A Message From Mark Stanley

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A Message From Mark Stanley


Hola PlayStation Nation! Back in 2009 I took the challenge of bringing the world of PlayStation to Latin America, and began offering our gamers unforgettable experiences found nowhere else. The last 6 years have exceeded all of my expectations, and it has been my privilege to see PlayStation expand to 18 countries in Latin America, including the simultaneous launch of the most successful console in PlayStation history, PS4.

But none of this would have been possible without you, the Gamers. Together we’ve shown the world that gamers in Latin America are some of the most passionate, and dedicated in the globe. Your continued enthusiasm and energy proves there has never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation family.

Vive en Estado Play is more than just a brand promise. It is our mantra, and one that every member of the PlayStation team lives by. It means being adventurous, living in the moment, and being open to new opportunities. And thus the time has come for me to take on a new challenge, one that will take me to uncharted destinations, and allow me to spend more time with my family.

PlayStation Latin America is a family of passionate Latin American professionals whose sole mission is to ensure that PlayStation continues being the #1 destination for gamers. But the heart of PlayStation will always be YOU, the Gamer. Thank you for your passion and support… it has been an honor to have shared the past 6 years with you.

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  • @ #50 IcedDice777

    “The Cup alone with many projects that WILL NEVER be finished or expected to turn a profit”
    “There were riots for this reason”

    Well after this stupid affirmation you should read some history material and go beyond just some report from foreign sites because I’m done with your ignorance, but you can’t, right? Because is so easy blame some foreign government policies, which i don’t totally agree, instead of say that Sony Latin America has done a bad job for while when Microsoft has done a great job here.

  • Me Alegro Mucho

    To have my fellow Latin American brothers join PlayStation. such a huge market that would benefit in the world of gaming. Hope to join you guys in some MP games in the future.

  • @50 while your not entirely wrong you cant really blame that. A serious as we take American football, the rest of the world takes their football a BILLION times more serious . specially Brazil because they are sooo INSANELY good ( althogh they barely beat us [MEXICO]haha ) if you lived in a small town and the NFL said they wee havin the Superbowl there , your local city and state officials would instantly drop millions to build a new stadium too and you know it

  • Gracias a ti Mark;

    Por lo menos en mi país nos hiciste mover de una cultura de lo que llamamos “pirata” a la de comprar siempre los productos oficiales; me emociono mucho la primera vez -hace años ya – que vi un anuncio de Playstation en la avenida Javier Prado, y luego las ofertas han sido constantes – los greatest hits a 2 por 80 soles ha sido excelente, y los bundles de mandos y juegos a menos de 200 soles también; eso es tener visión y ver mas allá de lo inmediato y construir una base de usuarios que poco a poco va creciendo.

    Vayas a donde vayas que siempre vivas en estado play.

    Y como dicen los hermanos argentinos

    Gracias totales

  • Thanks for sharing your thougths .

    So far here in my country, Sony’s support has been great, you guys are doing good offering more bonuses to selected retailers, I wish people could be more aware of the PS blog though, there is a lot of misinformation running around and I would suggest to promote the blog more through different channels, also we need more Vita support and localizations, believe me that even though some people think that Vita has no games I beg to differ, we the lovers of niche games are incredibly supportive of most games you localize, they only need more promotion, you need to promote more games like souls sacrifice delta and freedom wars, it’s a crime how these games are horribly underrated by the gaming community.

    Greetings from Guatemala :D

  • I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!!! My first system was a PlayStation. I will always be a PlayStation fan no matter what happen!!! I still own a ps2 and an ps3. I will buy my ps4 next year and continue the legacy of the PlayStation forever and always a PlayStation fan!!! Thank you for everything

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