Ratchet & Clank Collection Hits PS Vita Today

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Ratchet & Clank Collection Hits PS Vita Today

Hey guys! We’re excited to share that your favorite lombax and robot duo arrives on PlayStation Vita as a digital release in North America today. Thanks to the efforts of our friends Mass Media, you can enjoy Ratchet and Clank’s original three PS2 adventures – Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank Going Commando and Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal – on the go.

Ratchet & Clank Collection launches on PS VitaRatchet & Clank Collection launches on PS Vita

And this isn’t the last we’ll see of Ratchet, Insomniac games is developing a re-imagining of the first Ratchet & Clank game to come to PS4 next year, which will launch alongside the Ratchet & Clank movie.

Ratchet & Clank Collection launches on PS VitaRatchet & Clank Collection launches on PS Vita

That’s all for now – but make sure to stay tuned to the PlayStation blog and Insomniac’s Facebook and Twitter for more Ratchet news.

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  • I did a search on the web PSN store earlier today, I found the collection when it was likely just added, but if there’s cross buy, it didn’t go into effect yet and I already payed $29.99 for it. Shoulld I email Sony or something about this so I could try to get back $29.99?

  • Thank You, Insomniac for supporting PS Vita

  • Sonicfan11589, Just contact Sony’s customer service and ask for a refund.

  • I bought this on the PS Store and started playing it before the very first article on the game lmao, no respect for ratchet.

  • I doubt it’s cross buy, doesn’t mention it here

  • why no cross-buy (again) when EU gets it :/

  • So its not going to be cross buy?
    I’ve had the retail PS3 version for a long time

  • I know some haters don’t think ports count, but I for one am very thankful this has been brought to Vita!

  • Ratchet 1 so far literally has delayed response time on input, Mass media smh. It’s not even the Ratchet 1 because it’s old. It’s this specific game and the music glitches out lol. Wow

  • Cross Save or no money. I don’t need a collection that doesn’t allow me to take my progress with me.

  • Also really excited about the re-imagined R&C, I hope to see the rest of the PS2 games get the same treatment or a whole new series of titles in a re-imagined time line.

  • @9 R&C1 has input delay because the original also had input delay, but since it was on a larger screen with 60fps it was much less obvious.

    I’m holding out for a physical version to be released, but if that’s not going to happen at all I’d like to know so I don’t waste any time not playing this.

  • Already up on the store and showing full price even through I have it on the PS3 digitally so it not crossbuy. Guess I will skip this until it a PS+ freebie in a few months.

  • @12 no, this delay is actual delay, I have the original and the PS3 HD version on disc, I have the PS2 one on and I am not getting the delay. Is it as responsive as 2 or 3? no, but this delay is bad.

  • @14 Haven’t tried out the Vita ports yet because I’m waiting for a physical release but I do know the original game had input delay. If the Vita version is worse then I hope they fix that, but if it’s caused by original coding then they can’t do anything about it as that’s the way the game was made.

  • Europe got it weeks ago, what took so long? I guess turning off cross-buy like EU got takes some time.

  • Theyve been ignoring our questions over cross buy for weeks. Its not happening, Sony wants to make some money off the vita for a change, and they cant do it if half of the library is given away for free

  • Does the Vita version include Online Multiplayer like the PS3 version did?
    Please reply :)

  • Why does the PS Store’s website state that the PS Vita version has 4P Multiplayer and 3D support?

    I hope you guys weren’t lazy enough to just copy and paste the PS3 Collection’s information on to the PS Vita Collection. Then again, this game didn’t even get a real announcement and has no signs for a physical release.

    Does Sony WANT Ratchet & Clank to sell bad?

  • I’m glad that it launched (finally) over here, although it’s a BIG (VERY BIG) let down that there’s no physical release at all. This is potentially a way bigger seller than many other Vita titles that got a physical release (like Farming Simulator 2014). It is completely baffling and incomprehensible that this is only digital. It’s one of Sony’s flagship franchises, and no retail release! What are they thinking, seriously?

    It got a physical release in Europe (and Australia I think) and for a game coming from a North-American developper, ported over by a North-American company, a big potential seller too, not geting any retail release in NA is kind of insulting for the fans.

