The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/9/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/9/2014
The Drop

We’ve been waiting for this one, friends. At last, the Guardians of the Tower are rising to face the darkness spreading across the frontier. It’s time to gear up in Bungie’s latest science-fiction opus as Destiny launches this Tuesday for PS4 and PS3.

In Destiny, players defend the last city on Earth from an encroaching threat, using astounding weaponry and ancient power to dispatch the enemies of humanity. Destiny fuses the thrill of a first-person shooter with the loot-hunt of classic RPGs and the social togetherness of an MMO. Traverse forgotten ruins, forge new friendships, sail the black sky, and build an armory worthy of legend. And PlayStation gamers have exclusive access to guns, gear, ships, and multiplayer maps along the way. So pack a nice lunch — interstellar travel lasts a long time.

For a full list of games coming to the world of PlayStation, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Mega Man X5
NHL 15

New PlayStation Games This Week

PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Destiny is a next-generation, first-person shooter featuring an unprecedented combination of cinematic storytelling, cooperative, competitive, and public gameplay, and personal activities that are woven into an expansive, persistent online world. Venture out alone or join up with friends. The choice is yours.
Mega Man X5
PSone Classic — Digital
Mega Man X and Zero have to race against time to stop a Maverick Reploid attack on Earth. Can they put a stop to the Maverick menace? This title is compatible with the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP.
NHL 15
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Built to harness the power of the next generation, NHL 15 brings to life the sights, sounds, and feel of real NHL action like never before. Every player is affected by real-world physics leading to multiplayer collisions and pileups through 12 Player NHL Collision Physics. This is the next generation of Hockey.

Demos and Betas

FIFA 15 — PS3 Demo
NHL 15 — PS3 Trial

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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13 Author Replies

  • @red-ross add me am also getting the white ps4

  • the most interesting game for this week is a PSOne Classic.

  • sony doesnt make the choice to release the game at mid night look at madden it was out at midnight est and 9pm on westcoast just saying…

  • @balmori78 i sent you a friend request

  • well, megaman x5 will do.. not good at sports and tired of fps..

  • thanks @red-ross will approve once i get on

  • what about fifa 15 pre order on ps3?

  • I thought last week was the worst update ever for ps3.
    Boy, was I wrong.
    Pathetic update, for all platforms, especialy ps3.
    Destiny, couldnt care less about mindless online mp game, and annual EA games, seen one seen all.
    Nothing more then retails done on digital, wich you never own actualy as retails. This is not digital only content.

    Sony attempt to match MS XBOX Destiny purchase great deal is more then sad.
    On XBOX/1, buy Destiny and get any game for free right away.
    SONY, buy Destiny ps3 digital only, you get PS4 Destiny free BUT one year later. YOU DONT GET PS4 DESTINY RIGHT AWAY.
    Anyone who owns PS4 and wants to get PS3 game and play PS4 version, forget it. Got to wait a year.
    This is actualy no gift, its a fake advertising to trick people into buying Destiny PS3 digital.
    Maybe good only for PS3 owners who plan to get PS4 one day and have Destiny PS4 game on account.

    Im a big Playstation fan, but Sony take it too far, playing customers for fools.

  • Will Sony look into allowing earlier access on digital preorders? It’s not a huge deal breaker but it would be nice for those of us with hectic schedules to be able to play with our friends who buy physical copies at midnight.

  • I think, I THINK that the FIFA 15 demo is exclusively for PS4, XBONE and PC. No PS3 or 360. So I’m guessing there is a mistake here.

  • So hyped for Destiny! Tuesday approaches.

  • My Destiny is calling……. this time I will answer

  • No Fifa 15 demo for PS4? :(

  • I’ll be picking up my pre-order of Destiny, of course, and I’m really loving the classic Mega Man stuff recently. I hope Legends 1 and 2 come to the Store soon; I never got the chance to play the first one. Oh, and I’m sure there have been a million requests like this before, but I’d really like to be able to play my PS1 and PS2 classics on my PS4.

  • Fifa 14 demo was coming to ps4 for sure ea said?

  • excited for DESTINY ready to play tmr at midnight :) with mi group of friends

  • Still waiting for Freedom Wars. Oct 28 cant come soon enough.

  • Add me: Uzumakinarutosan ??

  • Wah Wah Wah! I can’t play my Destiny until 3AM help me God I have lost the will to live!

