Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition Detailed

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition Detailed

Hi everyone! We’re so excited to bring you the latest and greatest Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX news. It’s been a little more than a month since we last announced the release date at E3 — December 2nd, 2014 — followed up by our interactive SD|HD comparison video. Since then, we’ve received waves of questions regarding whether there will be a preorder incentive like the beautiful art book in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX which accompanied the limited edition last year.

It was so hard for me to contain my excitement without blurting out the fantastic news. So, I can finally say it here, officially: pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX early and you’ll receive a beautiful pin featuring the iconic characters, Mickey Mouse and Sora!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

What you’re seeing is a real image of Mickey Mouse and Sora back to back for the first time on a pin. Anyone who preorders the Standard Edition of the game will automatically get upgraded to the Limited Edition while supplies last. This Limited Edition containing this exclusive official Disney pin will be yours right before the holiday.

Of course, you can’t announce something without perfecting every single detail. We’ve looked at every curvature of the pin from the expressions of the characters to the key blade with the Mickey Dangler. The pin badge is made out of a soft enamel coating on metal and at its height it stretches out to 1.68″.

What else do we have for you that are new and fabulous? We have some gorgeous Kingdom Hearts Re:coded screenshots to show you in HD. These new shots show off the new content that you’ll be seeing in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. If you want to sit back, relax, and see some vivid action from some of the most memorable battles, I promise you will definitely see it in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIXKingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

Click here to see the full gallery

Kingdom Hearts fans out there, do you know that scenes that have never been available in North America and Europe will be featured in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX? The highly anticipated secret movie of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep that describe a key scene of the Kingdom Hearts series will finally be disclosed on our shores.

If you’re just joining us on our journey, please check out some of our latest trailers released here on our Kingdom Hearts YouTube page.

And remember, you can experience the journey that started it all with Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, which is out now.

2014 will be an exciting year for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, so be sure to follow our official Kingdom Hearts social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

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27 Author Replies

  • Will we have this one Digital or again I’m on the losing side?

  • Japanese voices?

  • Sweet! Can’t wait to see Sora’s Final Form in HD :)

  • This limited edition looks amazing and all, I just was wishing they had replicated the look and feel of the art book for 1.5 remix to make the two look good standing next to eachother.

    • Hi +yourworldonfire :) thanks for liking the look of the pin, it makes us really happy. Art book for 1.5 remix was definitely a success too. The box standing next to each other is kind of a big deal to us, so we may have to make sure that the size matches up nicely next to your Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX box.

  • So to be 100% clear, the game’s box will not be in the art book style like the first LE? Hmm, that’s gonna look weird on my shelf side by side.

    • Hello +Arsenic 13, the brand manager from Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX told me that it was “critical” that we carry that side by side heights be similar. You can’t have one tall and one short right?! Let’s see what we can do about that. How about a window where you can say peek-a-boo to your pin somehow? We’re cranking ideas everyday! Thanks for your support!

  • Dang, wish it was PS4 or Vita

  • Is this exclusive to the Square Enix store or could I preorder the game at other places like Amazon or GameStop and still get the pin? I’ve gotten some confusing answers from various places.

    • Hello +Xeref! To be very clear you can get it on the Square Enix Store, Amazon, GameStop and other retailers as well! If people have already preordered prior to the announcement you do get bumped up to the Limited Edition. Quantities are limited, so we do want to emphasize… the sooner you get it, the better the chances of locking in this free gift :) Thank you!!!

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Please make a Kingdom Hearts: Re: 358/2 Days using the resources of these HD collections, there are a lot of Organization XIII fans and I just love the game start to finish

  • Why no art book? Oh well I’ll just buy this when its $20 or less.

  • No chance of the 1.5 + 2.5 HD collection that Japan is getting I assume. This is still neat though and will be picking it up.

  • Ohhh geez I cannot contain my excitement for a pin -_-
    Why does Japan get everything, come on Square your American/European fans love the game come on bring awesome stuff over here I would love to have the 1.5 and 2.5 combo plus the sora figure.

    • +solidkratos963, please keep your head up and keep your spirits up! We’re always pushing for new ways to bring new things to NA and EU for the fans. :):) :)

  • SE, I love, love, LOVE the art book packaging you’ve done for FFX HD, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and KH 1.5 HD. Really wish this had that same style, too. :(

  • Question. If I pre-ordered before this was announced, do I still get upgraded to the limited edition?

