Mega Man X5 Out Now on PlayStation Store

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Mega Man X5 Out Now on PlayStation Store

Last week we finally brought Mega Man X4 to PlayStation Store. This beloved entry in the X series can be found on both PS3 and Vita online shops, enabling fans to rediscover — or perhaps play for the first time — one of the greatest action games of the PSone era. But we have even more good news — Mega Man X5 is also available today!

Mega Man X5

Both classic titles are $5.99 and represent some of 2D gaming’s finest work. If you missed these back in the day, it’s a great time to jump in and find out why so many fans continue to hold both titles in such high regard. And with both available on Vita, you can play them anywhere!

If you’re in the mood for even more classic Mega Man goodness, check out Mega Man 1~4 in the PS imports section — they’re also playable on PS3 or PS Vita!

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  • Hey, can we possibly get these games in Europe? Would love some Mega Man on my Vita and all we’ve got at the minute is Maverick Hunter X.

  • Vita, the only word I needed to read. Bring more Mega Man please! Already got 1-4 Import Classics <3

  • WOO-HOO!!! Now roll out Megaman Legends 1 & 2 please :)

  • Instead of rolling out these PS1 games, Capcom should’ve just flat out given us Megaman X Collection for the PS2. ;P

  • I don’t suppose we could get the Europe-localized version of X3 too, could we? It’s not like we don’t have other import games on the store, plus we got that version later on in the X Collection, so I can’t imagine that it should be too much of a problem.

  • Nice. Getting it this week or maybe next week.

    I also want megaman legends 1 & 2 please. These I would get them day-one :D

  • Any chance of releasing Mega Man 9 and 10 on Vita? Also, Okami with the ability to paint with your finger on Vita would be awesome. Lastly, please bring any Resident Evil over to PS Vita. RE4 or Revelations would be awesome. Please Capcom, get more Capcom games on Vita.

  • Thanks! I picked Mega Man X4 last week and I’m definitely picking X5 as well!

    I join the requests for more Mega Man games, in particular Megaman Legends 1 & 2!

  • I’d buy the he** out of Mega Man Legends 1 & 2

    I’d buy it, call customer support, ask them to remove both from my account and then buy again

  • Why are Mega Man 1 through 4 in Japanese? I would gladly pay for a US version. I bought the first one, but promptly unistalled it when it was not in English. I will be getting X4 and X5 for Vita. keep them coming.

  • About time. I’ve played X1-X4 back in the day. I’m really looking forward to this one. Also, X6, X7, and X8 next Capcom please!

  • i wish they released mmx collection for the vita with some trophies I would buy it 100xs

  • Maybe capcom will release megaman legends 1 or rival schools, we already have avatars for the games so it makes sense to release the games right.

  • Actually Brett, you can’t find Mega Man X4 or X5 on the Vita store. They’re not there, even if you search. You have to use the webstore or buy them on PS3. SCEA continues to have what looks like a personal vendetta against their handhelds. A few weeks ago they were removing PSP games from the Vita store without publisher consent.

    something something powered up on psn something something

    @10 Because there’s no English version of Mega Man 1-6 on PSone. I don’t know why 5 and 6 aren’t available yet either.

  • I would gladly pay like 29.99 for a megaman collection, o megaman x collection remastered on ps4

  • X4 and X5 show on the webstore but are not in the PS1 classic folders when you access the store through the Vita itself. Please fix that. I know that I can buy it on the web and transfer to the Vita, but others might not be aware of this fix.

  • @14. How hard can it be to translate Mega Man to English? It does not have tons of text that need translation.

  • One last note to Capcom. Devil May Cry Trilogy would be welcomed on Vita. Imagine DMC on the go. Also would love some type of Onimusha and Viewtiful Joe Collection on Vita. Love your games, bring them to Vita.

  • Any chance for EU to get it?

    When it comes to PSX, PSP, PS2, Vita games Europe is always discriminated.

  • Buenas tardes, ¿paraguayo algo de Metal Slug? Desconozco si habéis puesto alguno!!!
    Un saludo.

  • Cool, the last Mega Man X game is available now! I’ve been replaying them since they put MMX1 on the Wii U VC and now I and finally finish it off.

    Oh and to anyone who thinks they heard of a “Mega Man X6”, that never happened. It’s all in your head. X5 is the last one.

    (If I keep telling myself that maybe history will be altered and it will finally be true)

  • @dkarlowicz10: Great idea! I have also wanted to see MM9 & MM10 ported to the PS Vita. I can’t imagine those games having any particular issues that would prevent PS Vita ports given the retro format they were given.

    By the way, can we also get Resident Evil Survivor as a PSOne Classic? I know the game has some drawbacks, but there were some great ideas in that game, namely plot wise:

    -The T-103 Tyrants Mass Production Plant (well, more like mass cloning facility).
    -The new T-Hypnos Tyrant which was given a 1st form that was the size of a normal person, and whose unique genes allowed it to drastically mutate into larger forms when needed.
    -Confirmation of the survival of the improved Licker Evolved (Licker Kai) specimens after the destruction of Birkin’s lab.
    -The infamous Umbrella’s Undertaker Unit, conformed of some sort of humanoid creatures called Undertakers or Cleaners. These were not created with the T-virus, making them more vulnerable, but in turn intelligent enough to use weapons back then (1998). They were also implanted a device to dispose of all of them upon completition of their mission.

