Which Wheels Work with Driveclub?

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Which Wheels Work with Driveclub?
Update: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.

For a while now, racing fans have been asking for details on which wheels Driveclub will support when it hits stores on October 7th. That time has finally come!

Our goal is to bring out the racer in everyone – so we’ve worked hard to make the driving fun and challenging for you, not only on DualShock 4 but also on all of the wheels currently compatible with PS4.

We’ve been working really closely with Thrustmaster on their new T80 & T300RS wheels, to make sure that they’re perfectly tuned for Driveclub and PS4. Who doesn’t love to lock their thumbs into a good racing wheel and get lost in the moment, believing that they’re pro drivers?!


In fact, we’ve actually spent time with pro drivers recently and we got to see what they could do behind the wheel of a Thrustmater T300RS in DRIVECLUB! It was epic to see Sebastian Loeb acing almost every corner of an epic downhill point-to-point route set in Canada and naturally set one of the fastest lap times we’ve ever seen – on his first go.

T300RS-Drive ClubDrive Club_T300

We hope to support more from Thrustmaster and other providers, as more wheels hit the shelves for PS4. We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it and we’ll see you all on the track on October 7th.

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  • Hi Jamie,

    What happened to the PS Move Racing Wheel? That’s an official PlayStation wheel!

  • Sony, you guys are being divas here. You need to be a little more fair to the people (like myself) who plopped down over $200 (and everyone else of course) on a friggin racing wheel. I bough the peripheral for GT5 thinking that I would be set for the future on any Sony console. Now you guys pull the rug out from under us? What you want is Logitech to have a special chip in their units order to be compatible with the PS4. My understanding is that this is to prevent piracy. But you also know that is completely unreasonable as the units are already sold and delivered. I think you need to do right by the customer and release a passthrough that works between the wheel and PS4. If you aren’t going to release a dongle or announce a passthrough or make it possible for someone to create a passthrough, you are not only alienating me, but many other players of the community that support the demand for your peripherals. It’s one thing to not support games, it’s another to not support peripherals. EA is eating their words and actions for screwing over the customer, so please don’t follow their suit being “evil”.

  • No Wheel No Deal!! They said you can’t support wheel unless they’re compatible. Well, the reason it is not compatible is because you guys chose not to support it!! You guys probably make some deal with Thrustmaster to make it the official wheel for PS4 instead trying to figure out a way to get Logitech to work with PS4. Sony is just greedy imo!!

    If you ask Drive Club developers…they said it’s up to Sony to support the wheels.
    If you ask Logitech…they said the same thing.
    So who do i blame here?? SONY!!

  • I know there is a licensing issue for System support, (re Logitiech and its force feedback patent) and the cost of re-employing its support “system wide” would cost Sony Millions, However, I remember reading no license fee’s would be required if the developer supported such peripherals…..

    There was an announcement that PS3 supported wheels would work with DC..
    On that basis, Evolution Lied.

    BTW, if i buy the recommended wheel , who says its going to work on Gt7 ?

    No longer a buy for me.

  • 47 how is the game troubled lmao delays are nothing new. Gta though got delayed too were they trouble? Speaking nonsense.

  • + Rezolution77

    Why don’t you just deal with it, like you expect everyone else to do.

    Was just observing the complaint size over a topic lke this, and yet it being unfathomable about requests for a device more widely purchased and owned (Vita) than your “whining” about the device you use (steering wheel).


    The irony, is that I never said I own a wheel, nor do I plan on one. I have a Vita like you claim to, which is why I know your full of S**T when it comes to lack of sales for it.

    Practically anything for Vita has gone on sale at one time or another. You want to ask for psp sales for games that released in 2005, that is your business, but don’t act like it is going to move the needle for Sony in any way giving you half off some old psp software.

  • i want a G27 or DFGT support, make it happen Sony!

  • I understand the compatibility difficulties, but don’t expect me to invest seriously in a new racing game when you don’t support the most used driving wheels in the market. These things are expensive. Take a lot of space on our homes. It is a investment for years.

    I bought a G27 because it is supported by PC games and the main race games on PS3. Including Gran Turismo, that in my opinion is Sony’s greatest franchise. You can’t expect us to leave behind all these games and invest in a new wheel to play just DriveClub.