    Also, with the insane cost of Vita memory cards, putting out these big games (3+ GB) in digital version only don’t make things very economical for us. And also, not very practical as swapping memory cards forces a reboot of the console, unlike cartridges.

    I’m still glad to see R&C on Vita. But it’s just sad to see how SCEA is treating one of its flagship franchise as a second-grade game on its portable platform…

  • I keep thinking maybe I should get one of those PS Vitas

  • @20, Seriously, Indie games get better support than this!

    I know they’re focusing on The Last of Us Remastered as of now, but Ratchet & Clank deserves much, MUCH better than this.

  • @18 nope, no MP sadly
    @15 I’m currently playing it, the game looks good in motion and unlike the horrible Jak Trilogy, this has not dropped a frame yet, of course ratchet 1 is the least demanding. I expect a few drops in 2 and 3 seeing 2 had drops on the PS3 version as well (didn’t check 3 on PS3 backlog got to big and never got back to it since I had the PS2 games and thought, I’ll put em on the back burner since I beat them a million times lol). This delay is bad enough where I tested it byrunning in a straight line and quickly zigzaging while running, The Vita game twitched once, not even in response to it all, while the ps2 one was ratchet slowing down and trying to zigzag. I’m use to the running start delay in Ratchet 1 as well as the turning delay and the camera, but the Vita version is worse, this is the only time I couldn’t run across the thin borders for those water containers in the cave on the first planet lol. I kept dropping because the delay either responded to late or just didn’t react. It maybe just the Vita’s sticks respond speed is alot higher than a PS2 control but it’s annoying. On a side note, the music has disappeared after a few minutes on 3 planets so far and that’s quite annoying.

  • @24 I’m sure porting PS2 games on Vita can’t be easy, so glitches and bugs like that are to be expected. So far, R&C on Vita sounds like it’s better than the Jak ports but not as good as those pixel perfect Sly ports. I like R&C1 but my real interest is with the latter games (Especially Up Your Arsenal) so as long as those run fine then I’m happy.

    I’m totally fine with that. Now if only they could release it physically, or at least confirm wither or not we’re getting a physical version.

  • I thought this would have been cross-buy guess not. 1st Sly and now Ratchet yet EU gets them both?

  • @ darkhairwarrior,

    I don’t think they want R&C to sell bad. I prefer to think the people in charge at SCEA don’t have the slight idea about how popular the R&C franchise is. I like to picture some suit in front of an excel spreadsheet looking at the PS Vita sales numbers for R&C: Full Frontal Assault (which is a complete different type of game (tower defense) than regular games in the series), and so decided that this new Ratchet & Clank collection will probably have the same sale figures. OR another stupid reason like that involving corporate suits working in the game industry without knowing anything about actual games…

    Look, the title got barely annouced, SCEA ignored it completely on its blog until its delayed release, SCEA wasn’t even trying to build some hype for the title, the store page was simply a copy-and-paste job from the PS3 version (3D on the Vita, really?)… it really look like they treat this as some unimportant, run-of-the-mill title that few people will buy…

  • @26 FFA was cross-buy so that’d be really dumb for them to base the franchise off those sells alone. (At least half PS Vita owners also own PS3)

  • @26 And the worst part is, they probably did.

  • Really? No Cross buy? Why??? We can’t buy these games for every platform you launch Sony.

  • Mneh.. not gonna get it… not gonna get it… OH DAMMIT SONY you got another 30 dollars outta me! I just bought it. :P Something tells me if you guys love your fans though you’ll add cross-buy in the future… please? :3 Or at least allow returns on digital purchases so I could get a physical copy if it came out.

  • oversevethousand

    Honestly I think it just gets back to how SCEA doesn’t have much faith at all in their Vita users and has no interest in supporting the console or bringing in new Vita owners. They’ve given up – they did a long time ago.

    @Cross Buy
    This, on the other hand, I don’t think is a big thing. Cross buy is great, sure, but it’s not a standard nor a guarantee. Expecting it every time and complaining when it was never said to be coming just makes you look greedy, if you ask me.

    That said, if it was in Europe (where I’ll be importing from depending on the file size/if I can get a 64 or not), it should have been here too.

  • Europe had to wait 2 days until cross buy mabey we have to wait to

  • Since my comment back up top is “awaiting moderation” I’ll just say there this collection was a cross-buy in Europe. I tried posting a link to the EU blog, but I guess they don’t want NA users to see it.

