Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition Detailed

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition Detailed

Hi everyone! We’re so excited to bring you the latest and greatest Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX news. It’s been a little more than a month since we last announced the release date at E3 — December 2nd, 2014 — followed up by our interactive SD|HD comparison video. Since then, we’ve received waves of questions regarding whether there will be a preorder incentive like the beautiful art book in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX which accompanied the limited edition last year.

It was so hard for me to contain my excitement without blurting out the fantastic news. So, I can finally say it here, officially: pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX early and you’ll receive a beautiful pin featuring the iconic characters, Mickey Mouse and Sora!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

What you’re seeing is a real image of Mickey Mouse and Sora back to back for the first time on a pin. Anyone who preorders the Standard Edition of the game will automatically get upgraded to the Limited Edition while supplies last. This Limited Edition containing this exclusive official Disney pin will be yours right before the holiday.

Of course, you can’t announce something without perfecting every single detail. We’ve looked at every curvature of the pin from the expressions of the characters to the key blade with the Mickey Dangler. The pin badge is made out of a soft enamel coating on metal and at its height it stretches out to 1.68″.

What else do we have for you that are new and fabulous? We have some gorgeous Kingdom Hearts Re:coded screenshots to show you in HD. These new shots show off the new content that you’ll be seeing in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. If you want to sit back, relax, and see some vivid action from some of the most memorable battles, I promise you will definitely see it in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIXKingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

Click here to see the full gallery

Kingdom Hearts fans out there, do you know that scenes that have never been available in North America and Europe will be featured in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX? The highly anticipated secret movie of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep that describe a key scene of the Kingdom Hearts series will finally be disclosed on our shores.

If you’re just joining us on our journey, please check out some of our latest trailers released here on our Kingdom Hearts YouTube page.

And remember, you can experience the journey that started it all with Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, which is out now.

2014 will be an exciting year for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, so be sure to follow our official Kingdom Hearts social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • (Cont from last comment)
    Nontheless, I’m extremely excited to play through my favorite games in the KH series with trophies (going for those platinums, but please stack difficulty trophies….), beautiful HD upgrade, extra content (Lingering Sentiment boss in KHII: FM is CRAZY hard to beat. I still havent yet lol) and the KH Re:Coded movie which will be awesome to watch. You’ve guys have been amazing this year with listening and responding to fans, so keep it up! Nothing is better for me as a big fan than to talk to those who work behind the scenes to make KH what it is. Thanks.

  • Hello Kaori Takasue,

    First of all thank you very much for taking the time to talk to the fans and answer questions. I would like to give a few additional reasons why so many of us feel a bit underwhelmed with this Limited Edition:

    1) Yes the pin is a neat collectible, but the artbook from 1.5 felt more like a Limited Edition, mainly because of the way the artbook itself was the game’s packaging. Plus, now 2.5’s packaging will feel inconsistent since it won’t be in the form of its own artbook. Granted, I understand that the pin is a freebie while the 1.5 Limited Edition cost extra because of the artbook.

    2) I would like to stress that us diehard Kingdom Hearts fans are very much willing to pay any extra costs for any sort of Limited/Collectors Edition.

    3) I was under the impression that the 2.5 survey you guys put out a few months back would factor into how a Limited Edition would be planned for North America? Was a collectible pin actually something that was vocally requested from those who did take the survey?

    Once again thank you for your time, and I hope you and the rest of the folks at Square-Enix take my feedback into consideration.

    – Sincerely, Matt

    • Hi + ItachiIshtar :) thanks for taking the time to explain all of your lingering questions about KH with us! I totally understand where your mind is at regarding the packaging. The brand manager that worked on the previous KH 1.5 is now all the way in the UK and he stressed to me how important it was that the box be of the same height as KH 1.5 LE so that they can be next to each other neatly on the shelf. Just like that, if we were to ever to create any sort of something for Kingdom Hearts, it would require tons of eyeballs and creative love to get these LE’s and any sort of special items out.

      Regarding that the fans would pay more to get more, I AM A FAN TOO :) I have purchased many items at the Square Enix booth myself in the past few years. I will do my best to keep thinking outside the box to bring new things to all of you!

