater than 5Mbps is highly recommended. See for details.

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  • Also PS Now stream works great, the only consoles Ive owned are a gamecube, ds, psp (traded my ds for it), wii, and now my vita. I have never owned nor played a PS3 (except thos in store demo ones). The fact that I can now enjoy Infamous on my Vita is awesome! Thanks Sony!!!! And I know you guys can’t do really do a subscription, but that’s ok since PS Now prices will drop soon. This service is going to take off! I just wish GTA 5 was on PS Now………

  • Couple of issues here, one I’m not sure if I want to rent games, especially at the cost they are offering them at. Secondly, I have bought literally over 200 digital games but I’m unable to play games that are tied to my PSN account and instead I have to “rent” them in order to use the streaming service from PSN? I currently subscribe to iTunes Match for $25 a year and with that cloud based service I can access all the music and movies that I have ever purchased from them. They don’t make you rent movies that you already own, they don’t lock the apps you bought years ago and make you rent them again to play them. Why would I rent all the pixel junk games if I own them already? The most troubling part about Now is that it appears some on the PS+ games that they have offered us subscribers are on Now and we even have to rent those to stream them. As far as your rental prices I don’t see the value at all I can go to a local Redbox and rent a game for $2 a day. So why would I rent a game like Saints Row for 4 hours for $2.99? The pricing structure is not gamer friendly it’s the worst of micro-transactions.

  • My question is regarding portable devices. I just bought PlayStation TV and I’m getting an error that says I have 3 portable devices on my account already does that include my Vita my playstation 3 PlayStation 4, or does this mean I have to eliminate my PSP Go or PSP 3000?

  • @ Vasillio08 yes it means you have too many devices connected to your account I’m in the same boat, I have my PS3, PS4, Vita and PSP (God of War Red) and I can’t connect any more devices. You have to deactivate one of them.

  • If SONY can get every PS1 & PS2 & PS3(inc. PS3 PSN games) on PS NOW then PS NOW would be the best thing EVER :P

  • Please, for the love of all that is Playstation, charge me a monthly fee so I can access all of the titles I already own digitally using this service. Please! I’m asking you in the nicest way possible to TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Playing Final Fantasy XIII now from my bedroom, wireless router is in the next room, and the game is running excellent. I can get used to it. lol

  • I guess is ok to beta test with paid games, otherwise wouldn’t represent the real traffic of the service in the final state. Sadly this is a horrendous idea. Too expensive. I have all the platforms and my physical games to play whenever I want. If I want some game I can buy it very cheap, used, for the eternity.

  • Thanks ice cold! They need to allow for us to now be able to have at leave 4 devices for those that are committed to the brand as we are. If they are going to let use use 1 ps plus subscription on 4 platforms we should be able to have access on all 4 devices not 3. Hopefully it changes soon with the addition of ps tv.

  • @BlackNIndian That just means there is only a disc version available on PS3. If you rent it on PSNow you will still be able to play it on your Vita or Playstation TV. You do not need the PS3 disc.

  • I was super amped to play Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on my Playstation TV today, only to find out it’s not on the compatible list… 400k + units sold world-wide, c’mon Sony I needs this! ^_^

  • I’ve tried the PS Now a few times and it works like a charm on Google Fiber here in Kansas City. Please please please pass the word along to whoever you need to that there are at least 20 games I would love to own – that’s right OWN – through the PS Now service. Even though I paid for them originally, I would be willing to pay to own them again and play them on my PS4 and Vita. I mean, why wouldn’t they do this??? ;)

  • Oh and for the record, I also want to note that I am not the type that will “rent” games. If I play a game for any amount of time (outside of 5 min) it’s because I really love it and want to own it. That’s why I made my last comments about giving us the option to own. I won’t use the service otherwise.

  • Is there a way to change to controller layout on the vita. I rented Dead Island which runs great but with major control issues. The L2, L3 (located on the front left touch screen), R2 and R3 (located on the front right touch screen) are on the front touch screen. considering the L analog is used to move and L2 (located on the bottom of the front left side touch screen) is used to run, there is no way to move and run at the same time unless you cross your right hand over to do so and in which case you cannot fight anymore.