  • Would be great if I could play them on the PS4!! becuase I love the Kingdom Hearths Franchise My Ps3 is broken and I only have the Ps4 to play now… hope that at some point I can Play KH 1.5 and KH 2.5 on my PS4 but I guess meanwhile I’ll have to wait for KH 3!! :D

  • hhhngg feels good man, if only SquareEnix could push up the release date…also….

    Heaven forbid the PS3 gets exclusive games, right PS4 and Vita owners?

  • ps4 or no buy. last gen is soo last year now.

  • All we get is a freaking pin!!!! Come one Square. Why does Japan always get the nice editions? I was hoping for that collector’s edition with the blu-ray music CD. This is such a slap in the face to your fans outside of Japan who deserve a proper “limited” edition. Disappointed yet again. Off to ebay to hopefully import your exclusive collector’s edition. =(

    • +disneyboi81 just want to say we’re always listening! We don’t want to disappoint you so we’ll keep discussions rolling on all things to make fans happy. BTW, your profile pic caught my eye. Please continue to support us. Thanks!

  • @15 yeah… that is why Sony is putting money and effort into PS Now instead of games for PS4… because PS Now will stream games for PS5…

  • I will be adding this to my collection. Thanks!

    • +TeamGreen615, thank YOU! With all the new content and never before seen footage globally, this game will not disappoint you! I’ts $39.99 for 3 beautifully remastered games with tons of Sora, Donald and Goofy + a PIN;)

  • madmanwithabox12

    I and many others have been asking for this and/or 1.5 on Vita for a long time now. Please make it happen. If X/X-2 can be on there, there’s no reason these collections can’t. Especially since Birth By Sleep is one of the most demanded PSP games that can’t be played on Vita.

    Not that Square Enix ever listens to us… I mean just look at the insane demand for Type 0 following the mistake on the PS blog a month ago. What exactly does Square Enix have against the Vita? I’m curious.

  • People like @1 and @15 make me hate this generation of gamers, spoiled selfish kids wanting to go all digital, refusing to buy physical copies of games, and refusing to play anything older than 2013. Shame on you. Respect your gaming roots. I STILL play my SNES cartridges to this day. Just because a game is on PS3 doesn’t make it any less fun or good. Graphics aren’t everything.

  • Any chances we’ll get a collector’s edition like Japan? They’re getting an awesome Blu-ray soundtrack AND an art book like 1.5!

  • kaori-san I have a huge question! this is the only edition of the game or there is going to be another special edition? like for example a $150 version with a figure and an artbook. If not, then im going to just pre order this version that comes with this beautiful pin.

    best wishes,

    • +whooperftw thanks for the question! Glad everyone’s following Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX globally!!! Japan does have some really cool items. In a campaign like this nothing is set in stone, EVER! This pin is definitely sparkly, collectible and limited. I don’t like the answer “no” ever so I will continue to check-in to see what we can get here in NA and EU that Japan has :) Sometimes we do exclusive things that are only for NA or EU also so please stay positive :) Thanks for your support!

  • Due to Type-0 blunder and Drakengard 3 digital only in Europe… cancelled pre-order KH 2.5 HD from my retail shop.

    I’m not going to support company which ignores its fans. Good bye, your ex fan.

    • +Archacus, you cancelled preorder? :( This game really has memorable moments and things that will make you remember the previous titles before the FINAL MIX versions. The music, the characters, the worlds, the magic really make an impact on my life. Hope you can rethink being a fan. Thanks!

  • The amount of ungrateful children is staggering. You people should be grateful Square even decided to do HD collections in the first place. Who cares if it’s PS3 only? Anyone who had a PS3 and didn’t keep it when they got PS4 is an idiot.

    Who cares if it’s not digital? God forbid you have to get up off your lazy rear and put a disc in the system.

    Just be grateful they did this AT ALL and stop the irrational whining.

    Thank you Square, for not only making this but for making sure it included the Final Mix versions of the games, and for all the work you did making 358/2 Days and Re:Coded into 2 hour movies. Recording new lines, rendering new cutscenes, etc. These commenters are spoiled and entitled. It’s nothing new here, we see it every time there’s a PlayStation Plus update too. Just do what the rest of us do and ignore them.

