Free Access to Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players This Weekend

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Free Access to Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players This Weekend

Even though it’s only Monday, we’ve got something for PS4 gamers to look forward to this weekend. Starting Friday, September 26 at 12:01am Pacific through Sunday, September 28 at 11:59pm Pacific PlayStation Plus is opening up online multiplayer to our PS4 owners, so you all can play with your friends. This gives owners of recent titles like Destiny, Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15 and Diablo III a chance to try out their great multiplayer components.

Destiny: Mars

Simply log on during those times, fire up a game and enjoy playing with your pals. Although we’re opening up the multiplayer portion of PlayStation Plus, our members receive a lot more than just that. If you’re curious, you can check out everything a Plus membership has to offer here.

Enjoy the weekend, and let us know what you’ll be playing in the comments below!

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  • @49
    I tried PS+ during the welcome back program and wasn’t impressed. Trying to push it on people by requiring if for online multiplayer is pretty much giving a number of PS3 owners the middle finger.

  • That Is Soo Huge , Big and Large Jump from sony , To Drive The oFFline Users To Try PSN :D , Then , Drive Them to be official Subscribers , Greet ! Move Sony :D

  • I love ps4 because the game was so beautiful future :)))))))))))))))))) <3

  • Good stuff. :3

  • @Spitfire_Zero_
    While you can play *some* of Destiny online without a PS+ account, parts of it are locked on accounts without PS+. Those areas are clearly marked as “PlayStation Plus required”, and whenever they attempt to access those locked areas, they’re prompted to purchase PS+.

    I have no problem purchasing games & DLC, as I’m sure Destiny will eventually have a boatload of, but I’ve always been opposed to paying for multiplayer, regardless of platform. Xbox Live Gold devolved into a glorified paywall, with lots of free & paid-elsewhere services shoved behind it, and I let it lapse out of principle. I’m still maintaining my Plus membership for the discounts, freebies, and other benefits, not for the multiplayer.

  • I wish this was forever… bit onfaire that ps3 can play multiplayer without ps+, but still can’t wait for the wekend :D

  • who cares, its all about money thats all they care about,


    Level 19 Warlock on my main account, GreenGamer808. :)

  • I am using my trail up for ps+ so don’t think I am an unaware nerd, but I will use this time to work on my level 19 account.

  • Now fix the CE-34878-0 error code so I can play games in MLB without being constantly dropped after 8 innings and 45-60 minutes wasted.

  • So what’s the new stuff that will be available to people who already own PS Plus?

  • Or ya know, here’s an even better idea…. Opening up free multiplayer to everyone permanently. #DumbMove making multiplayer a pay to play service when its historically been free. #JustSaying

  • Playstation needs an update i cant even see my friends requests list when ever someone add me

  • Sony should make the PSN free for PlayStation 4, if I would have known that you had to pay to play online I would have never got the PlayStation 4. Playing video games is going to be a Rich mans entertainment outlet at this rate, not for the middle class.

  • I’ve always seen these free weekend on Xbox to be gimmicky schemes and an insult to the player, especially in the case of Xbox having their Media apps behind a paywall.

    I don’t like this direction.

  • I’ve always seen these free weekend on Xbox to be gimmicky schemes and an insult to the player, especially in the case of Xbox having their Media apps behind a paywall.

    I don’t like this direction.
    On the flip side, it gives them more money to better enhance the multi player online experience, add new innovative features and new ways to play.

  • Online gaming should always be free. This past year has destroyed my faith in you Sony. PS+ is just Terrible and all of the Indie games…. I wish I never bought my PS4. And PS+ is no longer a good value.
    Thank god I kept my PS3 and I have a gaming PC. I am strongly considering selling my PS4 and either getting a WiiU or just banking the money.
    I really hope you guys right this ship soon. Ignoring the issues is not gonna help
    ~a unhappy and let down customer since 1995 :(

  • What an awesome idea. Now a person, like myself, who works and pays good money for the PS+ service cannot get on Destiny at 7pm on a Sunday night because the servers are too bloated.

    Fantastic idea, very well thought out.

  • so not to be rude, as like playstation plus and its values but when will we get a preview for next month and i hope we get something good cause honestly this month was a little low bar.

  • Someone must be sleeping over at hq.
    Where is your video about games in october?
    No PS Plus preview for video for october?
    tsk tsk tsk.

  • PS4 requires pay to play. What a crock. So I buy Call of Duty an Online Game and have to pay to play. Sad. You do realize video games companies make more than film makers these days and Sony gets their piece of the pie. The game companies make the site that you play on, not sony. The game companies fight the hackers that cheat during gameplay, not sony. Sony doesn’t pay for my internet. Some of the fees will go to game companies sure, but the amount will be determined by sony, not you the consumer. I would rather pay more for a game straight up than have a monthly fee. So when I start playing my Samsung Gaming system in the future and have stopped paying for my Playstation fee to use their online, the Call of Duty game I bought for it will be mostly useless. Sony won’t buy it back and I won’t be able to use it. Hmmm so do I really own the Game I hold in my hand…the answer with this system is no, it owns you. :)

  • Yus I Was An Xbox Fan But Then I Heard That You Cant Play ONLINE W/O (With Out) XBG (Xbox Live Gold) So That’s Why PS (PlayStation) Is AWESOME Free Playing ONLINE Free Party’s EVERYTHING UNLIKE Xbox

  • I don’t have a ps4 but if I did i’d be playing destiny

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