  • i must say, i was really excited for this streaming service when i first heard about it a long time ago, but now that ive seen how its being priced, im seriously dissapointed because theres NO WAY it will be used by someone like me that already has a hefty ps3 disk collection and still have my ps3 and will never pay for the same game i already own and can play at will for free!! i …why is it that these game companies constantly try to make u buy there same games u already bought,again and again?! and now like in this case its even worse because they dont even want to let you “own” the game !!! we cant let these companies get away with this crap.!….if we do, say goodbye to buying games ever again cuz itll be a” rent only” future in gaming once they see that well go along with it!!!…a set monthly subscription for the ps3 library sounds good to me..could you imagine how much you would pay to rent AND BEAT SKYRIM plus all side stories?!?! it would probly come to about 20x the retail price it was to buy it when it was first released!! think about that,…is that what we want to pay?

  • I Really want you to put GTA Series up here on PS Now, GTA V should be good. Anyway, some free game or free demo are really appreciated

  • I’m sure this is a good service but I feel taken that you have console games working on the vita and yet you don’t have ps3 remote play for any of those games. The vita’s huge selling point for me when I bought it close to launch was the ability for remote play through ps3 and you had only a handful of games compatible. Not like I can buy a ps4 to remote play my ps3 games either. Just seems like you waiting on psnow and rake in more money. Would b excited if could play previous bought games on psn on psnow for free. Otherwise not interested…

  • I’ve rented two games on the service, one on a 90 day rental, the other a 7 day rental. The quality of the service is great, however, this service needs to have a Netflix like subscription option where all the game.eon the service are available on a unlimited basis for a monthly fee. And the sedvice needs to include PS2 games as well, especially SOCOM 2 with multiplayer servers working. Lots of users will pay a monthly subscription for this kind of service.

  • Well, if nothing else it’s nice to have some more options for the Vita now that it’s getting essentially no Western retail releases(even from Sony themselves).

    I might try some of these out, but it feels more like a novelty until we get an option to purchase the game rather then just renting.

    Also, here’s hoping that sometime down the line PS+ will be tied in to offer some deals or discounts with PS Now.

  • wait, so you can play PS3 games on the vita now?

  • I really want to play FFIII on the vita… Dont know bout anyone else…

  • Played God of War Ascension on the Vita via PS Now. All I can say is that I’m blown away with how beautiful it looks and how well it plays. PS Now is the real deal :D

  • So what’s going on with MGS4? It doesn’t show a rent option. Just says disc only… If it’s not on Now, give me remote play at least.

  • Sony has completely IGNORED all questions about how PS PLUS will function on these new platforms. Given how many PS PLUS members are out there, with lots of download lists gathered up over the years, this is an important question to address.

    If you have a particular game on your download list, will it be “free” to play over PS NOW? I did a chat with a Sony customer service rep and he had no clue!!

    Please, get it together and give us some real info about how PS PLUS will be integrated into these new services….instead of having us question ill-informed Sony employees who have no idea!!

  • Quick question…

    If I rent a game via PS Now on PS4, would I be able to play that rental on PS3 and Vita too without having to rent it again per platform?

  • …where’d MGS4 go from the PS Now Beta?

  • Really needs option to buy the games or a subscription service to access PS now content as well as a trial version to see if its suitable for game play. Without options to purchase or flat fee for access to games; I plan to keep my ps3 and games. I see no benefit to the PS now service at the moment. The idea behind it is great, especially for those who hadn’t had ps3 and the chance to play the ps3 titles. Be nice if Playstation plus digital games from ps3/ps vita transferred to ps4 using playstation now along with other digitally purchased games.

  • You guys should add at least one free game in ps now and i think with dc universe online being on ps3 and ps4 ps vita users will be able to get in on the action through ps now on the vita

  • Well I have had my vita for 2 years now and have all the games i would want that have come out for the vita. There are a lot of games I would love to have on the vita that are on the Ps3 but have never came out. I have to say that when I paid $400 plus dollars on my Vita when i got it I thought there would be a lot more games than there are. I am completely disappointed at sony at this point. When I saw the games for the PS NOW i thought OMG it has happened, I can play some good game on my vita… THERE IS NO! WAY! i would ever pay to rent a game over a cloud EVER!… This just seems more like a money scam more than anything. I want games for my Vita, not to just rent a lot of games… The games I buy now for my Vita are old PSP games… thats sad… Sony please do something about this, it is because there are no games on the Vita, that I don’t have a PS4!!! I got a XBOX ONE instead…. I love Sony but will NOT be SUCKERED!!!

  • Played God of War last night…this app is EPIC…THANK YOU SONY!!