    They even mentioned that if you bought the collection on PS3 moths or years ago, the Vita would be free to those users. This is messed up. Google it.

  • I hope in 2 days its cross buy

  • @33 That could have been an article for the UK / European versions.

    This article is literally the first article for the US Collection.

  • Oh

  • I don’t get why we don’t get cross buy

  • I actually don’t support Cross-Buy as it’s terrible for the developers. The only time Cross-Buy should ever be implemented is when the Vita game and PS3/4 game are made at the same time by the same developer. When another company is porting a PS3/4 game however, it shouldn’t be Cross-Buy.

    PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is a perfect example of Cross-Buy done right.

  • @darkhairwarrior Cross buy is a tremendous selling point and value proposition for the whole Playstation ecosystem. It’s what grabs and holds on to gamers over the long run. Making R&C Cross buy would push some people into buying a Vita, and encourages further digital sales of the franchise. It’s worth it, especially for first party devs who are all in on strengthening the whole ecosystem.

  • I’m sure mine and several other questions are still just going to be ignored as usual, but why is this not cross-buy with the digital PS3 version?

    It is on the European PS Store, as is the Jak Trilogy and Sly Trilogy. We’re talking about 9 games and $90 in value.

    I just can’t possibly comprehend why Europe would be rewarded with cross-buy on all these ports and North America isn’t. It makes no sense and is even more frustrating when SCEA completely glosses over it and doesn’t give us an explanation.


  • Give us a chance to get a physical copy, like set it up for just preorders (ala Gaijinworks and Class of Heroes 2G) or something.

    FFS. I want this, but I refuse to pay full frickin price for a LAZY AND CHEAP localization. Still want a retail copy of Soul Sacrifice Delta.

    Stop being the worst publisher on Vita, its embarrassing. It’s your own platform.

  • Again with the ports.
    How many ports of game do we really need?
    I’d rather have new games. Please.

  • Ports won’t sell system, just ask the Wii U in it’s first year.
    Past that, from this E3, Nintendo really put a strong focus on the Wii U and it shows, it will pay off over time.
    There’s a need for great new games on the Vita and they’re not kid games.
    Please stop with the kiddy E for everyone games for 2 years, if I wanted kiddy, I’d buy Nintendo. I don’t, so be PlayStation.

  • I agree with darkhairwarrior. Cross-buy only makes sense for simultaneous (or near simultaneous) releases. People bought the PS3 collection without the expectation that it would come with the Vita version later down the road. Providing cross-buy after-the-fact just results in lost sales. I know because I received the GoW Collection on Vita for “free” which was basically a lost sale for them.

  • i have a hard copy of the game on ps3… is it possible to cross buy on vita?

  • @Natureboy99: Sorry, to say, but I pretty much agree with darkhairwarrior, on this one. With all the free plus games, that have been given out, already, combined with the cross-buy freebies, if anyone wanted a Vita, I would think they’d have caved by now(of course, the high memory price issue, has been why a lot of people have said they haven’t bought one. No way of knowing if they actually would, though, if and when the prices drop. I don’t like the prices, either, but I still own the system. :P).

    If anything, it should be the other way around, to boost sales of the new release. What I mean by that is, give the PS3 versions free, to Vita buyers. Since these games have already been out, for awhile, it makes no sense to make them cross-buy, now. The PS3 version’s have already dropped in price, at most retailers. Or may have been picked up cheap, in a digital sale. They need to make some money, off of the new product. Or else, why bother making it?

  • Oh my… all this complaining is depressing, be appreciative that we get these awesome games on the Vita, I’ve always wanted to play the Jak, Sly and Ratchet games on the go.

    Mass Media did a good job with the Jak games (going through Jak 3) and I’m sure they did a great job with this one, stop complaining, start playing.

  • Cross-buy or not, I’m only going to buy a game once, more often than not. My backlog’s too great, to buy the same game, on 2 different systems. My only beef, is with the seemingly no physical edition, since memory prices are so high. And with more and more digital-only releases, on the Vita, I’d rather save the space for something else, and get the cheaper PS3 version, as I mentioned, in my first post. So, they’re losing a sale, from me, unless one is announced.

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