Tearaway Unfolded Coming to PS4

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Tearaway Unfolded Coming to PS4

We’ve got a very special message for you all: we are bringing the magical papery world of Tearaway to PlayStation 4!

Tearaway Unfolded Coming to PS4

Now, if you know anything about Tearaway, your first thoughts on hearing that might be: “but that’s just plain impossible, yo!” and you’d be right! A straight port would be impossible, but we were super keen for Tearaway to make the jump to PS4 and we’re not the kind of folks to let something like the impossible get in our way!

Tearaway at Gamescom 2014

So we started jamming and experimenting, and the result is Tearaway Unfolded – an expanded retelling of the original game, adapted for PS4, and rebuilt from the ground up to use all the unique features of the Dualshock 4, and with a bigger prettier world running at 1080p and targeting 60fps to boot.



The original Tearaway was a little papery world held entirely in your hands, and we used all the features of the PS Vita to deliver an experience that was as life-like and also fourth-wall-breaking as possible. With Tearaway Unfolded, we want to do the same thing, only this time the world is inside your TV and you interact with it using the unique inputs of the controller…

It doesn’t make sense for players to get up from the sofa, wander over to the TV and literally touch the world like they did in the PlayStation Vita version, but there are other ways you’ll be able to physically interact with the game instead.


From the comfort of your couch, you can swipe the touch pad to unleash great gusts of wind, and send them howling into the world to unfold rippling bridges or send enemies tumbling from cliffs! The power of wind can also be used to propel atoi through the skies in a paper plane, so you can explore the larger new world from above.

We also use the controller in more surprising ways too! You can shine the controller’s light bar into the TV to light up dark and gloomy places, growing and transforming the scenery, and guiding atoi along her way. Your little messenger companion can also throw items and creatures out of your TV and into your controller, where you can listen to them rattling around, before sending them hurtling back into the world.


Tearaway Unfolded will be a familiar story, but with new ways to play, new places to explore, and a world that looks really rather stunning on PS4! Check it out in our trailer, and please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Sony, if you don’t care about handhelds you should have never made them in the first place.

    If Sony wants the Vita to be successful, they should drop the memory card prices and ADVERTISE the damn thing. Nintendo still supported the 3DS when it sold poorly, so why can’t Sony do the same with Vita? No support = no sales. It’s not that hard to understand.

  • OK, here’s what happened.

    Sony released a handheld console at the worst possible time. A time where everyone is playing games on their phones, and paying very little to do so.

    So here comes Sony with a pricy new handheld, with very expensive games. They misjudged the market and it cost them dearly. Sure, they put out some good games, but guess what, nobody bought the Vita or the games! They lost money on everything.

    So they cut the price of Vita, since they have to do something here. And then they start Plus and the Instant Game Collection. All of a sudden, those games that nobody bought are free! Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Mod Nation, Sonic, free game after free game after free game. They give us cross saving and cross buying, making even more ways to not buy Vita games specifically.

    People didn’t buy into it like I did 10 days ago. There just isn’t money to be made with the Vita as a gaming machine in this day and age. What they really need is to get more apps, like MLB At Bat, WWE Network and Amazon Instant Video. Make it more of a smart device that does a little bit of everything. That’s where they could make money with this thing.

  • @101

    The worst is that i all started good

    Uncharted took a long time to produce and realize. Largely due to the building of a brand new engine for the Vita
    Sony bend were proud, sony as well, gamers were happy, the game sold 1M copies, every gamers were expecting a sequel…

    And obviously, a job ad at Bend pointed out working on a Vita project to outdo UGA…

    And now all is thrown in the garbage to focus on the GD PS4… Totally illogical

    Paying a team to build an engine for a single episode is as much wasted money as throwing half the stock of cartridge by the window.

    Same can be said about Wipeout ( RIP Sony liverpool ), tearaway, LBP vita, Sly… And even Assassin creed.

    Do like UBisoft montpelier, use your egines and do sequels to your most successfull hits.

  • The memory card prices. Who’s the genius behind that?

    You notice how they just keep ignoring the memory card issue?

  • Thanks for the -1 exclusive Vita games you announced at Gamescom, Sony.

  • Leaving aside all the “-1 Vita exclusive” comments, Tearaway is pretty much classic portable-console-style game.
    I don’t think it would be a great success (in terms of sales figures) on PS4.

  • This should be PSVita-PS4 Crossbuy.

  • Spaff! This is awesome :) I’m in love with Tearaway on the Vita, have yet to beat it, probably because I keep snapping so many pictures! I feel like this is the kind of game that can be retold, like a good camp story, and even if it’s a little different (in this case some mechanics) it remains true to itself and a little exciting to see what’s different. I guarantee you I’ll be playing this wonderful game again, and I’m happy for all the non-Vita owners who get to play with our little messenger and live through his story for the first time!

  • Hey, Media Molecule, thank you for making Tearaway!

    It’s the best game on my Vita! I’m glad PS4 owners will get a chance to play it!

    Soooooooo… Do you guys have any thoughts for an actual sequel any time in the future?

  • @Frodomec I hope you have a sad, pitiful, and painful death. I really do. Good riddance if you don’t come back, you’re one of the worst trolls I had to deal with. You’re nothing but trash to society.

    @Welmosca It’s really sad when idiots like you complaining about one single game. Keep crying, you little baby. The taste of your tears are bitter.

  • I don’t understand all the b*tching about tearaway coming to ps4, I like tearaway ps vita but it doesn’t sell enought to fund another sequel in the vita, now with the ps4 version I hope more people will be buying the game. I already have ps vita edition and I will buy the ps4 version. Thanks for making more tearaway MM :)

  • Will Tearaway Unfolded require Playstation Camera?

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