  • One of the first things I thought when I heard of this was how awesome it would be to stream my PS3 digital downloads on my Vita but alas, I can only rent them. Playing my digital download of demon souls on my vita would be great but not to the point where I would rent a game I already own.

  • So.. Maybe i’m just a little slow but i still don’t understand how this works… is it supposed to be like (Onlive) or (Steam)? because i find it a little hard to believe that i will be able to play games like The Last of Us on my vita.. it just didn’t sound right to me

  • Most of the games are older but supposedly you pay (way too much) to digitally rent (only) games and stream play them across different platforms, like ps3 games on the vita.

  • i saw a video of people playing ps3 games on the vita but it seems like (and i dont mean to be a d*****) sony wouldnt do something that good to the vita..

  • i thought the ps now was gonna be a good idea but the price point is to steep. being that i have a ps3, vita, and vita tv this service is not for me. i give it an A for effort but realistically its not cost effective. i think its more geared towards those who don’t have a ps3 cuz most of the games up there would cost you less to just own than to rent. 2.99 7.99 14.99 adds up when renting not only that but don’t forget about server downtime or even outages. not trying to sound negative or anything but as a gamer somethings you cant just overlook. ps now, great idea but not for everyone. would be better as a sub service rather than a rental service

  • just got mine and loving cant to buy ff x hd remake and i hop they will to a update thats will make all upcoming games available using the dualshock 4 controller and can we get netfilx support some time soon sony thanx

  • Why RENT a game I already own, just to play on Vita? SONY, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!! Make PS PLUS download list games free on the PS NOW/TV platforms….

  • will there be a way to load ps3 games you already own without having to rent them or repurchase them? you know the remote play function that the vita was advertised to be able to do when you tricked every one into buying one.

  • this looks awesome!!! looking forward to playing God of war Ansencion on my vita. nice job playstation

  • I am extremely interested in PlayStation Now on the PS VITA. It seems like a great way to get AAA games to the handheld format. I just feel that currently the VALUE is really NOT THERE. While at the current pricing $6.99 for 7 days seems like the most sensible offer it forces people to play on a schedule. A lot of people like myself like to play on their own time and not forced to finish a game on time or face the penalty of paying for another 7 days. I also wish there was an OPTION TO OWN a game. I don’t want to play a game for 7 days or 30 days and realize I enjoy it so much and then be left with empty hands once the rental period expires. How about a subscription?

    I think there is plenty of potential. But Sony does have to offer the right value.

  • Since BETA means you want feedback… here’s feedback. ~ no worries, not goona complain about prices… not quite ~

    Many people are in the same situation as I am. We own PSN games on our PS3; Alien Breed, Bloodrayne, Sideways New York, Castle Crashers, Tetris HD and many many more. Not all of them are available on PS Now, yet… but some are.

    Now to the point, basically I was wondering why I have to pay to play these games on my Vita via PS Now?
    Shouldn’t it be free?

  • I love the concept of Now. It really has the potential to change how we game. The pricing tiers definitely need work, but most importantly, there needs to be a subscription based service. The majority agrees. Do it and you’ll make millions. People like me (adults with wallets) want to make a purchase and be done with. If anything, incorporate a ‘Buy Full Game’ or ‘Rent Indefinitely’ option. It’d be so freaking cool to have a PS3 library on the Vita. Just do it!!!

  • PSNOW is a hit with my kids! For myself it was mixed good and bad. i know that it is bieng streamed,so i had an opened mind going in. the quality of the games in my case (GOW) was great. psnow streaming graphics ,sound,framerate is stable and very playable. it is a great feeling bieng able to play games anywhere there is a solid connection. the load times are nominal for what it is, a game streaming app. finding games is easy as well .

    this is a beta so it still needs alot of work .there seems to be not very much games to this point. sound was crackling alot. Don’t let me start on pricing, which just turned me off. pricing should be say …. $70.00 for the year or $60.00 if you have plus. if you are going to continue with the obsurd hourly, daily, weekly ,monthly pricing then atleast make it if i stop playing,so does my time of expiration. how in the world is anyone going to play a 3day rental? dont people sleep? so we rent a game only get to play for 1hour each day and now it is expired. simple fix so doit

    i like it my kids like it but i am the who will let them rent games. at this point it is a no way sony.

    i typed on my vita from work please excuse the grammer

    david the ,

  • I think this is cool but, please consider a Netflix-type of rental service. I would subscribe in a heartbeat!!

