Mega Man X5 Out Now on PlayStation Store

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Mega Man X5 Out Now on PlayStation Store

Last week we finally brought Mega Man X4 to PlayStation Store. This beloved entry in the X series can be found on both PS3 and Vita online shops, enabling fans to rediscover — or perhaps play for the first time — one of the greatest action games of the PSone era. But we have even more good news — Mega Man X5 is also available today!

Mega Man X5

Both classic titles are $5.99 and represent some of 2D gaming’s finest work. If you missed these back in the day, it’s a great time to jump in and find out why so many fans continue to hold both titles in such high regard. And with both available on Vita, you can play them anywhere!

If you’re in the mood for even more classic Mega Man goodness, check out Mega Man 1~4 in the PS imports section — they’re also playable on PS3 or PS Vita!

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  • Sony needs to add more digital games to the library and more older PS3 games,should make getting games much better

  • Glad to see Capcom is releasing MMX4 and MMX5 as PS1 classics.

    But when is MMX Collection and Mega Man Anniversary Colllection going to be released as PS2 classics? I have MMX Collection on PS2 and I refuse to buy the X games separately. Put those on there and I will toss my money at you.


  • Mmm never been a fan of the series but now that i can play it on the go with my love psvita… I’ll give it a try now :)

  • I remember when I played this one in the first Playstation, but I have it as Rockman (like in Japan) instead of Mega Man. Particularly, I’m not a fan at all of the series but is pretty good to see Capcom taking care of old games also.

  • I will join the multitude in requesting Mega Man Legends 1&2. I played 1 so much back in the day, and it is easily in my top ten favorite games of all time personally. As such I would happily pay a stupid amount of money for these on my PS3… or Vita… or PS4. If the localized version is causing legal issues it would be a good excuse for me to learn Japanese… I know you want my stupid amounts of money. Think of all the shiny play pretties you could buy with my stupid money… We needs it… It’s OUR’S PRECIOUS, OURS! They stole it from us! OSAKA!!! CAPCOM!!!

  • I hope they put Misadventure of Tron Bonne on the list too..

  • Keep them coming. We want the whole series. It’s so irritating to see scraps.

    The PS2 Mega Man collections as PS2 Classics would solve the issue, but you can add the individually if you want more money, I guess.

  • *add them

  • megaman x3 from ps1 please….

  • Awesome! It’s about time these made their way to the PS Store. :D Now, how about releasing X6, 7, 8, Command Mission and the Playstation version of X3?

    Would absolutely LOVE it if we could also get the Japanese versions.

  • OMG thank you so much….X5 was my favorite back in the day…I have such fond memories of / with this game….I remember that I broke a CD of it that wasn’t mine accidentally.Now please bring X6,X7 and X8.I still have them….but want them on PS3 and Vita as well.

    For real…thank you.

  • Oh BTW somebody mentioned Rival Schools…damn Capcom you can do it…please bring it over to PSN….since you decided to abandon these great series,the minimum you could do is to release everything as PS1 classics for us to relive good old memories.

  • Time for the entire Mega Man X series please.

  • Very Cool! I have the Megaman/X collection on gamecube (wii) but getting these to play on the go with the Vita!

    Bring in Legends 1 and 2 (still have the discs but they a lil scratched so sounds are off at times), Megaman 8 (my first megaman game) and X7,8 Command Mission. If Command misison is playable on Vita even better!
    But I welcome ANY megaman game….even if by some miracle the Battle Network series made on Vita, though unlikely.

    Heck…..I wouldn’t mind if Megaman NT was on the Video store….

  • Ehh already have the PS2 Collection versions which runs faster than the PSX games.


  • Why i cant find this game on my os store?

  • Why the heck wasn’t Mega Man X4 & X5 brought in as PSN games with trophy support?? :(
    You guys brought Mega Man 10 and it has trophies. You also have Sonic the Hedgehog 1.. a game older then X4 & X5, with trophy support. Not just Sonic 1, but Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Street of Rage, Golden Axe, and so many more got trophies…If X4 & X5 had trophy support, it would be a sale for me. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the Mega Man X games to come to PSN, for over 3 years.. only to see them added now, with no trophies. So many people & Megaman fans (including me) still have the games whether on PS1, or on the X Collection for PS2 or Gamecube or even on emulators. Why would they buy the games again, when there is nothing different about it from the other versions? I feel that this was a bad move, whoever decided to not add trophy support to them. So many people would be buying & playing the games if they had trophies. It would’ve been ALOT better if you guys just brought the Mega Man X Collection to PSN. Mega Man X1 – X6… Six games, plus a seventh one that you unlock. Even if you charged like $20 for it I’d buy it. It would be a big deal.. and fans of the series would be ecstatic over it.

  • Megaman X5. Didn’t feel as tight as MMX4 but still my favorite game of the series.

    I would have prefered a port of the collection though.

  • I got a question why is it that the Kill Zone & Resistance trilogy are not on the psn? The PS library is so vast an we still don’t have most of the classics

  • @ Cage890

    because its not a psn game. its a ps1 classic get it straight no ps1 classic game past present future has trophies. all the game u listed became psn games. all your buying is a digital version of the ps1 game. if u already have the game physically than u dont have to buy the game digitally unless u want to get rid of the disc

  • I hope the rest of the Mega Man and X Series Games make it on the PSN Store soon. Like many of you, I’d also like to see Legends 1 and 2. I also wouldn’t mind seeing The Misadventures of Tron Bonne…One can dream, right? lol

  • Sony/Capcom

    Look at how many people love megaman, and megaman X. Please release the collection, and or megaman legends 1, or even 2. It awesome reading all these comments, and every one feeling how I do. Alot of us started at X1, and even on later titles, but we all feel the same, we love it. Megaman X1 was the first real hard game I beat when I was little, and I will always remember it. As much as I’ll remember when I found out about x2, and x3. Then later found out about X4, X5, X6 on the same day. Please re release more titles, or we need to do as kickstart did and support mega man x till they release it.

  • now, Waiting for X6…To complete the collection and nostalgic moments…
    please bring X6 and megaman legends as well..Thanks

  • Cool cool so uhhh when can we see Crash Bandicoot and Spyro being made available for North American Vitas?????


  • It’s nice to see such a classic hit the PlayStation Network. Would love to see Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X6 on here too. When it comes to me, I put classics from PSone I love from PSN onto my PSP. Great way to have the classics you love on the road. With Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5 on here, I am really happy to see games I used to spend hours with on my PSone. So thank you PlayStation Network and Capcom for the smart move. It was long overdue.

  • YEAHHH!!! I love MegaMan X gamess! I hope they launch the MegaMan X, X2, X3 and X6 too, or the MegaMan X Collection for PS2!! Im extremly happy.

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