Metal Slug 3 Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita This Winter

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Metal Slug 3 Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita This Winter

So we know many of you have been anxiously awaiting more NEOGEO content on PlayStation Store for quite some time…

With that in mind, SNK PLAYMORE is very pleased to announce together with SCEA 3rd Party Productions today that Metal Slug 3 will be coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this Winter.
This masterpiece in SNK’s emblematic 2D run & gun action series still continues to fascinate millions of fans worldwide with its simple yet intuitive controls, refined balance, branching paths, and intricate graphics.

Metal Slug 3

In aiming for some of the highest-level quality NEOGEO emulation seen on PSN yet, coupled with a set of online features for PlayStation gamers, we look forward to releasing the most highly revered title in the Metal Slug series together with PlayStation in the coming months.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our fans for their hunger for more content on PlayStation, and kind patience as well.

More details in regards to specific game features will be announced in the coming months.

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  • Can we get some real games for the Vita?
    Doki Doki, singing monsters, swapper, miami hotline…
    I did play Miami hotline and LOVED it… but I bought PS Vita to play REAL games… not retro Atari

    we want Uncharted, Gravity Rush, God of War, Killzone, Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts…
    What happened to you? it’s unbelievable how disappointing it is!!!!
    stop posting crap adn then claim “many games coming to Vita”./. these are not games!!!!!
    sorry! but not sorry!!!

    I wish I had a Bandai console, they make the best games so far.. but it’s not enough! I want more Uncharted and Devil May Cry for Vita… no METAL SLUG!!!!!\
    even iOS and Android have better games and free games!!!!!!!!!

    seriously someone should nail Sony for this false advertisement

  • Please can you look at releasing blazing star, Pulstar and last resort.

  • @50 nice collection :)
    @52 agreed

  • OMG, this gonna be awesome to play on Vita!

  • Can we get confirmation as to weather this will be part of the existing Neo-Geo Station collection or a stand alone game?
    I’d like them to continue with Neo-Geo Station, but with a few changes;such as those I listed on the last page + the ability to switch all of the downloaded games via one started program, such as we can with Capcom Arcade Cabinet on the PS3.

    Anyway, I love Metal Slug 3 and would enjoy having it for play on the PS3/PS4/Vita.. here’s my AES USA cart which I still play quite often. :)

  • Metal Slug Collection please!!!

  • Please don’t price this ridiculously. I want it, but it is a port and there have been collections in the past. So consider that in pricing.

    I really want to get this on Vita~

    @51; You not liking them doesn’t mean they aren’t games. Have several seats.

  • why relase metal slug 1-6 and xx

  • Ima guess the game to be about $5 on release with maybe like a 30% sell for like plus members bu then again this is playstation so just save up about $20 and feel good

  • NOOOOOOOO!!! Give us Metal Slug Anthology on vita instead!!!!

    Why Sony? Why do you hate us and hold back the good stuff??????

  • @+ qviqve666:
    Metal Slug 1 & 2 are available on Neo•Geo Station (PS3/ PSP / PS Vita).

    I’m hopeful this is a continuation and expanding of NGS natively to the Vita and PS4, in which case may may get MS1- MS5, and many more amazing Neo•Geo classics.

  • This is for SpooNManX:

    Good to see some Neo love in here lol


  • Wow!!!! this is a shocking news for me! SNK in PS, its unbelievable, means we get to play more SNK games on PS in the future…:)
    Well i would love to try hunting its trophies, i’m stil a pro in this game even after a decade, though it would be cool if they add online co-op as well…….:D
    Love you mEtAL $LuGy!!!! as always. x.x

  • I’m buying I support SNK grew up with you guys. bring all your games to PS4 even Metal Slug Defense

  • nice! would be great to see the emulation for Vita native without the bad scaling on top of scaling from the PSP/mini versions of games.

    would love to see The Simpsons arcade game, Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion, and other emulated titles already on PS3 come to Vita. Still sad that Ducktales Remastered didn’t come to Vita, seems like a perfect fit!

  • This just warms my heart to see one of my games from NEO GEO coming to the Sony platforms!!!!!

  • Now that I think about it the anthology version would be a great idea to release on the PS4 as well.

  • Wow this is some great news…Metal Slug was one of the 1st games I played on PS1,I just loved it….will be getting it for PS3 and Vita.

  • @38
    “Metal slug Ultimate Anthology” – for all platforms
    Yeah I really like that idea.

  • Yo! Metal Slug is finally coming back to modern Playstation consoles. This is really cool news, but I do hope that it will lead to a brand new Metal Slug game in full HD. Now that would be something.

  • Thanks for a game that I still play on my PS2 that still works. : /

  • I would like to add, if you guys are porting NeoGeo Battle Coliseum to PSN, please please please do NOT:

    1) suffice with a PS2 classics release
    2) exclude the original 2D backgrounds that were missing from the XBLA port

    Also, if you release KOFXIII on PS4 with a solid online mode, you can have my wallet.

  • Really looking forward to Metal Slug 3 on PSN, day 1 buy for me!!! I hope SNK ports more classic Neo Geo games to PSN, especially to the Vita. I do own the PSP Metal Slug Anthology and Samurai Shodown Anthology, but I’d pay again for native versions of these games, tailored for the Vita especially (and for PS3/PS4 as well).

  • Hey thats nice! qq: is that only a mame port? or the game will have some kind of improvement?

    keep selling local coop games

  • “So we know many of you have been anxiously awaiting more NEOGEO content on PlayStation Store for quite some time…”

    How did you know I’ve been waiting for Windjammers HD Remix.

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