Free Access to Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players This Weekend

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Free Access to Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players This Weekend

Even though it’s only Monday, we’ve got something for PS4 gamers to look forward to this weekend. Starting Friday, September 26 at 12:01am Pacific through Sunday, September 28 at 11:59pm Pacific PlayStation Plus is opening up online multiplayer to our PS4 owners, so you all can play with your friends. This gives owners of recent titles like Destiny, Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15 and Diablo III a chance to try out their great multiplayer components.

Destiny: Mars

Simply log on during those times, fire up a game and enjoy playing with your pals. Although we’re opening up the multiplayer portion of PlayStation Plus, our members receive a lot more than just that. If you’re curious, you can check out everything a Plus membership has to offer here.

Enjoy the weekend, and let us know what you’ll be playing in the comments below!

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  • Is the EU PSN included?

  • Good move for PS4. You guys should do this move often. Like maybe once every 3 months (each quarter). Although i have been a plus member for 2 years now i think, this would be a good way to get others to join.

  • @1: Yup.

  • agreed! this is a great way to get more people to join. PlayStation Plus is were it’s at!!

  • Friday is my birthday! :D :D (If only I had a PS4 :( )

  • this is very kind of you sony

  • Free Access to Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players! – Corrected Title! This how should’ve been from the beginning and PS+ a bonus like with PS3. Not a mandatory subscription!

  • I just bought a PS4 this month and have yet to purchase my Plus subscription. Don’t get me wrong, plus was great for the PS3 but my Plus membership ended in July and I traded in my PS3 during Sony and Gamestop’s $150 PS3 trade in week and so far I have DC Universe online which doesn’t require a Plus membership and a few others too. Also Sony, the Plus games thus far for the PS4 have been rather lackluster as members have pointed out for the past year, I know, it’s only one year after the system’s launch but soon it will be two and then three, so enough excuses already. If you want more converts from Xbox and more users coming over from the flailing Wii U now is your time to step it up Sony.

  • That was good for other players :-)
    But we need 2 years of subscription :-(

  • @#5 why are you even interested in this post if you don’t have a PS4? And happy birthday :p . Also, I’ve always been a ps plus member. But I think it’s a money grab to have to pay for online pay. We already have to pay for internet, the game, the system, etc.

  • is cod ghost required

  • i second the feeling of those who say that multiplayer should be free all should be for cloud storage,”free” games,betas and the occasional movie/comic ….also if this going to be behind a paywall then make sure that there is a grief system for impolite players.

    personal idea,why not include music and video unlimited with the plus subscription a la netflix? i bet that that way you would add more players to buy in to your ecosystem!

  • “The plus games have been lackluster the first year” Really Orynx?
    The ps4 has hardly no retail games, what games do you want that are so great? Heck most the retails have been lackluster

    I guess this is good for people without plus, but if you don’t have plus and own a Ps4 i feel really awful for you.

  • I can’t wait until this post blows up with 98% of the comment being about bad PS+ games, or forced Multiplayer that was free on the PS4.

    Good idea, free marketing.

  • Nice move sony!

  • Any want to play minecraft?

  • “The plus games have been lackluster the first year”

    Wait, let me get this straight…you want to pay $50 for a year and get brand new $60 games (as in plural)…REALLY? You’re an idiot.
    You do realize that Sony is in business to MAKE money, right? And they should give you brand new games to play that cost more then the annual subscription price you’re paying? And some are not even Sony products so they should negotiate with third party companies to give you their games also? You’re a greedy idiot.
    Please go back to your XBox, you are thinning out the gene pool with your ridiculous demands.

  • @#8 Just buy your PS+ membership on Black Friday (like I have the last two years) for $29.99 and you will be set. I remember renting PS1 & PS2 games at BlockBuster for $5-$6 and you only had two nights with them. I say we have it a lot better today then we did 10-15 years ago. I didn’t personally care for last months IGC but I have gotten my money’s worth over the year.

  • PS4 online gaming should be not locked only to PS+ members PS+ non-members want to play PS4 online gaming like PS3 is doing with online gaming because PS+ is just an expansion not a way block online gaming for gamers & PS4 is just next generation console. Example Microsoft has Xbox Live with 2 online gaming services called free & paid (GOLD) services Xbox live free service has limited online gaming & paid (GOLD) service has full online gaming Why does PS+ have to be used for online gaming on the PS4 & the just PS3 online gaming is free but uses PS+ as expansion to the free service PS4 should of had online gaming free like PS3 has because some people are getting the PS4 but don’t want PS+ for online gaming, Sony is making the PS4 difficult for online gaming because PS3 has unlimited online gaming & PS4 has PS+ for online gaming. Why do u need PS+ for online with the PS4 & u don’t need PS+ for online gaming on the PS3 because PS+ optional for PS3 & needed for PS4 online gaming I hope Sony will make up their mind with online gaming for upcoming consoles such as Putting PS+ as optional for the network not for online gaming for future consoles

  • For the people complaining about how ps+ shouldn’t be required for online gaming, you’re wrong. Remember playstation a big leak of info a few years ago? Well paying for your online service lets them keep up with maintenance on their servers and will help secure your information so I doesn’t get leaked. I’ll agree that ps+ games haven’t been stellar, however, towerfall ascension is a great single screen multiplayer that my friends and I play often. Ps+ is only needed for only gaming and to get 2-3 free games a month makes it well worth it. Stop complaining, change is required to grow and that’s what Sony is doing. If you don’t like it got to Xbox one where you’ll pay $60 a year and get less from it.