      The Kingdom Hearts survey was done specifically to ask questions to Co-Director of the game, Tai Yasue during E3! We did as Square Enix Presents segment where we asked questions to him quoting the person who asked the question :)

      We are aware that the fans want more :) Will do our best to bring the best to NA!

  • when will they announce a collection edition ?

  • Lol people wondering why JPN has all the editions it’s because the game is made from Japan duh.

    Before people brought up how Kingdom Hearts is more popular in the west(lol), people are underestimating the love of Japan towards Disney.

    Frozen got a 180k opening on Blu Ray which is rare to have nowadays.

    This is the same ignorant idea that people think MGS is more popular in the west even though Ground Zeroes outsold US and Europe.

    West has more vocal minority, while Japan has more dedicated fan base. Especially for Japanese made games.

    And yeah this editions sucks lol. Nowhere near the JPN editions.

    Shame they could have at least put out a 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix collections like Japan did.

    I’ll probably import the JPN edition in the near future. Too many games to play nowadays.

    • Hello + PrinceofXIII, you have some good points over there! We bring the title to the West in localized versions so that they can be enjoyed :) The editions that Japan get are pretty different but sometimes we do talk about what we can do to maximize promotional items here! We’ll keep pushing for more!

  • It’s ok to have an incentive for preordening the game, I’m a huge fan of KH so I will eventually purchase the game, but please quare enix I think we have proven that we like special editions and we buy them, I got really exited when they announced the special edition for japan, I just don’t get why only in japan they have special edition.

    It’s not about making a rant and cancel pre-orders, But I think the american market deserves more attencion for being fans and loyals to the square enix brand

  • Square, I sincerely hope this isn’t all you’re offering us. All of us over here in the West are drooling over what Japan is getting. Not saying we need Play Arts Kai figures and such, but at the very least, and artbook to match the 1.5 limited edition would be great.

    Artbook, Square. That’s the #1 thing we want with our 2.5 copies. How annoying would it be to have a fancy artbook version of 1.5 next to a standard case for 2.5? Pretty annoying.

    I’m sure you aren’t done with all the planning yet, gven how we’re still in July and the game releases in December. But please, at least give us an artbook like you did for 2.5.

    C’mon you have Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix on your hands. Do you know the kind of money we’re willing to pay for a collector’s edition of that, not to mention the fact that it also includes Birth By Sleep Final Mix? Make a $200 collector’s edition for all I care. Just please give us something substantial and not just a pin.

    The pin IS very nice. I really like the look of it. But, I very much it’s not the ONLY extra we’re getting, especially after the treatment that 1.5 got and the editions that Japan is getting for 2.5.

    • + ChaosCreed777 hi there! I introduced myself in the May post earlier as I’m a new product manager to the team. I can promise you the Square Enix teamwork is insane. We continuously plan and execute on a daily to make sure all regions of the world are able to enjoy the franchise! The pin heightens awareness for the Disney lover and we LOVE Disney pins! Doesn’t mean we don’t love artbooks. :) Thank you for your help!

  • Im really thankful that Kaori Takasue is here talking to us! Makes us feel like despite all the hate at least our words are getting heard! Again thanks!

    Although like others have said as a big fan of the series, its kinda disappointing that US gets something as small as a pin, whereas Japan gets 6 different Collectors Editions bundle! Still im not going to be like the others and cancel my pre-order (i dont even know where im going to get it from…) but it still would have been better to at least give us one of the bundles Japan is getting, like the artbook, or CD (something that the KH series i think is best at. i have yet to find any music in KH that i dislike!)

    I am a collector of pins i still love the one that Ducktales gave, but still hopefully SE changes their mind, and give us another bundle. One can only hope!

    • + iTofuMan What’s up!!! Thanks for making our day. :) It’s definitely challenging at times when we can give the fans exactly what they want. Trust me. Wouldn’t be so much easier if we can just make every fans dream come true?! One could have never imagined (myself) that I’d be able to play a game that included all of my favorite Disney characters uniting with the Final Fantasy characters. Who would have thought? Let me just say sometimes you wish upon that star… and something amazing happens. It’s been a fun day for me at San Diego Comic-Con and we got to meet some really cool fans live. You’re a cool fan virtually, thanks!

