Slender: The Arrival Coming to PS3 on September 23rd

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Slender: The Arrival Coming to PS3 on September 23rd

September 20th, 2012 was a day that changed everything for the tiny company I started out of my bedroom; Blue Isle Studios. On that day we announced Slender: The Arrival was in development as the official follow-up to Mark Hadley’s insanely popular viral hit, Slender: The Eight Pages.

Slender: The Arrival Coming to PS3 on September 23rd

It only seems fitting, nearly two years later, to announce that the game will finally launch on September 23rd for PS3!

As a bonus, we’ve added a bunch of brand new content to the game. The game is now bigger than ever with new levels, new characters, and more stories to uncover.

Over the past two years we’ve gotten literally thousands of messages from Playstation fans asking us to bring the game to PS3. We knew it would be a lot of hard work, but we totally agreed. The ultimate Slender Man experience had to be from the comfort of your living room on a big screen TV.

As soon as we experienced this for ourselves we knew we had to share this with all of you. While most would recommend you play the game alone with the lights turned off and the sound turned up, I am a huge wimp when it comes to horror. I prefer to play the game in a bright room full of friends in the middle of the afternoon.

I can’t believe I just admitted that in public…

Slender: The Arrival on PS3Slender: The Arrival on PS3

That’s the beauty of playing a game like this; you can get a totally different but equally as entertaining experience depending on how you play it. Want a chilling, tense, solitary horror experience? Go right ahead and play the game at midnight with no one around. Those like me can also enjoy the game by having a big group of friends surround them. There’s nothing quite like the embarrassment of screaming at your TV in front of some of your closest friends and family. Believe me; I know what that feels like.

I’ve got to give a huge thank you to the folks at Blue Isle Studios for working so many days and late nights and to our publishing pals at Midnight City for making this all possible. We have poured absolutely everything we have into this game and we truly, genuinely hope you enjoy the experience.

Are you ready to experience the terror of Slender Man on PS3 for the first time ever?

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  • This is interesting.

  • Nice but… What about the vita? :/

  • Any pricing info?

  • Any chance for it to coming on PS4?

  • Would be nice to see on Vita.

  • Looks interesting I really hope a demo is planned wouldn’t want to pick it up than it’s not to my taste. Takes me back to the fatal frame series a little.

    • No demo unfortunately, however, I’d highly recommend checking out some gameplay videos if you’d like to know more about the game.

      Spoiler warning, of course!

  • I can honestly say this is a pleasant surprise, I never expected a slinderman game to ever come to home consoles.I will be getting this game when it comes out.

    • Hey fantastic, thanks!

      We worked very closely with Mark Hadley of Parsec Productions – the talented guy who made the first ever Slender Man game to make this bigger and better than ever.

  • This is great news! While I still have my PS3 around, I would be a lot happier if the game also could come out on PS4 too. But I’m glad anyway.

  • 1 – It will have a demo?

    2 – Price?

    3 – Game size (megabytes)?

    4 – Platinum?

    5 – Any chance of it coming to PSVita?

    Thanks for reading.

    • 1 – unfortunately, no

      2 – $9.99 USD

      3 – roughly 650 megabytes

      4 – I don’t have an answer for that, will look into it

      5 – I won’t say no, but it’s too early for me to give a proper yes or no. We’ll consider it!

  • I’ll get this… what’s the pricing look like?

    I understand the calls for a PS4 version, but a Vita version? For a game like this? Odd. If it does come to either or both of them I hope it is crossbuy.

  • @Alex Tintor Thanks for the answers! By that price… “- Wallet, is that moment again…Hey! Don’t run!”

  • I’ll wait for a PS4 release, thanks for bringing this to consoles though.

    • PS4 is something we are absolutely discussing amongst ourselves right now – although I can’t officially confirm anything at this point. If enough people ask for it, we’ll most definitely that that into consideration :)

  • I’ve been waiting all this time for this to come to PS4, but PS3? Why? :(

  • Typo on the video… Announcement* :)

  • hey Alex, please put this game on ps4 version.. i want it for ps4 version.. i don’t want play it on ps3 verison.. ps3 have horrible framerate issue

  • I really hope this comes to ps4!! Please make it happen

  • Why not on PS Vita? I don’t understand!?!?
    Please add Vita too

  • Can not wait to play

  • Thaks for not replying every vita question guys… So good mannered -_-

  • Well this indeed looks sensational since cross-buy is very popular I’m sure we’ll see this happen sooner than later.

  • Vita version? If yes, day one purchase for me. I’ve been craving survival horror on the go.

  • Add my vote for a PS4 version. A Vita version would be icing on the cake….

  • I held out on watching Markipler’s playthrough of this so I could play it myself. Now, I can!

