Metrico Out Today on PS Vita, Free for PS Plus

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Metrico Out Today on PS Vita, Free for PS Plus

Today is the day. Metrico is available now on PS Vita. We have one more post on Metrico to celebrate this and share some insights about Trophies and PS Plus, but we’d like to start out with the premiere of the Metrico Release trailer!

Metrico Trophies

Since experimenting is the very core of Metrico, we wanted to incorporate this in every aspect of the game as part of our holistic design process. This means we took quite some time to come up with a cool — possibly rather difficult — set of Trophies for the game. We decided to make all of them hidden and see how long it takes for you to figure them out and spread them across the internet. As such, it wouldn’t make much sense to spoil them here, but I can talk about them a little bit:

There are a total of 11 Trophies in the game. Each of Metrico’s six worlds have unique Trophies, which can be earned by completing each world while meeting specific requirements. There are a couple more obvious Trophies scattered throughout the game that will also prove to be difficult to find and solve… Good luck finding them all!

Metrico on PS Vita

Metrico on PS VitaMetrico on PS Vita

PlayStation Plus

By now, most of you have probably seen the PlayStation Plus lineup for August and noticed Metrico is available for free immediately at release on August 5th for PS Plus members. For those of you who didn’t get the news already… surprise!

Like we explained in previous blog posts, Metrico’s core gameplay with the “Input Morphing” mechanic is very hard to explain. We keep reading comments from people who are left flabbergasted after seeing a Metrico trailer, and simply have no clue what the game is about. We have to admit we made some experimental trailers, but either way, we know the only way to really understand Metrico is to play it. That’s why we are very happy that Metrico’s demo is playable in retail stores across the US, and has been playable at dozens of events worldwide in the past year, so people could check Metrico out themselves and understand what the game is about. Now Metrico is free for PS Plus members, so you have almost no reason to not check it out as well!

Being a part of PS Plus is a great opportunity for us to reach as many players as possible with what we’ve been working on for the past two years. This will most likely also include a lot of players who might not even have considered buying the game. We at Digital Dreams think it’s awesome we might now tempt them to play as well. They will get a nice introduction to the Metrico universe and understand what a possible future game in this universe will be about.

Metrico on PS Vita

Metrico on PS VitaMetrico on PS Vita

Wrapping Up

Time to tie up some loose ends! We haven’t revealed the price point for Metrico yet. Metrico will be free for one month from August 5th for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Metrico is available for non-subscribers (and after that month for everybody) for $13.99.

Time for a little holiday now. Thank you so much for reading and for all your support throughout Metrico’s development! It was quite a journey for us and it was great to see your comments on PlayStation.Blog. Keep an eye out for future announcements from us and please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know if Metrico lived up to your expectations!

Enjoy exploring Metrico.

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22 Author Replies

  • Implementing basically every feature the Vita has into this game was a mistake. There was no need to make the game frustrating for such a gimmicky purpose. A difficult game with tight controls is a million times more fun than an easy game with difficult controls. Forcing us to use the Vita in this way is just asking for trouble.

  • Roy van de Mortel

    We had a lot more crazy compass, front touch, volume controls, front camera and even microphone ideas that we canned at the risk of being to gimmicky. It is a fine line we had the thread all the time during the development. Some people feel we crossed it, others feel we could have taken it further. We knew we where making a PS Vita exclusive game about input and the PS Vita has a lot of interesting new ways of experimenting with this.

  • Overall. id say a perhaps a clearer diagram. or something.
    Once you get the hang of it. its easy to understand. red, green, blue, light and whatnot. defiantly brings me back to the NES age where if you where stuck. you where stuck! I’m currently on the last world. last level and for the life of me cannot complete it!

  • Defiantly a fun game. besides that hiccup of figuring out the camera controls. I got my vita a month ago. and played a couple games. this being the only one to use camera controls. quite glad Im getting a chance to play this.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Yes camera controls are quite unique. But even backtouch, which in our opinion is an awesome feature, is rarely used mandatory in PS Vita games other than ours. One other game that does it very well though and I can definitely recommend since you are a new PS Vita user is Tearaway!

  • Indies are the strength of the Vita. I don’t want to play Destiny on the Vita. I want to kill off the last hour of my day decompressing on my couch or bed with a handheld title that is fun… Metrico, Murasaki Baby, Bigfest…

    But please do me one favor.. don’t port this to PS4. much like above, the opposite is true and I am so tired of indie ports to PS4. Love some indie games on it but not every title needs a port and doing so just dilutes the entire pool.

    Thanks for having the faith in your title to offer it as a PS+ right off the bat. I am downloading it now.

  • Speaking of PS Plus freebies, I cannot predict and we haven’t even decided yet the Plus collections in the future but I am almost sure to the point I could stake my life on it that PS Vita Pets will become free at some point in the next year or so. It’s been a retail flop, it’s cheap, it’s new and it’s Sony – developed and published. Any opinions here?

  • @54.. That is the one thing with PS+… since it is mostly indie titles, I am very hesitant to pull the trigger on most any indie.

  • I had the great opportunity to play this at a Best Buy about two months ago! I was so surprised when I saw the demo. You guys should become a part of Sony Worldwide Studios.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Haha thanks but that’s not for us to decide and this is only our first console game. But who knows! ;)

  • I hope this game gets a patch in the near future, because it’s extremely buggy. I’ve already had to restart the game quite a few times because the next area just refused to load.

    The puzzles have been serviceable so far, and I adore the game’s visual style, but I’ve got to put it on hold until some of its technical problems are fixed.

  • Hi. I felt this game was too short and easy once you figured out how everything worked. I was expecting something a bit more along the lines of Dokuro in terms of length. One thing I was thinking of when I was playing this was the possible branching paths the doors at the end of every stage would take me. Alas, I was disappointed to find that the game is purely linear. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    One more thing, if you want to make the trophies really hidden, don’t describe how to unlock it in the trophy description. That makes it too easy to figure out ;)

  • Why do we need plus for ps4 again? to play indies online that my phone plays, cool just making sure since i make a mistake selling my ps3 for a ps4

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