  • They don’t have the limited edition or the regular edition of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on (Canadian). Any news on when I can expect this?

  • I can’t wait for this game. I’d really love some kind of Collector’s Edition with a box that houses both the 1.5 LE case and for 2.5 to have a case similar to 1.5 and have them sit nicely side by side in it.

    Also, I think a Keychain would be pretty rad. I use my GTA4, The Witcher 2, and Bioshock Infinite keychains with my keys and would totally put a Kingdom Hearts one in there.

    • + SeanTSC hi! That sounds like a really cool idea! :) Key Chains are pretty cool for sure! I know that the team in Japan has some Oblivion and Oathkeeper keys! I want them too!

  • No 1.5 + 2.5 bundle?

  • Hello kaori-san I’m happy to see that we get a limited edition. I understand that this is a pre order bonus and not a collectors edition so I am happy we get something. If you guys do make a collectors edition or think about it can you PLEASE think about a CD with some of the Re mastered songs with it. That is the only thing I really wanted from the Japanese collection. Thank you for taking your time reading this. Sincerely Your #1 Kingdom Hearts Fan. P.S. I will support the KH franchise however I can. Have since 358/2days and won’t stop now. :)

    • + KingdomHops hi! Thank for understanding that this is just a happy fun times kind of bonus and not a CE as some people have been comparing us to the CE and are not the happiest about it… this is simply a big “thank you” for preordering and thinking about Kingdom Hearts!

      Music is my favorite thing next to games and good food so I get why the music is so appealing to you! :)
      Keeping notes here on what kind of things people like for the future of Kingdom Hearts!

      Thank you for your support.

  • I’m not sure if this is true, but I’ve heard the reason why they can’t make the game a digital release is because of copyright reasons for the music. I think Utada Hikaru has the rights to her music or something (Simple and Clean + Passion).

    So apparently SquareEnix only has the rights to publish the game only on physical formats. Having it go digital violates copyright or something.

    Keep in mind this is something I read online on a message board and I can’t really confirm if any of this is real.

  • Hi, Kaori, I’m pretty sure I pre-ordered long ago, but I’ll check to make sure. I’m not an old-school gamer so I fell in love with KH due to the 1.5 remaster. Oh, and being a native Californian, I love Disney, the true and original Disneyland and Mickey. I mean, King Mickey. I will proudly wear this pin when I go to Disneyland.

    Thanks for the update. Have fun at ComicCon. Take anti-bacterial sprays!!!!!

    • + lisatsunami Hey there! Us native Californians are sooo lucky right? You’re not an old-school gamer and you fell in love with KH? That’s pretty awesome. Did you enjoy the 1.5 ReMIX’s Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories? I loved it:) Please let your friends know you get more Disney, more beautiful songs, more worlds, and new reveals for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded!

      I hope I don’t get sick here! It’s sooo crowded but it’ pretty amazing watching the crowd cosplay!!! Thanks for the message!

  • Also do you think the difficulty trophies will stack? Trying to get the platinum for KH1FM and Re chain of memories was kind of annoying since I had to beat the game on all difficulties. BUT for 2.5 there is 4 difficulties for each game. Sadly there are 3 characters in BBSFM so thats 12 times in total I would have to beat the game compared to the 9 in 1.5. PLEASE dont make me do that hahaha. Have a nice day kaori-san.

  • I already pre-ordered months ago. I’ve been waiting for this one! I was actually hoping for an art book, like for Kingdom Hearts 1.5, but I can live with the pin as it also seems like a nice collectible. I’ll be clearing my schedule for December 2nd!

    • + duke301 YAY to early preorder friends! It is a collectible that you can keep forever!!!! You can rock it at Disneyland too :) Hope your holiday season gives you lots of Kingdom Hearts fun!:) Thanks!

