Metrico Out Today on PS Vita, Free for PS Plus

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Metrico Out Today on PS Vita, Free for PS Plus

Today is the day. Metrico is available now on PS Vita. We have one more post on Metrico to celebrate this and share some insights about Trophies and PS Plus, but we’d like to start out with the premiere of the Metrico Release trailer!

Metrico Trophies

Since experimenting is the very core of Metrico, we wanted to incorporate this in every aspect of the game as part of our holistic design process. This means we took quite some time to come up with a cool — possibly rather difficult — set of Trophies for the game. We decided to make all of them hidden and see how long it takes for you to figure them out and spread them across the internet. As such, it wouldn’t make much sense to spoil them here, but I can talk about them a little bit:

There are a total of 11 Trophies in the game. Each of Metrico’s six worlds have unique Trophies, which can be earned by completing each world while meeting specific requirements. There are a couple more obvious Trophies scattered throughout the game that will also prove to be difficult to find and solve… Good luck finding them all!

Metrico on PS Vita

Metrico on PS VitaMetrico on PS Vita

PlayStation Plus

By now, most of you have probably seen the PlayStation Plus lineup for August and noticed Metrico is available for free immediately at release on August 5th for PS Plus members. For those of you who didn’t get the news already… surprise!

Like we explained in previous blog posts, Metrico’s core gameplay with the “Input Morphing” mechanic is very hard to explain. We keep reading comments from people who are left flabbergasted after seeing a Metrico trailer, and simply have no clue what the game is about. We have to admit we made some experimental trailers, but either way, we know the only way to really understand Metrico is to play it. That’s why we are very happy that Metrico’s demo is playable in retail stores across the US, and has been playable at dozens of events worldwide in the past year, so people could check Metrico out themselves and understand what the game is about. Now Metrico is free for PS Plus members, so you have almost no reason to not check it out as well!

Being a part of PS Plus is a great opportunity for us to reach as many players as possible with what we’ve been working on for the past two years. This will most likely also include a lot of players who might not even have considered buying the game. We at Digital Dreams think it’s awesome we might now tempt them to play as well. They will get a nice introduction to the Metrico universe and understand what a possible future game in this universe will be about.

Metrico on PS Vita

Metrico on PS VitaMetrico on PS Vita

Wrapping Up

Time to tie up some loose ends! We haven’t revealed the price point for Metrico yet. Metrico will be free for one month from August 5th for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Metrico is available for non-subscribers (and after that month for everybody) for $13.99.

Time for a little holiday now. Thank you so much for reading and for all your support throughout Metrico’s development! It was quite a journey for us and it was great to see your comments on PlayStation.Blog. Keep an eye out for future announcements from us and please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know if Metrico lived up to your expectations!

Enjoy exploring Metrico.

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22 Author Replies

  • Before anyone comments saying “Update the store already” or something along those lines, it has already updated and you can download Metrico now! The store updates before the PS Blog makes a post.

  • I’m not really hyped for this, but it’s nice to have a game launch for free on Plus, instead of the usual cycle: launch, discount, sale, Plus, and then you already own the game when it becomes free

  • If anyone is looking for a review of this game, I have one available on my YouTube channel:

  • Was actually looking forward to trying this out. Nice.

  • Jeez, Metrico is receiving such poor reviews I am not even sure I am going to download it.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      As more people pointed out, so far we had more very positive reviews than negatives ones and since its free this month for PS Plus subscribers you might as well give it a go :)

  • @Trendy_Kid

    What is the point of listening to reviews if it is free? Worst thing that could happen is you waste a few minutes of your time. But even then, you would know for sure that you didn’t like the game.

  • Whether something gets poor reviews or not I will still give it a chance. Too many people expect the same recycled games over and over. This is different and should be given an opportunity to experience something different. Puzzle games are my favorite. Everyone DL and give it a chance.