    I don’t care what anyone says, Square is still one of my fave devs and I’m more than looking forward to your PS4 games. Keep up the good work. :)

  • madmanwithabox12

    As expected, no response. Ignoring Vita owners again… It’s really annoying.

    We still haven’t had an kind of apology or statement regarding the Type 0 debacle and every time we mention Vita, we don’t get a response.

  • @jgrizzle358
    Maybe because some of us remember what Square Soft and Enix used to be in the past…. I was with them since 95′, was buying every game I could! Even when they started making mistakes I was still defending them… but enough is enough, when they want to ignore us… than no way in hell I’m going to support them single day longer!

    Type-0 -> PS VITA
    Drakengard 3 -> bring retail to EU

    It is really pitiful how they ended up that way…. really pitiful.

  • Hello Kaori! I am not sure if you remember me but my name is Arielle and I work on KHInsider. We met briefly at E3 2014 (I was with Arturo from KHUltimania & Cecily who is also from KHInsider).

    This is such a wonderful pin! As I understand it, these types of Disney Collection Pins are a really big deal in the pin trading world, so it is nice to see Kingdom Hearts get more official Disney merchandise! I hope this is a sign of great things to come on Disney’s end ;D

    Now, Japan is getting six different pre-order options, one of which is a Collectors Pack which contains a visual art collection, a bluray music sampler, and a limited edition PAK that can only be ordered from the eShop and ARTNIA. Is there any chance fans will get a similar collection in North American and Europe?

    I know fans would really love to see something more for an HD collection containing two of the most beloved games in the series.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hellllo +Arielle! Of course I remember you :) This Disney Collection Pin is an official Pin USA pin so when I got to see the prototype with that Mickey head backing my heart skipped a few beats.

      I hear you on the Japan merchandise. :) As you may know our merchandise team in NA and EU work really closely with the Japan team to bring some of the coolest items to our shores. At San Diego Comic-Con now and Nomura Tetsuya- san is here signing autographs to those who purchase merchandise (must get ticket and sign up) like Mickey figurines from Kingdom Hearts.

      We’re always thinking of ways to bring elements that work in Japan to the US as well as brainstorm ideas to bring something new and exciting to the fans in NA and EU! Please keep following us and we’ll be sure to come up with exciting things leading up to the release on December 2nd, 2014! :) Thank you!!!

  • @Kaori Takasue
    Ow yes… I already spent few hundred hours in KH universum, and I am big fan of it.

    But I won’t let treat myself as cash cow, you are only trying to be nice when you want money…. but when your fans are asking you for something you either ignore it or start playing your game with “we listened to your feedback now thank us for things you didn’t ask for”

    That was the case with Drakengard 3 in Europe… we wanted retail version and you gave us collector broken edition with digital coupon

    And the same with Type-0 we wanted it to be Vita version… and you gave us PS4/XBOX version….

    No… enough is enough.

  • Honestly very disappointed. After seeing the reveal of the Japanese special edition and having better special editions with Drakengard 3 and FFX/14 I was hoping we would start seeing more effort put into them for NA finally. I understand we’re not your primary market and just kind of icing on the cake but still would be nice for something to be available for the huge fans willing to spend the extra for additional goodies. Regardless thank you at least for putting the effort into bringing the additional content versions of these games to the west. As for me, I’ll make the move to importing.

    • +Lord_Xero_Rare, Hi. I get where you are coming from because at the end of the day I am a super duper fan who loves the game just as much as you. I stood in lines that wrapped around the booth for a Kingdom Hearts CD collection and their figures.

      I mean it when I say the team here is phenomenal and they are always coming up with ways to make things happen:) I personally love both the Japanese imports as well as the US versions of things so no issues with you importing :) Just know that we’re going to keep trying to bring as much content and love that the Kingdom Hearts franchise deserves! Thanks!

  • +jgrizzle358, thank you for your kind words. I’m here are San Diego Comic-Con showing off the game on the show floor today- 10 playable kiosks of the game!