  • As an enormous fan of Kingdom Hearts, this feels like a slap in the face. Why are the Japanese getting all the really cool stuff, and we’re only getting some pin? You guys don’t think we want the art book and soundtrack as well? Why aren’t we getting the special 1.5 & 2.5 bundle? You guys asked for our feedback regarding 2.5 and this is the best “limited” edition you can come up with? You’ve broken my heart, Square Enix. I guess you guys don’t want my money, because I was willing to pay quite a lot for a really amazing limited edition of an HD remaster of my favorite game of all time. Seriously, I hold very few things as close to my heart as Kingdom Hearts, and this supremely lackluster limited edition is devastating. All that excitement for nothing…. Please make some changes, Square Enix. The American and European fanbase deserve everything the Japanese are getting.

  • if this was released for ps4 i would´ve buy it twice.

  • @62

    I don’t know about the music, but the reason why KH 1.5 remix is not offered digitally is because of Disney. I’m sure a lot of PS users remember a few months ago when a bunch of Marvel licensed games were removed from the PS store. The license agreements for those games were made before Disney owned Marvel. They expired and the publishers failed to reach a new agreement with Disney.

    So if anyone wants to know why KH 1.5 & possibly KH 2.5 aren’t available on the PS Store, it’s because Disney hasn’t/won’t agree to new digital licensing agreements with publishers. There are exceptions, but KH isn’t one of them… yet.

  • Honestly, it’s pretty telling who hasn’t been at a Disney park in a long while here, if ever.

    For those that don’t know, Disney Pin trading/buying is huge at their theme parks and you often see plenty of people buying these up and filling up their lanyards with the pins they like. It’s practically a tiny money factory within the the giant money factory that is the theme parks.
    Couple that with the fact that Disney ignores Kingdom Hearts’ existence in the parks and has no merchandise at all for it, it makes this pin a neat little free gift with pre-order.

    That said, I’m sure those who are huge park buffs that also enjoy the games will eat this right up.

  • Would’ve bought, but there’s no way in hell I’m supporting Enix after that crummy Type-0 move.

    Sorry. Release Type-0 for Vita. You’ve lost a loyal customer.

  • So, Japan is getting the incredible 1.5 and 2.5 bundle. But, the NA gets a ‘limited edition’ pin? I personally don’t like it, as the artbook was more interesting. Nevertheless, I still plan to pre-order this because Kingdom Hearts is my favorite and I would like to relive these games.

  • Just make sure you make an amazing Collector’s Edition for both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III.

  • This is very disappointing news. When Square opened up a survey for fans to complete, they asked what we would like to see in a limited edition. This bonus does not merit the game “Limited Edition;” it’s just pre-order bonus. Square needs to listen to us and gives us something meaningful. I remember my Collector’s Edition games from the past, and I want to have the same recollection for this game, as it is my favorite Kingdom Hearts game.

  • Let me be clear, I love your games and I’m a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts. It’s just…this disappoints me. I was hoping for an artbook style case like 1.5 HD LE. Japan gets a fantastic collector’s edition, and we get a pin. Mickey help me but I’m definitely pre-ordering, but I do so begrudgingly.

  • This is my favorite franchise! That being said this LE is awful. Wow a free pin how…exciting…NOT. Please try and do a better job in the future

  • cool pin but does that mean we’re just getting an ordinary box for 2.5 and not getting a limited edition artbook or slipcase like the 1.5 remix? it’s gonna be awkward having the taller spined 1.5 artbook case and then having the regular ps3 case for 2.5. Was hoping Square-Enix would have taken that into consideration. Either way I’m preordering this when I get back home from vacation this weekend.

