Ratchet & Clank Collection Hits PS Vita Today

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Ratchet & Clank Collection Hits PS Vita Today

Hey guys! We’re excited to share that your favorite lombax and robot duo arrives on PlayStation Vita as a digital release in North America today. Thanks to the efforts of our friends Mass Media, you can enjoy Ratchet and Clank’s original three PS2 adventures – Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank Going Commando and Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal – on the go.

Ratchet & Clank Collection launches on PS VitaRatchet & Clank Collection launches on PS Vita

And this isn’t the last we’ll see of Ratchet, Insomniac games is developing a re-imagining of the first Ratchet & Clank game to come to PS4 next year, which will launch alongside the Ratchet & Clank movie.

Ratchet & Clank Collection launches on PS VitaRatchet & Clank Collection launches on PS Vita

That’s all for now – but make sure to stay tuned to the PlayStation blog and Insomniac’s Facebook and Twitter for more Ratchet news.

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  • This would have been an instant purchase if we had gotten a physical option, like other regions did.

    You can’t keep pushing us to go digital with the low capacity and high price of these memory cards.

    I’m going to get this game, but I’ll be importing it.

  • This is an excellent port, but if you can I’d search Amazon or Ebay for a decently priced copy of the European version just to save on memory space. Going Commando has a glitch in the retail version where the game crashes when travelling from the main planet to the moon. However, it’s more annoying than anything, and it doesn’t impede story progress. These games are amazing to play on the Vita, and I am very grateful that Insomniac, Sony, and Mass Media have brought these games over. I’d buy this collection in a heartbeat if I hadn’t received my European copy last week.

  • @51 Seriously, i went all the way Digital a few month back, because living in Thailand, i could not get easily any retail version except japanese. And the difference of price between SD and Vita card is already cover in only 3months. Between the sales, the 20% off from plus, and the 10% difference between most digital/retail …

    Just go 64mb, and it will change your life. i have ALL my vita games with me, and never ever count the space left. The lift of 99apps restriction was also a decision point.

    I even bought a 32gb for my PSP + PS1 games… My vita has became the best portable ever for me

  • The plus discounts do not make up for this markup.

    They didn’t make up for the $100 32gb card I bought, they don’t make up for the 64GB card I could buy.

    These capacities are WAY too low for this price point.

    Let alone when they want to charge full price for a digital only title.

    There’s no reason for the R&C collection to launch at $30 digital only, when at the end of the day you get less product than you would have physically.

  • I have been waiting for this game to come out for a long time, and seeing that it only releases as a digital version really upsets me. I doubt SCEA will ever release the retail version. :(

  • @54
    I dont say the price is so right ( they are expensive cards ), i just say It doesnt really require much of research to get lower prices that what you paid. Like for SD cards. Full price they are very expensive, but the constant flow of good deal make them seem like much cheaper.

    I bought my 16gb in the launch month of the vita for 35euros in a parisian store equivalent to bestbuy. Got my 32gb on amazon 6 month later for 55$ new. And i got my 64gb for 65$ few month ago…

    As for the discounts, i have saved more than 60$ in games in the past 2 years, compare to their retail counter parts ( i am talking day one, not on sale or on second hand ). But i agree that some games, like RPG or Obscure games, are way too expensive on digital and never drop.

  • Even at 50% off, a discount you won’t really find but in very rare cases, the cards are grossly overpriced.

    Discounts on plus do not make up for another product being overpriced, that just makes lessens the benefits of plus when you are being grossly overcharged to make up for the discounts.

  • Can we get a socom bravo team trilogy on the ps vita we need it just remake the old ones with two sticks

  • @57
    I agree, they are overpriced, but i found it easy to overcome with the constant game promotions happening on the PSN.
    I personally find the pleasure to carry 86 games with me worth the extra 35$ over a 64gb SD card.

    But again it is a personal preference. I understand your point. Sony should have droped to price 50% more. But i live in a country where it is near impossible to find good deal on retail games, and there is no Second hand market, so the full price is often higher than the counter part on the PSN.

  • I’m extremely disappointed that sony has declined to release this collection physically. I have 50 or so physical Vita games,and would have enthusiastically handed Sony 29.99 usd for ratchet and clank. I feel so stongly about physical media that I have purchased games at retail even though I was entitled to a digital copy via crossbuy ex. playstation allstars, and Sly 4. The Vita is my favorite system of alltime but I’m voting with my wallet this time, no physical copy , no buy.

  • @59
    “I agree, they are overpriced, but i found it easy to overcome with the constant game promotions happening on the PSN.”
    This doesn’t fix or overcome the problem of the small and overpriced cards, it just lessens the benefits of plus and other discounts.

    They give you a discount only to price gouge in an area that is essential if you take advantage of those discounts. That’s not a discount anymore, that’s just shuffling costs.

  • please Sony give a definitive answer on a NA physical release for the Ratchet Collectio asap. You would have had my money toda had you given RC collection a PROPER release.

  • I will also wait for a physical version or for the digital version to become part of PS Plus (unless it gets discounted to less than $9.99).

    I also want to say that those who think that a 64gb is the solution, that unfortunately that is not the case. I have one and can’t fit all my games (including PSOne and PSP games) in it. Unfortunatley I had to split my games between two memory cards (the other one being a 32gb card), which is still quite troublesome when needing to change Memory Cards.

