A Message From Mark Stanley

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A Message From Mark Stanley


Hola PlayStation Nation! Back in 2009 I took the challenge of bringing the world of PlayStation to Latin America, and began offering our gamers unforgettable experiences found nowhere else. The last 6 years have exceeded all of my expectations, and it has been my privilege to see PlayStation expand to 18 countries in Latin America, including the simultaneous launch of the most successful console in PlayStation history, PS4.

But none of this would have been possible without you, the Gamers. Together we’ve shown the world that gamers in Latin America are some of the most passionate, and dedicated in the globe. Your continued enthusiasm and energy proves there has never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation family.

Vive en Estado Play is more than just a brand promise. It is our mantra, and one that every member of the PlayStation team lives by. It means being adventurous, living in the moment, and being open to new opportunities. And thus the time has come for me to take on a new challenge, one that will take me to uncharted destinations, and allow me to spend more time with my family.

PlayStation Latin America is a family of passionate Latin American professionals whose sole mission is to ensure that PlayStation continues being the #1 destination for gamers. But the heart of PlayStation will always be YOU, the Gamer. Thank you for your passion and support… it has been an honor to have shared the past 6 years with you.

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  • Keep working hard and making us happy, and we’ll always be here to enjoy the playstation work, as a majority of us already have

    a “Olá!” from Brazil

  • Yes, thanks for bringing it to Brazil, allowing every gamer that can spend 4000,00 Reais – around 1650,00 Dollars – on a videogame to enjoy it.

    Xbox One costs less than half that price.


  • The PS4 and PSVita prices are still too high in Brazil! The official PS4 price is 4000 “Brazilian Reais” and PSVita is costing 1400 Reais! 4000 Reais is more than US$ 1500 ! The PS3 is produced locally in Brazil, which helped to lower the prices. So, why the same aren’t happens yet with PS4 and PSVita ???

    And the PSVita is still a unknown device in Brazil!

    Congratulations for all the success, but there’s still have many hard challenges ahead.

    “Obrigado” for reading and “Tchau” !

  • Tks for PS4 more than $1.600,00 in Brazil.

    We’re really happy.

  • Woah, wasn’t expecting it! I wish you all the best, whatever you do, wherever you go. Enjoy your family as much as you can.

    Thank you for taking care and putting a spotlight on us, latin americans. Never thought there would be a time where I’d be able to watch a Playstation conference directed to Latin America (and with spanish as the main language).

    Another “Olá” from Brazil. Cheers! :D

  • Hola Y Gracias Por Traer Play Station,Saludos Desde Mexico!!!
    Hi, And Thank You For Bring Play Station To My Tacos xD

  • Please bring Playstation Network to Guatemala! We love video games! Guatemala vive en estado play!

  • Mil gracias y saludos desde Mexico!! Best wishes from all of us

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  • Glad to see gaming is becoming even more universal, that children everywhere will hav the same opprtunities as others.
    This world could be a much better place, when we can all play together.


  • @3 – The only market in the world where Vita isn’t an unknown device is Japan. Sony doesn’t care.

  • Gracias Mark! The next LA GM has some big shoes to fill!

  • Your doing a great job Mark!!!
    Playstation is doing an excellent job here in Mexico… Me and and my friends have turned into avid playstation fans since the Vita’s release,; then the PS4 came out and really kicks ass and easily justifies it’s purchase!!!

    If you ever need any input from me on Playstation in Mexico I’ll be more than happy to help!

  • you have my support.
    from Guatemala.

  • When the 32 GB Memory cards of the PsVita will be avalible in México?. The only way to get one is import.

  • Good Luck, thank you for at least thinking outside of the standard Markets to bring new devices.

  • Great Job man, while Xbox One is $450 with Kinect here in Brazil, PS4 price is a outrageous $1600.

    Great Job on sinking one big emerging market like here, thanks a lot for not make me want get ride of my PS3.

  • Gracias, I’m still waiting for an option to change mys PSN account region; as an early PS3 adopter I was forced to choose US as my contry (Mexico wasn’t listed as option back then), 6 years and 3 PS3s later (2 YLODs) I have lots of games and trophies atached to my account that I would’t like to lose, but adding money to my account is a pain!

  • Great Job!
    I have a PS vita, PS3 and PS4 (many of my friends have at least of of them). I hope to see more great experiences.
    Hello from Costa Rica!