  • This is so bad for NA fans of the series. Plus this is going to look really bad without an artbook like the one that came with KH 1.5. I preordered thinking that I’ll be receiving another artbook case… So disappointed with SE right now…

  • Ugh, I was worried that 2.5 ws not going to come with an artbook, so disappointed :(

  • @ combolicious24: The slow updates are most likely a direct result of everyone’s whining about the much more frequent updates on the PS3. In fact, I was just reading a bunch of complaints last night about 1.75 coming too soon after 1.74. Even though we’re getting an actual feature update, people are already complaining. I can’t imagine why, unless they have incredibly slow internet, a bandwidth cap, and no PS+. I barely even notice when firmware updates roll out. They’re ready for me to install as soon as I get home from work and turn my PS4 on, because I allow for auto-updating. So if we want more frequent updates (which I think are a lost cause this gen due to whiners last gen), we have to somehow change people’s thinking this gen, so that Sony won’t be afraid to increase the functionality of their hardware more frequently next gen. Stupid whiners…

  • Wait that’s it!? Just a pin? That’s what you call a Limited Edition? Where is the art book packaging that 1.5 had? Come on Square don’t go dropping the ball like this.

    This is disgraceful and disrespectful to KH fans. Japan gets glossy Limited Editions while we get a pin? It doesn’t even compare.

    These things you could sell separately on the SE store.

    I sure hope you’re going to reconsider this before December, because there is no way I’m preordering this if this is the incentive.

  • @ Kaori: Regardless of what the LE offers, I’ll be pre-ordering the game shortly. While I don’t personally care about a pin, or its possible value at a location I never visit, I always enjoy getting extra content for free. I was just holding off to see if there would be a more expensive Collector’s Edition. So consider one more pre-order in the books.
    And as you’ve already stated is happening, and many others have requested, please work to get the LE case in the same dimensions as the 1.5 LE case. It truly would look strange to have bought the same edition of these two games, but have the cases look so radically different. Thanks!

    PS> While I’m not very happy with S-E right now either, I’m withholding all of my rage to direct towards the FF franchise. Until XV comes out, I simply don’t plan to purchase another FF game, period. That’s how I’m dealing with all these debacles.

  • Don’t know if this question was answered but, Japan is supposed to get a 1.5 & 2.5 Bundle. Any chance that will come over to NA. If so I’ll buy because I don’t have 1.5 yet. and gladly throw 100 bucks at it.

  • Im really disappointed that all we get is a pin. After Square Enix released the survey on Facebook for what we wanted to be included in the LE I assumed lots of people would choose the sora figure or the way finder. I was really looking forward to pre ordering it. If japan wasn’t getting 32 re orchestrated tracks, an artbook with over 180 illustrations, downloadable ps3 theme, A Sora limit form figure with a key blade then I wouldn’t be to disappointed about it.

  • I may put the pin on my Disneyland lanyard to make some people jealous.

    Please, just make sure the 2.5 box lines up and looks good next to the 1.5. I’m happy about the pin, but this was my one thought when seeing this announcement. Make them match, please!

  • do we get the pin when the game comes out or when we go to pre order? I hate being negative but this limited edition is so disappointing, it makes me upset /: PLEASE do a collectors edition in NA you have fans outside of Japan you know. they always get better stuff… sigh

  • Neat. Pins haven’t been a big part of my collecting (somehow, decks of cards did for a while), but I do have one from Trails in the Sky and some from not-gaming, so one that’s recognized as part of an official “thing”, that’s cool.

    Count me among, though, those hoping that this retail-only release (seriously, whoever keeps KH content from digi-stores needs to unbunch themselves) will be boxed to either accommodate the 1.5 box or stand side-by-side with it (that idea of the extra height showcasing the housed pin’s not too shabby, for a quick-&-easy), if not adding a little art booklet.

    Also count me among those who want to see an international release of FF Type-0 for portable systems — either a Vita version (doubt the PS4/XB1 build is “from the ground up”) or a localized, digital PSP version.
    It was [Kingdom Key] D-move to bring down the fan-translation, especially when it prompted more sales — retail & PSN — on the platform fans WANT it on. Someone there, do right by the fans, & either provide what Japan’s enjoyed or stay out of the way of those who care enough to.

    (+ a pipe dream: KH Days’s battle scenes cinematized, as is happening for Re:coded, especially since Days has a higher count of unique enemies.)