    • Count those heartbeats then, because we are working on a subscription offering to compliment the rental offering and provide more choices for how you experience PlayStation Now :)

  • I’m surprised TVs didn’t get PS Now Beta 1st….or did they?………..Sony priority was TVs not Vita….if that ain’t the case anymore…well a reason to be happy.

  • I was on the fence about psnow, but after trying it, have to say it is awesome. Hardly any bandwidth was used when I streamed Just Cause 2. The game looked absolutely gorgeous, however as others have mentioned, the inability to change out the ps vita trigger buttons for R2 and L2 takes away from the experience and decreases the value. I am also curious about the game rental time. I purchased JC2 for 2.99 4 hours, only played one hour, turned it off and checked back later, it said there were 3 hours left, waited a couple days picked it back up and psnow shows the game rental is expired. Is the gameplay rental measured in game time, or real time? If it is the former then I was shafted, if it is the latter then I am done with psnow.

  • It’s no secret, sony doesn’t know what to do with the (Vita) TV. They’re done playing show off and now Apple and Amazon are laughing the hell out of this company, because they claim they never saw a product receive so many negative feedbacks and immediate returns from unhappy customers. Meanwhile SCEA will damage control, collect your cash, leave the Vita TV and get back to supporting the ps4.

    Now, they’re promoting the Shame Now. This exorbitant service is, according to shuhei’s own words, the main excuse why sony does not bother making Vita games anymore. The Vita is NOT the ps3, the Vita has an identity and no matter how scee/scea wants to f*** with it, the Vita Nation demands VITA Games. sony’s “gamers” and staff can hide behind now and call it whatever they want but at the end of the day this is just an other crappy sony service to steal more money and this company will never deliver the mobile games the Vita Nation is really interested in. This has NOTHING to do with the NGP Promise they once talked about so proudly.
    Shame on sony and on every gamer who supports sony’s dirty moves to mask the fact scee/scea don’t care about the Vita at all.

  • I think PSNow has a lot of potential but there are some glaring issues with it.

    1. The prices are too much. Plenty of these games can be had for roughly the same price as renting them. For example, InFamous can be purchased for $19.99 while a 3 month rental will set you back $14.99. Why would I spend $14.99 for 3 months of access to the game when I could own it indefinitely for $5 more?
    2. There needs to be an option to stream the games we own. For example, if I have InFamous installed on my PS3 I should be able to stream it to my Vita.
    3. A subscriptiom service is needed. I’d also like to see a bundle deal where PS+ subscribers get a discount on said subscription.

    This service has immense amounts of potential and I’d love to see it reach that potential!

  • I have a legit suggestion for you, if you’re really listening for ideas to improve. I personally love you Sony and have been a Sony guy since the PlayStation 1… I’m at the PS4 right now and I think this idea of PlayStation Now is fantastic.

    However, the pricing system currently is very high. Not only that, the selection can be stronger. Here’s what I’m proposing… Look at GameFly, $16 per month for any game out or $23 per month for any 2 games out. Structure it similarly. How about offering $19.99 a month to play as many games as you want for that period only? I guarantee you that you will hit a TON of subscribers and no one is going to back out of such a fantastic deal. Sounds crazy, but it’s the subscription model that everyone is moving to… Netflix, GameFly, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, UFC Fight Pass, WWE Network among others. Give us access to (almost) everything and we’ll pay you monthly.

  • Hmmm, I am not exactly for or against this. Now this isn’t a negative or positive review on it. Simply an overview and suggestions.

    I’m sure plenty of goodwill was thought out but I also believe some changes should be considered.
    I decided to try out “Infamous” because why not? Infamous is an awesome game. I was satisfied with the overall gameplay, there was the occasional cut here and there but nothing too awful.

    The graphics were toned down but in the end they still look good enough to play and as long as I’m having fun, I’m good. The controls were indeed something that felt awkward and sometimes I wish the vita could get a sony dual shock adapter or something (or perhaps my fingers are the work of the devil).
    Sound played well, with an occasional cut out but overall the experience was positive, it wasn’t terrible. Now, I need to suggest arguments that I believe should be listened to.

    The rental pricing is… Not something I admire. In fact, I’ll be honest and say why couldn’t you guys build something like Netflix/ Gamefly? I understand streaming servers are tough and costly and rentals and such are distributed in whatever way Sony does it’s business but here me out.


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