Slender: The Arrival Coming to PS3 on September 23rd

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Slender: The Arrival Coming to PS3 on September 23rd

September 20th, 2012 was a day that changed everything for the tiny company I started out of my bedroom; Blue Isle Studios. On that day we announced Slender: The Arrival was in development as the official follow-up to Mark Hadley’s insanely popular viral hit, Slender: The Eight Pages.

Slender: The Arrival Coming to PS3 on September 23rd

It only seems fitting, nearly two years later, to announce that the game will finally launch on September 23rd for PS3!

As a bonus, we’ve added a bunch of brand new content to the game. The game is now bigger than ever with new levels, new characters, and more stories to uncover.

Over the past two years we’ve gotten literally thousands of messages from Playstation fans asking us to bring the game to PS3. We knew it would be a lot of hard work, but we totally agreed. The ultimate Slender Man experience had to be from the comfort of your living room on a big screen TV.

As soon as we experienced this for ourselves we knew we had to share this with all of you. While most would recommend you play the game alone with the lights turned off and the sound turned up, I am a huge wimp when it comes to horror. I prefer to play the game in a bright room full of friends in the middle of the afternoon.

I can’t believe I just admitted that in public…

Slender: The Arrival on PS3Slender: The Arrival on PS3

That’s the beauty of playing a game like this; you can get a totally different but equally as entertaining experience depending on how you play it. Want a chilling, tense, solitary horror experience? Go right ahead and play the game at midnight with no one around. Those like me can also enjoy the game by having a big group of friends surround them. There’s nothing quite like the embarrassment of screaming at your TV in front of some of your closest friends and family. Believe me; I know what that feels like.

I’ve got to give a huge thank you to the folks at Blue Isle Studios for working so many days and late nights and to our publishing pals at Midnight City for making this all possible. We have poured absolutely everything we have into this game and we truly, genuinely hope you enjoy the experience.

Are you ready to experience the terror of Slender Man on PS3 for the first time ever?

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  • Can we some how fight off the slender man? I feel like hitting him for just standing there. How about multiplayer as well? Everyone gets there own slender man and the last one standing with the most pages wins.

  • @49 – the words “survival horror” and “couch co-op game” do not go together. You are hilarious.
    Did we learn nothing from Dead Space 3?

  • Everyone, please realize this is a scary, survival horror game. Please stop asking for a Vita version, and stop asking for multiplayer.
    This kind of game should be played alone, in the dark, on your couch or bed, with headphones on.
    You’ll just ruin the experience if you’re playing it on the bus, or with your brother sitting next to you with co-op.
    Think about it for a minute. Dead Space 3 had co-op, and it was by far the least scariest game of the series. It was just run-and-gun action. Totally ruined the scares that the first game had.
    This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • I’d be more inclined to purchase the game if it included The Eight Pages (And was on PS4) as well. While two more levels are a welcome addition, I can’t help but remember seeing a rather short video of playing through the game on YouTube earlier. For $10, I’ll probably get it when I need something else to stream for my channel, but not as a priority over another experience, sadly.

    That said, this was quite the pleasant surprise.

  • Can you guys please put this on the playstation store I would so buy it if it’s on ps store please reply

  • I’ve been dying to play this game. All my friends love games like this. I’d really love to get this! Unfortunately we all have ps4 now, any chance of this coming to ps4?

  • Will this have a platinum trophy? Can’t wait to play this with my wife!

  • finally a good new game for us PS3 users

  • Can it be purchased on playstation store when it comes out?

  • And is there any kind of multilayer mode?

  • If I buy it for the ps3 and then it releases for the ps4, would i need to buy it again?

  • I’ll go ahead and sign my name on the “Want this on PS4 list.” Got my PS4 a few weeks ago, and would really like to play this game.

  • Alex, I’d like to actually report a couple of bugs and glitches I have ran into playing this game including missing textures (which I encountered once) and disappearing items (which I have encountered multiple times) on “The Arrival” Level. The key to the door for the dark hallway has disappeared on me multiple times while retrying, which has made me have to restart the level at least 3 or 4 times. Dunno if you work for Blue Island or PlayStation but I figured I would just let you know.

    Also is there a chance to see the porting of The Eight Pages on console as well? or is that just a dream.

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