Themes Coming to PS4 and Vita, Live from PlayStation App Vita-bound

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Themes Coming to PS4 and Vita, Live from PlayStation App Vita-bound

Early this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) held a press conference in Tokyo where some new features were announced for both PS4 and PS Vita. In case you missed it, I’m happy to confirm that Themes, one of the most popular features from PlayStation 3, are coming to PS4 and PS Vita this fall with system software updates coming to both platforms.

With these two updates (v2.00 for PS4 and v.3.30 for PS Vita), you’ll be able to reflect your personality across all your PlayStation systems — PS4, PS3, and PS Vita! Themes are among the most requested features from PS4 owners, so we’re eager to offer them and will share more about the feature in the coming weeks. Here’s a sneak peek of what the PS4 & PS Vita home screens will look like with customized Themes.


These are images of themes announced at the SCEJA press conference. Designs are subject to change without notice.

We’ve also got an exciting update for PS Vita owners. Since the launch of PS4 last November, watching livestreams of what the PlayStation community is playing through the “Live from PlayStation” app has been a big part of the PS4 experience — in fact, 150 million livestreams have been watched as of the end of May.

This fall you’ll be able to watch PS4 live streams from Twitch and USTREAM on your PS Vita through the “Live from PlayStation” app. I’m particularly excited for the “Live from PlayStation” app’s arrival on PS Vita so I can catch the most epic PS4 live streams when I’m away from my PS4.

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming updates.

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  • So are we going to be able to create our own themes like we could with the PS3? I had the theme creator that you guys released for PS3 and I loved it. I’m pretty happy about the themes for the Vita as well and would also like to make those myself. I’ve been making wallpapers with custom icons for a while now, but themes would be even better.

  • Oh and why are you guys using flickr for the photos you posted? They make you sign in just to view the site and it uses yahoo….who still uses yahoo??? well…aside from you guys.

  • PLEASE allow us to sort items on the menu into folders. This update sounds great and I am looking forward to its release but we really need folders to help clean up the clutter.

  • I am hoping we will see some free themes for ps4.

  • This is so cool. Now can we see an update for Live From Playstation were we can favorite streams that we always go back to. I like the random way it’s done, but I would like to see when my friends are live streaming I can find them easy instead of digging for them. Thank You love the PSNETWORK

  • How about a better system ui for the vita without elevator music.

  • thanks for the updates.. can we get ‘CD’ support on ps4. I have a lot of iTunes songs I would like to have on my ps4 and the only way is to import them from cd. I have a premium music unlimited account and got some of my songs I have on iTunes to M.U. but I wasnt able to get all of my songs due to M.U. having a smaller library.

  • In Order of Importance to me at the time writing this.

    – Record everyone’s Voice in Party Chat when recording/streaming.

    – Suspend/Resume

    – Standalone viewing YouTube App, Twitch App, & UStream App

    – I want to see more Filter options for Trophies and options like the PS3 to hide trophies you rather ashamed of showing or weren’t important.

    – Filter “What’s New” to see what’s important to you the gamer. I want to only see PSN Friends Pictures/Videos they upload. I also only want to see Gold and Platinum Trophies in What’s new in the list. We all known Bronze isn’t that important for a status post. More filters so It only loads the things a gamer want to see each time they come to What’s New.

    – You Also need to use “What’s New” for new PlayStation Blog Posts so you as a company can spread news quicker to your followers. That would need to have to be in a filter as well because not everyone would want to see that stuff.

  • – Friend List Status change to Orange from when the player is inactive for a period of time such as 10 minutes of not touching there controller or when there controller turns off. And there name in the friend list jump to the bottom of the list since there less important to see or interact with.

    – Friend List Custom subgroups/ organization of Friends list (example: Battlefield 4 Players)

    – Friend List Status Comments Box like it is on the PS3. I like to make a statement or post my emotional status so others can see I’m feeling happy or sad or when I’m sick. Or important gaming news. (These status comments also should be viewable offline so when you get back on you might have some friendly messages when you get back online.)

    – MP3 Support & Multimedia Picture/Video Support to save to HDD or read off USB Flash or External storage device.

  • – Add a Follow button on PSN friend profile with Twitch/UStream so friends on PSN can also Follow on Twitch/UStream so that gamer can be notified when that person starts streaming when there away or on the PS4. (also add a link on the gamer PSN Profile to launch Standalone Twitch/UStream Viewing Apps or within Live with PlayStation so you can start watching that gamers stream.)

    – Game Folder for manual sorting like it is on the PS3.

    – Multiple Account Support on PS Vita & PS TV.

