The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/9/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/9/2014
The Drop

We’ve been waiting for this one, friends. At last, the Guardians of the Tower are rising to face the darkness spreading across the frontier. It’s time to gear up in Bungie’s latest science-fiction opus as Destiny launches this Tuesday for PS4 and PS3.

In Destiny, players defend the last city on Earth from an encroaching threat, using astounding weaponry and ancient power to dispatch the enemies of humanity. Destiny fuses the thrill of a first-person shooter with the loot-hunt of classic RPGs and the social togetherness of an MMO. Traverse forgotten ruins, forge new friendships, sail the black sky, and build an armory worthy of legend. And PlayStation gamers have exclusive access to guns, gear, ships, and multiplayer maps along the way. So pack a nice lunch — interstellar travel lasts a long time.

For a full list of games coming to the world of PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Mega Man X5
NHL 15

New PlayStation Games This Week

PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Destiny is a next-generation, first-person shooter featuring an unprecedented combination of cinematic storytelling, cooperative, competitive, and public gameplay, and personal activities that are woven into an expansive, persistent online world. Venture out alone or join up with friends. The choice is yours.
Mega Man X5
PSone Classic — Digital
Mega Man X and Zero have to race against time to stop a Maverick Reploid attack on Earth. Can they put a stop to the Maverick menace? This title is compatible with the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP.
NHL 15
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Built to harness the power of the next generation, NHL 15 brings to life the sights, sounds, and feel of real NHL action like never before. Every player is affected by real-world physics leading to multiplayer collisions and pileups through 12 Player NHL Collision Physics. This is the next generation of Hockey.

Demos and Betas

FIFA 15 — PS3 Demo
NHL 15 — PS3 Trial

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13 Author Replies

  • Destiny is all that matters.

  • why a FIFA 15 demo for PS3 and nothing for PS4? not the best marketing

  • Wow, what a small update! Looks like I’m the only one NOT getting Destiny. I played the Beta and it was ok but that low level cap killed it for me. Still having fun with Diablo anyways.

  • @CyberChrist You aren’t the only one. I never get into all that online multiplayer BS and usually just stick with the classics myself. Nobody seems to give a crap about single player games anymore.

  • Does we get Fifa 15 for PS4 or not?

    Destiny is really bad, i dont understand those hyped people buying it. its a bad and boring game with no story and nothing. i will never understand it, same with watchdogs, this game was awful. and people where hyped about it.

  • Suikoden2onPSStore

  • No Fifa 15 PS4 demo ? My Destiny disk should arrive tomorrow but I want to play Fifa 15 as well.

  • Watch_Dogs is amazing game I really liked it. Can`t wait for the T-Bone DLC on 23rd of September. About Destiny sure it`s hyped but I like to play it with my friends so I buy it. I`m really interested to see if we will get Fifa 15 demo on PS4 ?

  • Thank you gaming gods for destiny shall save us from endless months of crappy IGC.

  • Another generic fps by a terrible western dev to satisfy the idiotic masses with horribly low standards. Too bad. Classic example of corporate greed. I could name many better games, by Japanese developers, on Vita, that Sony won’t export from Japan because Sony fat cats won’t make money. So sad.
    Got something to add, naive youngsters? You can find me on psn; get at me.

  • destiny is very boring and overhyped. 0815 Shooter, nothing special. I played it and its the same as the beta, nothing changed.
    its kinda boring and poor looking game but whatever. have fun with it.

    fifa 15 demo coming september 10 to ps4 (confirmed)

  • destiny should be named Halo Online and it should be free to play

  • wish Mega Man X 5 was playable on ps4

  • FIFA 15 Demo only for PS3? And PS4? Anyone knows when they will release the demo?

  • Destiny is the biggest waste of game shelf space there is. Bungie should have stuck to making games for the crap box and kept their dirty hands outta the playstation universe. The game sucks big dirty Big Foot testicles.

  • Incredible… no FIFA PS4 demo? I just bought the damn system specifically for FIFA.

  • Destiny!!! My preloaded timer says 11 hours! I can play as soon as I get home from work!! Honestly, preload is one of the best new features PSN introduced. Thank you!

  • Last week I got Mega Man X4. I never had the change to play it on the original Playstation… I’m looking forward for Mega Man X5. I hope next week you guys bring X6

  • FIFA and NHL demos for PS4?

  • These Mega Man X PSOne Classics are nice, but any idea when Suikoden II is making it’s way here?

