Rogue Legacy Out Today: Cross-Buy, Cross-Save on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Rogue Legacy Out Today: Cross-Buy, Cross-Save on PS4, PS3, PS Vita



Once again, we’d just really like to thank Sony and Abstraction for all their help in getting this game onto the PlayStation platforms. It’s been a ton of work, and if you get the chance, any thanks their way would be greatly appreciated!

But enough with all that, you should totally be playing the game right now! Not sure if you’re interested? Then you should totally check out our sweet new launch trailer above! It explains everything in a super spiffy fashion, and it’s only like a minute long.

Still on the fence? Then don’t forget, Rogue Legacy is both cross-buy and cross-save enabled! Get a copy on any platform (it’s $16.99, and it’s part of the PS Store PLAY promotion), and get it for free on the other 2 as well! And Cross- save means all your data is uploaded to the cloud, for delicious synchronicity! So nice!

Still hesitant? Then come check out all these awards, dood!

Rogue Legacy on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Fig 2 – Dood’s totally got the Monochromacy trait.

We actually made this award poster a long time ago, but then didn’t know what to do with it. But c’mon. Something with that many awards can’t be that bad!

Dang, still thinking about it? Then talk to your friends! Get their opinion on the game. If they don’t recommend it, then you should totally find newer/better friends!

If none of that works then you should probably buy a copy and see for yourself whether you’d like the game or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Was able to download it last night and holy cow this game is incredibly frustrating AND fun at the same time. Glad I got it. Looks great on both PS4 and Vita.

  • So if we didn’t pre-order before today then we lost out on the 20% off? Sad… as this was more appealing to me at $13.50 than at $16.99 guess I’ll wait and hope the price drops again.

    • Justin Massongill

      If you’re planning on picking up Hohokum, CounterSpy, or The Swapper you can still save a few bucks via the PLAY promotion that’s happening right now. Same situation for those too: PS Plus member + pre-order = discount. Full details here.

  • The only new Indie addition I lack wanting to play.
    Will be waiting for a HUGE pricedrop, unlike CounterSpy.

  • I would have payed $30 for this bad boy. This game is a masterpiece. I started last night at 10pm and next thing I know it’s 2:30 in the morning. A true sign of a magical game. Love it! :D Just one more run! :O

  • I want to buy it, but I won’t pay full price

  • About time :)
    I have that game on PC, but for some reason it’s really slow even though my PC should be more then strong enough for that game.
    Well, i didn’t really lose times trying to see what was the problem after i heard it was coming to playstation consoles.

  • The video however was cute.
    And would much rather have seen more on these titles than anymore about TloU.

  • @Majorpain2587 You may be able to sneak in today to get it at the preorder price, as the store hasn’t updated yet for the week. If the discount is a make or break for you in the decision-making process, I’d give it a shot.

  • My PS4 allowed me to start playing this at midnight. Man, I love this game. Thanks for making it Cross-EVERYTHING.

  • @3: There are a lot of other releases today that will keep me occupied long enough for the price to drop (or end up free on PS Plus). The Last of Us Remastered and Ratchet & Clank collection on Vita, and my tremendous back log will keep me occupied. Just saying I would have taken advantage of the deal if it was still going on, even if I wouldn’t have time to play it for a while.

  • Played it last night until like 5 am. Very addicting game, i’m looking forward to getting my butt kicked more.

  • @6 Already tried putting it in my cart and it’s still coming up as $16.99. Came here to see if anyone else was having this problem and saw this post. Unfortunately it’s not available at the $13.59 price anymore. I guess that’s what I get for moving and not keeping an eye on the store for the past week. I snooze, I loose.

  • I was Playin This Awesome Game Last Night Thanks to The PS+ Pre-Order. I LOVE TO HATE THIS GAME & CANT STOP PLAYIN IT

  • Have it on PC. Amazing game. Definitely going to double dip and pick this up on the PS4.

  • The font size for the Vita version is really small. Still very playable, however.

  • Yes yes yes yes yes!

  • I would totally buy this game for $13.59, but store charging me full price. Just checked on PS4 via remote play. Not paying full price since the link for it still has PSPlus price listed. This game looks great…..oh well. On to TLOU…

  • “Cross-Save” Sold.

    Now if we can get that on Jak Collection and R&C Collection and Sly Collection and GoW Collection…. look if it has Collection in the name chances are Sony has flubbed this up.

  • Fun game, but super difficult. How is anyone supposed to beat it in 14 lives or w/e? I’m like level 25 and still get destroyed by the eyeball boss. I’ve bought a bunch of upgrades and whatnot but still don’t feel like my stats are getting any better. :/

  • Cross-Save, too much awesome :D

  • My main issue with retrogaming is they are usually Love Today, Leave Tomorrow. Very few have lasting appeal.

  • Pre-ordered this because I had heard good things about it and I have to wait on TLOU:Remastered since I am in the middle of moving. Fired up the PS4 last night just to check it out and a few hours later had to put the controller down. Maybe I should have waited on this game as well until I finish moving…dang it.

  • I pre-ordered this the second I could and got to play it last night. Very very frustrating game but at the same time insanely addicting. Brings back that “one more level” feeling in games.