    – Friends online/offline notifications (Optional to turn off/on to only see this while on Dynamic Menu ONLY or both in-Game & Dynamic Menu)

  • Themes for vita is useless since we can take in-game photos (I have 4 pages of games in my vita, each with a different wallpaper) or transfer photos from our pc… An update with the possibility of multiple accounts would be smart…

  • I’m so getting that Toro PS4 theme! :D

  • YES!
    I really hope they allow us to share themes and avatars.
    Example: My PS3 avatar (Valvatorez) appears on my PS4, hopefully the same will happen with my Uncharted 3 theme (and others I’ve bought on PSN)

  • Sony, where is HBO GO for PS4? :\

  • I only hope there would be a new UI to the Vita’s home with the games and apps not being in bubbles. :)

  • Feature request: I would love to see a Wishlist on the Vita’s PlayStation Store.

  • Custom background/wallpapers too
    video – mkv, mp4, avi, divx etc.
    external hdd

  • @49: I might actually buy a lame Vita 2000 if we got the light pink one (despite the white face).

    But we’re lucky if we even get regular units sold here. lolsony

  • “You’ll be able to reflect your personality ” yeah i hope this means that i can create/share my own themes even if is only on vita

  • @52…. I still use Yahoo…. plenty of people do. And Skater Ricky……. no one cares what your emotional state is. You must be one of those Facebook users that post what they’re doing every 5 seconds, including when they take a piss.

  • @49

    Couldn’t agree more. Why Sony does not release the Vita in the US in different colors is beyond me. I don’t want to hear about the stock issues surrounding different SKUs. If smartphone companies can sell phones in different colors, why can’t Sony do the same with the Vita? It’s not even exclusive to electronics, as other items have different colors that retailers have to deal with. I am sure that more colors would benefit the Vita’s image immensely.

  • If what we see here is the extent of the themes at launch, I won’t be getting a new theme. I’m a hardcore gamer. I run a PS4 gaming community for crying out loud! None of the pictures here says HARDCORE GAMER to me. Awesome feature, but I want real game pictures used as themes, not kiddy-cartoony arcade type pictures.

  • Thanks @PlayStation and i hope you guy do it like on the #PS3 when you could change the colors and had some free or you had the option to buy more. I can’t wait for this update

  • Glad to see Themes coming to these systems. Can we please get folders for PS4, and mp3 support as well?

  • Hey @Scott McCarthy

    we want UMD passport in America, too!

  • hope they make a destiny theme for ps4 and a persona 5 theme

  • Folders are more Important then themes at the moment sony. I want organised folders please. Also can you sort out the library section on the download list, it’s just a complete mess with demos and full games mixed together.

    Why isn’t there an option to delete trophies on games we no longer own? I really cant see the point in trophies anymore. Wouldn’t it be better to include bonuses like behind the scenes,interviews and artwork about the game.

  • So the leak about themes on PS4 was right… thats cool.

  • Please don’t tell me most of you are so stupid you never realized on vita we already had themes since day one of its release. Its called screen shots a d going online and copying any pictures online on its we browser and saving it to your pictures and you can use all pictures as vita themes. Duh! On ps3 you never had to buy themes on psn. All you had to do was jump on its internet browser and go to ps3themes and download straight to ps3 free themes and dynamic themes hundreds of them for free, why you people pay on Psn for themes is puzzling to me.

  • Thanks you for this, but now we need media playback support, and the abiliity to sort menu items into folders. Having everything in one long line onm the menu bar, well it’s just silly!!

  • On vita we need multi user sign in. I have 4 kids and a wife that wants to play my vita and their is no way Im letting them play it and ruin my save data and progress in my games since they would always be playing under my game saves. Why on earth with vita’s power of double the ram and voice chat over ps3 that ps3 can’t do and doesn’t have can a vita not at least do multi user sign in like ps3 does and can do. That puzzles me how selfish sony is being with vita to not update vita to allow multiuser sign in. Stop being jerks and add it to vita so my kids can play on their psn profiles and not have to use mine on my vita.

  • Oh and if you’re being stubborn to not add multiuser sign in to vita in hopes it forces us to buy more vita’s for our kids instead if just using one vita and being able to multiuser sign in like ps3 and ps4 does then you’re crazy to think we all will do that at 200 a pop. Plus how can we if we wanted to buy more vita’s. Every store I know of except best buy does not carry or sell vita’s or games for vita anymore. For some stupid reason vita is slowly being removed from store shelves and not sold almost everywhere. That is bad news for sony and weird if you ask me. So add multiuser sign in.