  • PS4 !!!!

  • No PS4? Doesn’t make any sense.

  • Want it, but will wait for a PS4 version. Thanks for bring it to Playstation, keep work.

  • There definitely need to be a ps4 version of this.

  • does it include content from The Eight Pages?

    is there support for stereoscopic 3D on a PS3 connected to a 3D-capable TV?

    looks like great atmosphere, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for reviews (since there’s no demo). I would highly recommend clearing up any confusion about future ports and cross-buy — the lack of clarity on that definitely makes me hesitant to buy. (See the situation with Stealth Inc on PS4 for an example of what *not* to do.)

  • If this comes to PS4 in the future it will be a day one purchase from me.

  • Definitely want to throw my hat in the ring here:

    A) I will purchase it on PS3 because of a good price point and want to support indies!

    B) I would love it through if you brought it to PS4 for easier use of streaming capability!

    C) Would also love a Vita version–so frustrating that the Vita, despite having a lot of cool games, doesn’t have a legit fully 3D scary game yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve never played Slender but i’m confused. If this is the second game, why did we never get Slender: The Eight Pages? we just jump into the sequel? Looks very creepy btw.

  • @31 – the first Slender game was free on the internet for PC, you can look it up and play it if you want.
    This seems to be a more polished, expanded game. A true game release they can charge $$$ for.
    I understand everyone wanting it on PS4, but PS3 is fine with me. And if they’re trying to reach the largest audience, the PS3 makes the most sense.
    I don’t see why everyone is asking for a Vita version. How scary will this game be when you’re playing it on the bus to school or train to work? You’ll look like a retard screaming and jumping in front of perfect strangers. Think about it.
    A home console makes the most sense. Play it on the couch, in the dark, with headphones on. Boo!

  • PS4 PS4 lol happy to hear about this game coming to consoles hopefully we will see this on ps4 soon ;)

  • Sorry if this sunds like a stupid question, but is this a sequal to the original Slender game, or is it the original game with extra features thrown in?? Never played so just curious. And if this is the sequal, any chance for the original to be brought to the PS3/PS4??

  • And of course I make a typo with my previous post which in then sounds pretty stupid anyways. lol

  • This game seems like it was made to be a next-gen game because it’s coming straight from PC & why would it be okay to downgrade from PC graphics to Last-Gen graphics. Least you guys can do is include it in Next-Gen. Trust our community, you wouldn’t regret it.

  • Does anyone know if this will be disc-based or digital download? I can’t wait to play this since my pc is too bad to play it on lol

  • Very sweet, I ‘m buying it day one on ps3..

    Vita and PS4 love would be icing on the cake. Good news.

  • To be honest i was really hoping for a PlayStation 4-version reveal. As much as i enjoyed the game on Steam i am forced to politely decline from the PS3-version, however immediately when a PS4 version comes out i will buy it day one.

  • To clarify the reasons behind my decision, Slender: The Arrival is a game that really benefits of the more beefed up hardware. When you can’t use graphics to deepen the player immersion, all you have left is audio. In my opinion audio makes at least 70% of a horror game, so basically the graphics side is not always so important. However the spesific game uses so much graphical tricks/scenery to immerse the player, that graphics output needs to be on par with the audio side. PlayStation 3 just cannot archieve that sadly.

  • Lots of PsVita fans out there, but what about the PSP? It still has PSN support and it would be great if it could be ported for the PSP. UMD maybe? Think about it: at the hotel or on a train playing Slender. That would be awesome :)

  • Bring this to PS4!!! I unfortunately missed the ps3 era (stupid pc) but I am a huge fan of PS4, surival horror, and slender.

  • Wow! This looks like legit horror game. I wish there would have been lot more great horror games for the PS3. I will definitely be getting games like this, Until Dawn and The Evil Within.

  • Oh man! I loved the first game on PC. Freaked me out. I really hope this makes its way to PS4.

  • I don’t mind trying this on PS3, but PS4 version, 60 fps would absolutely rock! :)

  • I can’t wait for it to come it is there any chance you will put multiplayer just curious

  • Please i want this game on the ps4!

  • I was looking into getting this game until my wife showed me an article of 2 girls that stabbed their friend 12 times in the woods to please slender man. My wife showed me that Slender Man has a Facebook page and when I seen a picture of him he looks just like the slender guy in the video game. I personally can’t support something this demonic. If young girls attempted such a heinous act there’s something more to this character than the human eye can see.

  • Any chance of a co-op mode? I like playing with my brother and couch co-op games are hard to find. Would love to have some good scares with one another. Can’t wait to get it.

  • Hey ! I live on Del Rio TX,and i like to buy games on GameStop ! So, do you hava a chance to sell the slender game on Gametop?

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