  • I am trying as hard as I can to see if it’s possible for me to care less about yet another indie title being added to the Indie Game Catalogue (which is what I suggest as the newer, more accurate name for the Instant Game Collection).


    • Roy van de Mortel

      That’s a shame because indie games is really what the PS Vita excels in, in our opinion! Both as developers and gamers we appreciate this :)

  • @4 It actually has more good reviews than bad but whatever.

    I was going to straight up buy this so I’m pretty psyched to wind up getting it for free with Plus.

  • YAY! Thanks :)

  • Gonna drop this on my Vita soon, looking forward to rocking some pie charts and bar graphs. Suck it, math!

  • And people still cry about there are not any games for ps vita and here is another top tier game coming out.

  • Is there going to be a demo?

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Yes, There should already be a demo available on PSN as well which you can download for free even without PS Plus.

  • Surprisingly good! It is like playing platform game in your dream after preparing for exam in math and in same time you left Oxygen by Jean Michel Jarre playing on your speakers. Strange.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      That’s a beautiful mental image that we, as Jean Michel Jarre enthusiasts, can certainly relate too :)

  • @Roy van de Mortel;

    It isn’t your fault that Sony has had an unhealthy obsession with indie titles over the past year or so. You could come out with the best game ever, and the scene is so oversaturated with 99-cent titles, ports of ancient smartphone games and shovelware, that even the best of the best gets lost in the shuffle.

    I still say that the solution is to offer a standalone indie-specific monthly or yearly subscription-based package, totally separate from the IGC part of PS+ membership. That way, everyone gets exactly what they want. You get the marketing power of being part of the PS+ collection, Sony gets a cut of the profits, gamers get the games they want, and no one winds up disappointed.

    It’s the same thing that happened to the DS, and is currently plaguing the Android and iOS markets. For every kickass indie title released, there are a hundred abysmal crapware titles put out.

    Again, not your fault. The Big Three are desperate to stop hemorrhaging customers to the smartphone market, but, this overload of all things indie is not the solution.

  • Sony wants $34.99 for Angry Birds – Star Wars.

    I can get Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX, along with Chrono Cross, for the same price.

    Somewhere, there is a disconnect, here.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Sony doesn’t determine the pricepoint, we did. As i’m sure did Rovio/Activicion in this particular scenario.

  • im looking forward to trying this unique approach for a vita game that seems like the perfect fit

    as for bad reviews, i respect some website and the reviews are there as an opinion, mostly by someone looking for imperfections (not with bad intentions i believe). If it were from reviews i would have missed out on some gems throughout my gaming experience (Example, Borderlands 2 for vita is a fun fun game!!!)

    i will try metrico, see what happens

    i jusy like the way small indies are taking lots of risk to provide new visions of games

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Taking the risks you mention is necessary for a medium to evolve.I am not saying that we do, but we certainly try to.
      We don’t deliberately take risks though, we just create the stuff we want to make and would like to play ourselves.

  • I’ve been excited to play this game since I heard about it last summer. My inner nerd was going crazy! It looks like it’s so much fun, and I’m looking forward to getting those trophies. :)
    Thanks for making it free for PS+, too!

    • Roy van de Mortel

      I’m curious to see how many players will have enough patience and skill to earn all 11 trophies. If you need some help you can always contact us :)

  • Unless I am mistaken, but wasn’t Dragon’s Crown part August’s free games? I can’t add it to my games from the shop.

  • That’s awesome! Was curious about this game but on the fence about getting it. PS Plus once more paying for itself! Thanks!

  • oh *.*

    I’ve been waiting so long for this game

    donloading it right NOW!

    Thanks for the vita love!

  • I remember when you guys first put up an announcement post for this game…my, how time flies! Well I planned on picking Metrico up for a while now, and I had every intention of actually buying it, so I wanna say thanks for making it free for PS plus (and for making the game to begin with :p )

  • It’s free on Plus so negative reviews be damned. It looks different enough from the crowd that it deserves to be experienced.