    I totally get the frustrations that people see because in their eyes something has to have certain features, or new ideas implemented at all times.You put many things into perspective as the industry is growing and changing each day! They can’t accommodate everybody always but decisions are always being considered from a million different angles.

    I don’t think people need to be thankful… but I see these processes everyday on how hard each person pushes to get content and game out to the public that I wish they’d understand.

    Just gotta say, it’s people like you that keep the developers creative so that the industry can grow. I’m just a tiny cog of a big machine but notice these things everyday. Without fan support that keep the creators happy, there would be no video game industry.

    Thanks for your positive spirit!

  • Let me know when KH 1.5 or 2.5 (or a spin-off) is brought to Vita.

    Then I’ll care.

  • madmanwithabox12

    So… what about the Vita players? What do we get? Ignored, apparently.

  • @26, Final Fantasy Type-0 was only meant to be on PS4, saying it was supposed to be on Vita was the fault of Sony, not Square. Personally, idc if it’s on Vita or PS4, I’d play it either way. But don’t you think it’d be better on the big screen? Plus you can use remote play if you wanna play it on Vita bad enough.

    As for the EU thing, I can’t speak for that. Maybe there’s some unseen legalities.

    Either way these complaints sound nit-picky/petty and you’re overreacting.

    But I hope you realize you not buying this game is YOUR loss, not theirs. YOU are the one who’s missing out on the FINAL MIX version of KHII and BBS, not them. So they don’t get $40 of your money. Boo-hoo, they’re a game developer, they have plenty of money already, and these recent HD collections have boosted that revenue. One little person is nothing more than a scratch on the glass to them. You’re only hurting yourself.

  • I hope more gets added to this LE. I thought the first remix LE was nicely put together.

    • +Souledge94 thanks for the shout out to KH 1.5! Here’s a happy recap for LE in the past!

      o KH1.5 – 24 page artbook
      o KH3D – 3x AR cards
      o KHRe:coded – sticker sheet
      o KHBBS – PSP cover sticker

      Sooooo, the pin is tangible and shiny and new! You get Sora and Mickey together!

      It is “free” :) We never charge more cause we think fans should go home with a smile for all the support!

  • madmanwithabox12

    @33 No actually, it was a Square rep that said it was coming to Vita. They then changed it, much to the disappointment of the Vita users.

  • Also, for the people complaining “why no Vita, why no PS4” for one thing, it’s called marketing. If you had taken Economics 101 then you’d know. If Sony puts every game on ONE system the they don’t sell the other systems. Exclusives sell systems. Duh.

    Also, MAJORITY of long time PlayStation fans have all the systems. With the exception of PS4 maybe because it’s still new and some are holding off. But I would expect ANYONE with a PS Vita to have a PS3 as well. In fact, they have had a PS3 FIRST. But be it far from me to judge. All I’m saying is, business is business.

    Besides, Vita is a HANDHELD, it is meant for HANDHELD games. Not AAA titles. You knew what you were getting into when you made the investment.


  • 1st
    I love this series, and what alot of your games emphasis.

    I would much rather see this also on Vita, and PS4.

    I would much rather buy this digitally, although physical should not be overlooked for those that rent / can not afford.
    Digital sales would show MUCH LESS RESALES.
    So in turn, should be sold for a much lower cost, then allowing EVERYONE ….. a better chance to afford them.

    @20 jgrizzle
    So buyng digitally like Batan Origins/Lego Marvel Superheroes while on sale in PS Pus right now makes digital buyers entitled?
    We wait for sales, and do not buy at release, to then resell our games for the next big game.
    I think you are confused, or overly stereotyping.

  • Awesome pin, maybe you should have a steelbook that houses both games along with the pin? Then you can have an outerbox to store those in.

    Not really bummed about no artbook, but this will look weird next to my 1.5 artbook box, since its different sizes.

    • Hi +RPGCrazied :)Thank you so much!!! Glad you like the pin- HOORAY!!! Guess what on the size of the 1.5 artbook box… Maybe we’re one step ahead thinking about the height? Just maybe?!

  • I can’t wait to pick up the 2.5 Remix! But pins aren’t really my thing… I think I’ll risk waiting on the pre-order in hopes of another Limited Edition being announced similar to the ones announced for Japan though. The more Kingdom Hearts the better!