    However, I’d like to make you guys aware of a glitch that occurred. While I was playing, about 15 minutes in or so, the sound cut out for no reason and didn’t come back on. I went to “quit game” and it froze up for a bit before my PS3 beeped three times and it reset. Not sure if this is my bad luck or happened to other players. Nonetheless, I’d like to let you guys know.

    Aside from the glitch, still an awesome game.

  • Im playing it since 00:00 hours, its simply frustrating and amazing!!!!
    Keep up the good game.
    And has i can see its a hard way to platinum.

  • I preordered and was able to download it last night at 9 PST and OMG I kept dying but I enjoyed every death and kept playng

  • One of the most addictive games ever. A must have!

  • Fired the game up last night at midnight on the DOT, was among the first to get some of the trophies! :D Absolutely LOVE the game, it’s tough as nails but keeps you wanting more with each death. Those of you who didn’t pre-order it at the discount price should be kicking themselves. LOL

    Regardless, the game is well worth the full price tag, highly recommend it for anyone who loves Spelunky, Metroidvanias, or games where you get better with each playthrough. Really wish the game had some form of multiplayer but it’s fantastic nonetheless.

  • So this is actually the first trailer I’d seen for the thing and I went to go get it, but not at $17. Even the $14~ it was at a discount would have been pushing it for me.

    Dear Sony,

    Stop updating the store piecemeal on update day.


  • Yes platinum, yes buy (okay, to be fair, I preordered it before I even knew it had a platinum.) Thanks!

  • Please release a physical copy for ORESHIKA: TAINTED BLOODLINES!

    And also make a Special Physical Edition for Soul Sacrifice Delta and release it for the holidays!

    I can’t and won’t so please, don’t try to convince me to pick them digitally!

  • I was addicted to this game on Steam, and forced myself to stop playing while I waited for the Vita version. And I’m addicted to it on Vita. Love, love, love this game. I highly recommend it. At $17, it’s a steal.

  • Was planning on getting this before store update but saw that PSN took a different approach and the discount removed before the Tuesday update. Bummer. Seems like a fun game but not feeling the $17 price tag. I’ll wait.

  • Great game! I hadn’t about this game until recently but pre-ordered it last night on my PS3 and started playing it today. Takes me back to playing Wonder Boy III on my Sega Master System. So addictive and well thought out. Her frustrating at times but not cheaply so. Well worth buying!

  • @#32 Don’t even get me started. From 11:30PM to 11:59PM last night I tried 10+ times to buy the pre-order of Rogue Legacy. Every single time, i got an error saying I was unable to purchase or download this content. Sure enough couple minutes after midnight, it went through without an error but had the $16.99 price. So i ended up cancelling it and buying the Steam PC version. Cut-off time for pre-orders is Midnight Eastern time and I was trying before then. They cut-off the pre-orders at 11:30PM which is so freaking sketchy because it should be midnight. /end rant

  • Such a polished experience on both PS4 and Vita, and Cross-Save feels so good. 2D Dark Souls indeed!

    Only quibble: the “quick drop” setting doesn’t appear to persist after quitting.

  • Teddy!!! You broke your smug shrug’s arm :(


  • I was all hyped up until I realised it’s Rogue Legacy and not Rogue Galaxy, lol.

    The game looks nice but I won’t buy it right now that’s for sure. Too much games to play.

  • Woke up at 2 AM last night and couldn’t fall back asleep.. remembered I had Rogue Legacy Pre-loaded on my Vita and played that for an hour and a half. Blissful times. … Now I need a nap, though. xD

  • Way overpriced compared to PC version. Cross-buy shouldn’t be an excuse to charge more.

    Would have loved this for Vita, but not at this price.

  • Please release a demo for this game…it looks cool.

  • bought it. love it

  • 7% price increase over the Steam version? Pass.

  • Pre-order discounts, pre-loading, AND midnight unlocking? This is how you handle digital game sales.

    Stayed up way too late playing this last night after it unlocked, and already had trouble putting it down to go to work this morning. Good job.

  • Very good job, i got to play mine at 11:00 pm. Still playing it. I’ve died 93 times, and i think i capped the skill tree.Yea, very addictive , fun. Worth the 16$ but i pre-ordered it, the first digital game i pre-ordered .

  • FINALLLY! Pre-ordered last week and woke up this morning with the game already downloaded in my vita…

    So good to play on the go!


  • Can anyone download this on Vita? It shows up in the PS Vita Store but it has no buy button.

  • Is the PS Play promotion not available in Australia?

  • @46: go to your download list. I did that at 1am today to continuing playing after the PS4 version came out and I played that awhile.

    Game is AMAZING~ love it. Just wish the architect was a toggle, I accidentally run by him and screw myself out of fairy chests, it’s a huge bummer!

  • +coolwhip_01 I had no problem downloading the game on Vita, but I am getting “An error has occurred” message on PS4. It simply has the download option since I bought it on the Vita, but it will not allow the download process to start so I can install it on my PS4. Anyone else having this issue?

  • lol, why would you people wait the last minute to preorder then whine it’s not there? You had plenty of time to preorder.

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