  • I reviewed the game for PSNStores and find it to be wonderful. Open your mind, think out of the box, and experiment to some meditative tunes!

    • Roy van de Mortel

      I just read your review :) Thanks for the kind words. You are also to my knowledge the first one to notice and mention the puzzles within puzzles ;)

  • Roy van de Mortel

    I just read your review :) Thanks for the kind words. You are also to my knowledge the first one to notice and mention the puzzles within puzzles ;)

  • I think my head might have exploded watching that video. I think this game is a ‘have to play to understand’ type of game. Glad PS+ will give me the chance to do just that.

    I, however, need to beat something to free up some room on my memory card first :(

  • You could call it PS+ IDM month for Vita. Metrico, Fez, Proteus have heavy chill out soundtrack.

  • What happened to the mobile version of the Playstation blog? How do I get back to mobile on tablet? I like the layout better

  • This is amazing. I was thinking “Why is THIS game 600+ mbs?” But It’s definitely worth it! 10/10 from me. :) Maybe 9/10 if the puzzles within get to me. :P

    • Roy van de Mortel

      The main reason for the rather large filesize is the way we implemented music. Instead of using a single track we have a lot of looping sequences and samples that turn on and off to form the whole arrangement.

  • Looks like a great game & I can’t wait to give it a go. Especially looking forward to working out those trophies with the rest of the Vita community.

  • So I can’t find the demo. Was that announcement a mistake?

  • PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS2 games on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will a demo for this game be made available in North America? There doesn’t seem to be one available in the store here.

  • I meant the PSN store, to clarify.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      There where some issues that caused a delay for the demo.
      I am currently unable to check the US PSN Store but it might already be fixed by now. If not it will be as soon as possible.

  • EXcelent game so far. Nice puzzle, dream like ambiance, and real nice challenge that doesnt pull you off…

    I feel going back to the echochrome/echoshift years… EXCELLENT

    All PS+ must download it and stop looking at bad reviews.

    If it was not free for PS+ i would buy it for sure.

  • Oh and, even though i would love to see deep and strong AAA games on Vita, i think the new wave of indie with the swapper or Metrico are some of the best experience i had on Vita.

    These games fit th format way better than PS3 or PS4. i would not see myself playing this kind of indie games in my sofa… but get stuck into it when i go to work, or before bed…

    Indie rules. Support them….They are the next big guns.

  • Where are the sales? I’ve been buying more from Microsoft lately because the sales have been weak or non existent.

  • What’s with the inide hate? This game looks better than Asassin’s Creed XVI: Recycled. That ain’t saying much but I like this game. The only problem is indies are getting greedy, charging too much.

    More indies, thanks (especially RPGs!).

  • Jesus… Cradda is such an idiot.

    He STILL doesn’t understand that a $50/yearly subscription service CAN NOT provide $60 games every week.

    Then, he directly criticizes this game without even playing it (by posting on this specific game’s blog post), and then tries some half-assed phony attempt at damage control to coddle and pander to Roy’s kindness, pretending that he didn’t just bash the game right after Roy respectfully dismissed his unnecessary garbage post.

    Cradda, please, stop. You’re an embarrassment to all gamers, everywhere.

    @ Roy

    I look forward to trying out your game. Thanks for your effort. :)

    (And don’t worry about Cradda, he does that crap all the time… And he’s 30. Heh.)

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Thanks, but I am not averse of a good discussion and don’t mind people that don’t like the game still take the time to read this and comment if they feel like it.
      I feel you’d have to play it though because, as pointed out before, its a difficult game to explain. And love for indie games is obviously a very personal thing. Enjoy Metrico! :)

  • The PS Store & PS Plus layout is horrible.
    Why was it changed to this format? You can no longer see all the Playstation Plus titles, and they just disappear now. They used to get moved to the Expiring Soon page, and I would know that I had only probably a week to renew my subscription or download a game. This does not happen any more. Dead Space 3 just vanished and is now back to normal price so I missed out on that one, and the other free ones. If it does not move to ‘Expiring Soon’, then people are likely going to assume it will remain on PS Plus for several more weeks or months. This is how it used to always work as games like Infamous 2, or Borderlands 2 for example that were free for Plus members for many months.