    At the very least I would like to see some of these ideas retaken for later games.

  • @4 Because this way, we can not only experience the games in their original forms, but also play them on our Vitas.

    @17 ALL PS1 games on the PSN store are merely disc images (or ISOs), so Capcom (or any other publisher, for that matter) can’t do anything to alter their content.

    As a matter of fact, these games run on emulators built into the devices’ OS’.

  • @21
    So X7 and X8 (my personal favorite) didn’t happen either?

  • getting it solely for my vita. thank you

  • X8 and Command Mission, please.

  • @21 Umm…. you are wrong. Rock Man X6/Mega Man X6 came out in Japan, U.S in 2001; Europe in 2002.

  • Thanks, Brett! :D Reploids don’t stand a chance now!

  • Legends 1 and 2, PLEASE. These are 2 of your most epic games and they are so rare, and with 3 being canceled *sheds single tear* Anyway yeah! Even at 10 a pop, those would sell insanely well!

  • An user named Aran^KR, ‏@alanjnov on Twitter, told me X4 and X5 are available on the PSP section of the store

  • I know this has nothing to do with this game, but since when can’t you buy things on sale from the prior week, the day the PSN updates? It hasn’t updated yet, but all the sales are gone, and new ones already up. WTH. I really wanted to buy mirrors edge, just didn’t get funds soon enough to buy it :(

    Looks like I’m going to have to wait for it to go on sale again :/

  • Thank you for Mega Man X4 last week and X5 this week Sony. Please convince Capcom to help you guys to release X6 and MML1 and MML2.

  • “Finally” is an understatement :|

    Glad to have them at long last however! Same for the GB/GBC ones for that matter!

    Are MM5 & 6 ever going to hit PSN? Powered Up? Super Adventure Rockman? :p

  • Mega Man Powered Up won’t be released on PSN, because there’s a glitch involved that prevents it. I asked on Capcom’s forums a few years ago.

    Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 can’t be released because of licensing reasons.

  • X6 had Japanese dubbing, which was removed in the PS2 ver. One of the characters, High Max, was voiced by the renowned Norio Wakamoto, is that what is stopping/making it difficult for the PSX ver. of X6 to be released?
    At any rate, please released X8 and Command Mission, I will get those day 1 too!

  • How about Mega Man 5 & 6 imports? Please? I already have 1-4. Would be great to have the only ones remaining.

    Thanks for X4 and X5.

  • Yes finally, my first PlayStation games are finally coming to the PlayStation store! Love Megaman X series on the SNES but my dad couldn’t find it, and always a rent. X4 was my first PlayStation game ever owned! I played it until it broked three years later! Got X5, and it was great, and hard with an unforgettable music track! X6 is the only one i still own, and much love even today! Thank-you CapCom! I played Megaman X 7, 8, command mission even maverick hunter X down the road in life! Please make a X9! X8 have left a major cliff-hanger when Axel crystal get damage, and well what happen is unknown because he’s in X command mission and is ok! X armor is super different in command mission! I and many more have been waiting for almost ten years for an answer. Many fans would love to see CapCom revisit Megaman X universe with classic gameplay that we all love! on YouTube this guy channel ultimatemaverickx has concepts and even a animated teaser on story concept. You should hire him for a artist for X9. Also you should put X command mission on the PlayStation store. I’ll buy this and X4 again for sure! I know i wrote to much, but i miss this series and legacy of X badly! Plus please bring X3 PS version to the PS store.

  • Regarding finding X4 and X5 on Vita, they’re both there – they’re listed in the PSP section. Not sure why they don’t appear while searching, but they are indeed present. Bought X4 myself :)

    And then regarding why MM1~4 are in Japanese… in Japan there were special PS1 versions of MM1~6 that added a few bells & whistles but never made it to the US as individual PS1 discs. However, through the magic of the PSN imports section, 1~4 are available; though they are in Japanese, I think any one of us could play through them without issue :P

  • ^thanks, if it weren’t for the banner ad on the live area for X4, I wouldn’t have found that one. lol

  • Having more Megaman X on the Vita will always be a good thing. Keep them coming!

  • Hey Capcom PR person, give us a percentage on the likelihood of seeing MegaMan Legends 1 or 2 on the PSN Store.

    Any number between 1-100% is good enough for us. Just give some some sense of what’s going on over there at Capcom USA. :/

  • @41: 0% due to licensing.

  • i would love to see classic 5 and 6 or x3 and x6

  • I still have X4,5,6 on disc so not a buy for me even though I absolutely love the X series. However I would be hyped if X7 and X8 were to show up. I’ve long since had my backwards compatible Ps3 die on me, so my PS2 collection is gathering dust.

  • Legends’ licensing issue has something to do with the voice work. If that’s the case, take it out. I can read just fine!

  • On the hunt for an oled vita.

  • Yeah still have my MegaMan x4 and MageMan Legends ps1 discs to lol. My Wish list 4 Capcom “New” Dragon Dogma, MegaMan Legends, and POWER STONE. All other franchises’ capcom has destoryed.

  • Glad to see Capcom actually still cares about Mega Man. If they didn’t, they they probably would have never released X4 and X5 in the first place.

    Please bring X6 and the whole PS1 Mega Man X games on will be complete. Even how bad it is, it can’t be that bad right?

  • Trophies for 4 or 5????

  • Please bring X6, X7 and X8. I’ll gladly buy all of them!

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