  • @ferrers405 What I heard is that because Brazil heavily taxes imported goods, Microsoft exploited a loophole allowing them to buy the power supply locally, import the rest of the console and put both together in Brazil effectively making the Xbox One “Made in Brazil” and shirking taxes. Why couldn’t Sony do the same is beyond me…

  • Why is PSN so laggy on PS4. Messages take forever to load…..can’t send friend requests. It’s 2014 it makes no sense

  • Keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Chile!

  • Help people in Latin America become game developers. If you do that hopefully we will all have more and interesting games to play from the region and you can perhaps change people’s life trajectories.

  • Greetings from Mexico!

    Thank you for your hard work Mark!

    I would like to point out that while publishers like NISA and Atlus do have continued to have retail releases in Mexico, publishers like Aksys and Xseed continue skipping on retail releases over here. these are some of the games that got released in the U.S.A., but not in Mexico:


    Mind Zero (PS Vita)
    Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God (PS Vita)
    XBlaze Code: Embryo (PS3/PS Vita)
    Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PS Vita)


    Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed (Ps3/PS Vita)
    Raganrok Odyssey Ace (PS3/PS Vita)
    Valhalla Knights 3 (PS Vita)
    Ys: Memories of Celceta (PS Vita)

    I hope that in the future we are able to see more publishers further committing with their fans outside the U.S.A.

  • Your work is nothing but a joke. It was much better when you weren’t here in Brazil and we could buy imported consoles for a descent price. Now that you are here, we have to pay 1700 dollars for a PS4… Ridiculous! Please go away!!!

  • So…let me see if I get this: the guy came here to say Goodbye…and most of you thought it was a great opportunity to criticize his work one last time, huh? Cool… – . –

    Latin American’s PSN is an absolute disgrace. I agree 100% (it’s ok if an imported console + huge taxes = a console more expensive than a PC… but c’mon! What’s the deal with DIGITAL games costing MORE THAN DOUBLE than in the US?? o_O).

    But regardless, we should all be wishing a nice farewell to a guy that at least tried to do something different for a change, like #16 said.

    We will have our chance to bash once the NEW GM comes along. xD

    But for now…at least on my part…THANK YOU, MARK. In my book, your job still remains incomplete…but at least you tried and your efforts were NOT in vain.
    PlayStation Nation is better and stronger now because of people like you, willing to go the extra mile for the rest of the AMERICAN CONTINENT, the-always-forgotten-huge-portion-of-land South of NA.

    Vaya con Dios, Amigo Mío…and all the best for you and your family. =)

  • Gracias!!!
    Greetings from Costa Rica.
    LOL Brazilian taxes and import duties….
    I bought my PS3 directly from Sony Store and used a freight forwarder to ship it to CR. Way more cheaper than buying it locally.

  • Saludos from Argentina! Keep up the good work.

  • hehe wasnt expecting this at all. Thank you from Argentina! muchas gracias, son unos capos muchachos! :D

  • Come to Belize =) i would be more than happy to give a helping hand in anything! Long Live Play

  • Hey how about giving us PS Now
    I really want to play ps3 games on my Ps4 and have a 20 mbps internet connection

  • well xbox cost less in brazil because microsoft of brazil builds them localy, avoinding those huge import taxes that the government steal, but i wonder why sony brazil dont build them localy they wore building all previous playstations there and made it much more affordable meaning that sony sold more and made more profit…

  • Yeah nice joke… PS Family lol… You give us not even the half of the us games in our local psn stores (the chilean psn sucks so hard) and the prices omg… A game that costs 30usd in the us we get it for 70usd with luck… The same with the consoles… 3x the original us price easy… And the luck of accesories for our consoles is pathetic… We can’t have decent stuff like 64GB mem cards or hand grips for the vita without buying them online from the us or asia… Certainly I prefer sony 10000 times over microsoft or nintendo. I love sony products and stuff but they are so far away from giving us in latin america the same the give to north america… They don’t really care about us -_-

  • Good luck hermano .( First Jack now you, damn ; Why Sony!?! ) Thanks for everything. You really paved the way anf brought happiness to soo many. Now PSLA please keep it up, like 33 says its far from equal! I know a lot has to do with government, economic status, and currency exchange rate but still, please keep workin hard and bring the love to the loyal Latin-American Playstation Nation

  • While I do and lots of other Latin Americans appreciate the fact Sony actually seems to be promoting the PS4 and SEN in South America, import taxes are killing the possibility to acquire the console. Just look at the comments here and you’ll see that, unfortunately, the price of the PlayStation 4 in many Latin American countries is above $1000 (US Dollars). I do understand that it’s not exactly up to the company but it is a bit ridiculous that people have to pay so much when a brand new 32” Sony LED TV is around $500-600 cheaper than a PS4.