  • Ok, usually, each week, there was something for everyone (mostly). Well, not this week. For those who don’t care about Desitny, or NHL, the only thing that’s left is a PSone classic. A good one, but still, that’s sad.

    Oh well… at least, it’s playable on the Vita…

  • Um, Lucifer, no one was even whining about that on this whole page of comments.

  • @58

    You do not get any game for free with purchase of Destiny on Microsoft systems. The digital upgrade is available regardless of if you buy it on PS3 or 360. You do not have to wait a year, digital copies will be available starting on Tuesday.

    Stop making s*** up.

  • Exciter for Megaman X5, not a huge online gamer so going to pass on Destiny since its practically an MMO.

  • @72 – that guy was probably just crying, but I can tell you from personal experience that the Destiny upgrade program that’s being offered isn’t 100% legit. It won’t let you preorder the PS4 version to get the PS4 version of the preorder DLC after preordering the PS3 version to take them up on their “offer”. I was told by support to just go get the game and season pass for PS4 on Tuesday, but since there’s not going to be a store page for the preorder DLC for about a year when it becomes available for everyone to buy, then the “upgrade” option for it doesn’t really exist. My main console is a PS4 and only did the “upgrade” option because it was being offered, but now I feel shafted

    If Tuesday comes around and I can’t get my preorder DLC on PS4 I won’t download the game at all and will be seeking a refund because of the broken promotion. Then I’ll just wait for the game to drop to about 30 bucks used and I suggest others do the same

  • it’ll end up being the same thing for 30 bucks used 6 months from now that this upgrade program of the PS3 preorder would offer

  • Oh, and I was told on Bungie support when seeking help about it “If that’s the case, simply avoid buying things off of PSN.”

    Sound advice apparently, but it shows not even the game dev or it’s community cares whether or not offers are honored

  • You had me at Destiny.

  • @74-76

    Cool story bro.

  • I wasn’t expecting too much with the release of Destiny, but at least we got Mega Man X5.Hopefully they’ll have some decent sales or something.

  • Why is SONY penalizing digital orders with the PST unlock? Defeats the purpose of downloading in advance; only to wait hours longer than most of the world to play the game. Also, directly contradicts Sony’s previous claims of playing first.

  • Another overhyped game that will b forgotten about in a month.

  • @ryuk420 True, they’ll just release another NHL next year.
    Oh well :)

  • Destiny Couldn’t wait for this drop 24 hours and counting.

  • OH NO!

    Not another generic FPS! Make them STAHP!

  • @15
    I don’t think the word ‘generic’ means what you think it means. You should open up a dictionary rather than regurgitating buzz phrases you’ve heard thrown around…

  • @58
    “I’m a big Playstation fan, but here – let me just share a bunch of baseless slander!”

    Several people were. Why would you make the claim otherwise without even bothering to check?

  • Is Destiny two-way cross-buy, in that if you buy the PS4 version you also get the PS3 version for free? I kinda regret pre-ordering PS4 version just one day before Bungie announced the free digital upgrade. I only have 1 PS4 at home but 3 PS3s. If I get the PS3 version too, at least other family members can enjoy the game too (though we cannot play together as the servers for PS3 and PS4 are separate).

  • @uzumakinarutosan were you telling me to add you or were you talking to somebody else

  • Maverick Hunter XD

  • Been waiting for nhl for TOO long now lol cannot wait.. wish there was a fast forward button for the timer :)

  • best games of 2014
    1 Destiny
    2 Disney Infinity 2.0
    3 infamous second son

  • So, is FIFA15 Demo only for PS3?

  • No PS4 demo for FIFA? I understand Madden didn’t have one because there wasn’t one last year, but FIFA had one. That officially means 100% of my time will be devoted to Destiny (maybe I’ll sneak in a bit more of Velocity 2X while out and about).

  • Wish I had a job so that I could buy Destiny this week. ;(

  • Hey how about you release destiny digital for midnight eastern time? Thanks.

  • Hold on.

    What’s this Destiny game? I hate it when they suddenly release a game without any advertisement first.

  • Didn’t you guys used to post the ESRB ratings on these things? I miss that — it was convenient.

  • Cool but where is Mega Man X4? Will Capcom release that one as well? Yay Destiny!!

  • I’m gunna play so much Destiny :O

  • Fix the release times for destiny. You’re making people wait for no reason.

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