Themes Coming to PS4 and Vita, Live from PlayStation App Vita-bound

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Themes Coming to PS4 and Vita, Live from PlayStation App Vita-bound

Early this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) held a press conference in Tokyo where some new features were announced for both PS4 and PS Vita. In case you missed it, I’m happy to confirm that Themes, one of the most popular features from PlayStation 3, are coming to PS4 and PS Vita this fall with system software updates coming to both platforms.

With these two updates (v2.00 for PS4 and v.3.30 for PS Vita), you’ll be able to reflect your personality across all your PlayStation systems — PS4, PS3, and PS Vita! Themes are among the most requested features from PS4 owners, so we’re eager to offer them and will share more about the feature in the coming weeks. Here’s a sneak peek of what the PS4 & PS Vita home screens will look like with customized Themes.


These are images of themes announced at the SCEJA press conference. Designs are subject to change without notice.

We’ve also got an exciting update for PS Vita owners. Since the launch of PS4 last November, watching livestreams of what the PlayStation community is playing through the “Live from PlayStation” app has been a big part of the PS4 experience — in fact, 150 million livestreams have been watched as of the end of May.

This fall you’ll be able to watch PS4 live streams from Twitch and USTREAM on your PS Vita through the “Live from PlayStation” app. I’m particularly excited for the “Live from PlayStation” app’s arrival on PS Vita so I can catch the most epic PS4 live streams when I’m away from my PS4.

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming updates.

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  • Will we be able to make the themes? I know Sony released a tool to do so on PSP.

    I’d like a proper Twitch app on Vita.

    You guys going to bring over the patch that fixes Twitter and Nico Nico on Vita too? These patches exist in Japan.

  • I hope there will be a Killzone theme on Vita.

  • FINALLY !!!

  • Fantastic news thanks!

  • Hoping for a TLG theme ASAP.

  • This is nice and all but the Vita is due for a UI overhaul. Something more in line with a traditional menu.

  • Great updates for both PS4 and Vita. Thanks for the support and these great features!

  • I hope 2.0 comes out soon, and not late November early December because that’s still technically Autumm

  • How about PS2 classics playable on PS4 & Vita

  • Im hoping for background color options in addition to themes the way PS3 has.

  • Seriously though, the MOST requested and most useful feature, being able to sort items on the menu, hasn’t been announced yet. Should have been implemented day one. Would be surprised and disappointed if it doesn’t show up in the next PS4 update.

  • Will it cost money, will some of them be free, and also can we create our own themes for the vita?

  • Unlock all PSP games and PSOne classics on the Vita.


  • Goddammit finally!!!! So many things you guys have yet to add but this is a great start! Let’s go Sony, yiu say you’re listening to fans but you fail to add a lot of the features we ask for. But still,this is a great place to start.

    P.S please focus on vita and bringing AAA western games to the handheld. It needs them. I can’t let me vita die slowly. So much potential that you guys are wasting.

  • Questions:
    1) Dynamic Themes?
    2) Theme Kit for Users to make their own?
    3) Is there a plan to launch a collection of themes on day one of 2.0?

    For the Theme Kit I think it would be cool if a basic toolkit that provided the abilities to build our own dynamic themes in addition to static themes.

    I don’t want to be getting themes of static images I could have easily pulled off the internet from a promo page for hte game in question or a static image some artist threw together in their spare time.

  • Wow this is the best news for my Vita :)

    I’ll buy and get any themes tnx Sony

  • 1. Folders
    2. Twitch App
    3. PS button goes straight to messages when a message is received
    4. MP3 Playback

  • Thank you for bringing themes. Finally (for Vita it took forever…).

    thank you for bringing Live with PlayStation app to PS Vita. Awesome addition.

    Can we get a PlayStation Blog app already? Or an update to Vita’s browser where it can ‘read’ our PSN info so we don’t have to sign in at least? Kinda like Android lets you do with Google related sites in the browser. (or both of these things…)

    PLEASE update Netflix on PS Vita to support profiles. Doesn’t even need the new UI, just profiles. My Sony bluray player has profiles, but my Vita doesn’t. Which makes it totally unusable for me, since my profile isn’t the default one. So my watch list with over 90 items on it is MIA. :\

    @1: What’s wrong with Twitter? I haven’t noticed anything wrong with it. Though I haven’t used it in a week or so.

  • I can’t wait to make a theme of my Destiny screens. YES!

  • Awesome! Now if they would only fix that annoying horizontal navigation. It’s hell to get to older games when you have a lot of them installed.

