Rogue Legacy Out Today: Cross-Buy, Cross-Save on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Rogue Legacy Out Today: Cross-Buy, Cross-Save on PS4, PS3, PS Vita



Once again, we’d just really like to thank Sony and Abstraction for all their help in getting this game onto the PlayStation platforms. It’s been a ton of work, and if you get the chance, any thanks their way would be greatly appreciated!

But enough with all that, you should totally be playing the game right now! Not sure if you’re interested? Then you should totally check out our sweet new launch trailer above! It explains everything in a super spiffy fashion, and it’s only like a minute long.

Still on the fence? Then don’t forget, Rogue Legacy is both cross-buy and cross-save enabled! Get a copy on any platform (it’s $16.99, and it’s part of the PS Store PLAY promotion), and get it for free on the other 2 as well! And Cross- save means all your data is uploaded to the cloud, for delicious synchronicity! So nice!

Still hesitant? Then come check out all these awards, dood!

Rogue Legacy on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Fig 2 – Dood’s totally got the Monochromacy trait.

We actually made this award poster a long time ago, but then didn’t know what to do with it. But c’mon. Something with that many awards can’t be that bad!

Dang, still thinking about it? Then talk to your friends! Get their opinion on the game. If they don’t recommend it, then you should totally find newer/better friends!

If none of that works then you should probably buy a copy and see for yourself whether you’d like the game or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • I am also getting no error code so I can’t isolate what the issue is and support likely won’t be able to either given no error code is being presented.

  • @ #50 Why wouldn’t I complain? The CUTOFF time for pre-orders is 12 midnight. If I try to pre-order from 11:30 to 11:59 that is BEFORE midnight correct? I even put $5 into my wallet to cover the price of the PS+ pre-order price. See the problem?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Borma420

    Actually, the cut-off time was at 9:00AM PST… this morning. It’s in the fine print on the PLAY 2014 web page.


    I experienced the same thing you did, unable to get the discount early this morning, so I contacted customer support through the live chat option (which is crazy, because I’ve never done that before – in fact, just yesterday I was telling a troll how I’ve never had to contact them before), and the guy couldn’t help me because apparently the chat guys have less privileges or some crap like that, but he suggested that if I call customer support, they’d be able to do more.

    So, I call customer support, and the girl bent over backwards trying to find a remedy, eventually got a manager on the phone to authorize a credit to my account, and he had to call up to corporate and have an account manager there credit $3.40 to my account (the difference between the regular price and the Plus price). They were calm and courteous the whole time and the credit showed up in my wallet shortly after I hung up. So, the troll was wrong (of course). Sony customer support was great. :)

  • Any chance of a demo?

  • Thanks for the info Prime. I was going off of the Chat Rep who told me it was Midnight EST. Not going to lie that irks me even more then knowing it’s actually 9AM PST lol. That’s great you got it solved. Still a bit unfortunate on the communication of the Promotion and when the store updated the price. Also yea the chat rep could not help me and I did not (but should’ve) called phone support. Last couple times I had, it took a long time to get the situations settled (both to positive outcomes) and did not want to go through the hassle. Also don’t get me wrong, the game is VERY much worth $16.99. The game is amazing on PC and I will be double dipping on this version very soon. Just need to get a $10 card this weekend to fill the rest of the balance.

  • Just want to throw in my $0.02 …
    I made a point to go pick up a $50 PSN card last Saturday and pre-ordered all three of the PLAY games that I was interested in, and Rogue Legacy let me pre-load it as soon as I bought it. Got home from work Monday night and was able to play it for over 4 hours. This little game is a gem. It has those “DOH!” moments when something stupid kills you, but it’s just so much fun to explore and collect gold to both level up your base and purchase gear and runes. It’s highly addictive and just plain fun.
    Though some of those trophies, dang… Can’t even imagine beating the game with 15 or less deaths. I’m well over 30 deaths already and haven’t managed to kill a single boss, let alone a miniboss.
    With the seamless cross-save functionality, I can see this being a go-to time killer between my PS4 and Vita for a long time to come.

  • I got mine! :D

  • Getting it this weekend. :D

  • Rogue Legacy looks funny

  • Rogue Legacy will keep you busy for a long time, especially if you go for the Trophies. If you love platforming games, don’t wait and pick up this title!

  • Why… why i read Rogue Galaxy… i want it T.T PS Please, Rogue Galaxy for PS Vita !!!!

  • The game seems cool. I might try it out!

  • So I bought this on my PS4, but I seem to be completely unable to download it for either PS3 or Vita. Considering Vita was where I mainly wanted to play it… this is highly disappointing. When I try to download the PS Vita version on my PS3 it tries to download the ‘Rogue Legacy theme’ in stead, and when I try to find Rogue Legacy in the store the Rogue Legacy listing says ‘there are no content items to display’.

    Please fix this, I wanted to play it this weekend while I’m out.

  • Already had it on PC, but double-dipped. My tight, pre-paychecks funds would prolly appreciate I didn’t, but finally convincing my sister to try it out was worth it. The bonus PS3 theme, eh, not bad (looks to be conscious of the XMB assets’ placements, which is appreciated), and it’s growing on me, but the game by itself is worth it. Love the humor, from written to situations, ot even just the puffed-chest hero-strut they all tout. Let’s see how long it takes to actually chuff up and fight a boss…*eep*

    So, “Don’t $H!+ Your Pants” Vita port when? Kappa

  • I would buy this, but I would rather get the physical copy.. :/

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