PlayStation Now Open Beta Launches Today on PS Vita, PS TV

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PlayStation Now Open Beta Launches Today on PS Vita, PS TV

Starting today, the PlayStation Now Open Beta will be available on both the PS Vita and PlayStation TV systems in much of the mainland U.S. and Canada, in addition to already being available on PS4 and PS3*.

PS Now on PS Vita

Our vision for PS Now is to make it possible for more people than ever to have quick and easy access to PS3 games, making it as easy to stream these games as it is to stream TV, movies, and music.

PS Vita is an important part of that vision, as you’ll be able to rent a game on one device, like PS4, then continue playing on your PS Vita or vice versa. That’s possible because of our cloud technology, which lets you play select PS3 games from our library of over 150 PS Now titles including God of War: Ascension on both a home console and a handheld device without the need for game downloads, installs, or patches.

PS Now makes the value of PS TV even better. The system, which launches today and starts as low as $99.99 MSRP, also provides one of the most affordable ways to get access to our library of PS3 games available on PS Now.

In order to get access to the PS Now Open Beta, you’ll need to download the PS Now app from PlayStation Store.

We’ll continue to collect feedback from PS Vita and PS TV users – keep it coming, and we hope you enjoy!

*Service not available in all areas. A steady broadband connection greater than 5Mbps is highly recommended. See for details.

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7 Author Replies

  • Nice! Looking forward to checking this out on my Vita when I get home this evening; alas, my PS TV won’t arrive until tomorrow but looking forward to making use of Now on that as well for gaming away from the living room.

    • Congrats on the PS TV purchase and thanks for checking out PS Now. We are excited about opportunities just like this, expanding the places you can immediately play and continue your PS3 games on! Enjoy!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!! this is the version i wanted!!!

  • Hi, Peter Jamshidi
    can you guy please put up free trial game so consumers can try out the service to see if their connection can even handle ps now even if it’s just 15-30 minutes, you see, just cause the ps now test says “Good” we still dont know how the actual experience will be untill purchasing.Please consider this option. Thanks

    • Hi duffyboy1986,

      Thanks for the feedback, we are actively listening to great feedback like this throughout the important Beta period.

  • Can we play our games from our download list????????????????

  • @1 , Lucky you, my PS TV doesn’t arrive until some time next week despite pre-ordering it… because Amazon Canada sucks.

  • What #3 said.

  • So excited for this on my Vita to just expand the library into some PS3 titles I missed!

    Question : Are there going to be options to purchase games through PSNow? I want to play Puppeteer but I know it will take me about a month to complete it… Can I just purchase for $15-20 up front and have access to the game for as long as I want?

    • Hi NickZ2112,

      Great to hear! We are excited as well, you will have over 160 PS3 games to choose from with PS Now and more are being added weekly. And the games look totally sweet on the Vita screen!

      Currently, the service offers game rentals only with a variety of rental periods to suit your playstyle, including 7-days and even longer durations like 30-days and 90-days which may be what you are looking for in this situation. We are in the early days of the service, and are always listening to feedback!


  • Add Nino Kuni, I’ll play and plat it asap lol. But when Can I download in Canada. It shows a error page

  • Need to restructure how the pricing is on playstation now. I won’t pay 8-10 to rent a game ever no matter what it is. Please make it subscribtion base or free with plus.

  • Better yet just let us buy the games and stream them on playstation now.

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  • We don’t need that we just want more PS Vita games,that’s All

  • @9 Well technically speaking, we’re already renting games with PS Plus. Except that it comes out at $4 per month and you don’t get to choose which games to rent. Buying games would definitely be nice but I think Sony is trying to absorb PS Now network costs by getting continuous revenue, i.e. game rentals.

  • I should be able to register my entire PS3 disc library, like Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault worked, and get access to my entire PS3 library via PSNow either requiring PSPlus by itself or with PSPlus and an additional fee like say $5-10 a month or $15-20 a month without PSPlus.