  • OMG please bring back the corn and the fire

  • I never thought I’d say this, but give us the XMB back on ps4 and vita

  • Like it amazes me this is the one of the most requested features.I don’t know about everyone else but what needs to happen is fixing the psn network such as I can’t see all of my friends at times which happens too much. And that buzz are network error that pops up mysteriously & kicks you out of a game. I would rather Sony to cut back on the games they give for each platform & straighten out this online once & for all. Or raise the price by 10 dollars for PS Plus.

  • Toro! Please bring Toro theme to US! I love it.

  • Very good news! But… Vita needs games, big AAA games. :(

  • One more broken record Ive been complaining about for years and years since ps4 launched in 2006. For the love of god, give us a SORTING FUNCTION for our download list. I have near 1,600 items in my download lost on my main PSN account dated back to near 2006 to now. It is a pain to have to sort through thousands of stuff trying to find one game or add on I bought years ago to re download and play. Its ridiculous how you hyped ps3, vita and ps4 and het with ps4’s power we still can’t sort our stuff in our download list, this is 2014 so act like it Sony. Stop ignoring us and get with the program and add a sort function for our download list.

  • Whoops meant to say ps3 launched in 2006 not ps4 in my comment above lol. My bad!

  • On ps4 you need to fix the messages. Every time I send a friend a message it doesn’t show or send for like a minute and just lags to receive or send messages most the time. That is pathetic when my ps3 will do that in a instant and never lag like ps4 does on its messages. Oh and for the love of god. Please fix the stupid way it sends messages we sent to our inbox on vita and ps3 when we send messages to anyone from ps4 or ps vita. They show up on all my systems inbox’s. That is annoying having to sort through all that and deleting them constantly. If I message a friend on ps4 I shouldn’t be getting my sent messages on my vita and ps3 of it. It should stay only on ps4. Fix that crap.

  • I hope those toro station themes make it stateside.
    also hope a ps4 toro station app makes it stateside
    I also hope a ps4 theme design tool with a gui is made avail. I would love to design some themes for ps4

    I would also love to see the ps4 cloud access purchased avatars from the psn store with out them being installed like the ps3 has to do.

  • Hey Sony I already mentioned this but why on earth is vita being phased out and taken off store shelves and websites at places like Walmart? Call my local super center Walmart at 406-883-9211 and ask for electronics and ask if they have vita in stock. They laugh at ya and say they no longer sale vita since it never hardly sold any. That is bad news. Its happening cause you are nit supporting it enough it triple A titles. Whens the last time a true triple A title released on it? I lost track cause all Im seeing is hand me down indies off PSN plus every month for it. Maybe if you put more effect i to making more triple A games for it and added multiuser to it, people would be more inlined to want to buy it.

  • Free themes and dynamic themes can be found day and night for FREE on ps3themes . Com. How hard is it to know to you can save your money of wasting it on Psn theme and dynamic theme purchases of 3 dollars a pop of stupid when all you have to do is jump on your vita we browser or ps3 we browser and download straight to your systems these themes or dynamic themes for ps3 for FREE. Huh? Why are you kids wasting money on these dynamic and static themes on PSN when you can always get them free online of your ps3 and vita web browser or screen shot function on ps vita. It puzzles me how you people waste money buying themes lol.

  • Cool, can a just put my favorite picture in instead like the ps3 or vita? Or is it only themes paid for from the psn?

    Also will we be able to have a way to organize the ps4 menu. I have about 10 games and every time one decided to update the list gets completely randomized. It drives me crazy.

    Oh **** need to join plus today to get dragon crown before it lost. Sucks that septembers games don’t really seem that interesting to me. I don’t want AAA games for the ps4 cause I’m pretty sure I have any of the ones made that you guys would offers right now (knack, killzone). But some good games for the ps3 and vita would be appreciated.

  • NICE!!! Will the dynamic themes feature SOUND this time? Like the Heavy Rain dynamic theme, always wanted that to have the soft sound of rainfall in the background.

  • I love the themes but theirs more important stuff that needs add. We need be able to make folders for our games. Right now I got a huge list of games all over the place. After a year or two list going be even bigger.

  • I’m just waiting for it… For a certain person named primero to sound off his sony defense and has to add his ridiculous 2 cents to every legit complaint we post. Queue the duck soon lol.

  • Allow gamers to make their own themes by using software on the PC to custom them out with icon’s, backgrounds, colors, and everything needed to make them stand out. Plus on the side let the gamers be allow to sell their own custom theme’s on the PSN Store for Free to share with everyone around the world. :)

  • Thank you!!!! Now I really hope there will also be a way to organize the icons on my PS4, and sort my Library.

  • This is welcome news. My one request however is to allow vita owners (or just non-ps3 owners for that matter) the ability to change their avatar to a premium one. I can’t believe this still isn’t possible…

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