  • Mega Man X5! YES! Keep these Mega Man games coming PSN and Capcom!

  • Waiting Fairy Fencer………..

  • Ok so follow me here.. Megaman X4 last week. MMX5 This week.. MMX6 next week? Megaman Legends week after? MML2 week after that? Tron Bonne week after that?! I can dream…

  • What about a PS4 demo of FIFA15?

  • How come demo isnt out yet fifa 15 HELP!

  • Thanks, seems I’m not the only one on the entire PSN NOT getting Destiny. I wouldn’t call it a PoS but the marketing for that thing is annoying. I even had a friend overseas send me a link today to an article about launch and whatnot, which tells me if a below-average gamer like him is aware of this game, then the marketing worked.
    I will probably get it when it’s like 30 bucks.

    And I add another vote for FIFA 15 PS4 DEMO. What’s wrong with these companies not giving demos out on PS4, like if you were to crack the DEMO to make it FULL or something.

  • It appears as though the digital copy that I ordered won’t unlock until 12:01 PST. I would completely understand that if I lived in that time zone, but it’s disappointing that I have to wait another two hours to play the game as I live in the central time zone. I was planning on staying up an hour or two to play it after it unlocked & get less sleep before work, but I can’t justify staying up an additional two hours and THEN playing the same amount of time before working in the morning.

    It seems slightly misleading that the game does not unlock with time zones. I get that you’re not wanting folk to change their time zones from California to play the game 3 hours early when it unlocks on the east coast, but it’s definitely a bummer.

  • Thanks for the MEGA MAN X5, Ryan! Now, if only I could do something about that payday that isn’t here yet.. >.>

  • bring us megaman X6? megaman 8? battle ‘n chase? I;d love the megaman anthology, even as a ps2 port…

  • More ps1 classics please.

    Jade cocoon
    Vandal hearts 1 and 2
    Megaman legends 1 and 2
    Die hard trilogy
    Diablo (I’d love to be able to play this on the go

    And a ps1 flash sale would be nice:

    Parasite eve
    And heck, snk arcade classics volume 1 for the psp. That price needs to come down already.

  • Destiny, Destiny, Destiny!!!

    LOL Destiny scared off all other games this week.

  • Wow, Mega Man X4 and X5! Thank You Ever So Much! Hopefully we’ll get X6 the next week!

    –PLEASE Heed my words, bring us:









  • This looks good but when can I pre order WWE 2K15

  • NHL 15 for me, play to many 1st person shooters as is, and Destiny looks rather boring.

  • will i ever be able play magic the gathering 2015 on my ps4/vita? id buy it in a heartbeat if it was coming :)

  • “Sucks all the digital people have to wait until 12:01 PDT on 9/9 to play destiny. when people with physical disk can play at 12:01 there time…”

    Ya, it really sucks that people on the East coast have to wait until 3 hours earlier to play…

  • Se eu compra o destiny pra ps3 e demora a compra meu ps4,eu posso posso ativar a versão de ps4 pelo pc pra garantir que eu não perca,tenho que tira essa duvida antes de comprar!

  • Megaman x5 still not out yet!!!
    how much longer do i have to wait x)

  • Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor PS3 Version Delayed.

    Long live Sony and developers who enjoy taking preorders from members and wait two weeks before game release and then without explanation delay the game for two months.

    Same lie Oddworld developer did when inviting people to get PS4 version preorder as crossbuy for PS3/Vita wich are coming “right after ps4 release”. Its been two months since ps4 version got out, and I still dont know when my ps3 game I payed for is coming.

    I warn people about PS3 Destiny digital purchase and tricks sony pull with misleading.
    Damn liers!


  • all 3 psp GTAs are on sale!!! Vice City is only $2.49!!!

  • is it possible to download nhl15 ultimate edition for ps3 on the ps store??


  • @MrPonuraski I hope that game never comes to PSN.

    @RetroDaddySlim Stop making s*** up.

  • Is there gonne be a FIFA 15 demo for the PS4???

  • Fiquei saber que quem compra antes do dia 15 de janeiro pra ps3 ganha a versão pra ps4!
    Minha duvida é se eu compra ele e passa do dia 15 de janeiro e eu não tiver comprado meu ps4 eu perco o destiny pra ps4 é?

  • Super super excited for Destiny…still sadly waiting for Suikoden 2 though. ;.;

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