    You also used to have on the blog the titles of games that will be added to the new month’s free games list, but also on this blog post would be information about which games were leaving. There was no word on Dead Space or the others.

  • Can I put this and Road Not Taken to an actual game? Maybe a Vita RPG?

  • I agree with woofsy…

    The sales are lacking, and on my opinion you guys should put more into Vita… in every matter. You are increasingly telling people that Vita is dead just as the library grows. You can’t even be bothered with telling what is a decent sale price on actual Vita games.

    You put out Japanese ports from a while ago, people are still in the user base, and you basically tell them they are not there.

  • I disagree with some of the critics scores, I think this game is great!

  • Its ridiculous how some gamers nowadays are instantly turned off when they find out a game is an indie game (particularly the younger audience of gamers), on the youtube video I saw people judging this game on its graphics and not the gameplay which is ridiculous.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      We tend to ignore youtube comments. places like this are a usually a much better place for a healthy and mature discussion ;)

  • @Roy van de Mortel, I’m not sure about mature discussion, but yeah it’s probably better than YouTube.

    Anyway, I just want to say how excited I am to play Metrico. I have been wanting to get my hands on it ever since it was first announced, and now I finally can. Actually, as silly as it sounds, I’m almost a little disappointed I got it free with PS + because I’ve been planning to buy it for a long time. I guess I still can next month when it’s no longer free. lol

  • p.s. I love the art style of this game. I can understand that SOMETIMES simplistic styles can look lazy, unimaginative or just the result of artists not being all that talented, but Metrico looks absolutely gorgeous and the style is very fitting for this game. My only disappointment is that it isn’t also on PS4 so I can drool over it on the big screen.

  • Then why are you selecting only certain posts to reply to? Particularly ones that are made up?

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Some questions seem to be pointed towards Sony rather than me. We are an independent developer that made Metrico and this is probably not the place for me to elaborate on those topics ;)

  • I’m going to say this as nicely as possible as im raging.
    Ive made it to world 6. and now a prompt is telling me to point my camera… at something… pretty bloody vague
    it seems to have no consistency. this is pissing me off…. what in the F am i supposed to do?

    litteral quote from gameinformer. the only site on the net that has any sort of info about this;
    Toward the end, a mechanic is added that requires you to use the Vita camera to move platforms, but it’s hard to use and confusing. I believe it has to do with overall light exposure and red, green, and blue colors. You’re going to have to experiment on your own, because the game often doesn’t explain these new mechanics. I found a system that worked for me that involved pointing the camera at combinations of my coffee mug, desktop, and office window – and I still couldn’t tell you exactly how it all worked.

    what a joke.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      The reason why people often have difficulties with this, is because it is not clear that square doesn’t actually take a picture.
      Holding the square button simply enables the camera. it then measures the current light intensity and Red/Blue/Green values and uses these as variables. As soon as you let square go it locks everything into place.
      This was a difficult mechanic to prototype, test and communicate to the player. We put so much effort into not explaining anything with text, but it might have been needed in this case. Luckily you already made it to the last world :)

  • Really appreciate the opportunity to play this title im a puzzle lover and a big fan of the indie genre it makes the vita what it is and I love it great game so far really enjoying it thanks a lot digital dreams and level designer gets a plus in my books everyone should download it and give it a go!

  • this certain part has been the biggest headache ive ever had gaming.
    you press the square. for it to take a picture. which it would have been nice if it stated that… make sure you dont jump at the same time or its buggy.
    it worked for me when I put my vita camera directly on a lightbulb.

    hope this helps

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