    The tech seems pretty solid from when I beta tested it but the prices are ridiculous for what amounts to a compressed video feed with potentially much higher latency controls. I’d like to use PSNow as a replacement for PS3 backward compatibility, but I know Sony has stressed that is not the primary use.

  • I think it’s poor form of Sony to launch a beta and expect people to pay. Vita’s wifi is really poor for me and I get the sense that while I’ll pass the connection test, I won’t have a playable game experience.

  • When I click on the link it leads to a dead end. Did this go live when the PS Store updates? And I’m with #3. It will help a lot.

  • You guys HAVE to put in a free trial for every game before we buy the rentals so we know how it will perform. A connection test is not good enough!

    Also IMO u guys should have done a closed beta for Vita. I don’t wanna participate in a beta I have to pay for when unlike on my PS3 & PS4 I’ll have to use a wireless connection which could really hurt the quality of PS Now.

  • This is a good idea in theory, but without any free test games, you guys are REALLY testing the loyalty of your userbase. It basically amounts to a paid beta.

    @11: The link probably won’t be live until the store updates.

  • Anyone know if MGS Collections “Transfarring” feature works over PS Now? Would be an easy way to get another platinum lol.

  • A subscription based model would absolutely make psnow worth it. I would be willing to pay about 20 bucks a month to be able to access the library of games I already own. As it stands, it is a very crappy service by itself. With a subscription model people would be throwing money at you.

  • I expect nothing from Sony at this point other than to be vague and reply with canned responses. Still no word on the Live From PlayStation App that was suppose to be here with update 3.30 and still no word on that or additional PS4 features that was promised.

  • Do PS Now purchases count toward the current “GET $15 CREDIT FOR SPENDING $100!” promotion?

  • PS Now is a great service, in theory, however, the pricing needs to be addressed still.

    When many of the games can be outright purchased, either digitally or physically for less or even on par with what the pricing is on some of the titles to simply rent them, it’s a no-go.

    Personally I have to hold off on PS Now until the prices drop, or there is a reasonable subscription service for it.

    Also there should be at least 1 game that stays up as a “free trial” (even if it is only a 4 hour trial) to ensure the user is comfortable with their connection and the streaming service before forking over money to “test” if the experience will even be valid for them.

  • That’s So Cool, Does anybody know what time does Minecraft On Vita Comes out?

  • I’m pretty disgusted at how this “beta” has been handled. Forcing people to PAY to actually use this “beta” test. Not only do we have to pay to be involved in this “open beta” but we have to pay without having any idea what our experience with it will be. I was pretty excited for this whole program since it was first announced, but I am now refusing to even consider trying this.

    I’ve been a loyal Sony customer for years but, as of late, I’ve been losing my faith in them. Very disappointed.

  • If PS Now ever becomes affordable that will be a useful feature. :-/

  • Excellent!!

  • I already own pretty much all the PS3 games I want, but does this mean that I’ll someday maybe be able to play Skyrim on my Vita, and use my old game save or would I have to start over? I’m not starting over.

  • Finally! Can’t wait to try it out :D

  • Why would we pay you to beta test your product?

  • This is an amazing service!!! I really enjoy playing old games like operation flashpoint, just cause and dead island on my vita.

    I only have one gripe with this.


    Which I wouldnt mind, but its very hard to walk and aim on fps games when you have to remove your thumb from the analog stick to use L2 and R2 on the touch screen.

    This doesnt matter on games where you can change controls, but on games like operatiom flashpoint it makes it very difficult to play correctly.

    I really hope they change this soon, playstation now should facilitate the way you play games not make it harder…

  • I think PS Now is a huge part in Sony’s new ecosystem–and I have to say it is pretty cool. A suggestion for Sony to hopefully see:

    I have had PS Plus for 3 years, allow me to stream any of those games given to me for free–for free, like Infamous or Little Big Planet.

    Also, let us buy games from PS Now…storage will continue to be an issue for most of us.

    Last but not least, allow some peripherals to work in PS Now–such as USB headsets or DS4 headsets. From a technical standpoint, I understand that is hard to implement–but worth it. You will keep business by innovating in this wild west of gaming.