    I’m of the opinion that Memory Card space should be exclusive for PSOne, PSP and small games, and never for larger games which occupy several gigabytes. That’s still one of the main reasons I still refuse to buy Soul Sacrifice Delta, along with a price tag that should only belong to a physically distributed game (for me, no digital only Vita game should cost more than $20).

  • I’m a little bit ashamed but I won’t buy it … for the moment !
    Rogue Legacy, WRC4, this trilogy the same week ! I had to make a choice.

    But I will buy it later, for sure !

  • digital-only AND no cross-buy = no buy from me. You need to actually try Sony

  • This game looks pretty fun.

  • @49
    PLEAAASSSSEEEE tell me you werejoking by saying the Jak Trilogy was done good by Mass Media… Jak 1 took me 4 hours more to platinum on Vita because of it being like 15-20 frames, horrible responsiveness etc. On PS3, I platinumed in not long before the Vita release, so I remembered what took me about a hour to remember in the PS3 one. The Ratchet Collection is actually done good in comparison, still some bugs like, on the game select, Ratchet 1 has no sound, the music sometimes cuts out completely, response is more delayed in the first game atleast.
    Just don’t ever allow a dev to create rubbish and you say it was done good. If the guys who did the Sly did all the Vita collections, bet they’d all run like gold

  • As a huge fan of the Ratchet & Clank series, I’m super stoked to see this finally released for the Vita. Hopefully more HD Collections are released on the Vita. One day, I hope that PS2 Classics are playable as well!

  • I would love the option to buy a physical copy of this collection. I love my Vita and appreciate the opportunity to play these games again on the go. I’m playing through the Jak & Daxter Collection now and I’m loving it!

  • Oh damn its releasing for Vita already and I still need to buy it for PS3.

  • The reason why NA is not getting a physical release may be that the EU and AU retail versions have an ERROR on Ratchet and Clank 2 that makes the game crash and quit itself when moving to planet orbits or after controlling the spaceship.

    Since apparently they don’t want to fix it (the game saves before crashing, so it does not block progress and the platinum trophy is still obtainable), they decided to release only digital version in NA which does not have this issue. Actually the one-week delay NA got may be because of them trying to patch the error, but looks like they didn’t or they couldn’t. As long as the issue continues, I don’t think NA will get the retail version, but if it does, try to find out if the issue has been fixed first, it is quite annoying lol

  • @ omar280792,

    I know about the issue. But I think what most people are furious about is the complete silence of Sony on the issue. If Sony decided not to release it for retail because of this, then a simple acknowledgement would have made things a lot more easier to swallow for many. If there are no plans to release later at retail, then simply saying so will also make it look much more professional than this perpetual limbo status that people are trying to juggle with.

    SCEA has a serious communication problem as of late. Even in some interviews done for online sites and magazines, Sony reps are very good at avoiding questions.

  • I don’t want this in digital form.

  • @RE4LNOiZE_42

    European physical owners are mad at Mass Media, they seem to be making quite a disastrous job when it comes to HD trilogies (Jak & Daxter HD for the Vita is their doing too)

    Sony should have made a statement, either saying that the error won’t be fixed and there won’t be retail in NA, or saying that MM is working on it and asking for patience, that’s the least they could do in my opinion. I personally have the game on hold in hopes for a fix, but I guess I can forget about that now……it is not fair at all.

  • Skipping the second page, I see two things:

    1) Cross-Buy for Europe. This’s at least the second, if not third, in my memory of North America not sharing in the spoils (previously, Child of Light, which at least has not-a-first-party-Sony-title in its weak excuses).

    2) Want to say I remember there having been games that offered a discount on the new platform or version for digital owners of the prior release(s). At the least, this was the case in PS3->PS4 upgrades of certain retail titles.

  • I already own the PS3 collection, does this have X-buy or at least a discount? I would love to play these games on the go but not full price if I already own the PS3 collection. Right now i’m working on my Sly 3 plat, would love to make R&C collection my next Plats! =)

  • I bought the ps3 version like a year ago, but its saying I have to buy the vita version also?

  • I love that they are finally bringing these true games to the vita, but what really annoys me is that they are NOT Cross-Play. I should be able to play the games on my PS3 and save, then pick up on my Vita. For this one, GOW, and all the others. I wish they would update them so we could.

  • Some comments after playing the game… Very nice port, smooth as silk, BUT when there’s even just a minimum of sunny light comming in where you’re playing, then darker areas in the game are unplayable as everything looks almost pitch black, and yes, my Vita’s brightness is set at the maximum.

    Playing on the bus ride home is almost impossible when I’m on planets or interior sections in the game where it’s a bit darker. Never had such problems with other games before.

    An additional brightness level in the game would have made it more suited for play in lighter environments.

    But otherwise, it’s a very nice port. It’s just sad (very sad) that we didn’t get a proper retail release.

  • We need a physical version of this in North America.

  • Will you please add Size Matters and Deadlocked? I need them on my vita and ont really wanna to go buy a used copy for a ps2. I woudl much rather buy one to download on my vita!

  • Oh but THANK YOU for puting this out,. i kept looking for them. sure a physical copy would be nice but I dont mind filling my vita with ratchet adn clank! please give us more and ignore the nay-sayers!

  • @gphillips, I understand there are some very polarizing comments and opinions out there, which is probably why there haven’t been any replies to this post. I would love to buy this game and have a genuine interest in knowing whether there is any chance for a retail release in the US. My main concern is reducing the memory footprint. I tried sending an email to Mass Media, but the email was rejected, so please let me know if you can help me.

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