    • +gcsoxfan08 THANK YOU!!! We can’t wait for it to be completed too. It’s ok if pins aren’t your thing. More Kingdom Hearts is definitely the way to goooooo! We will do what we can to bring you as much KH to NA!!

  • Or another suggestion, is have a box that is the same size as the LE for 1.5 that houses the game and pin, that would work.

  • Can’t wait for its release :D

    • +IcySkye We are pretty pretty excited too. :) We love the game just as much of you all. More Kingdom Hearts news. Gotta thank PlayStation for all the support they give us, but thank you so much as well!

  • @Kaori Takasue

    One more thing, I won’t be terribly bothered if it doesn’t happene but if possible could we get some kind of case that’s the same size as the limited edition HD 1.5 one? I have no issue putting 2.5 on my shelf but it’ll look silly without 1.5 next to it :p

    of course, I’d hate to mess it up for those who prefer regular size cases (like some did end up getting for the 1.5 version) so if it’s not feasible, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

    • +jgrizzle :) hmmm. They have to be neighbors right? If one’s taller than its a bit strange. One previous brand manager that moved away made this point pretty loud and clear to me. :) It’s something we talked about!

  • I might be off topic and all, but this is really frustrating seeing that Microsoft pushes out firmware updates every month… huge updates for that matter.. external hard drive supports, media playback etc, I want to know what the heck is Sony Playstation firmware team doing cuz they need to get up and give us some firmware updates, real ones not the “System Stability” updates lol.. I refuse to buy an Xbox cuz I been a playstation loyal fan since the first playstation I<3 playstation forever

  • please show some dragon quest love on the playstation again. remaster or release “classics” on the playstation

  • Tell Tetsuya Nomura I love him lol hes probably the only good director they have at Square Enix Imo.. every JRPGs he directed is always gold to me LOVE YOU Tetsuya Nomura

    • +combolicious24 :) We love him too. He definitely has so much talent! His mind is powerful and his creativity is unparalleled in my opinion. :) Thanks!

  • This is very disappointing. We’ve seen all that Japan gets and all we get is a pin? Why can’t you make the Limited Editions available for us?

  • Hey what about the art book? Sure, a pin is cool but it isn’t what i expect from a limited Edition, come on guys i know you can do better than this, hopefully there will be some new announcements in the near future, i would not mind payng abit more money :).

    Also, could you please add some Kingdom Hearts avatars into the psn store? i’m always looking for them, but searching for “kingdom hearts” in the store gives 0 results, i’m pretty sure there are many KH fans out there who would be so excited about this, thanks in advance :)

    • +find_me8 Hello! Yup, last year’s artbook was super fantastic, I agree. We tried a different approach to entice other fans that love Disney and Mickey too this year! We wanted to show the collaboration of Sora and Mickey this time around. We always talk about the possibilities of what types of Kingdom Hearts love we can bring to the fans… so please keep being vocal! Thank you for your support!

  • Hey Kaori :) This is awesome news! I was hoping KH 2.5 would get a collectable bonus, and the pin is very nice looking. Plus, it’s free for those that pre-order, so I’m happy that I will be getting one since I pre-ordered it back in late May. The pin is great and all, but I was hoping something similar to Japan’s Collector’s edition. Especially since I made the commitment this year and beyond to save my spending money on KH and Persona related collector items, and to give support to the two game series I love. Either way, I’ll be more than happy to import Japan’s CE for KH 2.5 (unfortunately the Sora figure doesn’t fit in with my budget being a college student and all), but I was definitely hoping for something more for USA fans to be proud to put on display next to my KH 1.5 LE, my Birth By Sleep PSP bundle box, KH3D CE, and original copies of every game in the series plus the final mix versions I imported from Japan.

    • Helllooo +Sorahl213 :) Thank you for your message. YUP, it’s a nice surprise we hoped that those who showed their Kingdom Hearts spirit got a token of appreciation from the team! People have been really hoping for US exclusives and we’re constantly spinning our heads to see what we can do to make these sort of things happen! Thanks for importing the CE from Japan and keeping the brand alive across the globe. We definitely love the brand just as much as you and want to bring all the best to you. Please keep supporting us, it fuels our “passion” for Kingdom Hearts:) I love the music from the game, don’t you?

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