    It does not matter if the problem is a chip, driver, or gremlins biting the controller cables. Since the start of development or DriveClub you should put engineers from Sony, Logitech and Evolution Studios in a room and find a way on fixing that. You are loosing a lot of customer because of this.

  • I feel like starting up a petition for this. Maybe Sony will get the message then. If you won’t find a way to support my G27, then I will no longer be buying ANY racing games or ANY peripheral at that matter on the PS4.

  • @55 Skeetle
    You were already served bro, time to pack it up and go home.

    Just wait for your opportunity elsewhere.

    *Its a shame you can’t see, when you have eyes.*

  • Please sony Driving Force GT ,

  • @ Skeetle
    BTW a simple reference to post number would be more accurate than you putting words in my mouth only selecting the parts you choose.

    But honesty is rare to come by these days.

  • Logitech will never be supported on PS4 unfortunately, unless someone (Evolution, Logitech, or Sony) pays Immersion Corporation for the license to use their hardware on the PS4 specifically.

    “1.39 “PS3” means all versions of the computer game Console marketed and distributed by the Sony Entities under any of the marks “PLAYSTATION 3,” “playstation 3,” or “PS3,” or any other marks substantially similar to the foregoing, that natively runs Games specifically designed for the original “PLAYSTATION 3” computer entertainment platform as first released in each respective country. PS3 does not include PSP, PS1 or PS2 or any other gaming platform.”

    It’s the same for PS1 and PS2.

    Basically this means, that if Sony simply enables it on their hardware, Evolution makes drivers for it in their software, or Logitech somehow makes a work around for it to work on the PS4, then we are looking at millions of dollars being loss for them regardless. Immersion Corporation wins.

    Since Thrustmaster makes their own wheels, there’s not alot of licensing and settlement issues in play here.

    So, you guys can take your pick on who to blame. It’s simply a licensing nightmare.

  • And could be avoided entirely if US , did it like EU.

  • Sony and Logitech must do something about Logitech wheels. I heard it’s not possible due to a security chip absent in these wheels, but if that’s the case, then release an adapter containing the chip or something.

  • @65 I don’t think there’s a security chip. I think the confusion lies with the Xbox wheels that Logitech made specifically for Xbox. If it didn’t have those chips, there was no chance in hell for it to ever work on the Xbox. And that chip was owned by Microsoft, so Logitech had no control over firmware issues anyway.

  • Logitech has said it is possible, it’s just up to the dev’s to add the driver support in. But seriously, add support for the Driving Force GT and the G27. It is possible, make it happen.

  • Guys, read post #107 (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=872483&page=3).

    Read the whole thing and you will see exactly why you can’t use the Logitech wheels.

  • Support for the G27 shouldn’t be this much of a hassle, the T500RS is supported, it’s a PS3 wheel as of 2011, the PS4 released in 2013, you made that wheel compatible, now make Logitech’s wheels compatible, so until then I’m not putting my money towards Driveclub.

  • Half a game? Really people? Get over it.

    When Sony announced Driveclub as a part of Playstation Plus during E3 2013, they clearly stated that there would be a PS+ Edition. Never announcing the FULL game as a part of the program.

    The developer also mentioned how you could earn the Platinum without ever buying the entire game. On topic, I’m excited to try out the game as I haven’t played a racer since Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3, and if I enjoy it enough, I may go all the way. ;)

  • It’s possible, but it’s not going to happen. Serious money is involved. The question is: who pays?

  • I was really excited about Driveclub. Sony has to know that racing game fans have gravitated to Sony consoles because of games like Gran Turismo. They have to know these games encouraged many of us to buy…more like invest in…wheels to get the best racing game experience. They have to know we are expecting to continue to use our wheels on the PS4. I mean it plugs in via USB and the PS4 has USB ports. Sony wants to punt the responsibility to Logitech and maybe Logitech is part of the problem BUT…don’t you want us to buy your game? We don’t believe this is something you can’t fix on your end. It’s your console. Grab a Driving Force GT wheel (made specifically for your game and console) plug it in to a PS4 and make it work with the game you want to sell to Sony racing game fans.

