Destiny: Remote Play Hands-on

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Destiny: Remote Play Hands-on

Destiny is just days away! I wanted to share a quick video showing off its Remote Play experience, which enables you to wirelessly stream the game from your PS4 to your PS Vita. I spent some time playing Destiny via Remote Play during the Beta and I was really impressed with not only how good it looked on PS Vita’s vivid 5-inch screen, but also how responsive it was. The team over at Bungie actually optimized the controls for Destiny on PS Vita via Remote Play.

Check out the full control scheme:

Destiny Remote Play Controls

One of the things we noticed during the week of the Destiny Beta was that a lot of PS4 owners were streaming Destiny to their PS Vitas via Remote Play. In fact, Destiny was the No. 1 title for Remote Play during the entire month of July, racking up the most Remote Play sessions of any PS4 title.

Watch the video to get up to speed!

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  • Can I redeem the digital content before I install Destiny?

  • Will there be remote play available from ps3 to vita?

  • Now I really wish I would have never canceled my order for the white oled ps vita.

  • Huge tip for remote play players that want to play over the internet: If you have and are using a combo modem/wireless router, ask your ISP to put your/modem router into “Bridge Mode.” A simple phone call fixed my [over the Internet] issues with remote play ;) While at home or away at a friend’s house, my PS Vita remote play works lime a champ – every time now! Hope this tip proves helpful for others. It was a game changer for me! Sony should add that tip to their Remote Play FAQ page!!! ;)

  • Sorry for typos… typed on my phone °~°

  • Can I use remote play Destiny with PS3 to a PS Vita? If not, Bungie just lost 1 sale since I have a Vita and PS3 and no TV :P
    I kinda stopped console gaming but still have it around for remote play.

  • Anyone wants to join a Destiny clan and wants to lead Strikes/Raids go to bungie’s website and join the clan Final Justice

  • Sorry here is a link for the Final Justice clan as well:

  • I wish they didn’t map grenade and melee to the touchscreens. You can’t move while throwing a grenade and you can melee while jumping.

    Everything else works great though.

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