  • dead or alive theme vita, day one please XD

  • Themes and “Live from PlayStation” app on Vita? Awesome! Thank you! =)

  • Good news. I wish Sony would rethink the whole bubble system on Vita, though.

  • That’s awesome but I still want skill matchmaking, the ability to appear offline and ds4 goes in wired mode while plug in by USB for competitive

  • Good News.

    Hope you guys won’t neglect adding Sword Art Online.

    Been wanting a cover bubble for my Vita folders, maybe a way to make our own, and if not some other choices possibly.

  • I don’t care much about themes on PS4, I wanted something far simpler, the ability to disable sound from hdmi output when using optical, that would make me very, very happy, I have to completly turn down the volume on the TV everytime, since not only the sound coming from the TV is not needed, it actually messes everything up since it comes with a different delay than the one coming trough the home theather via optical.

  • Do Minecraft too plz

  • Please update the live from PlayStation app to have full twitch integration. I can not watch fighting game tournaments on my ps4 because they stream through a PC and are then locked out from being viewed on live from PlayStation. Xbox one has a proper twitch app that doesn’t exclude content from you.

  • Let us change out username playstation atleast once or I’ll be glad to pay!!!

  • Thats great news!!!! Finally that “blue thing” is leaving my PS4. Thank you!

  • Wish I could use the 1,000 I have on PS3 for my PS4.

  • I typed Twitter when I meant Flickr. Ugh.

  • Why update the vita look and keep the stupid bubbles. The entire interface of the vita is so incredibly dated, it needs more than a picture and icon wallpaper theme over the walls that are crumbling. GET RID OF THE BUBBLES. PLEASE.

  • NIce!!! It still baffles me why these weren’t included in the first place.

  • NNNiice!

  • to all those whining about the bubbles on the Vita…. maybe you need to get a life if bubbles bother you that much? And yes I have a vita…. it’s perfectly fine….

    As for the PS4, would someone mind telling me why the PS E3 2014 app is still in my Library (far right on the menu) of installed …. things when it’s been deleted???

  • These are great news. But still I have a couple of more questions: Will the PS Vita system be able to “live stream” in the future, or record gameplay videos? And will we be able to access multiple accounts without format the system(like on ps3)? thanks

  • How about multi-user log-in for the Vita like how it is for the PS3 and PS4? Would be especially helpful with the Playstation TV coming out in the states this fall…

  • Any chance on getting an english version of “Mainichi Issho” considering that shot of Toro and Kuro looks just like it?

  • Give me DLNA and the ability to pause downloads and I’ll be happy, still not sure why those aren’t there already.

  • Oh and also need a folder structure for games on the PS4. Now that I’ve got a healthy amount of games on it, the list seems to scroll forever. Makes it a pain to find what I’m looking for.

  • Themes can be cute if there are good, non-cluttered ones available, but they’re nowhere near as important as sorting & layout options for both the main menu and trophies. We need to be able to sort the trophy list in alphabetical order, by friends’ most recently earned trophies (not just our own most recent), etc. We need to be able to remove main menu apps we don’t use or hide them in folders. We need to be able to sort and organize our downloaded games.

    I know you guys are working on user feedback pretty regularly, and these themes are part of that, so I hope you can keep up the good momentum and the good work!

  • With school starting up again PLEASE add WPA Enterprise support to Vita. We can’t log in at colleges!

    Also please add multi-user support to PS TV at least.

    For the Vita themes can we chose our own background music?

  • I wish we could increase the density of Vita bubbles…I like the bubbles, but there is so much wasted space! Even if it’s just a minor boost like a 4/5/4 config (up from 3/4/3).

  • And yes I realize the entire menu itself auto sorts from the last thing you played or used, but we seriously need to be able to sort the LIBRARY alphabetically…… if we have ALOT of games we can go there fast and find what we want easily if we could sort that….

  • YEAAAAHH! Please get ATLUS to get a Persona 5 PS4 theme out ASAP. Thanks! XD

  • The best news I’ve heard since the release of the Playstation 4. Been waiting for background themes on PS4 along with Vita. Looking forward to it soon. Also watching for YouTube to come out on PS4. I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

  • Themes are awesome news! I watched the press conference last night all the way through and I wish we in the US could get the fun Vita colors. I’m sure they’d help sell more (I like the light pink, though I already have the white).
    Really great conference with lots of fun announcements. I so want to play Persona 5 on the PS4. Just waiting for the Destiny bundle so I can play that for a while. I wish they’d localize the Yakuza games (Zero looks fun)

  • please tell me there will be background music come with these dynamic theme, waiting these feature long time since PS3, there are alot of beautiful dynamic theme can be more awsome in PS3 if they have background music

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