Metal Slug 3 Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita This Winter

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Metal Slug 3 Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita This Winter

So we know many of you have been anxiously awaiting more NEOGEO content on PlayStation Store for quite some time…

With that in mind, SNK PLAYMORE is very pleased to announce together with SCEA 3rd Party Productions today that Metal Slug 3 will be coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this Winter.
This masterpiece in SNK’s emblematic 2D run & gun action series still continues to fascinate millions of fans worldwide with its simple yet intuitive controls, refined balance, branching paths, and intricate graphics.

Metal Slug 3

In aiming for some of the highest-level quality NEOGEO emulation seen on PSN yet, coupled with a set of online features for PlayStation gamers, we look forward to releasing the most highly revered title in the Metal Slug series together with PlayStation in the coming months.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our fans for their hunger for more content on PlayStation, and kind patience as well.

More details in regards to specific game features will be announced in the coming months.

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  • y megaman X5 ?? :D

  • but I already have Metal Gear Anthology on PSP ._.

  • That game was fun, but I can’t see paying for the same game I played a decade ago?

  • would really like this to be in the IGC when released.

  • If it costs less than 4$ I will buy it.

  • Hey, SNK: here are some steps for you.

    1 – Put Metal Slug Defense on Vita
    2 – Get money
    3 – Go on a date with Capcom and Sony
    4 – Say sweet things to them
    5 – Capcom vs SNK 3 on PlayStation 4

    You’re welcome.


    – fighting game fans around the world

  • Is the same like the Metal Slug 3 in XBLA? like… Trophies and Online?

  • My friend gifted me MS3 on Steam :). This should be sweet on Vita!

  • @ #2-This is Metal SLUG not Metal GEAR!

  • Yeah!! <3
    Next game for PSV! :)

  • @ #9: Metal Gear!?

  • At this point I think SNK has a big red button that says “PORT IT” in the middle of the office, and each time they press it, a port of Metal Slug comes for a new system.

  • Amen #6 Amen!!

  • I don’t know how many times I’ve bought MS3, but I’ll gladly buy it again for my Vita.
    I’d love to see all of SNK’s classic 2D games on PSN at some point.

  • I’m liking the Vita announcements :D
    please make it possible for Vita and PS4 Cross-Play

  • @15 And Cross Buy XD

  • But how will I be able to understand the complex story without the first two.

  • I’ll pass I don’t care to play 8bit games anyway. I can’t see even on my HDTV playing on them.

  • @ #13: The cutest girl from VLR approved of my post, my day is complete now.

  • Great news for me. Now tell me who I should kill to get Samurai Showdown 2 and Fatal Fury Special on PSN.

  • Down for Vita. Awesome surprise announcement. Random, but welcome!

  • @9 sorry, meant Metal Slug Anthology, fingers just type Metal Gear whenever they find the chance

  • CaruthK: From what you’re saying, it doesn’t seem as if the problem is with the type of games or your TV– it’s your eyes (or likely in your head). This graphics are far from what 8-bits are capable of pulling off, by the way, so your puerile attempt at insulting the title or its developer really just lets anyone reading the comments know you’re an imbecile.

  • Any chances for other titles like Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, KOF 98 UM (with 3D background), KOF 2002 UM (with 3D background), Garou Mark of The Wolves?

  • Is the network down? Can’t log in to ps3 or ps4

  • I love Metal Slug, it’s one the best game series ever. (Well… it WAS… because now it’s DEAD), but seriously, it’s so hard to just “port” Metal Slug Anthology? I mean, that collection was worth the total money, but JUST ONE game with trophies isn’t. Just saying.

  • Even already have the PSP version, I’m glad to see the new edition of the last game of Metal Slug series made by old SNK.

  • Great! but, why not making a new one? that would be greatest!

  • Awesome!!!! , never had to leave the neogeo station, there are many must-see games that have not come out yet, I hope “Sengoku 2” and “Shock Trooppers 2” or “Last Blade” will be chosen sometime too.

  • looks like i’ll be buying this for the 5th time in my life span XD

  • Still hoping for a KOF98 with good netcode for ps3/ps4 :3

  • Wow big fan of Metal Slug here!

    I want a complete new game for PS4! Bring it!