  • I’m pretty sure im not the only one a little disappointed for the pin. Don’t get me wrong its nice but why not at least have a art book? kingdom hearts 1.5, tomb raider, final fantasy 10 all had art books but now its not included? Personaly i would just wait for a price cut down to 20 like how 1.5 is now i dont think 20 dollars for a pin is worth it. there is still time to add an artbook but if it doesn’t come with one ill wait for it to be cheaper im not spending 20 dollars on a pin

  • I want an artbook! : (

    What I love about KH is its art and I’ve always been a fan of Tetsuya Nomura being an artist myself I’ve always loved how you included a mini art book on some of your limited editions. I hope you get to have another edition for this with an art book and some other goodies.

  • Can we get digital PSN release of this and 1.5? :)

  • Very cool, I will definitely be pre-ordering soon! Little dissapointed to see so much complaining for a free extra though. I think its great! Even neater that its an official collectible for Disney fans at large. More thought went into this than the complaints make it sound like.

    Anyhow, I can’t wait to pick this up come December, hopefully the strategy guide for this collection won’t be delayed so much like the previous one lol.


  • Well, the pin is nice. It’s also good to hear it’s free.

    But I’m disappointed in the idea that content can be different in another region. We don’t get the edition Japan gets and they don’t get the pin, I believe. Why does this difference need to exist? Can’t we all get the same stuff? I just don’t understand it, I can’t get my head around it. I’ve read here and there that you consider the height of the box in which you show your consideration to the fans, and yet something like this still happens. It’s unfair treatment.

    This is not the first time, it happened (especially) with the Collector’s Editions of LR:FF13 and FFX/X-2…I don’t like the direction this is going. What could happen to FFXV or KH3?

    I’ll always be a KH fan and I’m definitely getting this 2.5, but I won’t be the fully satisfied customer that I used to be.

  • I echo the fears of the fans that are now nervous about what you guys are going to do for the FFXV and KH3 limited editions. Can American and European gamers expect the same treatment as this? Are we going to be left out in the cold? Is Japan going to get some mindblowing collectors edition for KH3 and all the rest of us get is a miniscule little add-on? I have a gut-wrenching feeling that is what’s going to happen. Please prove me wrong, Square Enix.

    Also, if you really are listening to us and take our feedback seriously, improve this 2.5 limited edition. So far, this is unacceptable. I don’t want to pay an enormous sum to import, so just make yourselves look good by making everything available to the Japanese public available to the NA and EU fanbase. You’ll earn a lot of goodwill for that.

  • @79 AizawaYuuichi – For my part, what I hated about PS3 firmware updates was that it took the system forever to download it (at least Plus alleviated that much), and just as forever to install it, whereas the X360’s updates took what seemed like not even a minute each. With the PS4 being, I would suppose, much more capable in that regard, I doubt I’d mind firmware updates, since we don’t have so many exterior restrictions.

  • Will there be local multiplayer in Birth By Sleep’s Mirage Arena?

  • I really hope they make this collection worthwhile as far as the story goes. I lost interest after the original KH2 because they kept flip flopping to different handhelds and I just couldn’t keep track. I’m trying to give it another chance with KH 1.5, but the series just seems to get more and more confusing with each game. Hopefully these new ones will help make some sense of it.

  • Is it so hard to be consistent with 1.5? Ugh. Hate that art book case, but what’s done was done. Would’ve liked both to be the same case.

  • (Know what’d pump me up? Xion Data battle for KHIIFM. Maybe Riku-R, too, but that’s a little overkill, eh?)

  • I try not to leave that many comments on the blog but I just felt compelled to do so especially after reading so many negative comments towards Square Enix. If you don’t like their games, don’t buy them, easy as that. Personally I loved Square Soft and Enix to death and continue to love Square Enix. No publisher is perfect, there will always be a flop out of the bunch. Stop complaining to SE, they don’t care if you’re not buying there stuff because I can surely tell you that many others are including myself. Keep up the good work SE, you’re doing a hell of a good job. I sure can’t wait to get my hands on this game! I loved KH2 back in the day and thankfully this releases two days prior to my 25th birthday. No matter how old I get, I will always love gaming, especially the Square brand.

  • I loved this game on PS2. I would love to see this HD remake on the Vita (and also the first one). Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 HD would be better to play on the Vita. Please consider it. Otherwise, keep up the good work. I have a PS4, and I also look forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS4.

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