  • Please tell me that the PS+ requirement for online multiplayer component for PS4 games could be phased out in the future. The online multiplayer fee is the main reason I got a PS3 over an Xbox 360, despite the price difference between the two. It’s also the main reason I’ve been holding out on getting a PS4.

  • That’s a good idea giving people who have a ps4 without PS+ to play online gives them a chance to try it out. Maybe if they like it they will buy a PS+ Sub. I’m waiting for Black Friday for a good deal on a PS4 like the Destiny Bundle. Also getting 1yr PS+ for $30 is not a bad deal saves me $20.

  • Why do people ask if this applies to Europe on the US blog?

  • Sony your so dumb n cheap how are u giving free **** out that u forced us day one ps owners to buy already when ps4 fist came out u want to be nice then give us free ps cash 1 time a year

  • Alot of good points here so far, like @18 TeamGreen.

    Most of you longterm Plus users should keep in mind New users (especially now with PS4) do not know what it is worth (longterm).

    Give it time.

    It is not entirely worth it for new owners, with little on sale, and less than adequate games using its full capabilities.
    I would be upset myself, going back to PlayStation over Xbox for free online play.

    But if those Black Friday online deals keep happening, then people will realize the “greatness” that is a serious value.
    Not to mention, not risking getting trampled on, or run over with online availability.

  • Very generous of you Sony. Thanks Kristine Steimer.

  • Like that almost every sale priced game I have bought since renewing, has not been a Plus offer :(

    But Sony can be as lovely, fickle, and painful as marriage.

    It can, and does sometimes get better.

  • (shaking)
    Where are my sales for this week!?

  • Needing plus to play online for the ps4 is also one of the main reasons why I’m not getting the ps4 until then.

    I can play online on my PC, PS3, Vita, PSP, 3DS, all for free. Why would I need to pay to access your servers? Why did you go back on your word?

    It deters me away from playing as much in the Sony environment because you’re trying to limit me. I need you, community managers, to tell your higher ups, or whoever is in charge, that your players are calling them out. Charging for online multiplayer is nonsense, and a thing in the past.

  • For those complaining that PS4 online should be free, Sony explicitly stated they needed money to keep everything they’re doing afloat.

    PS Plus isn’t just something they made happen out of thin air. They need money to keep it going. Anything they do whether it’s sales, IGC, or betas ALL cost money. We were lucky to get PS3 and Vita online for free, but Sony can’t keep it up forever. That’s why Sony said they’re using the profits they get to make PS Plus, their servers, etc. better. I was against it too until they made that statement.

    You should be happy Sony is doing this at all because they didn’t have to. They are trying their hardest to give us the best value and gaming experience they can and it’s paying off. If you don’t want to pay for online that’s fine you can play single player games offline on PS4 or you can play online on PS3 or Vita. Stop being entitled and get with the times.

  • @29: You have a valid point, but you aren’t only paying for access to their servers. You get cloud storage for game saves, automatic download service, extra discounts on sales and not to mention a lot of free games. Since you have a PS3, Vita and a PSP, I wonder why you don’t have PS Plus. If memory serves correctly, Uncharted:Golden Abyss was one of the free games which was the price of PS Plus for a year. Last month we got both PS3 and Vita versions of Dragon’s Crown, which is also about the same price I believe. So I’m missing the part where getting free games for 12 months is a bad thing, but to each their own.

    @30: Well said!

    It’s awesome that you are doing this Sony! Looking forward to many more people that don’t have PS Plus yet to play Destiny this weekend!

  • Not everyone cares about PS+, its sales (which is exclusive to the PlayStation Store, meaning digital download only), the ICG (which are random games attached to a metaphorical fishing line) or the betas (some people can wait for an actual release). Trying to push it on people by requiring it for online multiplayer is just a big middle finger to them. As for how the PS4 sold well, it’s because MS wrote “Kiss this!” on its backside and mooned a their customers.

    I’d also like to ask you “How does Valve pull off what they do?” I mean, there are sales on a pretty frequent basis, free online multiplayer, cloud back up of save files, and even user generated content for games. None of it requires a premium membership.

  • Good. Good. Now get rid of pay-to-play online for good. OR make it worth an expletive. Renting half a decade old games I could buy for $1.80 or playing on a service PC platforms already have for free does not count – to me – as worth it. But that is just me.

  • Cool, but where is journey? If i bought it for the ps3 do i have to buy it again for the ps4?

  • The stupid Valve comparison again…

    Why don’t you go figure it out on your own. It’s plain as day why Sony and Valve don’t (can’t) operate the same way. If you can’t see it, you’re hopeless.