    Basically don’t make PS Now a our way or highway super corporate bomb…

  • I think this could have great potential for vita only owners once the you guys work out some reasonable pricing options.

    @lisatsunami I’m just going to copy/paste everything you said except replace “Skyrim” with “Fallout 3” or “New Vegas” lol. Or heck, even Demon’s/Dark Souls.

  • are prices still ridiculous? Im not even vaguely tempted to try it because of the pricing.

    This is a lame way to create backwards compatibility. Let me know when we can play the digital PS3 games we already own digitally on other platforms without paying for them again

    • Hi Mando,

      Thanks for the feedback. We are listening to feedback throughout the Beta. While pricing for specific games are ultimately set by the publisher of that game, you will start seeing some changes in pricing, including rentals starting as low as $1.99 on select titles.

      Also, have you also checked out the 7-day rental period? Most games can be rented for an entire week for about a dollar a day.

  • Interested on how this will turn out.

  • Come to think of it, Skyrim actually would be pretty cool too….

  • PS Now could be a big hit but your pricing structure is horrible. You should know most people won’t rent a game for an hour especially for $2.99 ditch that option. Then many of your 90 day rentals cost as much or more than a retail purchase.

    Finally why can’t I pay a set rate to stream content I already own. That’s your biggest mistake forcing ps3 owners to keep their old systems to play content they own. Instead of saying stream your old stuff for a set fee hurry up and buy a ps4.

    Why not let me buy Borderlands 1.5 in the store and stream it on my ps4. I’d love to play the game right now but I’m done with my ps3 its packed up and you guys won’t give me a decent affordable streaming option.

  • Is this why i keep getting an error code 80028ed6 when i try to play online? I could sign in but when i try to play it signs me off and i can’t play :(

  • Paying to beta test. I guess you really need money asap and looking by how bad the is the vita tv stream. i pass

  • @34

    I knew I wasn’t alone why make me pay for stuff I own again. Streaming isn’t free we know that and most of us would gladly pay for the ability to stream WHAT WE ALREADY OWN in a monthly fee but making me pay for the game again is dumb just plain dumb.

  • Now just waiting on ups to deliver my ps tv.

  • Horrible Service, and a money scheme.

    Don’t let the hype fool you. Think Sony doesn’t use its own Plus memberships to fake good blogs as advertisement?
    Think Again.

  • I seen MGS4 on the Playstation Now on the PS Vita but it says Disc only what was the point of putting it on there if you were going to make it disc only??? if that’s the case I might as well buy a PS3 just for MGS4 but I am not doing that I was so excited to be able to play that game and you guys made it Disc only :(

  • when PSNow will be available in others countries like brazil?

  • not paying until I can try before I buy.

  • Are we being charged for the rental fees during the beta?

  • At first I came here to laugh at the people saying it should be free with plus….but then I thought…What if they make PS Plus 75 dollars a year for access to PS Now. That would be awesome.

  • *Service not available in all areas.


  • HI Peter Jamshidi
    thank for the quick response, one more suggestion tho, you see, Let’s say a customer rent 2 game at the same time, the issue is when the rental time actually begins, say i rent an rpg and a racer, my timer for both of those game begin at purchase, so if i begin playing the rpg game first that also eats up my playing time for the racer ALSO!!!!….I think you guys should reconsider your rental policies to actual game time.That will be an incentive to rent digital over rental or what if I rent a game for 5 hours but out of those 5 hours my internet goes down for 3….U see the issue.Thanks

    • Hello again,

      Just to clarify, your rental periods begin when you start streaming the game for the first time, so even if you purchase 2 rentals at once, your time doesn’t start until you start to stream. Hope that helps

  • Awesome, THANKS SONY!!! I dont know why people were complaining about PS Now prices, $17.99 for 3 months isn’t bad, I can buy this instead of PS+. Also do you guys know if GTA 5 would come to PS Now, I’d REALLY wanna buy that!

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