    Though I would love for you to start promoting/selling PlayStation Store Gift Cards or Digital Codes in more countries and in big chain stores. That way people would be able to add funds to their wallets easily if they don’t have credit cards and at better prices than the local stores that sell those at the moment.

    Anyway, apologies for that bit of rant. You’re actually doing a very good job and I have to say I’m surprised and pleased by what you’re doing with this region that is usually forgotten when it comes to gaming.

  • Gracias for your efforts Mark! Good luck on your future endeavors.

    Now with that out of the way… Let’s be blunt and call a spade A SPADE with the few commenters complaining about the PlayStation console pricing.

    Stop blaming Sony. The blame lies with your countries’ fiscally irresponsible policies and heavy taxation on imports.

    My .02

  • @IcedDice777 don’t you mean .05 Reais? :-p

    Seriously though, you spot on.

  • *you’re

    Let me edit messages already!

  • Thanks for the most expensive PS4 of the world in Brazil!!

    And it’s not about the taxes! We all know…

    And the really bad support from Sony Brazil with gamers.

  • @IcedDice777 “The blame lies with your countries’ fiscally irresponsible policies and heavy taxation on imports”

    Right, you make me laugh, if you don’t know about the reality in my Country (Brazil) don’t talk about it, Sony is very sloppy and arrogant here, they could made a good pricing like $500 (still $100 above US price), but choose to ignore a really big gaming community, so Xbox One got a price tag of just $450-500 the same price of US and i feel bad for it, I play in Sony Hardware since PsOne and they really should think about the consumer outside US/Europe/Japan more like Microsoft did with Xbox One and I want to point that i don’t have a Xbox One yet but if Sony Latin America don’t get their business right here in Brazil they are gonna lose another generation in this market.

  • @15 I imported my 64gb card from Japan, do the same (it’s +- 100 usd)

  • Good luck, Mark! Just hope that whoever comes to take charge of PlayStation LatAm, from now on, has the same or more passion and focus than you did. There’s a lot to do in Latin America, even though so much potential as a market. If you could just set the hardware and software prices right, thing could really get better for PlayStation, and gaming in general over here.

    Also, what brazillian gamers pointed out, should be heard, and have someting done about it. It’s the biggest market on Latin America. Don’t lose it. Brazil gaming community just keeps growing and growing, and someone else, might take the whole market!


    Someone already did: Xbox One is always available for around U$ 500, whereas PS4 is U$ 1600.

    Luckly, almost all Brazillian gamers end up travelling abroad and bringing a PS4.

    It was much better when there was no Playstation LATAM and every store sold imported Playstations for fair prices.

    Please go away and never come back Mark Stanley! You did the worst job ever! I’m preety sure you got fired!!!

  • Looks like Mark is a very liked guy in Brazil LOL Until I read the comments in this post I was unaware of just how bad you fellow gamers have it. And I thought I over paid for my PS4 here in the states, it was nothing compared to you guys. I hate it that you guys are ripped off like you are :( Maybe with Mark gone? Who knows… I just hope that for all that is sacred and good that he DOES NOT end up in our territory!

  • hmm how about getting more PS Vita games from 1st. Gravity Rush 2 i’m waiting for it and hope it push PS Vita to its max and i like to see 3rd party games from Square Enix like FF7CC was on PSP it look so awesome and i know their can do it again on the PS Vita.

  • You doing a great job, Mark. Keep it up! Hope PS continues to expand. :)

  • Don´t know why you have forgotten Ecuador….. We have been waiting for PlayStation Store in Ecuador!

  • Greetings from Mexico! I live in estado play everyday!!

  • @ #40 Ferrers405

    I guess i wasn’t blunt enough for you? Here’s a REALITY CHECK for you… Because Your country’s fiscally irresponsible and backward policies, 11.5 BILLION Dollars were spent on The Cup alone with many projects that WILL NEVER be finished or expected to turn a profit.

    There were riots on your country for this reason.

    Complain to your locally “Elected” officials about Building Two (Yes 2) 200 Million dollars soccer stadiums for cities that DON’T even have first division teams.

    So, yeah my previous post still stands. Take your whinning somewhere else.

    My .03

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