  • hm…I do like me some metal slug

  • I’ll buy this for the third time, out of love for SNK.

    Now give me KOF XIII, KOF XIV and 98/2002 UM with GGPO netcode for PS4, porting the PS3’s arcade stick drivers and you will take all of my money SNK, along with millions’.

    Forget Garou, Last Blade and KOF Maximum Impact, no actually active fighting game players and competitive people care about those games.

  • kofs, realbout, garou, lastblade, samsho 3-6. please. back then we fan would speculate every year on the next series and we would patiently wait every year for the next kof or fatal fury etc… snk good times. wish they would be back with that, not just sf iv or hd 2d sprites fighting genra… i want geese and duck king on the next kof hd

  • It would be really cool if this were in “3D.” But thank you regardless.

  • i think every could agree with me on this; remake metal slug Anthology and add metal slug XX, Metal Slug Defense, (metal slug 1st mission & 2nd mission, metal slug advance remastered edition) and dlc. rename it “Metal slug ultimate Anthology for Ps Vita and Ps4

    your welcome

  • Metal Slug 3 is a no brainer on the Vita.

    I like #37’s “Ultimate Anthology” idea for PS Vita – and would pay top dollar for its release (physical). What would it cost us? $39.99? $49.99? More? Sell it to me. I dare you.

  • Please make it CROSS-BUY or I’m out.

    Please do NOT make it Cross Play because I want to earn the trophies on each platform.

    Thank you.

  • Love it. Thanks so much for this.
    Now release Samurai Shodown 2 for PS3/PS4, since it was missed in the NeoGeo Station and the Vita has SamShoAnthology.

    Then release the rest of the NeoGeo games that made it to XBLA, but not PS3. Including:
    Garou, Fatal Fury Special, Sky Stage, Metal Slug XX, NGBC, KOF98UM, KOF02UM, and Trouble Witches NEO!

    Please take my money. Please!

  • Loving this.

    Looks like my PS3 isn’t being unplugged till 2018.

  • I’ve bought this game so many times for all the platforms it’s been released on….and now with online and trophies for ps4, looks like I’ll be buying it yet again lol

  • Finally! This is my favorite Neo-Geo game and I even own the original USA AES cartridge for it, but I’ve been wanting an easy way to play it online and have it look good in HD.

    I really hope M2 is handling the development and that this will be just the start of continued support on the wonderful Neo-Geo Station. About 2-3 years ago I messaged SNK/Playmore this.. and I hope some of it will become a reality.

    Please consider these changes to NGS:
    1. Charge $5 per game
    2. Add trophy support to nee and past relapses
    3. Make it Cross-Buy between PS3/PS4/Vita
    4. Add a USA/JPN/EUR toggle
    5. Improve network co-op play
    6. Add unlockable extras (art, sound effect player, etc..) ala Capcom Arcade Cab
    7. Release a new NG game every Tuesday. This builds hype like Rock Band has done in the past.


  • Oh and please don’t forget the original Neo•Geo classics. I feel in love with the Neo in 1990 and quickly bought up games like NAM-1975, Blue’s Journey, Ghost Pilots, Top Player’s Golf, and Cyber-Lip and would gladly buy them all a second time here.

  • GGPO is mandatory.

  • Looking forward to this game

  • So this is going to be a stand alone game I assume?

    It doesn’t sound like Playmore is working with M2 any longer which is too bad. M2 has always been meticulous when it comes to emulation and adding extras (jukebox, online co-op, movie recording/playback, USA/JPN switch, etc..).

  • Hi, someone have an answer for me?
    Why never saw a digital release of Nam1975 game?
    Please? :)

    Probably because most Neo-Geo fans only know about the top sellers: KOF, SAM SHO, METAL SLUG…
    It’s unfortunate as I love the non- fighters on the Neo-Geo, and especially games like NAM-1975.

    I even enjoyed obscure Neo games like Riding Hero. A motorcycle RPG?! Why not? :P
    I beat the “Suzuka 8 Hour” and it was joyful. hehe

  • Also, this is to prove my love for classic Neo-Geo.
    I scanned my Neo-Geo AES inserts and made large posters from them which I proudly have displayed in our living room. :)

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