    Now excuse me while I go tell my wife my $300 driving game set-up is now useless.

  • So no force feedback in a wheel on the ps4 unless you pay $400 for that t300 rs because the t80 doent even have it. Awesome!!!

  • Goes back to gt6

  • So no logitech =(

    So where can we get the Thrustmaster T300RS in the US?

  • So this list only has 2 wheels on it, not that I’m going to buy a Thrustmaster wheel but you forgot to actually include a list of the supported wheels, ProjectCARS website has the full list of Thrustmasters garbage that they support.

  • To everyone complaining about lack of Logitech G27: PLEASE take this outrage over to Logitech’s site. It’s their fault for not releasing drivers for PS4. If everyone on here complained on Logitech’s forums and customer service etc etc we might be able to do something about this finally. THIS IS LOGITECH’S FAULT so please direct this anger and frustration in the correct direction and we might be able to do something about it. Driveclub devs and any other PS4 game devs can’t do anything about this. We need to convince Logitech to release drivers for PS4

  • I already have a modded G27, so without Logitech support I’ll be skipping this and every other PS4 racing game. There should be absolutely no reason I’d need to buy a Thrustmaster wheel if I want something that works on this console.

    And dropping $400 for a wheel that doesn’t even have a clutch or a stick shifter is ridiculous.

  • Most people who are fans of racing games have a Logitech G27 … why not support them? It should be very easy to add compatibility in PS4 … rather play a worse game on my steering wheel than any other racing game in a normal control!

  • Saw another post on this as well.

    Yes, what about the Move Wheel Jamie ?

    Playstation was promoting that a while back, so it is an official wheel.

  • And the T500rs ?

  • Jamie, this isn’t just a bunch of fanboy whining. We really want to play your game but once you play with a great wheel, you can’t go back. Dropping $300 to continue having great driving experiences on the PS4 is just to much to ask of your customers.

  • No Driving Force GT support, no game. I’ll not buy any other wheel, I’m very satisfied with my Driving Force GT.

  • Retro? looks like an old PS1 Wheel i have!

  • Yeah Sony got paid to not support Logitech wheel

  • I’m going to be ballin’ with the dual shock four.

  • Got a complete playseat with Logitech G25. I’m not buying another one. No support for PS4 will mean no racing games on the PS4 for me. It’s a shame.

  • If I read the basis of the patent suit and settlement, it is the force feedback element that requires licensing. Sony could take a half step forward by supporting all the legacy Logitech wheels but with disabled forcef eedback. To me that would be better than a poke in the eye.

  • Love these comments. “No wheel support no buy” Its not the devs fault the wheels dont work, its the manufacture of the wheel. Why cant most of you idiots understand that??

  • Does this game even support 2 player split screen? I will get it if it does…

  • I got the Logitech G27 please tell me it’s gonna work, or patch this in soon.

  • No Logitech G27 = No sale. Add the Logitech wheel support and I will buy the console and the full version of the game.

  • One more reason for me not to buy this game

  • The t100 is supposed to work too according to driveclub devs, that is at least a bit cheaper, around 140, and has force feedback.

  • @86. People it has nothing to do with SONY not supporting logitech or being paid not too., Logitech got out of the console peripheral business over a year + ago…..

  • I don’t think Drive Club the PlayStation Plus version is free anymore. In the store it says PS Plus members will get a discount. The comment reply only states when the game will be available for PS Plus members.

  • So am I reading this right…none of the Logitech wheels that worked on PS3 work on PS4? This is pretty disappointing. I can’t say I won’t buy this game as a result because I played Motorstorm without a while just fine. Still, Sony dropped the ball on this if they think people are going to go buy a new racing wheel, especially when Gran Turismo comes out.

  • @96 well if indeed Logitech is not supporting consoles anymore and Sony can’t figure out how to make them compatible without Logitech, then this is going to be a huge problem for them. They need to make a specific blog post about this and address it clearly. They need to be up front and tell consumers why the Logitech wheels don’t work, and which ones exactly do. Things move on. It happens, but it seems a lot of people assumed their Logitech wheels would work. This news has blindsided a lot of people.

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