  • Add me

  • @35
    You know either? Maybe Sony’s just unlucky or something. I mean, they lost 3.2 billion from a natural disaster.

  • Online should always offered free, trying to be the same as your competitors. But whatever, it’s good news.

  • I am very suprised that people have a ps4 & don’t have a plus membership but this is good for those that still don’t have it.

  • As soon as online play is free, I’ll get a PS4. Until then, I’ll be playing my PS3, PSVita, PC, or even my Wii, which are all free to play online. I just can’t bring myself to pay for internet twice. That’s the main thing I’ve always had against Xbox.

  • Wii’s online multiplayer is dead, if I’m not mistaken. Do you mean Wii U?

  • Whatever happened to one Plus account allowing all players on the PS3/PS4 to have multiplayer access? That seems to have gone out the window with Destiny, and I can’t afford/justify Plus account for myself and all three of my sons. That’s $200 per year (give or take various sale prices), and I’m not paying it.

  • Should be free anyway. I don’t want free indie games that I’ll play for like 2 minutes or like XBL bells and whistles that I personally will never use like cross game chat, video upload/capture and whatever else. I barely ever play online but sometimes I’ll play LBP with friends on PS3 or whatever like maybe once or twice a month.

    Most games aren’t using Sony servers they’re either P2P or 3rd party servers so what exactly is the money going to Sony for? Is that $60 not enough for you? Was awesome when you used to buy a game for $50/$60 and had access to 100% of the content on the disc out of the box. All these stupid fees Sony has pulled with the PS4 is exactly why I’ve stuck with PS3 and will be upgrading my PC to enjoy next gen.

    Want BC? Sub to PS Now.
    Want Online? Sub to PS+.
    Want ingame music? Sub to Music Unlimited.

    That last one really is a joke. You took out the most basic feature of an entertainment system that has a disc drive: CD playback, just so people will sub to MU? Sony, you’ve hit a new low with that one, seriously. Even Sony 2006s arrogance wasn’t holding features back and putting them behind a paywall.

  • Bottom line: I’ll likely get a PS4 for its exclusives at some point, but I sure as hell I’m not paying a cent to play online. I’ll wait for the PS4 Slim or $200 drop in 3 or 4 years, and any exclusives like LBP4 that’s mainly fun online, I’ll just have to skip unfortunately. Until then I’ll enjoy my other Sony consoles and PC gaming.

    And before anyone quotes me defending PS+ as you guys always do, I’ve had PS+ before, on PS3, when they were offering proper retail releases, and got way more than my moneys worth, but even if they were still offering up that quality, I’d vote with my wallet and this paywall rubbish and not sub.

    The balls in your court, Sony. I’ve bought every PS console and at least 60+ games for each, brand new (not used or rented) so you’ve made plenty of money out of me for my entertainment and I thank you for all the years of fun, but until you remove this paywall, I won’t ever be supporting the PS4 or any future systems you release with this paywall like I’ve supported you the past 18 or so years.

  • Fresh Blood in Multiplayer…..
    *Starts Drooling*

  • @Mystakill2
    That rule is still in effect. I let my plus run out, and i can still access multiplayer on my ps4 since my brother’s account still has plus active. If something specific happened with Destiny then this might be a technical error.

  • @13
    what games do you want that are so great?
    Some jrpg games would be nice but all of those companies behind those types of games seem to be cranking them out for the PS3 while they still can.

    Wait, let me get this straight…you want to pay $50 for a year and get brand new $60 games (as in plural)…REALLY?
    Never said that actually but something other then a third party $1 app game would be nice. Also, maybe you’re new to Plus yourself? I recall quite a few major titles released on the PS3 for Plus.

    Please go back to your XBox,
    I’ve never owned a Xbox but actually considered buying a One last month though.

    Just buy your PS+ membership on Black Friday
    Good idea! I know there’s a few games coming out in 2015 that I’ll need the Plus for online play so just delaying things a bit now.

  • My two cents. If we have to pay to play,
    why not provide sony supported servers
    rather than a host with a **** connection?

  • @Oryxncrake You seem really bitter. Spin it however you want but you get more bang for your buck if you subscribe to PS+. The games will get better for the PS4 IGC in time. I hardly even play online but get more enjoyment from my PS+ membership than I do my Netflix service which costs almost four times the price. It sounds like you should have kept your PS3 and held off buying a PS4 like I have.

  • This is interesting. Not amazing.

    Why? Well simple. We can watch Netflix without PS Plus, you can play Free to Play games and MMOs without Plus, you can use most of your PS4 without plus.

    Then you look at Xbox. Web browser locked behind plus, twitter locked up, voice chat locked, are there even any Free to Plays? Can’t do Netflix without Gold…

    On the PS4 you have to TRY to activate this free weekend. Very few things are locked behind the Plus Paywall and well, if you haven’t played Sports Friends with people locally, you are missing out. Laughter till tears. Laughter till tears.

    So yeah it’s interesting. It’s not amazing. The real question is… why on the PS4 do you not have plus as it is? You are doing it wrong!

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